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: Mid Year Mage Updates - Brand Direction
I'm a bit late to the party as I missed the original post, but I didn't want to miss out on this as Brand is my favorite champion in the game. Here are my two cents on Brand: **Passive: **Definitely something that makes Brand feel unique, what with being able to whittle down pretty much everyone given enough time. **Q:** As others have stated, it is definitely a very telegraphed move, yet one that is crucial for his kit, as it is his only option for survivability. That being said, I feel that making that stun easier to land would require considerable power budget. **W:** Bread and butter. 'Nuff said. **E:** A skill that causes a serious problem. It is necessary to spread fire to more enemies, which in turn allows you to achieve Brand's true damage potential. However, to do that you need to get close enough to the enemy that they can shut you down before you can get your spells off. This leaves a Brand player with two options: Accept that in late game you will usually not deal your full damage potential or accept that you will almost certainly die in most teamfights, but you will cast everything you can before your fiery death. **R: **Yes, the RNG makes it a somewhat frustrating skill. I love the range and I especially love it when an enemy flashes away AFTER it has been cast and you can see the ball of fire leaping away from your screen. Those next few seconds are precious as you wait for the "An enemy has been slain" to appear on your screen. However, those moments aren't very common, and it is admittedly a "waste" of your ult to secure a single kill. Something else that I like about Pyroclasm is that 2v1 power. Careless junglers are like candy to a good Brand player with Pyroclasm off cooldown. **Theme** If every champion is meant to fulfill a power fantasy, then I believe that Brand's should be that frequently mentioned "setting the world on fire" theme. In this regard, Brand's kit doesn't quite live up to the fantasy. Yes, he deals massive damage, but it requires either exemplary teamwork from the rest of your team (and even then there's a decent chance you end up dead) or colossal mistakes from the enemy team. Perhaps most importantly, I feel that fire should spread. Brand's enemies should know that when going up against him, they **will** end up getting burned, and victory is a matter of knowing how to survive and mitigate that damage. **Possibilities** I'm writing these as a list of random ideas. I'm definitely not suggesting that they all be implemented, nor am I implying that they would be any good in the same kit. I'm just spitballing and hoping something I say in here sparks an idea or two. * Conflagrate could be a long range application of his passive burn effect. No other immediate damage. However, after a couple seconds have elapsed, the target detonates for a low amount of damage (and I do mean LOW). All enemy targets in range of the explosion receive the passive burn. If you want to take this an extra step, these secondary targets could explode after another couple seconds (for the raw explosion damage, but not the extra application of the passive burn. Enemies in range of multiple explosions take full damage from each. This is why the damage should be low). What this would accomplish is forcing enemies to scatter or be subject to Brands full damage, as you'd end up with everyone ablaze. I thought about this being his ultimate, but it could end up being very disappointing, as competent players will learn to simply isolate themselves from the fight when hit by this spell. That would lead to a very unsatisfying ultimate skill. * Brand's ultimate could not be a new spell, but instead modify how his other three spells work. For example, Sear could be cast in multiple directions (or perhaps bounce off targets, similar to what Pyroclasm does now; an interesting choice if targets are already ablaze since you could land multiple stuns), Pillar of Flame's radius could be improved and Sear's effect amplified (increased range for how far the fire will "jump" to other targets, perhaps?). The downside to this is that it would be somewhat similar to Karma. * To play around with the "spirit of fire" theme, a possible ult would be Brand leaving his body and surging forward to a cast location (a pretty long range: say Xerath's Q at max charge). So you essentially see Brand pulse with fire for an instant and then a man-shaped being of fire surges forward in a straight line. This fire spirit is targetable, but his resistances are extremely boosted (it should feel like hitting a fully-equipped tank). While the fire spirit is out, Brand's original body remains motionless and vulnerable. Once the fire spirit has been cast, the controlling player cannot use any of Brand's spells nor can he reposition the Fire spirit again, but he gains a single cast of a large cone of flame that leaves the ground charred. After casting this, the fire spirit returns to Brand's body, perhaps after a brief delay. The charred earth applies Brand's passive and reapplies it every second to anyone standing in it and it disappears after a certain amount of seconds have elapsed. What would the effect of this be? Well, it essentially gives Brand a move that can create a danger zone in the battlefield. For instance, if his team traps the enemy team in a favorable teamfight, the scorched earth can be applied to an area behind the enemy, forcing them to choose: stay and fight or walk into the blaze. Alternatively, if Brand's team is in an unfavorable teamfight, they have to option of repositioning INTO the charred earth, forcing the enemy to disengage or follow into unfavorable territory. Anyhow, this is getting a bit too long, but those are the thoughts off the top of my head. Hope it helps; I'm really looking forward to this rework!


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