: Bring Us Your Bugs!! Celebrating 10 Years of LoL
Rek'Sai has had a bug with her w for as long as I can remember, where if she's burrowed and gets cced by any type of cc, except slows, she cannot unburrow, but will auto like she is unburrowed. This effect lasts for half a second to a full second after the cc ends on her. The easiest way to reproduce this is to have her silenced while burrowed, then try to auto anything, and she will auto like she's unburrowed while burrowed. It's really frustrating
: Can someone explain to me what the top and bottom alcove's are meant to do gameplay wise?
It's for dodging skillshots or that "sick flash" play, but the enemy will know you're there somewhere, and, honestly, it's just unnecessary and ugly
: Do not put execute on the elder buff
So, I see a lot of comments on, "Elder is supposed to end the game, Elder spawns late", but if people can read, they will see that Elder spawns after one team kills four dragons. And, knowing Riot, they will push dragon control to be the highest priority in preseason so they will probably reduce the dragon death timer. Essentially making Elder spawn somewhere between 20-30 minutes with teams with high dragon control, which teams are going to be built around because of how fucking much they are pushing the dragon changes.
: Preseason 2020 Gameplay: Rise of the Elements
: Preseason 2020 Gameplay: Rise of the Elements
The thing that I hate the most about this is the fact that if a team already has a dragon soul, it's most likely because they are winning team fights. So, essentially, you are helping those that are really ahead a lot more, because the team that's behind will have to contest elder, and will most likely die in the process. Or, the team that's ahead gets elder and just destroys that team that's behind because they have an even better teamfight now
: neeko - can't see level or hp
This is still an issue? It's literally gamebreaking and has been present since last week, at the least.
I had a game recently where I used a point-and-click ability, and instead of walking towards minions and using it next to them, my champion changed direction to walk a full two Teemo lengths around the minion. Essentially, it was like the minion was a Trundle pillar. So something is up with the minion hitbox for pathing
: Thats aweful man, but then again alistar isnt in the ebst state right now.
It was during the summer, but that was one of the worst supports I have ever had in ranked
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: Autofill supports
This. I am an adc main, and I get so many supports that show no presence in lane, then blame me for not being able to farm or for losing lane when I have to play safe just to auto minions. Now, I play all roles and have at least two mastery 7's per role, but nothing tilts me more than getting autofill supports that blame my for losing lane when it was 100% their fault. I literally had an autofill Ali support in ranked who gave up first blood bot lane greeding for a cannon minion with 100 health, he literally used headbutt on it, didn't even kill it, then instantly died. The jungler and him blamed me for losing the rest of the game
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: certainly not always
Actually, he has. It used to be almost impossible to see, and they had updated it when they updated visuals.
: So what about cho?
Cho has always had an indicator, they just made it easier by putting it on the health bar as well.
: Rengar sometimes doesn't jump while ulted
You can't jump on the Nexus, the only thing that you can't jump to, which is weird. Also, the audio is like that because you had experienced the Nexus destruction in the replay, so it messes with the audio
Haldegon (NA)
: Urgot ult does not hit if fired at time of death?
At this point, I can't tell if it's a bug or just stupid Riot logic. Because if you ult as Draven as you're dying, or dye right after it goes out, it will just disappear and not return, so I can never tell if these things are bugs or Riot thinking, "Oh, they died, let's just make it do nothing, but go on cd."
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: You can also recast Irelia's E while silenced. I wouldn't say it's a bug, I'd say it's intentional and a standard moving forward with new champs/reworks. I'd prefer they update Velkoz and Anivia to use their abilities while silenced rather than them get rid of Zoe and Irelia's interaction.
I'd rather they do that too, but as it stands, it doesn't seem fair that a few champions get to do it, but others don't. There was literally a few patches literally dedicated to making auto resets all act the same when used against spell shield
: Game breaking remake bug
It is not the biscuit delivery that prevents remake, it is them "fake connecting", then when they "disconnect" they walk to the center of the fountain, and the remake counts that as player movement. I know it doesn't have to do with biscuit delivery because I had a game remade after I couldn't connect and had biscuit delivery.
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: Patch 9.19 notes
Wait, you fix the fact that Shyvana's Q is properly used when cced, but you won't fix Rek'Sai's w from her being "unburrowed" after being cced? One of this is more impactful than the other.
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: Happened to me yesterday. I definitely didn't press any keys between casting it and when it cancelled. I might have double-tapped E though, so I thought maybe they forgot to put a minimum time between casting and cancelling.
There is a minimum time of 0.3 seconds, but I've seen it recasted as soon as the first strike appears. However, I don't know if that was after 0.3 seconds or not
: [Gameplay] Darius visuals not updated correctly?
I see nothing wrong with this, Riot has the best hitboxes that are in no way unrepresented by the actual hitboxes shown or poorly coded.
: 4 year old vlad bug ever going to be patched?
It's similar to how WW can q a target and have it go on cooldown even though it doesn't really go off. It's because it's using a targeted ability on a target that dies before the full animation goes off, and instead of refunding the spell, they just decide that you have to go on full cd without doing anything just because the target was bursted down too quickly
: Nah, I was just playing with a friend without a stream. The Morgana claimed to be streaming and said it was confirmed by 30+ people in a stream chat. She didn’t leave a link or anything, otherwise I would have looked at the footage D:
Since it's still this patch, you can download the replay in match history by clicking the download button and rewatch the video for yourself. But you have until Wednesday morning
From what I can tell, it looks like you had recently respawned, and Nami had not been damaged by a champion after you respawned. The burst of movement speed was most likely because you started moving a bit towards mid, where there are low health champions, but Nami was never marked to begin with.
Mxnto816 (NA)
: Gold player being paired with plat and diamond players?
It could just be just high mmr, I would occasionally get master players in my games as a Gold 2
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: The hitboxes, hitreg, or whatever NEEDS to be fixed.
The problem with most abilities is that they are edge-to-edge and they make the hitbox larger than it needs to be. Pretty much the only skill shot that I've seen that works perfectly for hitboxes is Jinx's w. Literally every other skillshot, or AoE nuke (see Leona ult) has terrible hitboxes and will hit you even if you are outside of it. Qiyana's ult is the one that I hate the most now. I have seen people nowhere close to the damage radius and still get hit and stunned, which recently happened to me.
saurora (EUNE)
: state of tanks in these days meta
It's because Riot started putting percent max health damage on all new champions to be able to beat tanks because there was a tank meta ONCE. It's been the assassin meta for literally 2 whole years since, and guess what? They just released an assassin that deals percent max health on an ability that can literally hit an entire team
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: > [{quoted}](name=AidanWR,realm=NA,application-id=LqLKtMpN,discussion-id=sAbGo31L,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2019-08-27T05:52:14.964+0000) > > It's probably being worked on like the invisible Nunu glitch. They said that they are working on it, but actually aren't. Instead "buy these skins". I really hate the company that Riot is turning into I hope in this case you're right, cuz they never fixed kha'zix's quotes and thats been bugged since season 6. When kha evolves, he'd gain additional quote he could say (example, 'I will soar over them' will play only if he has evolved wings'), however right now those quotes play from the start of the game and riot never attempted to fix them (infact i think they even stated they won't fix them).
I was being sarcastic, they aren't working on either of them and are spending more time on skins. And they literally said that they aren't going to be fixing Kha's quotes, so he will always have all his quotes even without evolving
Auraeon (NA)
: Neeko R queues up Flash afterward if it's pressed during the "jump" animation
This is working as intended, you can cancel the buffer by putting any other input in, like walking. The same thing happens with any form of CC (Neeko ult is a self-cc move). For example, if you are in Zhonya's, and you press flash and make no other inputs, you will flash as soon as you get out of stasis. It was a QoL update that they did a long time ago
: It's been 9 years. Fix your client already you greedy bastards
They went from a decent company to an "all we care about is money and playing games during work hours," company. Literally, they don't even really do work at work, and yet they don't fix the fucking bugs that make people want to quit this game. They have a large number of employees, yet they can't seem to get anything right. New champion? Oh, how broken are they, and how long until you nerf them? New gamebreaking bugs? Let's take two or more patches to fix while we give Lux her 14th skin, and make more PROJECT skins that no one asked for
Stone766 (NA)
: Please fix Evelynn's VO Quotes
It's probably being worked on like the invisible Nunu glitch. They said that they are working on it, but actually aren't. Instead "buy these skins". I really hate the company that Riot is turning into
: Riot fix your servers
Same thing just happened to me
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: Look, I know this has been talked about a bunch here already
They'll probably fix it when they run out of skins. In other words, probably never. They have changed their focus from community-centered to money-centered. They spend no time on the forums, they spend all their time playing games, and they haven't made an update to the client for 2 years, (except the stats page, which sucks and is subpar) yet everyone still complains about it because it's WORSE then they client that they removed. The new client doesn't even have everything that the old client had either, and has a lot more bugs
enshine (NA)
> Are prestige skins and lootboxes really that important? Yes, yes they are...to Riot. "Hey, we should make QoL updates, but I'm too busy making this skinline that no one asked for"
: ^ last I knew this only works on Minions, Camps and Champions not turrets, inhibs or the nexus
Rengar can literally leap on turrets from the bush in ARAM
: Read the patch notes. That was an intentional QoL update to her tentacles. It makes her actually playable against ranged toplaners now. "New Effect: Tentacles can no longer be stopped from attacking. If they're killed or they have to Leap of Faith vanish during the slam, they will instead die after finishing the slam."
I read every patch update, but I guess I just missed that. My bad, but still they are invisible when they hit, and there is no hitbox indicator
Staccato (EUNE)
: [GAMEPLAY] Sona's Passive basic attack + another spell
I've noticed this for a while, and I think it may be because it waits for Sona's AoE buff to go out completely before it switches it, but if you auto too fast it doesn't realize
Nelviex (NA)
: Talon auto attack interrupted?
Talon's q is an auto reset
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Orodruin (NA)
: Qiyana ult bugs with attached video footage
You can use summoner spells through all CC except suppress and silence. And you did start using q as you are stunned, there is a short delay between pressing Q and actually lunging. However, there is a bug with Qiyana's ult and Fiora that I experienced. I didn't block the shockwave, and I saw the stunned effect appear above my name, then I started my w and neither the Qiyana nor I got stunned.
: jinx rockets don't work with hunter's talisman
It's because the AoE damage is a different type of damage that doesn't apply on hit effects. I know it sounds weird, but they did it so that Aery, BoRK, and a few other things don't proc off it. It's kinda dumb, but that's how they coded it
Cresyls (NA)
: [GAMEPLAY] Sion Passive Damage Bug????
It shouldn't be dealing bonus damage to the turrets
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