: Everyone But Diana...
Bc they used her blood ...
RowanEnd (NA)
: Riot how about you slow down on champs
New champs added but still 3 bans each side. We need 4 bans soon
Aurelion Sol: The Star Forger Returns Updated: Soraka Dad's (Soraka, the starcaller) Ring, ring daddy make me stars..
Takran (NA)
: The real reason people are getting twitchy about Blood Moon Elise.
More like "Order of the Lotus" Elise to me but I still like the skin.
HengTai (NA)
: A Civilized Complaint on a Few Recent Splashes.
I really think the problem with Ahri new splash art is the hair, it is shorter and puffy around the face. While the old one its long and straight. (shorter ears too) inb4 missing tassel.
: There is no amount of tweaking that can be done to fix this picture. The ears are just so wrong, she has absolutely no Asian features, her tails lost their silky look and instead look like what belongs on a dust-mop, she looks more innocent high school girl than a grown woman that seduces men (as her lore says), her clothes grossly emphasize her breasts too much ("less revealing is more alluring") compared to the original, the environment is too dark for a champion described as cunning and curious. No matter how you try to tweak or spin this splash, **it just isn't Ahri**. Even the artist concept of Ahri for New Dawn did so much better: [here](https://images.plurk.com/wtxQfphXSHcR9R7otf7oj.jpg). I appreciate the artist's effort by itself, but Riot really dropped the ball on this one with one of it's most recognizable champions. They need to start from scratch with a new splash and not use this one.
Her hair seen shorter then the original. (old one was hip length)


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