: They Benched The Kench
No shit they were gonna nerf him. He counters assassins which is the biggest sin a champion can make in league. You stop unskilled players from one shotting people on accident? To the gallows with you!
: one more Tier 4 needed for clash (hopefully a jg)
: If the individual persons are on a losing streak, they are placed in lower MMR regardless of rank because they have been playing poorly. Matchmaking is not based on visible rank, but instead on MMR.
Then get rid of visible rank.
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: Ryze is complete BS
The whole game is an unmitigated disaster right now. Unless you like blowing people up in .25 seconds the game isn't for you anymore. Thank the Chinese and Riot's need to suckle at their teets.
LaceUpXX (NA)
: You play Udyr about as smartly as I do. And I've played him once.
Enlighten me as to what I should have done better.
: - He messed you up with that pull right before you were about to kill him - You have no armor - You didn't use turtle stance
He had no armor either why is that okay for him but not me?
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: Im not the one that miss played a fight while being a fed glass cannon, then acting surprise when I get one shotted myself cause I failed to execute perfectly. {{sticker:sg-lulu}}
What did I misplay? Why does Darius get to continually misplay all game but not suffer any consequences? My play is to dodge Darius' Q. Darius play is to land his Qs for heal. I dodged his Qs, he missed his Qs. He misplayed, I played correctly.
: Do you guys think Armor and Magic Resist need a change or rework?
No, there needs to be less true damage, armor pen and magic pen in the game.
: Don’t you just love it when players go glass cannon only to complain when they don’t play perfectly? Playing glass cannon basically demands the player to do everything correct or else they end up like this cocky Udyr {{sticker:sg-miss-fortune}}
Right but the Darius should get away with it since he built an hp/dmg item since his kit allows for it. Got it. Smart take /s
: Ekko
No one cares about Ekko players actually having one single disadvantage in what is easily the most overloaded kit in the game.
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XzMln (OCE)
: He still applied his passive and dunked you with conqueror up.
So the counterplay to him isn't dodging his abilities or being ahead of him or putting him behind its just simply "durrr no be near him even if 6 kills ahead durr."
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Paroe (NA)
: If you think Udyr cant duel a morde, youve never met an Udyr top with conq. tiger stance, sheen, and a specters cowl.
https://na.op.gg/summoner/userName=AhernfVy I mean I think I have once or twice.
: Buff frozen heart
Just give it 425 hp and pre-emptively nerf Ryze and it'll be an item worth building in situations you need to slow an auto attack dealer's auto attacks down.
Keiaga (NA)
: ***
I have a 33 more wins than losses in ranked with a 65% win rate but thanks for your concern. And I'm so shocked you're a Mordekaiser player coming to try to defend your freelo from that bs champ. /s
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: Question......Why is Lee Sin in every game?
Overloaded kit makes him good in every situation and on every team at all points in the game. People say he falls off but his kit is too flexible to ever fall off.
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: Hes strong 1v1 if he somehow manages to initiate one, what can stupid Udyr do to things like Ekko or Lee Sin?
Ekko can EASILY duel Udyr and completely shit on him because he will ALWAYS be fighting on Ekko's terms unless he SUPER misplayed it. Ekko has two slows a stun and god forbid you somehow get caught up to, a movement speed boost for some god damn unknown reason. Oh and a second life so that his team can come help him if all of that somehow manages to fail. As for Lee? Again you will ALWAYS be fighting on his terms because if he's losing a fight he can either dash away or press R and he's out of the fight. And if he's winning? Well you just lose because if you use your flash Lee is probably coming with you whether it be with his Q or ward hop.
PRoxy oQ (EUNE)
: Lmfao I don't know single champion that can out-trade brain-dead kit of run into u much dmg much tanky much cc 7 iq plays like {{champion:77}} {{champion:106}} have. {{champion:254}} has cc can land it till still lose {{champion:164}} as well {{champion:59}} as well as {{champion:24}} etc. they all lose early trades to brain dead kits Vi even have armor. Fact is none is interested in playing vs them so we just ignore and farm till theirs brain dead kits are useless in team-fights. You said fun and old champion so i presume you like running at ppl and killing them bcs there is no real outrade early to it aside from using mobility to kite away. ''running at people and they jump over walls then backwards then back at me and then to my god damn nexus.'' seams ur mad bcs you don't abuse vision and cool-downs instead peref to run and faceroll.
Vi HARD counters Udyr, you have no clue what you're even talking about.
Kendren1 (NA)
: The most necessary skill to climbing
I've taken multiple accounts to high plat/diamond and the most important skill is luck.
: Uhh, Udyr is one of the best junglers r/n.
If you think this is true then you don't play him. He's absolutely horrible atm.
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: There should be a non-random All-Mid mode
There is nothing random about ARAM
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