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Broporo (NA)
: For now, this is intended. We wouldn't want people flaming others for having a lower honor level. We're tossing around some ideas on making certain honor levels viewable though!
Wouldnt the person with the low honor likely be the person to flame. High honor players are probably not toxic hence how they likely achieved that honor level. Also making honor levels visible to other players would likely decrease the amount of toxicity because players wouldnt want to been seen with a very low honor suggesting they may be toxic. IMO visible honors will influence more players to be less toxic and work harder to be a good sports man and earn that honor. It just seems weird to hide honor levels cause your worried about higher honor players flaming lower honor players, it almost defeats the purpose of the system as its suppose to reward sportsmanlike/non toxic players, so why would you be worried about these people flaming. If they flame they put themselves at risk of getting reported at least if it happens in game.
: In the wake of Riot's NA server move, post your ping difference here!!
Servers moved closer. Went from 80 to 115. ISP SHAW.
iqapple (NA)
: Higher ping after migration
I Have shaw as well and Im in ontario and my ping went from 80 to 115. Considering in battlefield i ping 40 to chicago servers , and if i speed test to a chicago server i get 40-50 I think i should have seen an improvement. Im thinking something is wrong with the setup shaw has with league. East coast players with shaw like me should have seen an improvement and to have a 30 ms increase in ping to a server that is much closer to me is unaccptable.
IMD Gnar (NA)
: Closer to new server, Double ping
I also am with Shaw Cable and live in Ontario and have the same issues. I should be pinging 30-50 to chi town. Im pinging 115 right now. Before the server move I was getting 80. Im pretty salty right now especially cause I was expecting an improvement of 30. I feel like this is related to how Shaw is working with League cause in other games like battlefield just as one example I got 40 to chicago. Speed tests to chicago servers 40-50. League of legends "chicago" server 115. If feels like SHaw is sending my connection West then its coming back East essentially doubling my latency.


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