: categorizing champs as good and bad guys (i need some help buddies)
Personally, I feel Xerath being a "villain" is debatable, because I don't particularly see him as "evil". If you look into Xerath's lore, he seems like a person with a just cause for his actions but it the results just went to shit and he rolled with it. Xerath's main goal was to rid Shurima of slavery, one way or another, even if it meant betraying his friend Azir. Azir hid his intentions to abolish slavery, even from Xerath, so Xerath had no clue that all he had to do was to wait until Azir's ascension. I feel like Xerath went through with his plans to kill Azir and take his spot for the ascension, even though Azir officially declared to eradicate Shurima's use of slavery, because Xerath had committed so much to his plan and has done too much to back out. I don't think he felt pleasure or enjoyment out of killing Azir or Shuriman citizens, but he saw their deaths as unfortunate collateral damage, but there was more important matters to worry about. While these are definitely not the traits of your traditional hero, Xerath to me seems like an extremely committed person with a just cause who will do anything to accomplish it. {{champion:101}}
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