: yall ever queued up for a d3 ranked game to test your strengths only to get this?
oh so there are mass feeders in every rank....why are there ranks again?
Remus Wins (EUNE)
: Akali new rework/revert details
no. look how much backlash aatrox got and they didnt revert/re rework him, lets be fair riot leave my akali alone.
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: Thank you Riot, for adding Iron tier.
just lost a ranked game. top 2/12/5 jg 1/11/6 adc 3/11/9 supp 5/7/9 mid (me) 19/7/4 now we just have to wait a few months before all the players who belong in iron can be demoted there.
: Riot when are we going to get this lizard guy as a champ?
isnt the lizard neeko? i havent read the story i just saw the picture and assumed it was neeko before she turned into a human
: Actual Image of the code on Mordekaiser's W.
: Well, actually - she can't. I checked her [bio](https://universe.leagueoflegends.com/en_US/story/champion/akali/), and there's this; > She was a prodigious fighter, and mastered the kama and kunai—a handheld sickle and throwing dagger. _Though she did not possess the magical abilities of many of her fellow acolytes_, she proved to all she was worthy of the title, in time allowing her mother to step down and help mentor the younger neophytes. That said, lacking magical abilities doesn't mean she has no magical tools. Knowing Ionia, it wouldn't be too far-fetched to assume that the Kinkou would equip their best - especially the Fist of Shadow - with enchanted arms.
"I'll make this look like magic." "Magic's fine, steel's better." i feel like this kinda implies she doesnt use magic at all, not even magical weapons.
: True, I should be building armor against her; not MR...? But on the side note, Zed doesn't use magic damage yet he does use dark magic.
: Bc every Ability (except her W?) scales with AD :))))))))))))
well ya but shes mostly played ap
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geeklove (NA)
: Yeah, why would a game that's almost 10 years old have old shit? Time for legacy champions maybe?
just because its an old skin doesnt mean it has to be legacy. maybe i wanted to buy fereal ww? whoops i cant its legacy, ok thats fine ill just buy grey warwick oh wait thats legacy too, ok ok lunar ww is cool so ill just buy that, NOPE also legacy etc. i dont like any of his available skins. infernal morde, shadow eve, assassin yi, and mercenary katarina were some of the first skins in the game and they're not legacy so what is exactly your point?
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: remember when zyra got nerfed for having an ult that stunned eveyone for 100000 damage
neeko can use zhonyas before her ult animation is even finished....why?
Jikker (NA)
: Lucky. My shop is usually garbage because now I play so many random champs for luls in bots, it doesn't know what to think.
usually around christmas or whenever riot announces they'll be opening the shop, ill spam play the champions i want skin discounts for lol so you gotta look out for those.
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: Death's dance now heals for ALL damage dealt
: The Aatrox skin wasn't what I expected from Prestige skins
riots getting prestige skins confused with gold chromas. atleast akali and kai had a few changed to their prestige skin and they were golden because it just fit the k/d/a theme, aatrox is just golden with no change at all. also chromas for the new BL skins wtf {{sticker:sg-lux-2}}
: Which region would you want to live in?
ionia....we get attacked a lot :(
KluPL (NA)
: A team of mine is making a new game based off League of Legends (MOBA)
please make a rip off akali champion so i can main her, thanks.
Saloz Mat (EUW)
: i know why Riot decide to give Ornn more power
: LeBlanc needs her escapes nerfed, not damage
they need to change her passive or ATLEAST make the coodown longer
: PETITION to give the LEGENDARY Lunar Eclipse to Diana and make it into a VS Event
: Apparent "leaks" about Riot's upcoming plans for champs and skins
: With the addition of Variant Skins... Neon K/DA Akali Everyone?
riot if your gonna do variant skins, do it right ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
I Q (NA)
: They confirmed that the Legendary Leona Variant has new VFX as well as changed effects. So we know it's possible.
nope. watch skin spotlights, literally no change other than the pajamas
: > [{quoted}](name=Hells bellsX,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=2f48TGFm,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2018-11-06T22:08:26.571+0000) > > Dosent have to be the champions i named but it would be nice if the pajama skins were scrapped and replaced with coven skins > > I honestly dont know who can fit the coven skin line other than the champions i named that are either not already monster like, or one of riots favorite poster children. Any of these champions can fit the line quite seamlessly: {{champion:1}} {{champion:60}} {{champion:429}} {{champion:7}} {{champion:25}} {{champion:102}}{{champion:143}} {{champion:420}} can be squeezed into the line, but it'd probably have to be more of a witch doctor/Marie Laveau kind of thing. I think the only thing keeping LeBlanc out was her Project skin, and Morgana was probably bypassed because of her upcoming VGU, unless Blackthorn is being switched to Coven when they remake her.
{{champion:1}} one of leagues poster children. And i like to keep skin lines open for both genders to fit into. How about coven {{champion:50}} {{champion:13}} {{champion:90}} {{champion:126}} You know male champions that can fit into a cult-like witch/witcher/wizard?(Whatever a male witch is called.) Theme.
: Uhm no. I do not want to see Zed or Vladimir in this skin line. Hell, I don't even want Kat in this skin line. Karma also seems too "good" to be in this skin line, as the existing characters are more dark sided. Syndra is about the only one on your list that fits for this line.
Dosent have to be the champions i named but it would be nice if the pajama skins were scrapped and replaced with coven skins I honestly dont know who can fit the coven skin line other than the champions i named that are either not already monster like, or one of riots favorite poster children.
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Sukishoo (NA)
: Chromas are just a color change. People need to stop trying to use this term for a reskinning. These skins still have new effects, animations, ect even if they reuse some assets of existing skins.
i HIGHLY doubt theyll have new effects. theyre just glorified chromas AT MOST worth 520 rp
Piruja (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=Twix1811,realm=NA,application-id=A8FQeEA8,discussion-id=UZKFhabF,comment-id=,timestamp=2018-11-06T20:12:46.832+0000) > > I get adding new star guardians, but I mean come on. Give it to champions that don't already have a star guardian skin. Maybe some champs that don't already have double the skins as everyone else? I mean come on. Was there really no other champion that fit star guardian that doesn't already have one? > > Quinn, Xayah, Rakan, Shyvana? More like, karma, Zoe, kindred, sona
holy shit now that u say it, id actually like to see a SG kindred
: Has anybody else forgotten Rek`sai is a champion?
i played her a few months ago, can barely kill two jg camps without almost dying.
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: Literally every other Energy-based Champ:
not sure what sound "hhpppbbhhtt" is supposed to make ps. LEAVE AKALI ALONE
: I had my permanently banned account reinstated, and here's how it turned out.
soooooo you were able to get ur permabanned account unbanned? that doesnt seem very fair to other perma banned players {{sticker:sg-lux-2}}
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YoloYeet (EUW)
: so? the skin is to pleasure ur eyes, not the enemies, its a great skin
its a pleasure for both, i want my enemies to know how awesome my skin is.
: Stop giving every champion 7000 ways to get out of a bad decision.
{{champion:91}} {{champion:38}} {{champion:77}} {{champion:555}} {{champion:18}} {{champion:33}} {{champion:28}} UUUUUUUUUUNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNLIMITED.....RUNNINGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG
weavıle (EUW)
: I like the idea of a chroma for her UV light outfit. However, I feel like it could be achieved by adding it to Evelynn's passive, and Akali's shroud. When Evelynn's passive kicks in, she can see Akali's UV, or when Akali walks into her shroud, she can see her own UV, and so can her allies.
: Demons don't have gender. It would be technically correct to refer to Nocturne, Tahm and Eve as "it".
: Vladmir is a hemomancer, not a Vampire. Evelynn is not a succubus, she is a virgin.
would be hilarious if eve is actually a male demon that poses as female to lure victims easier.
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: Anyone else notice the lack of Harrowing?
i started in 2015 and never got to experience the harrowing
: If Friendly Fire was a thing what Champs would be fun to play to mess with your team
: ain't happening for the same reason as pyke
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WiIIump (NA)
: Eve visuals
i kinda wish her lashers were sentient and she talked to them lol kinda like how doctor octopus did in spiderman 2
bbydoll (NA)
: November 3rd!! according to riot mort on twitter :)
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