InmateIV (NA)
: Ornn is so goddamn amazing
I just wish all his abilities didn’t scale different Q ad W level damage E damage based off of armor and mr R magic dog I wish all his abilities scaled with one thing so I could go tanky full so or tanky full ad and be able to get max potential out of all his abilities
: Can we talk about how disgustingly overpowered Akali is?
when i read this i was like AKALI HAS BEEN NERFED LIKE 15 TIMES IN A ROW WITHOUT COMPENSATION WHAT MORE DO YOU PEOPLE WANT??!?!?! but then i saw it was tft and i was like oh ya, true. {{sticker:zombie-brand-facepalm}}
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: Psst, Riot: WE GET IT.
the references would be ok if riot made news stories expanding and explaining them but no. the lol universe is frozen in time forever.
: Who’s your guilty pleasure champ?
{{champion:9}} i play a mean fiddle. cant wait for his rework
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: Akali isn't going to be in the shroud 100% of the time. By that logic Evelynn should have no skins at all. If you don't like the color of the outfit, then get a chroma. Also, do you know how recall works? If you're going to heaven after you press B, maybe send in a bug report.
Well you clearly misunderstood me. I’m talking about in the skin preview she hides in her shroud the whole time except when she recalls. I can’t see the skin while she’s in here shroud therefore I can barely preview it. Only glimpse I get is with her recall. Also there’s gonna be chromes? If so great. And ur reply about the recall is incoherent. What drugs are you on to misinterpret literally everything I said? Get off my post please.
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Remus Wins (EUNE)
: Project 2019 Skins Jinx & Pyke Teaser
i feel like its draven not pyke
: Nothing feels worse than loving a champion who isn't on Riot's favorite list
{{champion:84}} {{champion:136}} {{champion:203}} {{champion:429}}
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Ahri Fik (EUNE)
: I actually thought about it wouldnt make sense, Since its Lamb and Wolf.
duh! make wolf brown give him antlers and a red nose....ugh *in thanos voice* "fine." *grabs pencil* "ill do it myself"
: Pool Party Akali
: How it feels playing support sometimes
its funny and all but why is it always seemingly the adcs fault? supports fuck up just as much tbh.
: Kindred has 3 skins and one of them is fairly recent. Why do you want another skin? I think Riot wants to rework this champion which is why they don't want to create skin for it.
i am 90% sure super galaxy kindred is like 2 years old. thats not recent.
Ahri Fik (EUNE)
: I will be creating a Kindred Concept skin every 4 days until riot makes one.
please make winter wonder kindred a deer. please. its important.
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: They literally just deleted Tahm Kench, he’s never gonna be played for years now and if you do play him, you might as well be losing instantly
: You are simply not good enough
yes because the 10 game win streaks followed by 10 loss streaks followed by 10 game win streaks followed by 10 game loss streaks are completely random and most definitely doesn't happen to almost every player. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
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: why did i get punished for doing the same thing as nightblue
because your not friends with a biased rioter.
: Riot: "Don't be toxic, remember to keep a positive attitude"
: Cosmic Jhin Bug
i think its intentional. not sure tho. but feels like it.
: PSA: Mordekaiser has a very simple HARD COUNTER; This is how you beat him, as a laner OR jungler
im small (EUW)
: Star Guardian 2019 predictions!
inb4 riot hits you with SG lux version 2.0 SG ahri version 2.0 SG ezreal version 2.0 SG yasuo SG kai sa
i honestly dont even know how you can categorize magic as primitive or modern...
: A fond farewell...
goodbye pizza feet
: My reaction to Yasuo's new skin
i had that reaction when i saw arcade kai'sa, kai'sa is the new lux/ahri guys
: How long do you think it'll be before this auto chess mode is cancelled
depending on how engaging it is i might try it out. still need to see some gameplay
: So what are peoples thoughts on the new money-grab mode?
i want nexus siege. love that game mode.
CD8 (NA)
: Anyone else find it odd that Qiyana is AD?
{{champion:84}} stated in lore she cant use magic, *builds ap* "no one tells me what to do"
: Confusing details about Lore and the world of League
also! {{champion:266}} Isnt he somewhere in rune terra killing coutless numbers of people? i dont read lore so im not 100% sure but if he is...why the fuck is no one doing anything about it?
: > [{quoted}](name=Akali Prime,realm=NA,application-id=LqLKtMpN,discussion-id=obMN5AMV,comment-id=00010000,timestamp=2019-06-06T11:52:49.389+0000) > > Nah sometimes i be standing dead still not clicking anthing in my shroud and she autoattacks an enemy thats close. Its happened a lot, try it in practice tool against a bot Do you really think I'm that stupid that I didn't tried it in practice tool? Well I did and? To my big surprise NOTHING. 9 minutes spent in PT, tried several different champs(not all tho), bunch of dummies. Only time she will start aaing is a)you were aaing before casting W, b)you clicked on enemy, c) you hitted someone with E and recasted it. Also would it be hard to get clip of that?
no one called you stupid, tone down the hostility yea? lets be civil here.
: If you were aaing and used W without canceling aa it, it will keep on aaing, also moving in you shroud and clicking near enemies may be dangerous, that's why I prefer clicking far away from shroud and using stop command stop when I need to, that way I won't aa any enemy standing in.
Nah sometimes i be standing dead still not clicking anthing in my shroud and she autoattacks an enemy thats close. Its happened a lot, try it in practice tool against a bot
: this has literally always been the case even before she got reworked how are you not aware of this mechanic while you are nearly 350 lvls into your account
Because i rarely played old akali, i dont play akali top usually, and fiora not very popular so i rarely see her/dont play vs her often
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: When you're feeding as new Mordekaiser, and you spot a 3/15/4 Yasuo in your sights:
: [OFF TOPIC] This is what the English alphabet looks like when it's actually in alphabetical order
am i missing something? because i dont get it? what, is this some smart people joke im too stupid to know??? {{sticker:sg-shisa}}
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: When People ask me why i still play league
i honestly wouldn't recommend this game to any of my friends
SirEnds (NA)
: What tilts you the most?
getting hard camped by the enemy jlgr. im talking about the moment i step from under my tower he comes, and sometimes i even get tower dove. makes me want to uninstall.
: These Are The Reasons That Games becomes Coinflips.
i just had an afk jglr and a 3/10 zed midlane, i lost the coinflip.
: akali player lol
but everyone complains about akali and riot hates her. i dont see your point.
Akrid415 (NA)
: Why does no one complain about Ahri?
{{champion:103}} {{champion:99}} riots poster bitches no one is allowed to complain about. thats why. edit: see?
: Ranked in this game is a literal coinflip
I keep suggesting a stricter ranked system...they called me a mad man.
: A Sol's Late Game is Ridiculuosly Weak
Give him more stars or make his stars rotate faster late game Or make his stars increase in damage as they hit the champion multiple times.
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