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: > [{quoted}](name=Aizo,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=BHE76tQo,comment-id=000b0000,timestamp=2019-09-12T14:33:25.115+0000) > > Yes! I also remember playing a lot of AP maokai back in the day and I always found it extremely enjoyable. > *** > BUT with that said I feel that maokai truly is destined to be a tank. I don't personally think it is right that all of the traditional tanks like Amumu, Galio, Malphite, Cho'Gath, are all essentially forced to be full AP nukers in order to have any impact on the game. I think tanks in general need a boost because as it stands there's no such thing as a tank unless you're sejuani. Yes I completely agree with you! I used to play a lot of tank maokai, you can see it in i think S6 before I became a Zyra mid main (RIP). He was my pocket pick. I just think that Riot shouldnt kill ways to play a champion, to make him strictly a tank and only that. As you stated, all those tanks are basically played full AP as nukers now, thats something that Maokai cannot do, and that bothers me, I would love to play him again. To have some fun. The fact that being hard AP nuker is more relevant than the original way of playing the champ bothers me a lot. Tanks are IMO not really viable these days. For me a lot of that is because of Sylas, I dont wanna pick a tank with hard CC ult into that champ.
Yeah if you pick malphite but the other team has sylas... why are you playing malphite
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: Rioters aren't reading this boards. You can try it on Reddit or write directly to a designer via Twitter. I just tell you because of your effort that is wasted on this place.
Hahahahaha funny you say that I initially tried posting it to reddit but the mods removed the post for vote manipulation, I asked them how I could fix it to their standards they didn’t help me out so I tried on my own and reposted it and they banned me :)
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: Honestly I don’t exactly like the change to the W, I think all of the changes together on it is rather overdoing it. I want to propose two possible changes, they take bits and pieces from your change. 1. The first option would still remove the targeted portion of the ability and it keeps the untargetability, the range is maybe increased but the root duration would decrease based on how far you travel (I’m thinking max duration of 2 sec and minimum of 1 sec) 2. This option keeps the targeted cast of twisted advance but there is a travel range added. This “travel range” defines how far maokai will chase the target before the ability ends, much like a dash. Idk about the untargetability, if you had to remove it then I think you should make it unstoppable. The idea that comes into my mind when thinking of this ability is like a giant force that can’t be stopped until it reaches its target/goal. (I know this idea sounds exactly like his current R, had to change my image up so I hopefully wouldn’t confuse you) In my opinion the devs made this idea real by making this ability untargetable, but I think we can achieve the same idea by making it unstoppable. This change will add counterplay by letting enemy players damage maokai, but the change keeps some of its former elements. I think that you should keep his W a targeted ability, in my opinion it’s good for a champion kit to have like one or two targeted abilities in it. I think having a lot of skill-shot abilities makes the champ harder to play for some people (tho it probably won’t be a problem for you lol) and unnecessarily increases the skill cap of a champ. Generally tanks had more simpler kits and are easier to learn/play, I think keeping the target portion will keep maokai in that range. Your changes certainly add more depth and are good, I just wanted to add my personal ideas to one of the changes.
Thank you for the feedback! And yeah I never really intended for my little ability ideas that I came up with to be the be all end all this is what he should be, I was more so trying to open up discussion to what he could become and someone else has brought up to me the idea of targetable but unstoppable and I really like that idea!
: Hello there! First of all, I want to thank you for spreading this message. There are almost no Maokai players left and as someone who mained him since I started playing his current state makes me sad. I agree with most most of your points here, but let me give some of my own insights/ideas. Passive: Your idea is really close to what I came up with in a rework concept. I would love the cooldown reduction by hitting enemies. But I had the idea to change his passive to a "Waters of Life" bar that he fills and he fills it more by hitting champions, than large monsters and the least from small monsters/minions. When the bar is full he automatically heals without the need to auto attack. Like, it feels contradictory to have to auto attack in order to have any sustain while he can get bullied easily early on by doing so or while trying to make an escape. He also gets kited so easily without any form of tankyness or sustain in certain situations. In return for the reliability it could be made a little weaker. Q: A little bigger AoE would be nice, but I don't feel it needs major changes right now. W: Your proposal seems good. With its current form it is annoying to play against and we all know how it feels to W into the whole enemy team because your target just flashed. A note I would add is to double the base cooldown of it, but reduce it by 50% whenever you hit an enemy with it. Otherwise it would give him a low cooldown escape and thus too safe early for a mid-lategame monster. Personally I would love a version of his W where you can steer like Nunu & Willumps snowball Yuumi's Q or Sion's ult. It would probably be too OP though. E: Extra MS for saplings in bushes seems only logical. Besides that I would love the possibility to do something with stationary saplings besides them being low-budget wards. Like, when you hit an enemy champion with an ability, nearby stationary saplings start to run in that direction, seeking out a target or exploding after the usual 2.5s. R: I would personally prefer an ultimate more in the direction of his old ultimate instead of his current ult. My idea is to give him a self-slow while creating a zone around him that reduces ability-based damage from enemy champions currently in the zone. After the duration ends or by recasting this ability, the zone detonates and deals damage scaling with the amount of damage he absorbed. This would secure his identity as a spell-eating tank. I'm not certain whether it would be too OP or not, as their should still be counterplay with mobility and CC. And it isn't a team wide buff like before, more of a debuff to enemies. Thanks for reading and congratz on being one of the best Maokai players out there!{{champion:57}}
I like all your ideas! Thank you for your input and thank you for the compliments!
: I feel like the problem with playing tank champions, and this especially goes for Maokai, is that it's really hard to solo carry a game. You're extremely reliant on your team making the right decisions to win the game. Since you're not able to split and take towers as fast as bruisers, and can't reliably go back and forth between a side lane and mid lane fast enough you have to rely on your team to take the right engages. That's why I feel like tanks feel like you're coinflipping wins once you get to Diamond in my opinion. That's why I'd say Maokai, and most other tanks, are "unviable" champions.
I see your point. Mostly where I feel tanks should land in the spectrum of what they should be able to do, is reliably engage/disengage without having to just die because of it. Many games I find myself "carrying" the game by making 1 tp gank to botlane where I get my ADC 2 kills and then they snowball from there and they "carry" the game. You have to ask yourself who really carried the game right?
: I'd have to disagree with his twisted advance being the worst for being an inescapable cc combo, there's several champions who can punish him for being close, and a few more than can separate him even farther from his team if he tries to engage. Most are either juggernauts or scrimmagers, but there's some mages and marksmen can do these too such as; ahri, azir, caitlyn, ezreal, lissandra, malzahar, quinn, tristana, vayne & ziggs. Besides two of his three crowd controls are just roots, that only stops movement and such abilities, enemies can still attack and cast other spells. Got a question for you though, what would you think about reverting him? Before his rework and removal of his old ultimate that is.
I feel like reverting him brings back the old problem. Sure in a damage meta his ultimate may seem like a cool mechanic of "Can maokai predict when the enemy is going to use their big burst on his allies?!" But once the meta inevitably leaves damage, and becomes more of a tank meta, then the situation becomes "Maokai is always the best because his entire team is going to be just straight tankier in every single fight because he doesn't need to predict anything, merely wait for the big fight stand in his allies and watch as his team wins because of his broken ultimate"
Padoµch (EUNE)
: Hello, I played a lot of the old Maokai, and when I found out he is a great AP midlaner I played just that. I remember destroying fizz otp and he accused me of hacking, hehe, fun times.. I wish I could play him ap again, being strong. AP now has no meaning, because as you stated, going ap will not let me one shot the adc, or anyone really.
Yes! I also remember playing a lot of AP maokai back in the day and I always found it extremely enjoyable. *** BUT with that said I feel that maokai truly is destined to be a tank. I don't personally think it is right that all of the traditional tanks like Amumu, Galio, Malphite, Cho'Gath, are all essentially forced to be full AP nukers in order to have any impact on the game. I think tanks in general need a boost because as it stands there's no such thing as a tank unless you're sejuani.
: Give him his old R. Thats all.
While I would love to have his old R back, I feel it would bring back the balancing issues that caused it to get removed in the first place. I think that it would be quite cool for him to have a field that gives his team some sort of effect that he can then recast to deal damage the longer the field is up. However, I recognize how blatantly overpowered his old ultimate was. I think that if he had his old ultimate back with his current state he would not be broken in this current meta, but when inevitably the tables turn and heavy damage burst meta isn't around anymore they will have to once again look at maokai and gut him for being too reliable, and his ultimate being unhealthy balance wise.
: Because cool tree guys are cool.
: Surprised anybody is able to make this dogshit champion work nowadays. Loved him in Season 4 and Season 5. He was my go to pick for ranked and I loved him. Feels like a shadow of his old self now with the ult being useless and passive changes. Congrats on getting to Grandmaster with him.
Thanks! Its a weird position I'm in where if I play well the enemy team says "Who cares you're playing a braindead champ" but then if I do poorly I'm flamed for playing a non-viable shitty champ. So... you know
: Just spitballing..and im far from a pro maokai.. but on his ult, It would be pretty cool if allies behind the ult got a movespeed buff while moving towards it. Similar to how Kled's ult works though not as fast. It would be a viable way to initiate a fight and allow Maokai and other teammates with CC to close quickly and apply their own roots, slows, stuns, etc..etc.. so that Maokai's slower moving ult could then come through and catch the enemy for a stacking CC.
I like this idea and have thought about it myself, but my issue with it is that if they gave that speedboost to it in its current state it would still be pretty garbage because of how slow the roots travel, I wouldn't mind if they increased the missile speed to give it this effect and made it thinner.
: Honestly i love how maokai as is right now but ig he could use some quality of life changes. All the suggested changes are pretty good sounding except the W change. Last thing riot should be doing is bloating more characters with mobility. Maokai’s w now is cool because even though its a dash it has the requirement of you using it on an enemy and it having a relatively short range. So it gives maokai a means to actually stay on top of someone without letting him dash all over the place to dodge skill shots (unless you can target an enemy). I really think for the ult making the roots go faster would be nice or if they wanted to bring back the old ult but adjust its utility. I think if riot did bring back the old ult instead of damage reduction it would have to be something else but what that might be I really dont know since whatever form of damage prevention it is would probably feel terrible to fight against as well as making maokai too strong and requiring he lose power from other parts of his kit. Maybe it could be that when maokai ults he stores all the damage his teammates and himself has taken and then when it ends he returns it as damage to the enemy and healing to allies. But that would probably be hated to play against so in this aspect i really dont know.
Thanks for the feedback! It seems like most people don't like my w idea, and that's ok! I wasn't sure how to change it so I just sort of came up with something. And I agree that if they were to bring his old ultimate back a damage reduction effect is kind of OP if its teamwide. I really like the idea of the slow / speed ultimate but I see where it could also be unfun to play against as maokai would become even less peelable, and be a much better peeler than he already is.
Bârd (NA)
: > **Stats** > > * Attack speed is no longer increased by 0.105 after bonuses. > * Base attack speed decreased from 0.695 to 0.600 > * Base attack damage increased from 63.5 (+3.3 per level) to 85 (+3 per level) Maokai is a lumbering (heh) giant. It makes no sense for him to flail around and hit you with a wet noodle. As such, his abnormally high attack speed has been exchanged for abnormally high base AD. High attack speed makes him *a bit* too good at triggering Sap Magic on CD. > **Passive** > > * Sap Magic procs no longer increase your attack windup. > * Sap Magic applies a debuff to the target that does 6-13% of the target's max HP as magic damage over 3 seconds and slows them by 25%. > * Sap Magic no longer immediately heals Maokai. It now heals anybody within 400 units of the debuffed target (or their corpse). Maokai can once again directly make his team more durable in fights, which is compensated for by how his personal durability has been cut a bit. It also gives him some % health damage, which I'll justify by taking it away from his saplings. >**W** > > * Maokai can reactivate mid flight (after a minimum of 0.15 seconds) to cancel the spell, putting it on CD. Because Quinn. > **Saplings** > > * Have been reverted to old Saplings. > * Base damage reduced by 10. Percent HP damage on your saplings is clunky. Saplings being empowered in bushes is gimmicky and I hate it. ARAM Maokai will just have to take it.
Hm, I didn't consider turning his passive auto attack into a damage source or a team heal. I think that the problem with exchanging his auto attack speed for AD is weird because he isn't an AD champion and doesn't have (and probably would never) have AD scalings, so the only benefit the bonus AD would be giving him is to his auto attacks. I think that it also would mess with his "damage type" for things like Adaptive scalings, or how camille's shield interacts with maokai deciding whether he's AD or AP. I don't think that maokai is really the type of champion to be an Auto Attacker you know? To me his auto attacks aren't the compelling part about him except as the spoon to feed me the passive heal. I do like the idea of being more of a team player with his passive though in having team heals from it and I think that is an interesting approach. For his W I'm all for quality of life changes like that, which can open up counterplay and not just straight fuck maokai if he uses his w on say Akali and she decides she wants to flash ult into her turret and I'm sitting there like "Welp" but I also recognize that akali is playing around my essentially guaranteed CC move. For the saplings I personally really like the whole bush gimmick but I'm not against removing it in favor of a better designed champion as a whole. In your scenario would the saplings once again have a regular damage scaling as opposed to a % max hp scaling?
: OK but are you one of our elite silver 2 balance team members? Didn't think so, NEXT! /s
: If he got the redeption-like ult heal/detonation, what if he could toss the aoe with his E?? :O Either during the charge time or extending it by 1.5 seconds? Maybe even distributing the slow to the whole AoE and applying empowered E damage?
That sounds crazy and I don't know quite what you mean or how it would work but I like it 8)
: I respect you for playing a toplane tank. They're a mith at this point... How many years did this damage meta last? That said, I dislike your proposed changes, especially the skillshot, targetable W. For as weird as it sounds, to me Maokai is its W. That simple, super satisfying spell is what I (used to) play him for. My personal proposal is to keep it simple and familiar, because in all honesty there's nothing wrong in Maokai's base kit. His inability to survive the lane or the teamfights is a direct consequence of the damage meta, in which a tank gets bursted anyway, and is thus required to deal damage not to be useless. The only thing I'd change is his ultimate. I want the original back, even if its only a %dmg reduction aura. Maybe like this: Maokai gets 20% less damage and allies around him half the amount. He stores the damage mitigated that way. After 5s or on recast he drops the aura zone on the ground. That lasts for 3s and after that enemies take damage for the amount stored, and allies get healed for the same amount. Then I would rework his current, utterly useless ultimate in a mechanic similar to corkis package. Maokai gets a seed after tot minutes into the game, and he can plant it preventively. After 20-30s the current ultimate starts from set location. This would help Maokai set up teamfights and objectives. With enough planning, it can be game changing and become a nice skill test.
Yeah I think that his current W is a massive part of his current core identity and that it is extremely cool when you use it to its full potential. I only fear that maokai falls for the pitfall of being TOO reliable. I think that if his ultimate was reverted he would be quite a strong champion again. I also like your thoughts on the corki-like ability. I think riot could do well to implement a similar ability to corki's but on a tank and suited for a tank to bring some more impactful decision making to him rather than (this dude's in range of my w guess he's dead). I also dabbled with the thought in my head of being able to heal allies through his ultimate similar to a font of life effect. But I do also like your idea of a sort of redemption style burst heal / damage explosion. I just think there are a lot of potential places that Maokai could go and be really cool and unique and still have the feeling of playing maokai without him just being a statcheck bot.
: To be honest everybody and their mother could see its power.. If there is something we need in this game, is more defense.
I guess that is a take I didn't consider. I do think that damage is overtuned in general in the game and teamfights are more of organized assassination attempts rather than front to back fighting. If they were to bring back his old ultimate it would be a far more niche style that could fit well into today's meta as a counter to heavy damage no tank team compositions.
Hi im 12 (EUNE)
: fair, fair I guess it is pretty cool to be the best at something
Yeah, it started as me picking up maokai so I could focus on macro play rather than micro. But then I had like a 70% winrate with him over 60 games and decided to main him since I kept climbing. And then I met another maokai enthusiast in soloque named Hamsterboy and he told me I was the #1 maokai player and I was like. o.o no way. So I've stuck with him
Hi im 12 (EUNE)
: my question is why are you playing maokai though? you would be better off playing most other champions and its not like his exactly the epitome of fun either.
Because he's my favorite champ and since I'm one of the only people who mains him it helps my insecurities go away and I feel special {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
: Hey man, at least his true damage isn't Fiora's or Vayne's.
Bârd (NA)
: Those W changes are terrible. * He'd be far too easy to lane as, since he now has an instant cast skillshot dash he can use to get out of any danger. * He loses almost all of current Maokai's skill expression (predicting mobility spells to follow the enemy, dodging key spells with the invulnerability) * More mobility creep... yay. The passive change also sucks. It cripples his late game by making it so he no longer counters spell spam.
These were just my suggestions of things that could make him better in order to bring discussion to maokai because he has been out of everyone's minds for so long. So thank you for your input! If I might ask what do you think could be changed to make him better? What would you like to see maokai be in an ideal balanced world?
: They also need to fix base stats to be unique to each class period. Every fighter should not have base health amounts that compete with a tank.
For reference I just played a game against an olaf where he did 17k true damage to champions (mostly to me) that is unmitigatable damage for me and with sunfire cape andspirit visage he would do about half my hp in true damage every single fight. So yeah I think tanks should be tankier
: "So I know there are people out there who think that maokai is in a fine state and doesn't really need any improvements because he is exactly what you think of when you picture a tank. A simple champ who has 4 CC abilities. But I ask you how Maokai can be the ONLY champion on OP.GG's list without enough sample size to show stats for. If I told you Riot was releasing a champion with lots of healing, a knockback/slow, an untargetable dash/root, long range vision control that also deals %max HP damage and slows, and a lanewide root you'd probably think "Wow that sounds like a lot of power for one champion to have" Until you realize that all of these moves are crippled by the fact of how slow moving every ability is. The biggest offender of being a slow ability is Maokai's ultimate." This single paragraph is enough to upvote thread to oblivion, even if people might disagree with You, your post is very precious voice in "game-state" debate. Like srsly... Well, I'm not OTP, or main, but I have 7th mastery on Maokai, and I like my tanks, so I do agree in some points. Yes, he is in very bad state(especially on toplane), because of meta, items and whole state of game. Yeah, he is pretty simple. Yup, percentage dmg on his saplings, and their synergy with bushes is awesome. I like the idea od securing woods by kamikaze-saplings and charging into enemies to perma-root them. For example his Q can have increased range(QoL), and saplings can be run faster in bushes. I do understand your suggestion of W's remake, but I'm not convinced... at least yet. Also his passive, I got idea too, but I'm not sure if this would be better. But imho, they should mini-rework his ult, to transform this into more reliable combat-tool, like Malphite's ult or something. Brambles 5 -> 3 CC duration 0.6-2.4 -> 1.5 Range 3000 -> 1000 Speed increased x2.5(or even more) + Brambles doesn't disappear after landing. + Maybe reduction of ap ratio, but additional mr/armor/hp scaling? Dunno maybe my idea is dumb(probably is), but I do believe that after remaking his ult and increasing his stats(ranges, effects on basic spells) they could start reducing dmg in game, and reworking tank items&runes into real tools for tanks? At this moment I feel like playing pure-tank is just inting... Of course there are exceptions like Nunu or Seju, but overall: - tank runes don't scale, they are just pure strenghts in early for offesnive champions - tank items are not interesting, they are just a mini-answers for big threads, and whenever they are buffed to the state of "solid itemst" then they're abused to the oblivion by bruisers or champions with highs bases(Tank Ekko, Tank Fizz, Tank Rengar, Tank Kha'Zix, etc.), so they have to work in different way(imho Gargoyle is great idea of item for tanks... expect fact that this one is pretty trashy).
Yeah I had a very similar idea for your version of maokai ult but I was worried it would be too much of a nami ult clone. And thank you for the feedback! I really wanted to just bring maokai into the conversation because he's been forgotten for so long, (partly because he was so prominent for so long)
: How about Mao gets his old ult back? The current ult is pretty worthless with all the mobility and shit that dodges it in the game. At least he can be durable if his old one returns (and gets tuned to not be strong as shit)
I mean I definitely wouldn't mind having his old ultimate back as opposed to his current one, but the reason they removed his old ult was because of its unseen power. I think they could definitely give him an ult that makes him more durable and it would be great as well though!
: I enjoy playing maokai jungle and wouldn't making his passive only work on champs kinda ruin is early jg due to lack of sustain?
Sorry I didn't even really consider the jungle maokai version. Maybe it could also reduce cooldown on large and epic jungle monsters too so that it doesn't hurt his jungling.
: I'd have to disagree with his twisted advance being the worst for being an inescapable cc combo, there's several champions who can punish him for being close, and a few more than can separate him even farther from his team if he tries to engage. Most are either juggernauts or scrimmagers, but there's some mages and marksmen can do these too such as; ahri, azir, caitlyn, ezreal, lissandra, malzahar, quinn, tristana, vayne & ziggs. Besides two of his three crowd controls are just roots, that only stops movement and such abilities, enemies can still attack and cast other spells. Got a question for you though, what would you think about reverting him? Before his rework and removal of his old ultimate that is.
I think that reverting him brings back the old problems. Sure even in this meta that isn't really that good for tanks he would be weaker than he was in the past. But his old ultimates 20% damage reduction effect was INCREDIBLY powerful, but you don't even feel the true power of it because its essentially making 20% of the damage just vanish from existence as if it wasn't there to begin with. It is the same problem that old aegis and locket had. The effect is INCREDIBLY powerful, but you don't see or feel the effect so you don't realize its true power, you can just sense that the maokai's team always seems to be winning teamfights no matter how well you seem to play it. I do however believe he should have some sort of aura effect like the one I laid out, having a speed / slow that can explode to root and deal damage. I really like this idea because it brings back some of his old identity of "My team is stronger near me" and also "I am stronger inside a bunch of enemies" rather than. I cast a move that is separate from myself. I think that a simple revert brings back the problems of him being a stat monster. He lives and dies by only the amount of stats the balance team decides he can have. If they're slightly too high he is the strongest most reliable champion in the game, if they are too low why play him
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Lighane (NA)
: Thank you so much for that awesome featuring, Jynx! And big thanks to RiotGames! <3 You are the best! <3 <3 <3
Do you ever make up your own skin designs? Because I would be interested in seeing something that you come up with. You have the talent to make anything super cute. Maybe an adorable skin for league's hardest hearts, like Darius, Trynd, Morde
: Riot, all we really want is Summoners Rift Winter Map :( The Syndra skin is nice though...
Better yet, with the updated rift, there is so much more potential to the winter wonderland that they could put in. Coupled with the fact that riot has become bigger recently than they were when they did have the winer rift, they are more than capable of putting together a fantastic set of music and effects for a snowy rift. Edit- Just think, the frogs could be replaced with penguins, and the owl replaced with a snowy owl, as well as tundra rabbits, snowy wolves, patches of snow sitting on the krugs heads that they shake off when you approach. The gromp shoots snowballs, and the dragon could breathe ice!
: >Wards provide vision, vision is information, and information is power. And information is half the battle.[GI JOE!](
"Knowledge is power, and I know a lot" -Dalaran Aspirant 2015
Arie (NA)
: How far do you go to win?
How far do I go to win? I pick {{champion:122}} {{champion:86}} {{champion:114}} {{champion:82}} {{champion:223}} {{champion:92}}
Jynx (NA)
: Arcade community creations! Has anyone else considered that from what riot posted when they released these two additions to the arcade skins. That the 4 empty slots mean there will be 3 more evil bosses. And one more hero?
Coopermx (NA)
: Oh, so that's the deal now? To "punish" the ones who had better ping in the past? Let's give the poor all the money and strip all money from the rich. Same law. Anyway, I'd be happy with a 70ms, but I'm having 195+ms instead, in San Diego, CA.
It isn't a punishment. It is me saying that we had to deal with the same issues you are dealing with. No need to get hostile.
: Hey man! Thanks for the feedback. It's a mechanics guide, but in the future I'll be making full guides on champions going over matchups and builds and what not!
: Hey guys, I'll be here for an hour if you guys have any questions about this video or my channel!
What is your opinion on this
Coopermx (NA)
: I'm not saying that the server should keep messing up with East Coast players. Just put the Chicago server up for the East Coast and leave the Portland server up for West Coast, everybody happy. Riot has money for it... so, what else do they need to keep both sides covered?
What I meant was that the west coast players had it good for a long time and shouldn't really complain. The servers have been pretty centralized to make everyone have a pretty even experience. The only people who really do have a right to complain are those in hawaii and alaska. Because for you players on the west coast. Is 50-70 ping really affecting your gameplay that much?
: The Climb: Master Alistar's Moochanics | Torenthal
One thing that would have helped this video be even cooler would be if he told people who alistar does well with and against. For example. Alistar is good against leona because if she tries to engage he can just headbutt her out rendering her useless. Alistar is good with vayne because she needs an insane amount of peel in order to get her damage there.
: An official memo from the Dean of the Academy
Rename them from academy skins to weaboo skins
Coopermx (NA)
: It is unplayable when you click to move/evade Blitzcrank hook and that "small" delay is big enough to get you caught, even when in your screen somehow you're not in the path for it (gg latency, giving the benefit to the lower ping, request-response loop). I used to play at ~50ms and then at 80-90m and it was still playable. But currently at 195+ is definitely hell. You click to move and your champion doesn't not respond. The only way to play right now is to hope someone in your team will carry you, so you can just be like another dumb minion in game stealing experience.
Just think, us East coast players had to deal with that for years.
Ashinox (NA)
: **So I don't want to sound like the whiny US-West player**, but maybe opening a US-West and a US-East server may have been the better option. You can tell the West coast isn't happy that the ping went up, and that's fair. Going from lower ping to higher ping has an effect on your gameplay, experience and mechanics. I'm glad the East coast isn't getting stupidly high ping now, but if you just made a new server in Chicago instead of moving the servers, the community as a whole would be way happier. I understand that the cost would be a little silly, but happiness helps sales. If someone is unhappy with something, the odds of them buying the same product lowers. That goes the same for RP. If someone is unpleased with LoL now because their ping went up, the odds of them buying RP will lower. Go the Warcraft 3 way and have servers for the West side of the country, and servers for the East side. Just my thoughts. Welcome, truly, to the climb East Coast. **EDIT:** I know this is kind of lame for me to do, but could a Rioter just jump in and help clear some things up in this thread? It seems I've sparked quite the conversation and I just want to know from a Rioter's perspective why they didn't make a US-West and a US-East server
Well, I understand why west coast players are frustrated. But they should also understand that they had it lucky for a long time. And I'm not sure exactly how the ping is over there. But I'm fairly certain it is still below 50 ping as an average. I have a pretty good internet in the east coast. And before the move I had about 110 ping on a good day. With the server move being in the middle of the country and I now get 40 ping. I can only assume people who were actually at the west coast probably got like 10 ping. All this said. Can most people even tell the difference? I'm sure people who play this game super often, like lcs players and such can tell the difference. But for the rest of us. Is it that much of a big deal other than the east coast players have their morales boosted?
: Hard Main: Annie Bot, Challenger Annie Main
Anyone else had that moment. When you are feeling good about a game. Then annie flash ults your team and you lose all hope
Arie (NA)
: What does your main say about you?
I bang you against a wall and hammer you {{champion:78}}
: Champion insights roundtable: Gangplank
: ***
You are playing on the NA server so the articles are based around the NA LCS. Every other region hears mainly about their specific region.
: Improve your last hitting
I feel like this is a very good drill. But it is a little impractical. Most people don't have 10 hours straight to go practicing something. And doing the drill without any runes/masteries while does make you very micro based, is overkill seeing as how players almost never play without runes/masteries as well as items. Not trying to downput the drills effectiveness. Just putting out a challenge to all, to find more practical practice routines!
Arie (NA)
: Tell us your cheesiest League pickup lines!
Look at him/her and say "THIS"
: Between Two Turrets - Chat with ClakeyD on 7/1!
I would like to know. What do you believe it takes to climb into the top tier and be noticed by teams? What do you think the professional players do that is necessary for them to win, and can those skills be brought into soloque. Or is the gap between lcs and soloque the fact that lcs is a premade team with synergy while soloque is 5 random people most of the time. Also, do you believe that the easiest way to climb is to use the "flavor of the week" champs and builds? Or to get really good at a few champions?
Arie (NA)
: Which champion abilities would you want IRL?
I'd want xerath's ultimate. I could one up Lebron any day{{champion:101}}
: Let me count the players of TSM: -2 Danish players -1 Korean player -1 US player -1 Canadian player So TSM is: - 40% EU - 20% Korean - 40% NA That means that TSM is really a team that represents 3 regions and not NA. Glad that a multicultural team won.
TSM needs to make some swaps. Get some brazil and oceana in for the international squad. Jk, they are probably already the most diverse team and their lineup right now is fantastic.
: It never fails. When riot brings out things like this to show they are not forgetting about old champions, someone always has to says, "Still waiting for -insert champion name/image-" Why not just be happy they are even doing this at all instead of being bitter that a champion you semi like isn't next in line on the rework list. zzzzzzzzz
Well I mean yea sure you can say that. But it seems they still have forgotten a few. Namely{{champion:83}} {{champion:78}} {{champion:143}} Not that they aren't super weak or strong. Just that they get low playability because their play style is not super exciting. Or looked upon as a viable pick.
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