GigglesO (NA)
: I too like having him hop over a wall and instantly fuck me up...
he doesn't and ward?
: FWIW, TWT isn't the best rune on Urgot in that row anyway. He has a noticeably higher winrate with Approach Velocity than TWT. It's just the FotM bandwagon. Also, if you did nerf TWT, literally no one would take it ever. Honestly, I still prefer sorcery (comet) + resolve secondary to Inspiration + resolve for most of Urgot's match ups.
> Also, if you did nerf TWT, literally no one would take it ever. Overpowered things should be nerfed. If no one would pick it, then that's fine since it's better to have it not exist than break the game.
: {{champion:7}} fucking. BULL SHIT. CHAIN LENGHT
{{champion:84}} could use a hit mayyybe {{champion:6}} WHY DID THEY PULL THE TIMEWARP TONIC CHANGES AHHHHHHH {{item:3095}} still not touched
GigglesO (NA)
: Akali, Lee Sin, Kayn When played by the best... yea I too want to see nerfs for champs that are overplayed.
Kayn? Lol dude.
: Patch 8.21
> We got you homies -1% ap rate on passive detonation That's actually a big nerf since you're intentionally misleading people. It lost **1% missing HP damage per 100 AP**. That is a large nerf.
Moody P (NA)
: only played by one tricks doesn't mean anything lol. A sol is OP when played to his best, so he gets nerfed.
> A sol is OP when played to his best, so he gets nerfed. I wish they applied this logic to Riven.
Doge2020 (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=AirKingNeo,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=NPvfx4h6,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2018-10-22T23:37:18.199+0000) > > \>how to balance yi > > \>suggests only nerfs > > Yi is weak as fuck right now. He did also list buffs. Like the pause of Highlander during Zhonya’s/stopwatch or the revival of GA.
That's barely anything. I can't even call that a buff.
: How to Balance Master Yi with only Small Changes
\>how to balance yi \>suggests only nerfs Yi is weak as fuck right now.
: Because Yorick was cancer to play against at the time? I don't like the balance team but the Yorick rework didn't make him any less cancer than his old kit.
: Hashinshin gets a 2-week ban for going 0/19 with Viktor top.
: Why are there multiple magic resist + AD items, and only like 1 armor + AP item?
because MercScem is situational and Maw gets outscaled AND you can't build both witohut losing significant damage
: > [{quoted}](name=AirKingNeo,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=jwIiE7ZN,comment-id=000900000000,timestamp=2018-10-20T04:33:29.723+0000) > > Jax isn't picked as a jungler. Last time he was good he built **Cinderhulk**. He is though. Decent winrate and playrate too.
and hey look, cinderhulk. Kindred goes Warrior. So, just Yi goes Bloodrazor?
: About bruisers
> Irellia doesnt need to aim her e and r wat
: Esports is boring
There was a comment on a thread from some dude saying the boards doesn't say "esports are boring". And then this gets upvoted.
aezens (EUW)
: {{champion:24}} {{champion:77}} {{champion:19}} {{champion:203}} {{champion:11}} {{champion:56}}
Jax isn't picked as a jungler. Last time he was good he built **Cinderhulk**. Udyr also goes **Cinderhulk** or **Warrior**. Warwick goes **Cinderhulk**. Nocturn goes **Warrior**. Only Yi and Kindred build Bloodrazor.
: Want to Point out the Lack of Mage Junglers
there's barely any attack speed junglers
: > [{quoted}](name=Moody P,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=PA4UP7Eb,comment-id=00020001000300000001,timestamp=2018-10-19T18:23:22.081+0000) > > no it isn&#x27;t. > > post rank please And who are you to call for someone’s rank when your posting account has <10 games? Edit: and a level 7.
: id like a single source on this
: Rogue Galaxy vs Mountain Men Gaming - ABL Series Week 3 LIVE now!
MMG got destroyed. Guess that happens when you consistently change your roster but also draft poorly.
: > [{quoted}](name=Jaspers,realm=EUW,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=tWsgyf0Q,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2018-10-18T09:49:12.279+0000) > > Because it feels like superficial nerfs. Just to nerf a champ to make it look like you are doing something when in reality you want that champ to stay strong. > > -3AD, -5MS, win rates go down. Great but lower win rates does not help what people complain about. They complain because they think the champ is OP and -3AD or -5MS isn&#x27;t going to change that fact because all that does is affect their win rate. OP(Overpowered) has direct correlation to Winrate. When the Winrate drops so does the power of said champion. People will still complain about said champion because they might just not like the champions kit or something but that does not mean the champion is still in an overpowered state.
yeah but that also correlates to pickrate, so winrate can be stable if pickrate drops.
Fioh (NA)
: Quick question! "This thread has been pinned," what exactly does that mean?
It means his comment appears at the top of the comment section, regardless of votes.
: You said ignite sucks and i responded with no it doesnt, what did i not answer?
because I said it sucked before the buffs. You stated a number. You didn't provide information showing it did not suck before buffs.
: Riiiiiiiiight. Totally not like each of those champions either a) has always been pretty bad or b) got severe nerfs that made them all shit, usually as a result of abusing Rageblade, which then after each champions's nerfs didn't fix the issue, was changed, leaving all those champs that now absolutely needed the item lying in the dirt. How many times is the item going to have to be changed and iterated on, constantly leaving champs nerfed into the ground, before it's realized that it's an unhealthy and unworkable item? And no, I'm not talking about Phantom Hit. As you said yourself, it was never an actual problem. It's the stacking stats mechanic. Ever since that was added, the item has caused issue after issue after issue. The item is an inherent snowball in itself. You start gaining stats from attacking with it, which also grants attack speed so you gain the stats faster, which makes you harder to fight against. Then, whenever you have some champion that has auto resets in their kit, like old Aatrox, then suddenly you have a ton of burst from an item that is **SUPPOSED** to be entirely DPS focused. Remove the stacking stats, hell, even just the AD and AP, leaving the AS, and you suddenly have a Kai'Sa that has to choose between what she wants to do, instead of having an item that allows her to do it all with any build.
Yi has always been shit. Jax and Kayle haven't been changed. Kog'maw is the only one been nerfed.
Aarron (NA)
: GA Banshees Zhonyas Mercurial
maybe no not it and GA at the same time no one builds mercurial
: All of the above were problematic either with rageblade or its predecessors, feral flare and sated devourer. In addition we've had pre RW {{champion:266}} {{champion:102}} {{champion:4}} {{champion:77}} {{champion:110}} {{champion:5}} (pre rw) {{champion:157}} {{champion:23}} {{champion:48}} {{champion:56}} {{champion:96}} {{champion:85}} {{champion:39}} (pre rw). The only reason these champions are not problems now are one of, rework, they're bellow A tier or there's a more optimal build path. Champions were nerfed, the items were crushed or replaced. And despite having an item dedicated to them, a majority of hybrid champs suck. Because they have to
you mean: Devourer never being competitively viable? or you mean Rageblade AND Devourer existing at once?
: That's a problem with Rageblade, not Kai'Sa. It's been the bigger issue with her basically the whole time. When she first released, she needed a couple buffs, namely the range increase. 500 was just way too short to do anything. However, at the same time they buffed her individually, they changed Rageblade (again. How many versions is that now?), and since then it's been a core item to her kit. The item just allows her to build whatever and function through all her capacities. AP is supposed to be an intended build for her, however it's not supposed to be as strong a (or stronger!) DPS build than AD. Rageblade corrupts all that, by allowing her to build AP and use it as both her burst and DPS build.
> Jax is broken with Rageblade. Wait, he doesn't build it! Yi is a shit champion! Kayle has been underpowered for the entire season. Kog'maw has been shit for months.
Aarron (NA)
: And people wonder why Riot doesn't make true hybrid champions Because you end up with things like Kai'sa with the ability to build nearly any defensive item
what defensive items does kai'sa build?
: {{item:3124}} is the problem. This item needs removed from the game. It broken on every one that builds it.
Jax is broken with Rageblade. Wait, he doesn't build it! Yi is a shit champion! Kayle has been underpowered for the entire season. Kog'maw has been shit for months.
: Ignite was totally fine for years. No reason to buff or nerf it. Was always a staple summoner spell in this game.
how? no one used it. Mid took tele instead.
: You think that a SUMMONER SPELL doing 205 true damage at level 6 is ok?
> Ignite sucked before the buffs. You didn't respond to the argument.
: A summoner spell should not have higher impact than a champions actual kit. Which ignite currently does for most champions.
> Ignite sucked before the buffs. You didn't respond to the argument.
: It didnt even need buffs in the first place, so i dont think it should get compensation if it's reverted. However, i'd be fine with this if ignite got a small damage nerf as well (in addition to the revert.)
> However, i'd be fine with this if ignite got a small damage nerf as well (in addition to the revert.) Ignite sucked before the buffs. You want to nerf it further?
: Riot, I don't think diamond players like your reworks
nelogis (EUW)
: {{champion:145}} Take away 25 aa range and make her spell-upgrades need more stats (so she scales slower) She gets through laning phase too easily for how hard she scales. {{champion:104}} Just works so well with the current items/runes, easiest way to adress him is to brute force him down to a normal level by damage decreases. Maybe look at the knockback range on his autos on monsters so he gets hit more by them and leaves the jungle with less HP, or remove knockback on scuddle so he can't clear it that fast. So either hit his clear speed or his clear safety or just braindead damage nerfs to whatever. {{champion:39}} Reduce aa range to 175, remove cc buffering from her W, increase reactivation time on Q to slow her down (only early levels, same in late game), remove shield busting mechanic, remove disarm compensate her with base HP, HP/lvl scaling, AD/lvl and strengthen the slow on her R to compensate for disarm removal Powershift, take away power from early game and put it into late. Make her have a clear powercurve and trim down the fat in the kit, remove tools to add counters to her playstyle. Make it so you can retaliate on a Irelia that ulted on you but still get punished for crossing the wall {{champion:266}} Hard to say, passive deals shit ton of damage, I would remove mutilation debuff from it and reduce damage but let it heal Aatrox for a % of the damage dealt by the passive. Less burst on the enemy but still dominant in the early game. This reduces Aatrox's all in potential but I think the true problem is his Q (well his only ability that does anything relevant). The thing is that this ability is balanced around the idea that you don't need to hit every Q for you to go even in a trade (or even win it). That leads to a situation where IF he hits every Q, you are going to lose 60% of your HP bar. More or less losing the entire laning phase because of that. Making the abilitiy easier to land but reducing the damage should make it easier to deal with in a general sense. Generally aim to a state where you aren't getting punished so hard for making mistakes against Aatrox but let Aatrox still be rewarded for executing his kit properly (mainly through lane sustain) {{champion:6}} The thing I see with Urgot is that he deides what happens in the laning phase. Thanks to spellbook and his cc buffer he can decide what to do, if he just wants to farm you are just going to farm since catching him wont be easy and just engaging in his minion wave will make it so you will lose the trade thanks to his W. If he wants to fight he can whittle you down with Q (since it's so easy to hit) and zone you out eventually (still you are unable to engage). He dictates the pacing of the laning phase and what is being done too well. There are 2 ways to fix this, either you nerf his anti-engage tools or nerf his Q reliability. Maybe even removing his cc buffer might be an idea but that would be a hefty nerf. {{champion:84}} Get rid of true stealth, remove the micro stun on her R1 and remove healing from her AOE then get rid of true stealth and make it so her E doesn't have global range but around 1.5x lee Q2. Make it so the smoke just goes into terrain instead of building around it (less places where she can be) and get rid of true stealth. Compensate her with base HP and base armor. There is just simply too much stuff in her kit that ends up overloading her and reducing counters to her playstyle (happens quite often with CT champs honestly). Trim the fat in her abilities and just compensate with base stats to make it so she has a harder time against her counters but an easier time against favorible matchups. Kind of like Kassadin, try to make Akali more like Kassadin when it comes to laning phase. By the way you forgot to mention {{champion:164}} {{champion:236}} {{champion:555}} {{champion:14}} Also {{item:3095}} {{item:3147}}
> make her spell-upgrades need more stats (so she scales slower) making a champion feel shit doesn't solve it. How about make her upgrades (Q) not broken?
Bârd (NA)
: {{champion:10}} doesn't have much innate damage for rageblade to multiply. {{champion:17}} has even less than Kayle. Please don't build Rageblade on Teemo, it's honestly terrible. {{champion:11}} even though he's great with Phantom Hit, rageblade itself provides subpar stats for him and is a massive detour. Plus, even though he gets tons of damage from it, he's still vulnerable as all hell. {{champion:96}} has incredible synergy with the item, but because of champions like Camille, Aatrox, and Irelia being strong and champions like Lulu being weak, he just gets dove on immediately. If we were in a different meta, it would absolutely break him.
Kayle has 60 plus 30% AP (plus 15% from Nashors and 5% from ragebalde) magic damage with Rageblade. It's a lot.
: Share your OWN thoughts on how you'd nerf Kai'Sa, Graves, Irelia, Aatrox, Urgot & Akali
Nerf Kai'sa Q upgrade bullet numbers, and maybe a small ratio decrease. Nerf Stormrazor. Graves? He seems fine with his recent nerfs, but I could be wrong. Not sure what to hit. Irelia? Q damage and resetability (Making E and R not reset it, because of chain Q procs into 1-shot). W's damage reduction should scale with champion level. Aatrox? Less base damage on Q, higher AD ratio. Urgot? Timewarp tonic nerf. Akali? I have no clue since I don't see her played.
: Buff their counters, leave them as is, repeat until everyone is A-to-S-tier.
that's what we call powercreep it's not a good thing since it's harder to balance typically
: "dont balance the game around the 0.00001% please" and yeah kass is utter bs xd
No, please balance around the best 0.01% in the noble pursuit of making a balanced game. and yes, Kass is broke.
: > [{quoted}](name=AirKingNeo,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=lKaHgklH,comment-id=00040000000000000001,timestamp=2018-10-16T02:00:34.444+0000) > > I coulda sworn ALLL OF THOSE except Irelia **AREN&#x27;T PLAYED** AT A COMPETITIVE LEVEL. Kled, Darius, Yasuo and Fiora ain’t picked competitively? Just because they ain’t high tier doesn’t mean they can’t be picked. Plus Yasuo gets banned frequently in Worlds.
> Kled, Darius, Yasuo and Fiora ain’t picked competitively? yes
: Currently she does an absurd amount of damage to both.
but clearly more to squishies tanks get adaptive helm
saltran (EUW)
: KaiSa theme is diving the backline to kill them, I like that they wont make her a second KogMaw and be just for killing tanks.
high massive HP damage but not a tank killer
: Don't forget about {{champion:86}} If you're a melee top laner might as well give up
sub 50% winrate sub 10% playrate your comment must be irony
: As a top lane player, it feels like cancer that 3 picks dominate the top lane
: Understanding Kai'Sa's Nerf
Kai'sa damage is absurd against squshies, especially her Q. But they're nerfing her sustained damage vs tanks? What!!!
: Its not really Jax. Its {{item:3124}} . Its broken on EVERY champ that builds it.
Kayle isn't broken. Kog'maw is weak. Jax doesn't build Rageblade. What are you talking about?
: > [{quoted}](name=NoLifeLoser69,realm=EUW,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=lKaHgklH,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2018-10-15T11:50:41.196+0000) > No foreal pls jsut nerf Jax already he is way too strong. I know he is supposed to be a late game monster but its simply not fair that he can literally 1v5 a team with a decent tank, a cc support and assassin. And our ad carry cant do anything cuz his aa just get dodged and then jax jumps on him and clubs down my team one by one. What a nice champ. Thank you riot. I've seen Jax's outtrade early game champions like Renekton at level 3. I take Conqueror on Renekton vs Conqueror Jax and he wins the trades all because his bullshit E blocks my stun, while Q'ing at the same time and auto attacking me while E is up so I can't retaliate back with anything because E also has Aoe reduction 25% all ranks.
> I've seen Jax's outtrade early game champions like Renekton at level 3. you mean Renekting fighting within your entire minion wave?
: Oh my how peculiar. I coulda sworn that there were some other fellows ({{champion:39}} {{champion:114}} {{champion:157}} {{champion:58}} {{champion:92}} {{champion:122}} {{champion:240}} {{champion:23}} {{champion:2}} ) aside from {{champion:24}} whom also have a vast majority of their players use conqueror as the keystone. Was it my imagination? "Edit", Renekton truly was my imagination, PtA is currently the main one but conq is still often picked. "End of edit." "
: Who the fuck thought it's a good idea for Jax to be strong the entire game?
> Who the fuck thinks it's a good idea for most Jax's to start E level 1 then auto win the trades because of his fucking auto attacks immunity and Aoe damage reduction while also being able to attack himself. Walk out of his E. It isn't hard and most champions can do it. > At level 6, OH I'M JAX I GET DEFENSIVE STATS FOR FREE BECAUSE I BUILD DAMAGE. How is using an ultimate free? > Can team fight. Barely. > Strong early Nope > Tanky because of ult and E, might as-well call this guy a hyper mobile unkiteable juggernaut. Exaggeration is the destruction of reasoning. You literally contradicted yourself in the same sentence. > Camille E cooldown is 16 / 14.5 / 13 / 11.5 / 10 while Jax Q cooldown is 10 / 9 / 8 / 7 / 6. Rank 1 Jax Q is the same cooldown as Rank 5 Camille E. Camille's dash has a STUN and more distance. ---------------------------------------------------------- People need to stop upvoting garbage posts like this that uses blatantly false things and attempts to argue them.
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