: Only extreme weaboos will like the rework and riot will only answer to the weaboos thread who defend
I see the dislikes but at the same time op is correct.. stupid fucking community. Happily enjoy being spoon fed shit..
: Making this post is super big of you and deserves a thanks... {{sticker:sg-soraka}} But I mean we have to be careful about this sort of new behavior — otherwise we risk the board’s rep as the most toxic of the toxic being jeopardized. Terrible things could happen! More rioters engaging, questions being answered, civil disscussion, “cats and dogs living together!” The horror, the horror...
Yeah sorry.. this new aatrox just doesn’t show all the effort and quality that the old one has. I stick to my opinions...
: I hate to be this guy (i have to tho) but quite honestly i think you are overreacting( like quite a few people the last few days). New aatrox is just a more wholesome version of the old one abd that is reflected in his voice lines...Now lets try to take a deep breath and examine the situation without putting our nostalgia glasses on : 1) what you propably liked about the old VO was how calm and serious aatrox was right?It had a poetic somewhat melancholic feel to it! New aattox has that as well ! Yea i know , you are propably now thinking that iam mocking you since what you heard in the special interactions video was an angry guy full of emotion..however special interactions are not the only voice lines...in fact his movement lines are for the most part calm sober and even melancholic at times! 2) Sure some specific lines are gone but now you have a ton of new ones that flesh out the character in a magnificent way... Edit : i hope you can find beauty in that as well. Edit 2 : you said yourself that you have already bitched about new aatrox...is there any point behind this threads creation? I mean...you say some pretty heavy stuff like :" i hate the new vo with passion" however nothing new is added to the conversation you just ignite even more hate and controversy! . Dont get me wrong we all sometimes find it difficult to move forward..nevertheless we must at some point accept change and idealy learn to appreciate what she brings to the table.
New aatrox is generic garbage we’d all like it if you’d stop riding rito for at least one day.
: Wow, that's such an improvement
Improvement my ass.. new aatrox is fucking shit
: Give us a legacy Aatrox skin.
: An Appeal for Aatrox
I stopped reading after you called old aatrox’s quotes generic when instead new aatrox’s quotes **_are_** generic as hell. As a matter of fact everything about new aatrox is generic. Throwing away all his uniqueness for a little comedy and the sake of calling something a rework. This is fucking disgusting...
: # We want the old aatrox
Just finished the video... wow this hit every nail on the coffin. This video was so correct... fuck this game
: # We want the old aatrox
The year is 2018... where people are happy getting soon fed garbage updates to already good champions.
: In the wake of Aatrox's VGU: The aftermath of the Darkin Wars and the Rise of the Revenant
“Modern standards” lmao if that means making (old n already good) to (new and shitty) by all means you are right. Aatrox’s vgu is hot garbage and all the casuals who never appreciated the amount of quality work put into the old aatrox are happy. #destroyedanotheronerito
: > [{quoted}](name=Terumie,realm=NA,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=1YNtEcmO,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2018-06-22T04:46:55.400+0000) > > This was already found out long time ago but yeah, I admit I like the creativity behind it. Mama knows old Aatrox is an original American hero, and Revin 2.0 is a Chinese trash.
You are so correct nobody understands how right you are. (Not being sarcastic)
: Attrox Rework
Let’s all be honest here... new aatrox was sloppy, lazily put together and just all around terrible compared to the old. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. Aatrox’s old lore was so good he was everything Jhin wants to be. That’s some powerful lore right there. Instead now we got garbage and the casuals are happy.
: Wow, I'm so happy to hear this. Aatrox is currently on sale and I was considering buying him, but the thing that was putting me off was the new model's overly basic appearance. Now that Riot are going to spruce him up, I think I might just go ahead and buy him after all. In addition to the changes Reav3 spoke of, I'd like to see: - Aatrox's face being made clearer and more distinctive. At the moment it's generally vague and featureless, and his eyes are invisible unless he looks upwards. - Aatrox's voice being made lower and more bassy.
You’re part of the problem
: RiotJag voiced his opinions on how drastically Aatrox has been changed and...it's quite funny...
This guy gets it he nails this issue spot on.. please can we start a petition to change him back. We found him fun and enjoyable before isn’t that the point of league? Not this nonsense... “lcs doesn’t play him so let’s change him” mentality they royally fucked up aatrox. I can’t/won’t stand for this.
: Why tf did they turn aatrox into riven
And you know you’re not wrong. Please start a petition to change him back. Totally wasn’t needed
: I have only ONE complaint about the new Aatrox
The league community where anything you don’t like that rito is changing you will get downvotes on your post for having an opinion.
Eggbread (NA)
: If you think there isn't a difference between his new sword in the video and a giant metal bar, you're clearly not very educated in what makes a sword good or bad, and why you would use a sword over something else.
Guy... shut the fuck you prick. New aatrox is trash please remove the rito pen is from your mouth.
: > [{quoted}](name=Emperor Churger,realm=NA,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=TEE8aVk0,comment-id=0003,timestamp=2018-06-11T19:22:53.996+0000) > > I think two words can be used to describe new Aatrox from looks alone, and that is "gritty" and "organic". > > His sword actually has a heart beat. The stone-like structures on his body are more rigid and rough. His wings actually look like they are made of something that's not really messed up silk. His muscles were buffed to a thousand. Finally, his sword is no longer a weird bendy noodle lookin' thing. It's thick and it looks like it has some SERIOUS weight behind it. > > All in all, great job. If new Aatrox looks like this in-game, I'll say that he captures the spirit of a "Demonic Entity of War and Carnage" 100% more than his old look, which looked like a gothy cosplayer that might have been a little menacing given the right circumstances. Why though? Why was his old look so bad? Why goth? I mean how would it be any different if I said this new looks is just some metal-heads wet dream and he's pretty just one ginormous bicep. I liked his old aesthetic because it looked as if he had some dynamic ability with a sword, not just hacking away like a big dumb lumberjack.
You don’t realize how right you are though old aatrox was an elegant massacre artist not another dumb muscle sword swinger
: Why Did They Update Aatrox?
**Incoming People who don’t play aatrox complain about how bad he was and he needed an update, and everyone is all of a sudden an expert on aatrox** you guys need to just hush and stop agreeing with everything rito does. Aatrox was the most balanced top laner his entire kit was built around balance and the true power of the 1v1. Last thing we need is another generic looking spam champ too lane where you can smack your head against the keyboard and win a 1v3 *cough* ireilia (new/old) *cough*
: So, Aatrox does look awesome.
New aatrox looks so generic it’s not even funny
: Even these minor changes, in my opinion, have greatly improved Aatrox’s appearance. I was never much of a fan of the old design, either. New Aatrox looks far better than what we had.
: Isnt the new Aatrox sword inspired from a fanmade champ?
His sword looks so fckin generic it’s not even funny.
: Aatrox's new voice killed the champion for me.
You’re right man I’ll agree with you since these rito band wagoners won’t. It’s just sick how many people will agree with something just because rito says so or they “rework” it
: no instead we get "I AM AATROX, THE WORLD ENDER" because Aatrox mains really wanted to go from wise killer to crazy killer.
: doesnt do combat well? holy fuck dude. just holy fuck. the things people will do to defend this unbalanced braindead champ.
Pika is right, You just sound like one of those people who plays one champ all the time then gets squashed by an average nasus player. Don’t come to forums screaming nerf, as powerful as you make nasus seem he’s not. he can be destroyed with ease.
: Sounds legit. You're doing okay at best, team is doing horrible, so you start berating them. Yeah. Typical elitist asshole who does good in a game, and decides that's justification to berate and blame the rest of his team. We've all had games where we are doing good but the rest of the team is getting outplayed. If I blamed them and started pointing out their terrible scores, I would fully expect to get reported and not be met with positivity. What did you expect to happen after saying that drivel? Pointlessly fucking pointing out your teammates horrible scores. What does that help? How? Why????????????? You're right, this was a good one. Act like a jackass, berate the community. Hahaha classic.
You sound like one of those people..
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