: That's a huge wall of text that contains nothing. Literally seems like someone came up with that in 10 minutes. Which is why I'll say it could very well be a Riot leak.
This is only a small part of it. The full thing is way bigger because it goes through every champion even though most of them are listed as "No plans" The only reason I entertained the slightest idea that it was maybe real was because it was so long. No normal person would put that much time into faking leaks. But then again we're not dealing with normal people.
: I'm on the fence. I remember all too well the leak that seemed beyond ridiculous that announced a double champion release and other champions getting Pulsefire skins ended up being real and accurate down to the last detail. All in all, this leak seems like tame, safe bets, with the craziest part being "Riot's trying different game modes, but they might not go through with them." That could indicate someone with no clue what's going on trying to seem believable, or it could just be Riot doing what sells.
It's far from the first fake leak that has put in extra effort to seem more believable. Few months back there was someone spamming a list of "leaked skins" for the rest of the year and just put on champs that would reasonably have skins out in the next few months. Didn't even come close with a single one though.
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