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: > [{quoted}](name=PritchiePlayz,realm=NA,application-id=cBWEdEZ4,discussion-id=IiU4rJdY,comment-id=00080000,timestamp=2018-03-24T03:27:04.519+0000) > > Never mind the support site still doesn't work, after logging back in using your loophole it says that i've been logged out and it later shows the error page Can you show me a screenshot of the error you're seeing after trying to log into the Support Site with the workaround?
Im having the same problem, when I click on "My Tickets" it takes me to a page saying "[you have been signed out](" and then immediately redirects [here.]( Im pretty sure [this]( is the error message they're talking about.
KoKoboto (NA)
: That's a different issue. ATM you can't even log into Riot support. Thanks tho
It's probably related, i think. They were trying to fix up the login thing, and borked up the ticket login system completely. Thank goodness! I thought it was a response to a ticket I sent in and they had blocked me from access.
: ***
The report system only really looks at chat logs (and maybe scores, oh and LeaverBuster ofc). If someone is doing these things in game, they wont be punished automatically, so you have to send in a support ticket for them to be manually audited.
AdeBug (NA)
: wait u actually won? :D
We couldn't not-win. Superminions dont take the nexus fast enough for us to lose. It was a choice between "take their nexus while they are still respawning from their suicide" or "never end the game"
: That's all that ARAM is, though. Running to lane to fight. The minions are only there to tank towers for you. It sounds like you just had a game that others enjoyed and you didn't, and that happens. I gave you some solutions and you don't like them. It's not possible for the enemy team not to win if you stop trying. That's why "open mid" is a thing. Eventually their minions will overpower yours and they will win. It sounds like you could just use a break, mate.
If one of my teammates refuses to "open mid", (and two did) then the game lasts forever. My problem with your 'solutions' is that they **dont work**
: lol this is hilarious. sounds like everyone had a good time. not ending and giving you all repeated chances to win is very nice of them. I wish my enemies ran into the fountain more often?
Sure yeah, 5/10 is 'everyone'. Especially since it's at the expense of the other 5.
: Honestly the only champion that you can control is yours. And I know that you SHOULD try your best to win, but there's definitely ways to speed up a game. Maybe you forget to proc your active in a fight. Maybe you're just slightly out of position while going for inhib. If you don't clear the enemy minions and only fight champs, they'll take your base eventually. None of these are punishable. Just relax, put on some music you like, and play silly. Everyone else is.
The fights weren't like... close.... I got oneshot by their zoe probably 10 times. The game should have been over VERY quickly. But in ARAM it only takes one champion clearing minions to hold them off. Without champions taking objectives, only killing minions, they would never fall. Playing worse and trying to lose quicker wouldnt solve anything; it would have prolonged the game. If we hadn't tried our damn hardest, especially at the end, who knows how long they would have made the game last!? Only their team was "playing silly" by killing us effortlessly, and then making sure we would respawn to kill again. I don't know how you could have fun when your gameplay consists of running from base to lane and pretty much nothing else.
: If their whole team is dying to executions they can not be punished
Even if the excessive intentional deaths caused them to lose the game? If you had a jungler die to Baron 14 times in one game, my guess would be that you report them.
: #neversurrender /s There isn't, because technically the people not surrendering are being "positive" unless they express that they are intentionally trying to troll the other 3 people (which they won't). And if you happened to get mad and retaliated, Riot's system would punish **YOU** for being toxic without caring about context. Automated system is annoying, but cases like this should be really rare.
Fortunately, as you said, cases like this ARE rare, and rare enough that I haven't received any punishment for poor behavior, even though i did drop quite a few f-bombs. My real problem is the entire enemy team was trolling us, but not in a ~~currently~~ punishable way. That being said, I did report them all for feeding.
: So.. When we would combine all the stuff you guys wrote here, would we get the perfect league player?
> [{quoted}](name=EvilDeBeagle,realm=EUW,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=sp8mQWIs,comment-id=001e,timestamp=2017-12-19T09:09:15.800+0000) > > So.. When we would combine all the stuff you guys wrote here, would we get the perfect league player? I think we just end up with like, a third of the game's population.
: What actual player behavior ingame really upsets you?
My pet peeve is people who don't end the game. "Okay, the entire enemy team is dead, and we have a single super minion. I'll let it take care of the nexus, **ITS TIME TO _DANCE_**"
Akeydel (NA)
: Held Hostage in Game
Yes this is a venting thread. Yes I believe this is a serious problem that warrants discussion.
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: Because everytime i do, someone bans my champ and says "its an honest mistake", then they get upset when i ban theirs. Like stfu you don't use the first ban in the game on singed
two wrongs blah blah blah but three rights something something left
: These things were discussed over and over and over, its common knowledge by now. Also, there is a thing called google.
Oh im QUITE well aware of the arguments on both sides, but if you refuse to include information in an argumentative post, then its worthless.
: Plat 1 is also a cesspool though. I'd much rather be plat 3 than plat 1 but I tried to climb to diamond regardless. You think I'm a hypocrite or something?
Thats the joke, its a cesspool all the way down (or up i guess?) At least, it is if you say it is.
: Already have in a plethora of posts. I now feel like there is no point in explaining why since the main points are already commonly known. So the simplest way to share my opinion and keep it fresh in the minds of the boards community, is to make short and simple posts.
maybe link the older, higher quality posts. If this is just a reminder, remind people of the details.
: **N.B. Pure speculation** I suspect i's a casualty of Dynamic Queue (possibly also the new client). The way they were previously done was High Tier or high MMR. The Tier system was designed for solo play though and kind of breaks down on Dynamic Queue (which marks a paradigm shift towards team over individual) and so high Tier play isn't the most representative of high play. Alternatively, and I think this the more likely scenario, in the transition to Dynamic Queue the mathematics changed substantially. While everybody is assuming that matchmaking still uses MMR and uses it in a similar way, that may not be the case. If it has changed then the client function that used it falters. Fixing this would divert resources away from the new client, which has been prioritised. TL:DR- Client side view thing would have been dependent on some function. Function got messed up by changing to Dynamic queue. New Client takes priority over fixing view thing. And again, this is pure speculation.
>While everybody is assuming that matchmaking still uses MMR and uses it in a similar way, that may not be the case YES THANK YOU The rest of the post is also great.
: Getting really tired of dynamic queue AKA Whoever gets more smurfs wins
The same problem existed before with "who has the better duo?" It should probably be a bit worse now, but i personally haven't experienced it.
: > [{quoted}](name=notmebuthim,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=wnHj7mY6,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2016-05-16T06:42:23.360+0000) > > I think it has a lot to do with the hard reset, a lot of gold, plat, and all silver players were put in Bronze. Then there is the dynamic queue where higher ranked players are playing with their friends to boost them out of low elo, and just normal elo boosters. Silver 3 is pretty chaotic with the flow of new players, smurfs, and your usual silver player. there wasn't a hard reset
Because of the way you get more LP for a win than a loss (and now the occasional free-win in placements), if you play enough games and win 50% of them, then you WILL climb. To combat this LP inflation rank gets set back pretty far, like 3 tiers at least, every season, even if you play average in placements.
: > [{quoted}](name=scrying orbs,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=W2WQs5dx,comment-id=000a0000,timestamp=2016-05-16T15:32:07.254+0000) > > "Gtfo of ranked you f*ckers! I don't deserve this and you all are the worst people I have ever seen!" "You take your premade and you can all go die for all I care!" > > Wow, he sure got them good.... TiLtEd. But really though, I was in that state where you're too angry to DC so you want to rant.
Thats the state that earns you a chat restriction.
: How About A Support Class Rework At The End Of The Season?
They certainly tried way back in the [season 3 pi update](, with the new support-gold items and trinkets. That was a step in the right direction, it DEFINITELY increased support gold income and (in theory) removed some of the vision pressure. They really should have updates like that for the Support class more often than the others, as most players think the role is less enjoyable than the others.
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: Dealing damage charges your ult, and scoring eliminations charges it even faster. So yeah, thanks for giving the attacking Pharah 4 ults in the past 2 minutes :)
exactly, those are all derivative benefits, not from the kill at all. There's no gold/experience reward for kills. Similarly, if you take damage, heal up, take more damage, you're being more unhelpful than just dying. Both of these are totally unlike league.
: > [{quoted}](name=Colanfibio,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=1v67lVhE,comment-id=00000002,timestamp=2016-05-09T16:07:02.451+0000) > > America actually, tencent - the company that owns riot - is chinese. i dont really know the inner workings of riot, but i wouldnt be surprised if marketing and everything related to it is mostly driven by tencent.
I'd appreciate if you would watch [this video]( and tell me your thoughts.
: This. I actually reported a player for calling me "autistic and feeding" when there was literally nothing we could do against a roadhog hooking us every time. TL;DR, dont flame people getting rekt by roadhog.
well it helps that you can't really feed, they dont benefit directly from your deaths
: When the community actually gets off to watching people's accounts get suspended, and continue to claim they're not toxic. My fucking sides. Thank you for this post OP.
idk, justified punishment > bullying > "kill yourself" imo hope your sides are alright
Daen (NA)
: If you're criticizing the community response to some of Riot's changes, this is a dramatic oversimplification of the issues players are bringing up on the Boards. Since you brought up solo queue, there are very clear arguments in both directions when it comes to Dynamic Queue's successes and failures. It's completely understandable that players are frustrated with the distinct resistance from Riot to the solo queue debate, and I don't blame anyone for being vocal about their concerns.
My issue is with the way complaints are voiced, and what prompts them. ANY change receives backlash, but it's months of complaining about how the whole metagame is terrible, with tank assassins and worthless mages, a boring toplane, and weak towers. Riot has released an update that fixes several of these problems, but the majority of the hot page are either posts complaining about how the changes were too much, or more soloq posts. Sure there are some actual discussions and feedback but a large portion of them are only a few sentences beyond the title. (like this one)
: Can't tell if you are criticizing Riot or the boards
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: Tornado's aren't blue {{champion:40}}
Proelium (NA)
: Conclusion: Riot hates playstyles I enjoy.
My list of top-played champions: {{champion:98}} - yeah you all know about him {{champion:41}} - my main and favorite champ before the rework. Now I can barely play him. (oddly enough, it was the visual update that made him feel so much worse to me) {{champion:8}} - the changes could have been worse, but it certainly takes away from his easy-to-play nature. Even with a ping of 300+ i could still not-feed with him. {{champion:83}} - ??????? I dont even know what to expect but I'm terrified.
rescued (NA)
: They didn't remove it, it's a bug. RiotBok posted on a thread saying its a bug not intentional Edit: Link:
PLEASE upvote this and spread the knowledge instead of speculation and outrage.
: What if I test it in a custom game against bots?
Then theres no reason that riot would enforce it, but you'd still be breaking a rule, and COULD be punished.
: Can you edit your input.ini or json file and bind a key to activate a "Bowmaster" spell?
oh man, not if you dont want to get banned for "3rd party program/exploits"
: Just out of curiosity, are you actually quitting league, or just making a smurf or what?
when i hit 0 rp i made a skin-gifting smurf never been graced with 0 ip though :/
: Shouldn't need context. The issue is so publicly known that each post asking is like casting a vote to bring it back.
What good does having 5+ posts per day, when the people upvoting one will upvote them all? I'm all for a single "Daily Reminder that We Want SoloQ" post, but at this level its not constructive, just clutter.
: I've explained it 12313214 times to delusional and people that can not comprehend it. It's really telling that all were (are) bronze/silver/gold or ppl that haven't played ranked at all/conveniently are posting on their "smurf". You're free to read the long posts in my post history - I'm not gonna waste my time writing the same stuff a hundred times.
I'll save you the time SoMNia. Over the past 3 months (didnt bother to scroll back farther) this guy has made like 70-ish posts, and none of them have actually explained his positions. There are lots of posts about "sacrificing ranked integrity for profit" Lots of posts saying Riot is too stupid to understand the effects of Dynamic Queue SO MANY calling people "stupid bronzies" or claiming other ranked superiority one comment that is nothing but "retard" several posts saying "_its logical that the only reason DynamicQ exists is for Riot to make money, and the reasons are obvious, and I'm not going to bother explaining to retards_" But none (in the past 70 posts over 3 months) actually explaining how he came to that conclusion, or any reasons backing it up, only that it's "common sense".
: Of course its impossible to try to fit everyone's input into one concept but that doesn't mean people should stop voicing their opinions. Our opinions can spark inspiration and innovation. We can improve an idea by constantly re-building it.
I think you have a great point, but having 5+ posts demanding soloQ reach the top of the boards every day (with a 24-hour break for EVERY post be about Tyler1), really frustrates me.\ It's dying down to maybe 3 per day now, (and keeping a "daily reminder that we want soloQ" type post would even be okay, its the same people upvoting each thread anyway) but I miss seeing variety on the "hot" list, even if it was just balance qq'ing.
: Tencent owns all of Riot. They cannot do ANYTHING that Tencent doesn't want them to do. People hate the Chinese splash arts? Riot cant change it because Tencent made those splashes. People hate Dynamic Que? DQ was Tencent's idea. Riot cant even tell us that they have no more power with their own company. GG.
Tencent has owned the majority share of Riot Games for the past 5 years. Nothing has changed now that they own the rest, in terms of decision-making. So while everyone's okay with Tencent for the majority of the time, people are suddenly unhappy with the state of the game and are looking for a scapegoat. Don't shift the blame to a foreign company only because it's foreign and you're biased.
: naw that dude/chick that probably isnt getting paid just spews the same crap riot does I can do it too watch. Most of the people who hated him never watched his stream and didnt give him a chance so that means they had a bias that he was toxic before when he can change once he got alot of viewers so that he could keep them. Welp that sums it up numbers are skewed for that reason so I guess the community overall is neutral and nobody cares! Pretty easy to just claim stuff without any proof now isnt there. Except there is truth in mine of people (like me) saw that he wasnt just randomly toxic anymore unless it was subtle things to get his stream riled up but for the most part 1 game I saw him feeding over the coarse of this month. And by the end of it he was becoming way less toxic than ever before. Riot just says we are riot so we are right you all love dynamic que (clearly dont with reddit poll that clearly swayed after riot tried to make it so that dynamic que won the vote) but we are riot so deal with it.
: I don't stream buddy, sorry to burst your bubble <3
frankly i'll be glad after reading this
: Here let me reword it for ~~special~~ people: Actually Deep Terror Nami said it's his fans padding the votes. It's not a good representation of the league community as a whole.
didn't mean to correct you, just to clarify and add on a point to the conversation. I can see that its unwelcome, but i still edited it to make it more clear
: > [{quoted}](name=Shac Norris,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=hUqMhMti,comment-id=000c0000,timestamp=2016-04-30T22:48:59.063+0000) > > &#x27;&#x27;1 dmg from minion and small monsters&#x27;&#x27; > > > LOL, way to kill the only way AP Shaco has to CS. From. Not to Meaning it takes 5 minion attacks to kill it, which isn't a huge change, it still does its full damage to minions I did forget super minions though, those would deal 3 damage as well counting as large monsters
That would actually be a (reasonable) buff, it would take blue buff 2 hits to kill them, like dragon, instead of the 1 that it is currently.
: Yknow i never thought about it. Why do his boxes shoot lasers?
Okay if we're going to question any game logic, this is a weird one to start on. Why is {{champion:42}}'s plane so incredibly slow, and unable to fly over landscape?
: Actually Deep Terror Nami said it's his fans padding the votes. It's not the league community.
~~Unfortunately, you have to have an account to up or down vote. So in some way they are part of the community. Just not the normal part that is usually active on the boards.~~ This actually shows just how small a sample the boards represents, if they can get outvoted by a single streamer's viewers.
Drehirth (NA)
: Hah no. It was not about his reaction to his teammates. It was about him maturely avoiding drama with other streamers, who are allowed to start drama why? and then get perma banned now?
Riot can't control their community. If some streamer (i believe it was meteos in this case?) says some incredibly negative things on his stream, but nothing in league's chat, then he isn't breaking a single rule. However, if you're streaming and type out death threats and racial slurs, all while joking and saying how you're not serious out of game, you're still gonna get punished.
lolptwo (NA)
: > Yes, but the murder never goes away because of "aggravation and taunting." Its still murder, you still go to prison for it. The circumstances don't make it any less wrong, it just makes it less deplorable. The only time its justified is in cases of extreme necessity such as self defense. > Exactly so why is one murderer being punished and the other set free. Hate speech is hate speech, feeding is feeding. It doesn't matter if you run down mid or just steal everyone elses CS then suicide tower dive. They are both one and the same. > And what does flaming or raging at them do? Nothing. You flaming or raging at the person doesn't solve the problem, it just makes you just as bad as them. Ultimately people flame because "it makes them feel better", not because its the right thing to do. You're right it doesn't do anything, except psychologically relieves stress because you are being verbally abused. As an MMA fighting coach. I would imagine you more than most (minus anyone educated in psychology or doctors etc) probably see first hand that human being react differently and express their frustrations differently. Some fighters are build up fighters, and release their anger all after a built up period of time, some sporadic, some reckless. When people are abuse and they know theres a good chance nothing happens to the player, they feel the best course of action is to release their own frustrations. For ex: Player 1 is abusing you hardcore, you're now tilted and extremely pissed off because he's been harassing you all game ( don't use the mute option excuse because then you might as well make the same excuse for people being able to mute Tyler1 thus nullifying your entire argument ) and stress can still be retained from mass pinging ( a feature that cannot be stopped ) and many other ways ( stealing cs - not punishable). You're still tilted/abused. Without faith in the system to do it's job, you're left with two options Option A: Click the useless report button at the end screen which will result is absolutely nothing being objectively done to the human eye unless you're lucky enough to get a report feedback ( 1/200 reports) and just trust in take some random companies word on it's working (even though i've been proved to not work and i've first hand reported/submitted TICKETS about people being hardcore racists/hate speech/death threat and they are still playing) Option B: Be a bigger man to a virtual asshole on the internet that has no actual meaning other than retaining the built up stress within you and feeling like you've been just used as a doormat. Real life and internet are two different things. You can be outcast from high life society/social groups for being identified as being racist/aggresive IRL, online...not so much. There are real life consequences IRL, that's why people don't do it. Until Riot make absolutely certain there's consequences for even the trollers. People will continue to not take it seriously. > > How old are you exactly because that's exactly what you're supposed to do as a supervisor. I've been managing people for over a decade and the number 1 rule they teach you is DO NOT ESCALATE THE SITUATION. It has nothing with being a doormat, it has to do with not stooping to someone else's level. I've trained in MMA for over 4 years and I've never hit someone out of anger. I've had people take swings at me (which were easily dodged because of my training.) You know what I did when they tried to punch me? I laughed at them. I could have put them in the hospital and instead I chose to laugh at them. Never stoop to someone else's level. You're better then them so act like it. Be the bigger man. Any idiot can start a fight and escalate a situation. It takes real balls and courage to stick to you convictions and not stoop to someone else's level when temptation strikes. As manager sure, try going up to someone of real power and escalate the situation (see Donald Trump and his tirade of swinging back and fourth insults, mind you this man is running for President). It most likely won't be met with physical, but it will be met with you being verbally assaulted ( infact workplace abuse by people in power happen extremely often and more than you would like to believe). ---On the internet everyone is their own boss. There is absolutely zero reason for you to even attempt to maintain a branding of yourself or keep in built in stress other than your own sense of pride. It goes with the whole idea of "what does on behind closed doors" and fact is, a lot of people are assholes behind closed doors, some people just won't have it, they don't see the importance of taking shit from a random 15 yr old giving you death threats. > Not all of those 65 million people are toxic. In fact, only a tiny percentage are. And 16 days for an automated system to identify and escalate someone through 4 punishment levels is pretty impressive. That's one punishment level every 4 days. To be able to do that with 65 million people is an impressive feat. Name one other game that has a punishment and banning system better than League. Or alternatively, explain how Riot could improve their system. Its easy to throw stones, its much harder to actually come up with a better system. > I agree the system is getting better, however 16 days is too much. I've given and written many many articles about this game that recently i've been frustrated to shit with. A couple of my ideas include: Reform Cards (completed) In - Client view of Behavior Rating ( not completed ) Instabanned sentences or words ( not completed - some words just have no use in the game ) When someone is banned, get the system to do a quick chat log read of the game at hand, see if it can find another perpetrator ( not done, what has many people feeling betrayed by the system) Bringing back Tribunal and keep the automated system as the more help the better (it's months past due) Put in a Vod system into tribunal (not completed, Dota2 has this) Insert 1 day ban (you having a shitty day is nnot an excuse for you to tell people they are a retard and snowball toxicity into the game, to those individuals you are objectively toxic, 1 day bans would immediately ban people out having a bad day, stop the spreading effect) Good convo.
Alrighty well im not going to read your suggestions because you're premise (that one person may get banned repeatedly for behavior others will not get punished for) is flawed. They only reason we are having this argument is because a prominent and visible figure was punished while some others were not. However, the only punishments we see complaints about are perma-bans. Nobody complains about a two-week chat ban, because its not nearly as severe. Now if we're to believe riot's stats that less than 10% of players do NOT change their behavior before getting perma-banned, then its by and large the minority who ever gets punished **so severely**. So while you encounter a player in one single game, and they're horrible, its not unlikely that they did recieve some punishment and 'reformed' (at least to the standards of the system). However, if you react to every person who is having a bad game, then YOUR toxicity is consistent and unreformed. That is when people get punished and claim that the system is unfair for not punishing other toxic people. The only person you can KNOW is constantly toxic is you. And when you assume others are is when you feel unjustly punished.
: He said in the video he made about it that he emailed riot, asking them to let him finish the League video that he was working on, then they could ban him if they so wished. They told him no, which was pretty unfair in my opinion, considering the amount of publicity and followers he's given the game.
Do you know the reason behind the name of the item: {{item:2010}} ? It's named after the youtuber TotalBiscuit after recruited 1,000 individual people. Sure thats not a lot NOW, because of how much the game has grown, but claiming that Dunkey contributed to THE MOST publicity is pretty assumptive, TONS of popular youtubers drummed up publicity, and a lot before Dunkey, contributing to the initial playerbase.
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