: Amumu's ult is basically a immobilize ability that snares and prevents basic attacks.
I said it like that because Mumu's ult cc doesn't have an actual name
: Hello question: I play Yuumi a lot and I get why it can be frustrating to not be able to CC her like many other champs. I use her attach to kind of buffer certain CC abilities for my adc so just so I’m clear, that is no longer possible with ANY form of CC? Like if I’m trying to disarm a Caitlin trap with yuumi (which is kind of hard btw), I can no longer disarm it and become untargetable, the trap will stop me as I pass over it when I try to attach? And this also applies to ALL CC? Not saying it’s unfair that this change is going through btw, just need to know 100% that this is what it means.
Any hard CC. This includes, knock-ups, knock-backs, snares, stuns, and whatever Mumu's ult does. CC effects like slows and silences will not stop her w
: Epilepsy Causing Skin
Really shows that Riot cares about their players, dismissing a legitimate issue, and no comment on this post yet. I know a few rioters prowl the boards, like KateyKhaos, but still, Rioters seem to care less about the game, and more about money recently, which is appalling.
: Now that's a bug lol. Windwall was perfect to stop 1 ult I can see, but I can tell you were spamming it. The wall shouldn't of stopped more then that. As it's not in range of you.
Windwall doesn't stop Kayn ult
: Yuumi Death Recap
Death recap has been buggy ever since season one, and they still refuse to completely fix it
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: Patch 9.11 notes
Why is Thresh so small and carrying a cannon?
Rioter Comments
: E is skillshot, because Vel'Koz shoots little plasma thingy at the disrupted ground. It is the thing he shoots that is blocked and that prevents the ground from actually being fully disrupted. Why it works that way? Dunno. Skillshot seems to be something that travels or doesn't affect whole area at once. If I am not mistaken, Yas can only block Vel'koz initiating W because while it is fast, it still doesn't affect the whole area at once, it swiftly travels from Vel'Koz until the end and even then I think Yas can only stop it from proceeding. However, from what I've seen, he cannot block the second part of already placed W because the second part affect whole area at once. R affects whole area at once, his basic attacks are lasers, they are ranged, but instant like melee attacks, same goes for Zoe Passive Attack, Azir Attacks, I think Thresh and Rakan too.
Yep, the windwall just stops his w from proceeding past it, but it stays on the ground where it has already opened
Rioter Comments
: I mean... how many patches now has Nunu W been fixed, still broke, fixed again, and then left? I'm not sure they even fix high impact bugs either edit: in a timely fashion
I feel like their motto is, "Hasn't been seen in LCS, hasn't been abused? Then it's not broken, and is a feature."
: There's currently a fantastic, thematic bug with Sylas.
Noticed that when a Sylas suddenly sounded like Morgana after stealing her ult
: Mouse and keyboard stop working in middle of the game.
Are they Razor? I knew a guy that has the same problems as that
Rioter Comments
: Can we nerf Sivir already?
Most of what Sivir has is waveclear, but she can easily be killed in lane because of her 500 range autos. Every other adc can outpoke her by autoing, and the spellshield is easily baited. If she's ganked, there's a high chance of her dying if anyone has cc. Just because she has high waveclear doesn't mean she needs to be nerfed.
: Oh no a bug was there for a couple months what will you ever do? Try [two entire years](https://www.reddit.com/r/DirtySionMains/comments/5b6nwq/basic_attack_glitch_on_sion/) and [still not fixed](https://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/bug-report/rmVX7nU2-up-to-date-partial-sion-buglist-sions-14-most-problematic-unintended-features).
Dude, that was just a recent bug to set an example, I've reported a bug that has affected Rek'Sai since her release that affects gameplay drastically in certain conditions, and they have not fixed it
Stexe (NA)
: What do you do / whom do you contact when Riot Support messes up MULTIPLE times and can't fix / escalate it to someone who can fix it? --- tl;dr: Why does Riot not have methods to escalate issues from Player Support to people who can actually fix things? (Note: Sorry this is a long post, just want to show evidence backing up everything I'm saying as these issues have been going on for 5+ years now and are only getting worse) --- The problems with Player Support (PS) not being able to do anything or find someone who can help are a constantly reoccurring theme I see pop up all over the place. The story seems to go something like this: player tries to get help by contacting PS, next PS says they can't do anything, then player tries to get PS to escalate issue to someone who can do something, and finally PS says they can't escalate it or pass it on to anyone who can help. PS does nothing, player gets no help, everyone is left frustrated and sad. See: "Agents told you eons ago wouldn't truly be wrong at the moment," where 'eons ago' is apparently less than 1 year ago (https://i.imgur.com/zEAwfCt.png / https://i.imgur.com/PALcRcq.png). Seriously, I see this continually. Like the recent Morgana chroma debacle where a PS person said, "get used to it / hope u like it," when Morgana's chromas were mixed up (https://i.imgur.com/senpEvY.jpg). Or when you try to get clarification over something confusing, like what content is Limited Edition or Legacy or whatever (https://www.reddit.com/r/leagueoflegends/comments/8mphk9/why_is_jaximus_a_limited_availability_skin_when/), and get berated by PS saying, "dude cmon i didnt sign up for this," over minor things (https://i.imgur.com/7Jc8UGk.png). Likewise, even when PS says they will refer the problem to someone, it is often unlikely you'll ever see it fixed. For example, I've been waiting on the Limited Edition (LE) borders for "Happy Elf Teemo" and "Union Jack Fiddlesticks" being added for over 2 years now (https://i.imgur.com/xYEG8LP.png / https://i.imgur.com/nU1FRgF.png). Then we have major debacles with PS/Rioters saying one thing and something completely different happening. Here are 3 different PS people telling me that a lot of the 2018 Lunar Revel content wouldn't be coming back (Wukong emote, Ruby chromas, Gold chromas / https://i.imgur.com/xpZDUiY.png), something I followed up with non-PS Rioters to clarify as well. Then when the content comes back after I spent over $100 on RP just for that content based on what I was told, I get a "sadly there's really nothing I can do here" (https://i.imgur.com/npgCdwp.png) You know what happened the last time Riot said content would "never come back" and then it did? Players got an RP refund, an icon, and a special loading screen border (https://na.leagueoflegends.com/en/news/store/sales/plan-vintage-limited-edition-skins) or at the very least got a special version of the skin (Championship Riven: https://boards.pbe.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/general-pbe-feedback/M3soEg9r-an-update-on-championship-riven / PAX Sivir: https://na.leagueoflegends.com/en/news/champions-skins/skin-release/neo-pax-sivir-and-epic-capsules) It wasn't like this in the beta. PS worked hand-in-hand with the rest of Riot. I know that can't happen due to the scale of LoL, but you'd think they would at least have a way to escalate key issues. Instead, you have to go to some social media platform, hope your story resonates with people, and get enough traction that some Rioter with influence takes notice and does something about it. Even then it is unlikely. Another example, it's been 5 years since Hippalus and Tryndamere promised to get back to original Limited Edition skin owners better compensation ("Hip himself is working on additional (longer term) projects that should also help our most dedicated players feel appropriately recognized" https://www.reddit.com/r/leagueoflegends/comments/1u4317/tryndamere_w_context_on_riot/ceeqzj4/). I really want to support Riot Games! I've been following them since early, early closed beta. But the company has really changed from being "Player Experience First" to "do whatever we can get away with" it seems. From major fiascos within the company to sleazy marketing schemes (https://www.reddit.com/r/leagueoflegends/comments/af8642/the_psychological_manipulation_of_prestige_aatrox/), they've really changed over the years into something I barely recognize... and it hurts when a company I loved keeps doing these things and continuing like they aren't even trying to get better. Whew. Okay, so really, who do we contact / what do we do? Why is there no team dedicated to handling escalation and things outside of the norm? We have Rioters whose sole job is about managing talking to Influencers / Affiliates / Partners (https://partners.leagueoflegends.com/en_US/), you'd think they could get someone to deal with the above issues?
I remember back when you'd report a bug, you would mot likely get some response. Now you report a bug and there's no response, they don't fix it, and it is an issue until some pro ends up abusing it, or they see it happen in an LCS game and decide, "hey, that shouldn't be happening" and fix it. Like with Yasuo's VFX issues, they were there for about a month, and there was no response, but the Rengar VFX bug was going on at the same time and it had a lot more upvotes, and a rioter had dropped a message that they were working on it. It took them 3 more patches to fix the Rengar issues, and two more patches after that to fix the Yasuo ones.
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: Because it goes completely against the nature of the mode. If people would put their brain to work for a second, they'd realize that for any lobby that does **not** ban Fiddle, the odds of encountering him are increased. "How do we combat this mathematical dilemma?", you ask? Easy. Just ban him every single game, along with Lux, and Veigar, and Ziggs, and Vel'Koz, and Blitzcrank, and Pyke, and Xerath, until _all_ of the champions that people thoroughly enjoying playing are no longer on the table. Do you see the problem here? Or do you need to get stuck with Evelynn, Skarner, Rek'Sai, Ivern, and Udyr for a few more weeks to wrap your head around it?
I'll have you know that I take Rek'Sai about 90% of the time that she's available in ARAM and enjoy playing her. What I don't enjoy is playing against a Ziggs that can kill your entire team with just an ult.
Légs (OCE)
: i never said it stops auto attack damage ffs can you please read the post carefully next time ? the auto attack range when e is cast at short range is roughly 225 - 300. Poppy's W has 400 range. When Hecarim leaps into poppy he still gets the auto attack off even at 400 range.
Hecarim's e is an auto attack, he starts the auto, Poppy can't stop it
Légs (OCE)
: [GAMEPLAY] Poppy's W does not negate the damage on Hecarim's E
Poppy's w doesn't stop auto attack damage. It does stop the charge, but it's not a Pantheon passive. Working as intended
Jaspers (EUW)
: I recently tried to eat someone in ARAM who had Fizz Ult attached to him, essentially bringing the fish to the entire team. I mean it saved the one hit from the combo but I and another took the damage. I honestly, don't know what I expected by bringing the fish wasn't it.
Anything attached to champions stays attached regardless of stasis. That's why ignite keeps ticking through Tahm's devour and Zhonya's
AthenaXI (NA)
: Tahm Kench becomes a turret?
This is not a bug and is working as intended. Other toggles work as well, and Lucian's ult works as well
: Patch 9.6 Notes
Wait, buffing Sylas's heal, which could heal as much as Soraka's ult, was a bad idea? Who knew?
Psyrix (NA)
: Morgana Black Shield and Zoe Sleep interaction
I think it's because they made the slow cleansable before the sleep, and forgot to change Morgana's shield after
: Talon's stealth not working
In the first two, you autoed at the same time you ulted, so it assumes that you autoed to end your ult. In the third clips, you were revealed by Lulu
Rioter Comments
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: Yasuo w blocking his q.
I think this is just the bug where Yas's q occasionally doesn't go off
: [GAMEPLAY/INTERFACE] Zoe's Spell Thief magic missiles do not apply More Sparkles! as explained
What it's saying is that it can apply More Sparkles!, so if you have More Sparkles! a bubble will consume it to deal more damage. It doesn't count as using a spell per bubble and dealing bonus damage per. This isn't a bug
: Renekton Bot bug
Well, the auto bug could just be because there's an auto bug that's affecting a lot of champions right now
: So, can anyone tell me how to get the last one chromas for anivia? There are 7 chromas in the bundle, however, there are 8 chromas totally.
My guess is the Twitch skins, since it's green. Similar to Infernal Amumu. I really hate that they are locking skins behind that though because that green Anivia chroma looks amazing
: The cool down thing for her Q bothers me, but not nearly as much as the bug where she basic attacks people while burrowed when under some cc effects like silence. It’s very annoying having my knockup removed/delayed just because some other screaming void monster screams at me... looking at you Cho... But I will say, as someone who plays Rek’Sai top, I love her changes to fury generation and her ult. Can’t wait for this to go live!
Yeah, I'm happy with the changes, just wish they'd fix her obvious bugs
: Patch 9.4 Notes
So, does the change to Rek'Sai fix the fact that her unburrowed q takes her burrowed q's cooldown? Because I've been complaining about that for over a year now, and would like to see it fixed. As well as her basic auto while burrowed
: still not sure if it works on other untargetables, but i'm sure fizz not being able to escape a vayne basic attack with his E is not an intended feature.
: Wtf? Support items? Just wow.
Yeah, they literally took a strat that didn't work and decided to fuck supports to make sure it didn't happen. Top laners would lose out on a lot of gold if they took spellthief's top, but apparently 30 gold per wave is the same as an entire wave of gold. Now extremely aggressive supports, or bot lanes that are behind don't get gold for doing their job, or not being able to do their jobs due to low gold, respectively
: [Gameplay] Vayne triggers W on untargetable champions
This is actually intended because she autoed before you went into stasis, so the auto still hit you, but due to you being invulnerable as well, it did no damage. It's like if Caitlyn ults you, and you use Zhonya's while the bullet is in mid-air, the bullet doesn't just disappear and can hit other people in the way, or just do nothing after it hits the champion in stasis
: Same way with most entities I can think of off the top of my head. Shaclone, Tibbers, etc.
Tibbers does not, but Wukong clone does. Only things coded similar to champions, see clones, can take them
: [GAMEPLAY] Xerath Q Bug. Makes you fully charge it without a lazer beam.
Same thing happens with Varus' q, but I have found that if you hit the button again, or two more times, it does fire it
: Patch 9.2 notes
Wait, you fix that Rek'Sai bug, but not the worse ones? How is having an extended q timer, or not being able to unburrow not as pressing as not gaining some attack speed because of q and hail of blades?
: Yeah I don't get it, iron is stronger than bronze. Wood would at least make sense.
Not by much, and bronze is an alloy, while iron is not
Mc Raton (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=AidanWR,realm=NA,application-id=LqLKtMpN,discussion-id=rXb5GJ8N,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2019-01-16T17:30:17.187+0000) > > Her w is coded as not being an attack. So things like DH and Aery don't work with it, even though they seem like they should It should as Luden's echo proc Dark Harvest. It's not a direct attack either and yet it still proc, even Liandry burn does. Sivir should be able to proc off ricochet.
Liandry's does not proc DH anymore, and it's not coded as an attack, it's just coded as damage. It shouldn't be, but it is
Raileks (NA)
: well I understand why other runes don't trigger it but dark harvest is supposed to trigger off damage dealt by the champion like abilities, not just attacks. Ricochet is certainly an ability.
It in not coded as one though. It has unique coding, which should be changed.
Raileks (NA)
: Sivir W + darkness not working?
Her w is coded as not being an attack. So things like DH and Aery don't work with it, even though they seem like they should
: New Mordekaiser Bug (Non game breaking)
D357R0Y3R (EUW)
: What the fuck are those neeko buffs
She currently has one of the lowest win rates in mid lane, but they are making her into an assassin for some reason instead of a burst mage. Even then, the fact that she has an AoE stun that can deal upwards of 1k damage is unacceptable. A base of 650 plus 130% ap will do more than a Veigar ult with the same AP and it can hit an entire team to stun for 1.25 seconds. She needs buffs, but she also needs nerfs to her kit and I don't think they are going about it the right way
: "skillshots". some of them take no effort to land and are nearly undodgeable such as: Swain Q Akali Q Nunu E Aatrox 2nd and 3rd Q aoe Irelia W on the contrary some of them are truly hard to land on non melee non cc'd targets, predictable and sometimes have inconsistent hitboxes such as: Yorick E Aatrox W Xin Zhao W Nunu W
Nunu e and Aatrox q are more AoE abilities. A skillshot implies some sort of projectile like movement or artillery damage. Like Xerath q can be considered a skillshot, but his w is not
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