: This game's community is still extremely homophobic and sexist.
: > [{quoted}](name=Colte,realm=NA,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=aGtE1MJe,comment-id=0008,timestamp=2019-04-09T09:25:25.312+0000) > > imagine getting jailed for saying "you're fricking toxic" lmao gg riot so you can't say a guy is toxic? might need to see game 1 Imagine thinking going to jail is anything like getting banned from a video game lol.
pretty sure the player meant suspended or baned kinda obvious nobody gets jailed over a video game unless they made alot of money off of distributing hacks
: Twisted Treeline 9.7 Ghost Poro Changes
i wish twisted treeliines was more competitive my new friends jump straight into it at lv.7 and get slaughtered by lv.20s or premaded smurfs, this map needs to be updated more frequently
: I'll be honest, the chat log you have presented to us is incredibly minor negativity. If I saw it back in the Tribunal days, I would've voted to pardon. But your reactions to Imperial Pandaa and Julevi are ludicrously condescending. You are actively disrespectful to people who posted here. Thus, I have come to the conclusion that the punishment was deserved.
i don't see where he's being disrespectful, he's pretty chill it only looks like the community here is just overeacting. its actually bs how you get chat restricted for literally nothing, just kid talk with hardly any insults meanwhile my 30 friends just throw heavy insults and harass inting troll's mothers and death threats but never get chat restricted.. im sure they always have 3-5+ players in both ally/enemy teams reporting them hell i report my own friends to hope they learn their lesson but we only get ppl that tilt and reply to them get chat restricted? w.t.f? what about the trolls and intiing feeders? for the love of god can they be shot down as fast as ppl that just say a few words?
Padoµch (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=Solargeo,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=tcEOGjBY,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2019-04-02T12:35:35.249+0000) > > I wish i could get more chests. Maybe a feature to change 10 keys to one chest? 15 keys to a chest? I dont understand how people dont have enough chests, I have 26 currently. I had 34 before one of the events, I just bought key fragments with all the tokens..
> [{quoted}](name=Padoµch,realm=EUNE,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=tcEOGjBY,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2019-04-02T14:00:46.010+0000) > > I dont understand how people dont have enough chests, I have 26 currently. I had 34 before one of the events, I just bought key fragments with all the tokens.. not everyone can achieve s ranks or have friends that can achieve s rank i think i just got a+ with 40 assists on soraka t-t
: The balance on Matchmaking is a JOKE , total joke , IDk how you manage to pull 1 troll , 1 afk , 1-2 feeders 70% of the games ( in ranked ) . it´s like a BIG JOKE , playing silver rank some people play like BOTS and they are still silver .. other ppl go troll ,etc Noone is getting banned ( on the reports cos 80% of the games we report people ) ppl play rank as a joke to feed , troll afk and MMR ,etc is 100% not working .
i heard it's worse now lol... glad i dont play anymore
: How often do they even build Bloodthirster? Seriously. Dravens rushing it is about it.You guys lose ONE solo Q game, to some item almost no one ever gets to build, and you guys run straight to the forums to post about it. Lifesteal is seriously overrated nowadays. Morello's is a great item on damn near every champ that does burst, so its almost always in the game, executioners is 800g, most ADCs cannot go any sort of lifesteal before 4 items, outside of a few(Kai-sa with death's dance, dravens with BT). Even then, most people end up better off with Mercurial anyways. Damn you see it all when people are scraping the bottom of the barrel wanting Bloodthirster nerfed.
calm down what a typical adc main, blood thirster is op and adc and you know it thats why you came to this thread to flame me, 1 item shouldn't allow an adc to go from 10% to 100% in a few attacks
Rioter Comments
: > [{quoted}](name=Colte,realm=NA,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=P1tQ5Mho,comment-id=00000000000000000001,timestamp=2018-05-01T01:30:59.042+0000) > > so it's not harassment if you don't ask them to stop? what kind of messed up logic is that? lmao so if someone gets bullied and doesn't have the courage to tell them to stop, it's not being bullied either? he's harassing regardless of there being a mute button or not.. that has nothing to do with the fact that HE DID harass them. > > {{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}} Hold up, so you have a good definition for me? When is it considered harassment? When YOU say it is? When did you become the person to arbitrate this matter? There is a mute button, is there not? Why did you disregard the mute button? How can anyone bully anyone on the internet? We are all on keyboards right? I think you're just happy to use words like "bullying" and "harassment" so you can come riding on your fake white horse to "save people" and punish others, because you seem to think that somehow makes you a better more elevated person. You're the very definition of toxic.
hold up, he got banned, staffs confirmed it so why are you defending the op and arguing with everyone? is this your 2nd acc to defend yourself? lol
: Marksman changes coming to PBE in the next couple days
we do not need more cancer items like static shiv / rapid fire cannon why do you not understand this? seriously? "Stormrazor, that makes your first attacks in combat more impactful." do you actually think we need more of this? or are you just trolling us with the nerfs that comes with a buff?
Ratpie (NA)
: I think there are some problems, but I think it is more complex than MMR, although I wonder if MMR is part of it. Far too many games with mismatched skill levels. It is like playing the lottery with who you get. Silver feels like a mess. Gold is a little mor consistent, but still has people that you are like WTF? they do not even know how to freeze a lane or not push. Here is a recent story that may mean something or nothing about how ranked works out: I did a game with a bunch of people on friends list. We were ranked all over the place. We had unranked, bronze, silver, gold, and plat. We just randomly joined on invite and ended up with all plat/gold on one side and silver bronze on the other. At first people were like should we even out teams? and then we were like meh lets do this. We wanted to play all out so we went with champs we knew. I destroyed the poor Annie I went mid vs with Anivia. But then the gold-plat players on my team just crumpled to the silver-bronze players. At the end of the game the gold/plat players are like wtf? that was harder than games we play at our ELO. They got straight up outplayed. This was just one game, but it was a pretty sound beating. In the highest ranks it may really be different but bronze through plat seems a bit messy.
maybe they were challenger / diamond smurfs? alot of them seems to be playing ranked on other people's accounts for money, that should be bannable considering it's account sharing. or perhaps those good players are just stuck in elo hell because worst players usually decide the match? none the less it makes me feel a little better than im not the only one that runs into this issue, thank you for the story. i'll just try harder and practice more!
: I think MMR is pretty accurate. I stopped playing ranked though as my current skill level doesn't match my ranked MMR yet (rust). I'm trying to get normals to match it before I jump back in. I'm moving up pretty fast though. I can very visibly see the differences though, and this is between like silver 4 and silver 2 MMRs. Also, when I duo with someone that brings us to around Silver 5 I absolutely stomp face. Honestly, at least at silver, the differences are huge if you know what to look for. Maybe that's just because I've been up at gold MMR in the past and can more easily see what's not being done right. Silver 5=super selfish, no map awareness, poor decision making. Silver 3-4=not as selfish play, no map awareness, poor decision making. Silver 2=Improving map awareness, poor decision making. Silver 1=Decent map awareness, not great decision making. Not even kidding, it's really visible. Different people have different weaknesses, but these are the primary differences I see. Also very little warding until S1, even then it's not very consistent. It's ironic, part of repairing my rust is not just mechanics/knowledge, but re-training myself to not do things that I know are dumb and do anyways. A little brainpower goes a long way. Anyways, after that point going up I'm pretty sure it's mostly small things, and mainly just choices/decision making. As far as CS goes, I've seen challenger level CS at pretty much ALL ranks, just the ones that do at bronze make REALLY dumb decisions that usually involve "get as much gold as I can regardless of if I feed the enemy just as much while doing it, no one on my team matters but me, I watch streams, they say you gotta carry yourself."
so is 1500 the mmr you start from or is that because it's a provisional match? i have such a dilemma i don't want to play adc but if i dont play adc, the adc plays far worse feels like a game of rng but the thing is i'm really bad at csing especially when im being harassed by an offensive support, i'm very impatient and honestly rage inside so much when people play far worse than i would and theres nothing i could do since im a bad player myself.. im not sure if the 190 ms has anything to do with it i played far better before this game increased my ping by 50, i feel so uncomfortable when i cs. i used to play mid / top but they have so many champions i do not want to face, so much mechanics that i do not want to deal with which got me to play support but many people want tank supports which i hate playing the most :( this game makes me worry too much and i hate moba games but everyone i know plays these type of games so i have no choice. everything seems to be doing too much damage and enemy team seems to be the only one that is coordinated and roam / ganks, it's so frustrating to the point they seem like smurfs, i've tried with a few accounts and i was placed gold on one my accounts, this seems like complete luck when i should be placed bronze regardless of how many times i was carried, i can see why there are so many bad players in diamond/platinum. maybe this game just isn't for me anymore, all of my friends have quit for the similar reason
: Either buff towers or remove them
i honestly dont want to defend those ugly towers nor kill minions to level up, probably why i love battlerite and hate league atm (but the toxic feeder community plays the big part in my hatred as well)
: The MMR system is fine. There is just no penalty for not taking ranked seriously and playing champions you aren't good with. This might change next year with all the changes to ranked, who knows. I suggest you op.gg your entire team every game. If you see that you have a 25% winrate lucian, I would suggest you dodge. -3 LP and wasting 3 minutes in penalty que is worth wasting 25 minutes in game + losing 20 LP + having a decrease in MMR
thank you for the advice just dodged this retarrded game because support wanted to play lucian with smite... (edit: luckily someone dodged before i did so i didn't have to wait 15 minutes! XD) https://i.imgur.com/PztzkOa.jpg do you know whether we even have any lp to lose in our provisional matches? (the first 10 games doesn't say we have lp.)
Rioter Comments
: Some buffs for Caitlyn to be made viable again and no longer a auto-loss...
Rioter Comments
Zahreik (NA)
: It is LITERALLY taking longer to get in a game.
well you are the idiot that can only play one role that decided to dodge
Jhohny (NA)
: U know, that also, in the real world, ppl that get robbed don't always call the police, lets say i was one of that kind of ppl, i felt angry enough to curse at them, i never have to do it irl, not even to my family or friends, but how can u make someone on the other side of a PC understand it?, u cant do anything, because Nidalee and i tried to surrender many times, but this harasser and the 2 teammates dat went on his side, didnt wanted to surrender, and we had to fight till the very end Nidalee and i did more than those 3 and still we had to suffer thos gruesome moments, and ofc i got rekted twice because RIOT wanted his piece of cake and punished me because its easier to count 3 reports than actually reading the whole conversation.
yeah harrass the robber and get shot like a dumbass
: Your last game shows you ended the game with Chain Vest, Negatron, and Mobi Boots after selling your jungle item and buying and reselling troll items like a Tear and multiple boots several times throughout the match. It's clear you were intentionally feeding even if you didn't say it; next time it will be a permanent ban, so if you've got problems with other players I'd put your differences aside, mute them if you have to, and play the match properly. https://i.gyazo.com/683a03e0cf047637d4ccdd820f1d4f7f.png
> [{quoted}](name=Deep Terror Nami,realm=NA,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=McJA4lzH,comment-id=0003,timestamp=2017-04-03T10:41:53.804+0000) > > Your last game shows you ended the game with Chain Vest, Negatron, and Mobi Boots after selling your jungle item and buying and reselling troll items like a Tear and multiple boots several times throughout the match. It's clear you were intentionally feeding even if you didn't say it; next time it will be a permanent ban, so if you've got problems with other players I'd put your differences aside, mute them if you have to, and play the match properly. > > https://i.gyazo.com/683a03e0cf047637d4ccdd820f1d4f7f.png marry me
ItsOrval (NA)
better off moving onto another game matchmaking is legit cancer
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Vekkna (NA)
: Err...which of the new enchanter/tank items is giving her more damage than last season?
> [{quoted}](name=Vekkna,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=OGUyXaxE,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2016-11-10T22:53:56.987+0000) > > Err...which of the new enchanter/tank items is giving her more damage than last season? disregard his posts he trolls on the boards
: Legit, at the end of my rope on options and i feel like i'm about to just cry because of these games. i play the best i can and i learn but why should i be separated from the division i belong in and my mentality getting disintegrated because people are trolling or just don't care like i do about this. it needs to stop! please.
uninstall is the best option not worth wasting time dealing with those gamers. people say if you can't climb out own your own you belong in bronze if you got to silver before thats likely because your enemy team were people like your current ally team aka pure luck not running into bot tier people.
: Just realized NA can't make any arguments like "You're EUW that's why u suck" anymore
Limmie (NA)
: I think OP is the one pre-30. They are smurfing and wants to get to level 30 quickly, not getting somebody else to 30. And honestly the smurf ruining newbies is only a problem because Riot doesn't offer a way to get a secondary account other than leveling it up normally.
people dont need a secondary account they should make the ranking decay faster so people play one accounts its unfair how you can have multiple accounts in high rankings and people actually sell those accounts to bronze players
: Kha'zix is pick ban now
this post is so retarded, if you got a good score it dont mean your champ became op its because some people play like garbage no offense but there are ppl in both normal and ranked that should be stuck in bot game
Raoul (EUW)
: So now Vaynes Ultimate has literally no counterplay at all... great...
never seen vayne carry a game unless enemy team was retarded because she has a horrible laning phase you guys should be trying to stop a vayne from growing big tbh. same reason why riven or most top lanes become killing machines if jungle dont gank top
: nerf ''reworked'' lb
they should be nerfing tanks or tanky builds they are too durable and nothing counters it unless your champ is retardedly op as default, boring as hell playing a game where who has more tanks wins.
: wow this thread went from complaining about turret, to items, to champions.
top/jungle can turret dive because they only need one armor to afk under it and they are so tanky but the items i called were meant to counter them but it doesn't do that.
: if you play with a level 30 friend as a level 10+ why dont you get more exp?
it dont even take long to reach lv.30 trying to boost your friend to 30 wont learn him nothing he will get destroyed and this is why everyone sucks at the game atm because of boosters and smurfs ruining morals of actual newbies.
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: Surprised nobody has said anything about Janna.
i hate how her hurricane pretty much yells at the enemy that she's casting it so nobody gets hit by it.
: "Oh, we removed DFG because it was adding extra burst to already bursty champions!!"
Thryale (NA)
: New Malady: a sustain item for atkspd/ap champs
yea i would like a ap/spd sustain item as well
Rioter Comments
: Rageblade is trash tier again. For starters can we have it give the AS of it's components?
i hate how it has to ramp up and champs like kayle have horribly slow atk spd so she cant make use of it and i hate that it makes on hit builds stronger, feels really expensive too
zenzilla (NA)
: @rito - banned, never even typed a swear, no email, uh, is it because...
: Thought on the future reworks
i disagree all those champions are fine or one of the powerful champions considering you can't even spell uptade correctly (update) if anything they should rework kayle so kayles stop feeding if they are played (i know it's rare to see one)
: Riot on Kindred.
bull crap shes way better than kayle, i always see team with kayle losing because they always feed to the ground and kindred still have a big impact despite the nerfs
: Ezreal is so bad Vlad "APC" is better
i love it when people ban ezreal to prevent the ezreals from feeding lmfao but still a good ezreal is decent so i feel that kayle rework is more necessary because i dont see it played and whenever it is played kayle player feeds to the ground or never does enough damage and is also fragile, needs to require less farming to be fun tbh you cant win with kayle unless your enemies are noobs and you're way ahead.
: Lee sin and vayne are useless in low elo.
i am so thankful nobody plays kayle, back when people played kayle all they would do is spoon feed the enemy team how generous of a mom she was.. good riddance i hate how she needs alot of attack speed now they need to remake her again the passive is so useless tbh
Rioter Comments
Rozair (NA)
: Stop forcing rageblade on us riot
I miss the old rageblade before all the ad carries started abusing it.
: Why should it be made unusable by AD champions?
because it's more effective on a ad champion than a hybrid?
Rioter Comments
: If there was a queue specifically for replacing AFK teammates, I think I might just play that and only that. It sounds like a lot of fun to be able to just jump into a game in progress with a random champion and random build, even if you start with a disadvantage.
when will this ever be a thing, all my coworkers run into 4 or more afkers both in ranked and normal draftpicks daily.. this ridiculous thing has to be put to an end and implent this queue that replaces afkers.
Zorasama (NA)
: Decrease surrender time for each missing/disconnected teammate?
i wish if they disconnect for more than 5 minutes a new player should be able to join in because it's bull shit when they never come back and ruin your game
: League of Super-safe Bullies is gradually becoming less and less fun
league of super safe sniper bullies like they have more range than adc funny af
: At least nerf her e or q slow or something but completely removing a part of a passive that is cruicial to this Kayle right now People just don't know how to abuse her weaknesses. But I do believe she is sleeper right now however this nerf is not the way to go
her e is fine, she needs way too much attack speed Q isn't even strong what the hell are you trying to do to kayle lol
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