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: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: June 7
Any Akali changes coming around? Her wr is pretty bad right now, and her kit seems extremely hard to balance.
: Revert Akali
Literally only got into league bc of pre rework akali. Revert her plz
: Champion Weaknesses in 2019
Please do everyone in the league community a favor and revert akali's kit but leave her with the VGU. Literally everyone who hates the champion will stop complaining about her and everyone who loves the champ will praise riot for the decision. No one likes the new akali and this is clear by the ban ratio and pick ratio. A revert is a clear win-win scenario that will please the entire community.
: Akali main since season 3. I have over 3 million mastery points on my main account alone, 300k on secondary and over 250k on a throwaway such as this one. Season 3 I was masters and after that have been diamond 3+ almost every season besides 5. - What I wanted from the Akali rework was for her to keep her 3 stack reset ult. Akali should have remained a simple consume proc assassin. Her shroud should have never been her focus point.
i agree dude the ult reset was the reason she could carry games and made her so fun to play, I wish they would change the ult back to how it used to be
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: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: January 25
As an akali main I usually optimize around akali's heal. I think this aspect of her is a major part of what makes her unique and completely removing it would make her suffer too much in my opinion. I like the idea of where riot was going with the rework to begin with, trying to make her more like an assassin that could dive the back line and make a quick escape in the shroud like talon with his E or zed with his shadows. Although, I think riot should take a look at what made old akali (pre-rework) so fun to play, which was her ultimate resets and her ability to weave in and out of fights via the R and W. I hope riot will try to get this akali's play style back to how it used to be. Thanks. {{champion:84}}

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