: Hey, Im a HotS player who recently migrated to league of legends for *various* reasons...
: PSA: Garen is a JUGGERNAUT
that was a lot of shit i didn't read. He's dumpstering all the other juggernauts right now too. He's kinda dumb. I personally really enjoy the juggernaut thing. Garen is too much right now.
: Viable Melee ADC Suggestions?
Nocturne, Tryndamere, and Udyr are all pretty much just run at them and right click champions.
: Again, Why Are We Buffing/Nerfing Karma if You are Canceling GU and Doing Nothing?
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: What is the counterplay to Ezreal's movement?
being an ADC that actually does damage.
: Vayne should either be slippery or sticky, not both.
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: the lower tiers are harder to do because starting from tier 3 you have mostly plats vs mostly plats, then mostly dia vs mostly dia and so on. But for tier 4 it is a jumble of bronze to golds with maybe a plat in there, i think they should seperate that by adding another tier for like high silvers and gold and then low silvers, bronzie and iron. But what makes that hard is that there isn't that huge of difference in skill between bronze and gold. the only problem for you're games was the plat player. but if they were paired in tier those 2 teams would have gotten clapped because plats and even the occasional diamonds would beat a silver team pretty hard
It's not even vaguely true that there isn't that huge of a skill difference between bronze and gold. It's always interesting to see statements like this, because from the perspective of someone playing at higher rankings all bad winds up looking kinda the same I imagine. I sit at a measly gold 2 and have plenty of silver and bronze friends that I play with, and whenever I get matched in lane against someone who is silver, and worse if it's bronze, it's absurd how hard I wind up running away with a game. There are noticeable and large skill differences between every tier. You will very quickly see it anytime you watch a gold vs silver, silver vs bronze, plat vs gold lane happen. Just because you stomp on people from bronze - gold with seemingly the same amount of ease doesn't make those differences not exist.
: Riven just feels like she can get 2 kills at lvl 3 and completely out scale everyone.
Moody P (NA)
: illaoi is the best modern juggernaut design and should be the standard
: Teemo Mains comment for support! RIOT READ PLEASE
Add an AP ratio to his W so it actually does something at some point please
: Agree teemo need a rework because most champion he faces now outscale him late game and his blind doesnt stop their ability damage
He doesn't need a rework at all, just some buffs. A champion not being good doesn't have to mean they need to be redone. Not even damage buffs, as he does plenty of damage. If his w just scaled off AP Teemo would probably feel just fine to play.
Shahamut (NA)
: The problem with Illaoi, especially in the damage heavy meta, is that she literally wins EVERY lane IF IF IF IF IF IF she lands her E. Especially since they took the counterplay out of the skill. And buffed its tentacle slam rate... early game especially, if she lands one E on you, you basically have to back, because before you can get out of range, she will get at least one AA/W/Slam.
The flip side of that, is that she literally loses every lane if she doesn't land her E. Even her ult is nonthreatening without the extra spirit damage. The only way to lose to Illoai is to choose to fight her after she has grabbed your spirit. Don't make bad choices and the lane is free.
: "We won't make video about rework champion " What you mean is we YOU are too lazy to actually work.
They didn't do it because then someone would have had to actually play the dogshit new pantheon and that would have been painful.
: > [{quoted}](name=ChristmasEvelynn,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=lfxnZRre,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2019-08-12T18:55:01.228+0000) > > because ADCs do assassin level damage AT RANGE and with the safety of getting peeled by their forced slave support. wanna know why {{champion:15}} and {{champion:222}} are so popular right now? they are ranged assassins that real assassins cant kill. and they dont even have jumps/dashes/blinks. And they do it without any utility. Yet assassins do roughly equal damage earlier and with more utility and mobility.
Sivir has a large team speed buff and jinx has a long range slow and a root/area denial ability. They definitely have some utility.
: > [{quoted}](name=Kazekiba,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=EGE98od1,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2019-04-25T20:26:33.865+0000) > > Overloaded "Master of all trades" kit, its not about his numbers. > > He's a Certainly T champion, after all. So no damage whatsoever and teammate reliance is "Master of all trades". He may seem strong with amazing cc and utility but if the teammates are not on par with him he is a sitting duck. It's a bit like braum in that sense as they are useless if not on the same page as their team as they do 0 damage.
No damage isn't even close to true. He gets free damage scaling as well as free armor scaling with souls collected. He does more damage than any non mage support you run into. Sure he isn't blowing things up, but compared to any of the other utility supports his damage is huge.
: >Zac - We’re currently testing a mostly reverted version of the Ult with a few improvements to help it have more clear gameplay and understandable impact. {{sticker:sg-kiko}} nice.
I've really come to like his new ult though. ><
: Yasuo torando should take an additional hit to generate
Remove windwall and put his tornado there on an actually reasonable cooldown. You know, they way any other champion would be designed.
: Crit changes for 9.3
Crit Yi is probably healthier and easier to itemize against than the on-hit super mixed damage version we have now. His kit has all kinds of reasons to build crit in it. It's been pretty annoying that for a long time now it's been the wrong build path.
Tyco (NA)
: I think Yasuo windwall need some changes
My issue with windwall has very little to do with the ability itself and more to do with the character it's on. If you play Yasuo and totally forget you even have that ability, he feels like a functional and complete champion. He can still duel, or even out duel most other melees. He can gapclose on any ranged character who wants to contest minions with him. He can dash through a frontline to dive a backline. He even can sit back and farm relatively safely with Q and then poke at range with it. Any other champion would have gotten Yasuo's Q3 as their actual last ability in place of the windwall. Instead Yasuo just gets an extra rather powerful ability that he would feel complete without.
wolf jade (EUNE)
: how is 4% more win rate is counter? + you cannot take win rates seriously. win rates are EVERYONE even people that first time a champ after a buff. EVERYTHING. its skill not win rate
I'm just saying that if he countered her it definitely wouldn't be positively skewed to her side. Illaoi can poke and farm from longer range than Darius and wins against him in an all in post level 6. As long as you don't play 1-5 like an idiot and feed him you have to play the lane pretty damn poorly to lose it.
wolf jade (EUNE)
: every time i see illaoi they are 1 tricks i go darius and win lane. last time ei was againt an illaoi she went 0/12 (illaoi main)
https://matchup.gg/matchup/Illaoi/Darius/TOP I'll just throw that out there. OP.GG also shows Illoai beating him most of the time. Then in personal experience it's a pretty easy lane.
wolf jade (EUNE)
: a good darius will destroy a good illaoi. all he need to do is play with minions. (so she cannot e) and if she does hit this just pull her. if she ult you you just run away not much she can do, and Q if needed. like i said a good darius will destroy a good illaoi
Well maybe if he ever gets high enough elo to run into these mystical "good" Darius, I've yet to run into one that I haven't smashed in lane. The problem is that Darius can't fight Illoai the way he fights everyone else, by just trucking at her without caring. Illoai with her ult WILL kill him before she gets low enough for him to execute. It will probably be a long climb till you find someone who can make the lane hard.
wolf jade (EUNE)
: yes freelo in low elo most of the times. (do not play her into a darius if he is good he will destroy you
What are you talking about? She destroys Darius. You have to respect him a bit until 6. But any time her ult is up he absolutely cannot fight her. I pick her into Darius every time I see him.
Serrgol (EUW)
: Gameplay of veigar.
Probably because he's a medium range mage with no mobility at all who is completely defenseless against anyone with a blink.
Verxint (NA)
: Uhhh.. No. Vladimir is not a healthy design. Riot has literally said he's a mistake.
In reference to the pre rework vlad, in a world where spell vamp was still on multiple early game items.
: Press R to win
Any time she misses an E go fight her. Without that ghost boosting her R almost anyone can 1v1 her.
: Last year I had a 72% Winrate against Lux
I apparently have killed and died to Yasuo more than any other champion.
: Darius is easy to counter, it's so simple. **Play draft pick.** And if you cannot ban him because Illaoi is even worse, then play safer and try to stay on the max range of his yank - he has to stop to pull, so you can just back up for the most part. DO NOT LET MINIONS SURROUND YOU.
Just play Illoai into him. Easiest lane ever.
: Conqueror needs to go
> [{quoted}](name=Flurry Rush,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=vOMbVhI6,comment-id=,timestamp=2018-12-25T01:40:49.615+0000) >They are going full HoTS and want a damage heavy meta I never understand why going damage heavy keeps getting referred to as "going full HoTS" I've played a LOT of HoTS, barring a few notable exceptions, killing a player in HoTS usually takes multiple characters, layered CC, and several seconds of time. Time to kill has always been MUCH shorter in LoL than HoTS.
Freebo (NA)
: Why is Null Orb in Sorcery and not Resolve?
because if it was in resolve everyone would take it.
Glîtchy (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=AhhShucks,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=p8ii09n5,comment-id=0004,timestamp=2018-12-17T01:02:45.540+0000) > > Ok. > > But then put the AP ratio back on it. hell no, justm ake him the absolute worst for a bit, like they've done to Taliyah god almighty knows how many times now.
Taliyah is a far cry from the absolute worst.
Glîtchy (NA)
: Can we nerf Yi's Alpha strike (Q) already?
Ok. But then put the AP ratio back on it.
: It would have been better to scrap the illaoi buff you gave her
Or to do something about being able to see tentacles in bushes.
: The new reset made a larger gap between lp/rank and mmr so the ranks you see don't represent player skill as accurately.
I would believe that if the perceived imbalance wasn't resulting in my whole team getting stomped every game as well.
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Thorn3000 (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=AhhShucks,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=KroRzA0B,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2018-12-04T22:36:17.620+0000) > > it would block him from jumping on you, but it won't block the damage after he has already done it. > > The same thing happens with Zeds Death Mark. ok, so, technically i can spellshield zeds and kayn R if they use their R in the moment when I have edge of night activated? so basically it will not move them to me, i.e. do nothing, but they cooldown is wasted? I'm going to test Because sometimes spellshield act a bit randomly, if u have heart as Eve on Noc (or Sivir cant remember), then his spellshield with block one of your skills, but it will keep the heart on him and you can detonate it afterwards with another skill or AA...but if you use it on Sivir (or Noc cant remember) then that spellshield consumes the heart mark without any effect
That is how it should function, yes. They are pretty hard skills to predict that way though. Same thing for Eve's heart. You can spellshield the application, but not the detonation once it is applied. It's a little odd though, because it has to be detonated by a skill, and you CAN block the skill that would set it off.
Alzon (NA)
: He’s talking about if he can channel EoN while Kayn is inside him.
no, he's asking if he does will the shield block the damage, and the answer is no
Thorn3000 (EUW)
: Edge of Night + Kayn ulti
it would block him from jumping on you, but it won't block the damage after he has already done it. The same thing happens with Zeds Death Mark.
: Why is this comment downvoted? It's a legit answer.
The problem is he can jump from the bushes to basically anywhere in the lane. Except directly under your tower I guess. Don't go near them is basically the same thing as saying just lose.
Rioter Comments
: I've been using it on Lucian, and he can get the two procs off easily, and I end up with massive amounts of gold by the end of the game. But if you go in with a full E-Q-W rotation, you only get the money from the first two autos and get nothing from the rest.
I always used to use it on Illoai, but since the patch I've found myself getting about half the gold I used to and 5-10 less items per game.
: New Kleptomancy
It should have a 2 second cool down I think. In the patch it reads like it was straight buffed, but I've found myself getting significantly less gold and items from it than I used to, so I've kinda stopped using it. I'm not sure if it's bugged in some way or not.
: Neeko : Okay the art and the concept are cool, but this kit Just outdates old champions (not fair)
: Well isn't the direction obvious? Riot has done nothing but enforcing the 5v5 deathball meta.
That's an odd thing to say. I feel like 90% of my games involve controlling split pushing way more than 5v5 deathballs. If anything I'd like to see more incentive in going after 5v5's and less power in split pushing.
: That seems very odd. Possibly because it was less than 20 mins then rather than after. 5 cs by itself just does NOT have THAT much effect.
I'm a little shocked that you can get an S on and ADC with <150 cs in 20 minutes.
: Oh boy bring back Diplomatic Immunity.
Himeski (NA)
: Which top/mid ranged champs can carry?
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