: Not sure if trolling or..... If you have an account then you play computer games also and therefore are just like every other person that plays computer games. You are no better, stop trying to be some elitist prick =).
Sadly don't check these noob forums enough. You know what I meant, don't act stupid. People who choose to bitch and moan over a computer game are doing nothing for anything. Rather than bitching over computer games and wasting so much time, maybe put your focus on reality in front of you. The kind of anger people get from playing a virtual game needs to stop. If you could learn how to read you wouldn't misunderstand what I'm saying unless it speaks to you. Then I can understand your pointless comment.
cino (NA)
: Riot, we'll still love you, you can admit you made a mistake
That's the problem with games and their communities. The community thinks they are in control when they are not..... especially when it comes to a free game. You can cry about the changes all you want but the game states before you play you must agree to the TOS before you play. In this agreement it states they are free to change their game any way they want, even discontinue the service. In the end the choices that are made is in Riot's full control. We as the players do not have a say in how they want their game to develop into a permanent esport. Yeah we may voice our concerns, give them suggestions, which again in the TOS states they can take your suggestions freely and use them, but ultimately the decisions they make is theirs. No one is going to like change. Ever. But you're going to have to deal with it or leave the game for another. And before people jump on what I have to say, you can go ahead and keep voicing your concerns, no one is saying you can't. What is being said is you don't have control, influence or the means to pushing Riot into doing the things you want for a game that you agreed you have no control over with the TOS. As for what I think. Both queues are kind of garbage, I don't think one is better over the other. It's kind of clear that the old queue had more ways to troll but neither dealt with AFKs or whining kids in general. You know the type of people who attack others for mistakes when they make the same if not more amount of mistakes in the same game. These kind of dumb kids need to leave or grow up.
: Retiring Dominion
Is everyone that stupidly ignorant? This mode is extremely outdated and is used more by bots than the general community. It NEEDS to be taken down so they can focus on the actual content, not some half-baked game mode. Why do even bother reading these kind of comments, most unranked players only bitch and moan without realizing it's a free game and they agreed to the TOS which specifically states they can change the game however they want, even discontinue the service. You kids really need to get the fuck out more and put your attention on things that do matter and not computer games.
: Queue up in new champion select this week!
Don't bring back Teambuilder lmao. Your core players do NOT use this feature, they are either hitting up soloq, normalq or aram with friends. There is a small percentage of noobs who use TB and they're the same noobs who try to voice their opinions on the game when they aren't even ranked and care more for the lore than the actual direction of the game.
Ackelope (NA)
: The point of ulting the support is to make it so the entire enemy team, aside from the support, can't damage or cc you. Why ult one person to do more dmg to them and assassinate them when you can ult the least threatening person on an enemy team and proceed to go ham on the entire remaining bit of their team with no penalties?
It's smarter to ult the main threat and take them out. You do increased damage 20 / 30 / 40% to whoever you ult. The only reason you would be ulting a support is if you don't know how to dodge.... fact of the matter here is that Poppy is best used to take out threats ASAP and with her ult it lets you do just that. Fights in high elo don't last long and are normally carried by 1 or 2 people. When you take out the main threat their other teammates are no problem to your other carries. So yeah...... ulting the support is only a good idea if you don't trust yourself to avoid cc/dmg (which is not hard if you play the game long enough to know each champs abilities.)
Sorion (NA)
: I'd like to introduce you to Poppy. 8 second invincibility and immunity to CC, (By comparison, Tryndamere still takes damage up to 1HP during his ult.) Hard CC stun/gap closer, massive damage output with her Q, and 50% damage reduction scaling through her passive. Let's not forget she has another passive + active that gives her increased movement speed. Yes, if Tryndamere is fucked up, Poppy can do much worse. I'll put it like this. Unless the Poppy is bad, which I do concede they generally are because people rarely try old, unupdated champions, the Poppy will usually be a force to be reckoned with. It's been a long time now, since I last saw a Poppy that didn't end up heavily positive, and was able to 3-4 v 1 our team, by ulting the support and just going to town on us for literally 8 seconds. God forbid her team was with her, because we could be FORCED to retreat until the ult ran out or our team would begin dying to her 1 by 1.
If you're ulting support you're doing it wrong lmao. You realize whoever you ult takes more damage from you? You're suppose to focus out the carries.....
algeria09 (EUW)
: Permantently suspended for using "third party programs"???
Detecting of bots/hacks/third-party software is not hard. As well as detecting whether or not those detections are legit. Chances are you used a hack and they caught you.
karuaan (NA)
: Problem with Direct X
Try and update directx from this link http://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?id=35
iDubs (NA)
: That doesn't change the fact they purposely altered their product in a way that made it unusable for a portion of their customers they have made revenue from. It's just bad practice to take someone's money then change your product to end their experience. I don't see how refunding something that isn't really usable anymore, by a reasonable standard is a bad thing. They must have taken into consideration how many people they would have been shutting out of the game. Painting a map all green doesn't accurately portray how their move actually worked.
Doesn't matter. If you actually read the terms of service/use of the games you play they'll explain they own the right to do whatever they want with the product including discontinuing the service or altering in such ways that produce negative results for the players. In essence, they can do WHATEVER they want. You agreed to their TOS, simple as that lol. As for the pings. There are routing issues at the moment with the new server, where most people are being directed to Seattle before going to the East/Chicago which results in a 30-50 ping increase. Just give Riot a few weeks before sorting out the routing issue.
iDubs (NA)
: Product refunds
Yeah, no. Doesn't work like that lol. If you read the terms of use (no one does) it states "YOU FURTHER ACKNOWLEDGE AND AGREE THAT THE RIOT POINTS SYSTEM AND THE VIRTUAL ITEMS YOU ACQUIRE HAVE NO MONETARY VALUE AND CANNOT BE REDEEMED FOR CASH. **NO REFUNDS WILL BE MADE FOR THE PURCHASE OF RIOT POINTS OR FOR VIRTUAL ITEMS OBTAINED USING RIOT POINTS**. Some Virtual Items you obtain may have expiration dates while others do not, and each Virtual Item you obtain using Riot Points will be included in your Account until the earlier of that Virtual Item’s expiration date, or your Account’s expiration or termination date, or such date when Riot Games ceases to offer or support the Game. "
: This game is utterly sad at this point, a simple fucking mute button will solve everything, I am sick and tired of fucking idiot fucks ruining games because they are pieces of dogshit, IE while I'm fighting 2 ppl in the river and the jungler is just going for the jungle river minion....hes right beside me, but would rather get one cs than join the fight....stupid things like this and oh ya the 0-59 vayne, ppl like that should be banned from playing in ranked, go play normals or bots if you're that fucking retarded. Someone send me a link to game that isn't full of god damn pussies that haven't heard of the song 'STICKS AND STONES', stupid fucks.
Protip, don't make plays without letting your team know first because you'll only be setting yourself up for failure. Also another protip, since it seems you have a lot of anger from your post I have to assume you talk shit in-game. Maybe put away that shitty attitude and try to play the game as a team for once. If for even a second you legitimately get angry when playing ranked, YOU ARE NOT GOING TO CLIMB. You will stay low elo until you quit the game or smarten up.
: New Server?
You have fine English. As far as I know. There is a Japan server confirmed however the question is when and sadly no one knows. I'm guessing end of this year or early next year they'll be very close to launching a server for players in Japan. It would be dumb for them if they didn't considering the move negatively affected all players from there.
: Chicago Connection Clinic Megathread [Closed]
Is there any news on Sasktel or Access Communications in Saskatchewan? My friends and I have these ISPs but have increased ping (most likely due to a routing problem) and was wondering if you guys have spoken to them yet?
: Started lagging after server move!
Many people are having routing issues. What happens when they join the server is your IP gets routed to the West before it goes to East/Chicago (which results in a 30~ ping increase.) This is a issue with many ISPs and will probably be worked out in the coming weeks. These things can't magically be fixed in one night due the fact that there are so many players with so many ISPs that all need to be configured to re-route traffic properly.
: Got scammed (scamming) PLEASE HELP!
Lol this is all on you for trusting them so nothing will most likely be done. Your parents should have taught you to never trust strangers over the internet. Seriously, don't fucking trust them.
: Riot. Why can't you just make 2 server connections in the US??
2 Reasons. Costs money/resources/time and it'll split the fan base even more than it already is. Doesn't matter how many people agree with you, the entire league community could agree with you but it's simply not in Riot's interests to split the servers/fan base. They would listen if most people stopped playing but that would NEVER happen so you're shit out of luck sorry!
: Chicago Connection Clinic Megathread [Closed]
I'm also using Access Communications and pings changed from 50 to 85+
: Honestly if they want to actually fix the problem, then they should just make NAE and NAW servers. I live in Southern California and I have an average of 75-100 ping. Nothing like the 8-40 that they showed in the graphics in the post. Also this completely fucks over all the people in Japan and Hawaii, which don't have their own server to play on and have been using the NA server. Now the ping for them is going to be far worse than it ever was for you on the east coast. Also considering every single LCS team has a house on the west coast, how are they going to be able to practice well if they have to play on East Coast level ping when on LCS days they will be playing with no latency. It honestly doesn't make sense why they are doing this. They should allow players to choose NAE or NAW servers based off of where they live.
You realize 100 ping is standard as fuck? Most gamers are above the 120 ping line. See what's happening here? You DON'T NEED 40 ping. It's much MUCH wiser to average out the ping for everything (around 100) than give west coast 40 ping and east coast 150 ping. Doesn't matter what Riot says in their "graphs" there are way more factors involved when it comes to ping but clearly you don't care to learn them. Also 2 servers won't fix the problem, all that will do is split the player base more and cost Riot EVEN MORE to implement another server on top of the one they have now. Do you want to think about what you're saying first before you say shit like that? 80-120 ping is fine. Seriously grow up, some people manage 200 ping for games like these and they aren't complaining.
: NA Server Roadmap Update: Upcoming NA Server Move
LMAO @ people whining. Really fucked up when you cry about lag when East coasters been experiencing it far longer than you have. All these kids think a game should conform to them and not the entire fanbase. Such sad and failed generations we have.
Lupxel (EUW)
: i think they said that they will reword Taric in the future... Although I desagree... I think he is perfectly fine right now, and dont need any reword
He needs an update, are you kidding me? No one is playing because of his lame ass kit.
: {{champion:131}}
Serious? They gave Diana a skin not too long ago.
Composed (NA)
: Your argument is full of logical fallacies, and even if they weren't, your points are still completely off base. I don't know why you've gone to such lengths to explain something that people clearly understand; companies want to make money. No shit. No "economics course" needed, not that you're actually referring to any terms or special situations that are actually taught in such classes. Do you want to feel superior? Are you getting off on this? You need to realize that as a consumer, it's not our responsibility to empathize with the (s) hardships (/s) of a large company making more money. We as consumers don't have to examine the internal workings of Riot to know that this is just another way to make money, and it's disproportionately priced to what we'd expect it to be. I don't care how many different versions of sob stories I'll hear about Riot needing to make money and whatever else you'll come up with to defend your loving relationship to their company; they're gimping their potential sales by selling them in the way they are. What's happening here is called giving feedback, and it's an important aspect of maintaining and improving your services/products as a company, and your attempts to reflect it because it's talking in a negative way about Riot is absurdly moronic. You clearly need to take your own advice and learn a bit more about what you're talking about.
Know what they say? don't like it, there's the door. Nothing is ever fair so please stop whining. You guys really need to direct your anger and energy towards actual ideas. Pointlessly arguing over a video game is exactly what's wrong with this world.
: Lost but got victory instead? (other team didn't surrender)
Here check it http://matchhistory.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/#match-details/NA1/1809565530/35919834?tab=overview
Kazaashi (NA)
: Did it record it as a loss or a win in your match history?
Yeah it's a win even got the extra ip for it. I checked the other teams history and they got losses with the lowered ip.
Rioter Comments
Zaunji (NA)
: Why doesn't Rumble's Equalizer have a Danger Zone bonus? (Or atleast make his scrap shield better)
: Please rework Darius already, he's not even fun to play as and is hard to even carry with
Lmao, I get Darius' in my diamond games once in a while and they DO carry. So you must be doing it wrong. he may actually be one of the easiest to carry with given you managed to grab a lead in your lane and ROAMED WITH IT. He is NOT a horrible champ by any means, you just need to build and play smart. I had a Darius go 19/1/9 simply because he rotated so often. He built triforce first and carried too easy. Looking at your games, there's your problem. You don't build triforce. Try building that first and ROAM LIKE A FUCKING GOD. Seriously, you understand that his ult is insane when you have a slight lead? He doesn't need a rework, people just need to learn how to build and utilize his kit properly.
Gorzke (EUW)
: I am not bound to the game anymore
Lore never drew me to the game (to be honest when I started I didn't know there were any.) it's the moments you come out on an epic play with your friends that kept me playing.
MrSc0tty (NA)
: When is ANYONE at riot going to address the awful new player experience?
Teach them to learn how to play for fun instead of playingto win all the time, then they'll learn to play and get better easier. Cause believe it or not, in the games you get stomped you DO learn but that's given if you actually WANT to learn. Most people are too impatient to learn games, so they try to learn it within the shortest period of time (only to get mad and quit) when they should have taken time to try out a couple rotations and read up on pro builds/guides. CS:GO is the exact same way. If you are total noob to the CS series, you'll be damn sure you're getting rekt each game. But you can get better if you care to. This applies to every game, they're always hard for beginners. Doesn't matter the genre, if they aren't familiar with the mechanics then chances are THEY WILL get owned. Regardless if the guy is a smurf or not. Because honestly, rank doesn't mean jack shit and you would know this if you played ranked a lot. The amount of noobs is quite astonishing. Master and up is when it gets real challenging but you'll have plenty of games before then to become a good enough player to compete on their level. Point is, if they care about the game at all. They'll learn to get better despite "noob traps" or those smurfs you think are gods or some shit when they just abuse builds or certain strategies to the unsuspecting noob.
: It is absolutely necessary to create and integrate an extensive item shop tutorial for new players
And they were just talking about players being creative again with the new changes of items/strategies and yet you want them to create a tutorial for new players on what you should build for specific champions?
Junkο (EUNE)
: And this wasn't caught in the PBE because?
They've said it's because PBE and live are different.
Rioter Comments
: So we don't just basically make it like curse where you don't have to have the chat on if you don't like it...? You guys still haven't given me an argument that I can't think of a counter for...no offense.
Riot is in no way equipped to implement a fully-functioning voice chat system. Their launcher/game is riddled with bugs, the servers have countless lag issues as it is (why create more ways for "hackers" to sabotage league?) A voice chat would do nothing but introduce more problems. This is why they aren't looking to adding one soon, it's not really because the community is filled with a bunch of raging teens. It's because they aren't experienced enough to do such a thing. I can see the feature coming in the future, but any time soon? Probably not. Their focus is on the game/e-sports rather than features that could break the game further.
: They look great, but there's too much going on in them. It's impossible to instantly tell from the splash who the champ is and what they're all about. Also, the face regions often have less contrast and/or are more complicated, which makes it harder to tell apart icons that are small/far away. They do look pretty sweet, though.
You guys are just finding reasons to complain. You can tell who they are, quite easily and takes only a minute to train yourself to remember it.
: I think this may solve peoples problem with Smart Pings
This is unnecessary IMO. No one even listen to pings anyways lol so I really don't see this doing much for the game.
: ***
That tells you it's time to get a better PC.
: Need That Budget Rig to Run LoL? Here's the Hardware & Specs
None of it will be future proof lol. If this is just for league and similar games then yeah maybe but for those who are interested in an upgradable or a computer fit for the future, you'll have to dish out around $300+ more depending where you live and what kind of local shops you have for hardware. For like $600-800 you can build a computer that will play most games on near max settings so it's a little wiser to wait and save for more cash before salvaging old parts to play a game like League. And never be afraid to build your own computer, it's the easiest thing when it comes to anything about them.

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