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: Look, I know this has been talked about a bunch here already
They'll probably fix it when they run out of skins. In other words, probably never. They have changed their focus from community-centered to money-centered. They spend no time on the forums, they spend all their time playing games, and they haven't made an update to the client for 2 years, (except the stats page, which sucks and is subpar) yet everyone still complains about it because it's WORSE then they client that they removed. The new client doesn't even have everything that the old client had either, and has a lot more bugs
enshine (NA)
> Are prestige skins and lootboxes really that important? Yes, yes they Riot. "Hey, we should make QoL updates, but I'm too busy making this skinline that no one asked for"
: ^ last I knew this only works on Minions, Camps and Champions not turrets, inhibs or the nexus
Rengar can literally leap on turrets from the bush in ARAM
: Read the patch notes. That was an intentional QoL update to her tentacles. It makes her actually playable against ranged toplaners now. "New Effect: Tentacles can no longer be stopped from attacking. If they're killed or they have to Leap of Faith vanish during the slam, they will instead die after finishing the slam."
I read every patch update, but I guess I just missed that. My bad, but still they are invisible when they hit, and there is no hitbox indicator
Staccato (EUNE)
: [GAMEPLAY] Sona's Passive basic attack + another spell
I've noticed this for a while, and I think it may be because it waits for Sona's AoE buff to go out completely before it switches it, but if you auto too fast it doesn't realize
Nelviex (NA)
: Talon auto attack interrupted?
Talon's q is an auto reset
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Orodruin (NA)
: Qiyana ult bugs with attached video footage
You can use summoner spells through all CC except suppress and silence. And you did start using q as you are stunned, there is a short delay between pressing Q and actually lunging. However, there is a bug with Qiyana's ult and Fiora that I experienced. I didn't block the shockwave, and I saw the stunned effect appear above my name, then I started my w and neither the Qiyana nor I got stunned.
: jinx rockets don't work with hunter's talisman
It's because the AoE damage is a different type of damage that doesn't apply on hit effects. I know it sounds weird, but they did it so that Aery, BoRK, and a few other things don't proc off it. It's kinda dumb, but that's how they coded it
Cresyls (NA)
: [GAMEPLAY] Sion Passive Damage Bug????
It shouldn't be dealing bonus damage to the turrets
Pytte7871 (EUW)
: Nerf Darius
Wow, such a bug
: Ashe E permanent Vision icon
I think I finally figured out why it does that. I think it has to do with the person still being in the revealed zone as it disappears
: Rift herald eye vanished
There are so many damn ways to have nothing pick up the rift herald and have it despawn, yet they have done nothing about it
: Master Arcanist Ziggs Visual Q Bug
The only skin that I have with Ziggs that doesn't use the base bomb (which is all of them, except Major) is Mad Scientist, and it works fine on that skin. So I would think it's Master Arcanist exclusively
: [GAMEPLAY] Ctrl + Right-Click After Shaco Ult unresponsive
Just tested for PC, and it happens too, but using R works faster. However, I think I know why it happens. It's probably because Shaco's clone is programmed to walk towards Shaco right after he ults, which is really stupid, so I think that movement command is overriding everything until his clone reaches him, or the location he spawned at. It might be for beginner players, but that is a really dumb decision to make Shaco's clone walk until it's right on top of the real one while the real Shaco needs to be given a new command after ulting
cowmomb (NA)
: [GAMEPLAY] Right clicking (moving) causes my Poppy ults to instantly cast.
: duo mid new meta?
If you are in a five-man, it just takes the roles because it assumes that you guys can figure it out yourself
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Kobolt (NA)
: [PBE] First place in TFT, loses LP
First off, this isn't the PBE forums, second off. this is the regular report a bug forum, not the TFT report a bug forum
Different (EUNE)
: 9.15 xayah feathers bug
I've had a number of bugs happen with Xayah besides this one. Minions are no longer rooted by her e, I've had champions get hit by three feathers and not get rooted. But I think I know the reason it does that. Whenever she throws a dagger at someone and they move faster than expected, the dagger tracks where they were and puts it behind them where they were, but not where they are. At least that's my theory
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: The Problem With Recent Updates, that we literally ALL know about.
If you think most of the bugs have been fixed, you're wrong. They only fixed the exploitable/gambreaking bugs, but a bunch of other bugs were introduced, and they are going to do nothing about it because they don't peruse the forums, they spend more time playing games than even creating champions, lore, or fixing simple things that have been bugged since the release of a champion. Like Nunu teleporting, Rek'Sai basic attacking while burrowed.
: I believe that's working as intended. Ardent's User's can also benefit from the Ardent Censor buff as well as the teammates they are healing or shielding. Recently played a game of Rakan & it gave him the Ardent's Buff on spawn since his Shield Passive activated.
The description says, "Whenever you shield an ally, you and the ally gain attack speed". So it, unfortunately, is not working as intended
A Wizard (NA)
: Sion Passive feels far weaker then intended.
Currently, he suffers from the fact that his auto occasionally aren't granted lifesteal. I tested it in practice tool and I noticed that some autos didn't heal me, but I didn't see any consistency between the autos, so I have no idea why it doesn't grant the lifesteal
Kritty (NA)
: Spellthief Inconsistencies (Bug?)
It's because Brand is bugged and shouldn't be getting additional procs. I noticed this to, but it would only give 2 procs at most. They changed Spellthief's a while ago so you are only able to get gold once from any given ability, but they changed something and now Brand is able to get more gold than he should
: screenshot?
It was very late at night yesterday (see 4am), didn't think to do that
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A Wizard (NA)
: Sion passive isn't granting lifesteal to his punches.
Just tested this out in practice tool, seems that it still works, but a few punches just don't receive the lifesteal for some reason
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Blåkläder (EUNE)
: Darius passive
They can't get icons right for some reason. Old Eve e icon constantly appears in death recap. Braum's passive uses Kennen's passive icon
: > [{quoted}](name=AidanWR,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=joYtmuIc,comment-id=0000000000010000,timestamp=2019-07-30T21:31:22.010+0000) > > Where in that comment did I say anything about magic damage? Your whole comment implied it with lines like "I know Lux doesn't deal true damage". You can play dumb all you want though. Zoe's "True Damage" is not actually true damage. Literally Switch it from True Damage to Magic Damage and it would still does the same DMG because its mirror damage. It does the same damage the first hit did which the first hit is magic damage.
Are you dumb? Zoe's e doesn't deal true damage unless a spell or ability hits after sleep. If you don't get hit by anything, it deals no true damage. My whole comment implied that I had the true damage from Zoe's E, even though no ability broke the sleep because I wasn't sleeping.
: > [{quoted}](name=AidanWR,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=joYtmuIc,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2019-07-29T05:07:43.465+0000) > > Because all Zoe hit was her E, and in death recap it said that she did true damage with it. The second time I noticed it, a Lux ulted me, and I saw 149 true damage pop up, and I know Lux doesn't deal true damage, also saw Zoe only hit e and it did true damage I mean do you really need a death recap to know she does AP damage?
Where in that comment did I say anything about magic damage?
: I cant upgrade a champion to lvl 7 with 3 tokens and 1 champion shard.
Are you pressing shard and not permanent? If you are, then I have no idea because I have not gotten a champion to mastery 7 in a while
Håppy (NA)
: It's almost Season 10 - Nunu Bug
It seems like only the first patch of season 8 was about clarity, then they just add descriptions, don't fix bugs, and do a lot of stuff that literally goes against it, or just needs to be changed. For example, they added the "SHIFT to see more details", but then forgot about it after two champions, so there are 3 or so champions that have that feature, and no one else does. Also, I tried really hard not to make the joke, but I'm going to anyway: If clarity was so important, why did they remove it from SR?
: ok that makes sense but are you sure this is not something about cleanse itself and not zoe being bugged? cause last i checked cleanse doesn't work with everything it doesn't affect damage modifiers or cleanse an ability damage just the cc part you can still report as a bug tho to make sure
That's the thing, I'm not sure if it's a bug, an oversight, or working as intended. The description says one thing, but they may have just coded it stupidly, like how Skarner's E says that he gets his passive movement speed and attack speed for the entire stun duration, but he loses it while Scuttler is still stunned because of how Scuttler gets cced for longer
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kokicha02 (EUNE)
: My camera turn on when i talk with somebody on voice chat!!!!
Your mic might be attached to your camera, so they will both turn on at the same time. This is the case on some older computers, but I don't know if it is for you
Ellsi (EUNE)
: [GAMEPLAY] Qiyana 0 CD Q bug
You obviously are just pressing W on a 0 second cd so that it looks like your Q is on a 0 second cd :P
: You have it mixed up - He wasn't leashing **because** when he did he still never got ganked. >the jungler isn't really supposed to gank unless they can 100% get a kill or a wasted flash. Please just...stop playing jungle. There's far more reasons you should gank top than just a kill or summs, such as giving your ally some measure of advantage so they can actually win lane. If you're leashed, you're obligated to gank for the lane that leashed you. You don't have to camp it, but they set themselves behind to help you, so you had better fucking help make up for it.
You have it mixed up, I was saying if you are playing a tank top that ganking is not your number one priority because it helps them build faster, but if you can push the carries ahead, that's better then getting a tank fed and him doing his job, but no one else is able to. Half the time I see someone gank for a tank top, it either ends up with a double kill, or the jungler dying/having to back. I'm not saying that's the case period, but whenever I play tank tops, like Sion, I don't expect a gank unless I can set up a kill, or just to put pressure top so that I can farm a bit
: how do you know it was doubled are you sure that's not her normal q damage it can be that high from certain angels i can't vouch for this 100% because i can't do it myself but saw zoe's doing it before
Because all Zoe hit was her E, and in death recap it said that she did true damage with it. The second time I noticed it, a Lux ulted me, and I saw 149 true damage pop up, and I know Lux doesn't deal true damage, also saw Zoe only hit e and it did true damage
: [GAMEPLAY]Rengar Tiamat Animation Doesnt Work at all. Riot please look at here. Can someone fix this
There's also the fact that if you use E, then W, in quick succession to get max Fury, Rengar will instantly use empowered W. It's only works when you do that exactly, and often causes you to waste the empowered ability
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: my password keeps changing_
I would submit a ticket with support and talk to them about it, because that sounds more like someone hacking you rather than a bug. I have never heard of someone having the same problem
Sillae (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=AidanWR,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=WlIx8cKb,comment-id=0007,timestamp=2019-07-22T19:16:01.210+0000) > > They changed Sivir pretty differently a few patches back so that her w will now bounce to targets she doesn't have vision of, and never told anyone Yeah I noticed when I was playing Evelynn. Made it really annoying to sneak up on.
It was definitely needed though, because if she would use her w on an incoming minion wave, it would just miss 2-3 minions because she didn't have vision, and it made it consistent with other bounce effects like Brand ult and Fiddle e
: So, Riot just buffed the Baron without mentioning it in the patch notes?
They changed Sivir pretty differently a few patches back so that her w will now bounce to targets she doesn't have vision of, and never told anyone
: Patch 9.14: Fallout 76 Edition
Riot: "Hey, you know that thing that's working perfectly and everyone enjoys where it's at? Yeah, let's change it and introduce countless bugs, make it uninteractive, and not do much about it."
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