: Could give her a class for herself like blitz or yasuo that gives her wolf
: AFKS in Ranked = My Demotion
I can honestly say its not about where you are in rank you run into this problem almost everywhere its not just you.
Flashes (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=TwitchInMyPants,realm=NA,application-id=RaE1aOE7,discussion-id=XvztXc4a,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2019-07-02T10:30:05.595+0000) > > He's the W and the E > > But to be frank he's literally Lamb's pet. She's the one hopping around, shooting her bow, and casting the ult. Does the majority of the damage, all the movement, and is the biggest ability in the kit. > > If he was in TFT he'd probably just monch people for tiny damage When everyone sees Lamb they recall the Rule 34 so they don't bother running, hence why Wolf doesn't need to chase after them. They all come running after Kindred.
They could do something where Kind just by herself has no wolf but when she gets to ** she could have him could maybe even take up 2 spaces across from each other and have a thing that goes with it like if an enemy targets her wolf will go to her or if an enemy targets wolf she will target whos attacking or something like that.
Memekyu (EUW)
: I did some maths and if you wanted to get any specific "epic" variant youd need to spend upwards of 150€ on average which is just insane for a cosmetic that does that little.
I just looked if you got the 100$ rp pack to get one of the sets complete all to level 3 you need over just about 300$ of rp for one set if you want both thats 600$ but its not for sure if you read up above it says if you get a shard after your legend is 3 it rerolls into a random egg that can be from any series as far as I see so its not like you can even keep farming one set to finish because if keep getting the same 3 stars over and over looking for the last one it might take a while. Unless im understanding that part wrong.
Skhadow (NA)
: To improve in this game you gotta focus on 2 rules: 1. Learn your role and champion(s) What professional players and some high elo players do is just focus on 1 or 2 roles, the ones they excel or perform very well since they enjoy or have fun with it. From there you select a very few champions that you seem to have fun with too. As an example, let's say Illaoi, learn how to play with here, how to trade, how to fight, how to farm and punish another player trying to get some farm etc.. you NEED to learn from basics of your champion and role. That's when you create your "Champion Pool", 3-4 champions you know how to play and you enjoy doing so, that's how you master something by practicing until you know what you are doing, like "who is strong against, weak, equal against other champions". Build paths or item builds, etc... What I would critize here is why are you building {{item:3010}} and a {{item:1057}} against a Maokai?, as Illaoi you don't need a {{item:3027}}, since these two items won't help either Illaoi since she does AD (Attack Damage) or Physical Damage, AP or Magic Damage doesn't do anything to her, SHE DOESNT DO MAGIC DAMAGE... I would have only bought {{item:3111}} , it gives magic resist and some Tenacity to fight CC or Crowd Control abilities, Maokai is a Mage/Tank with hard CC. Also this item {{item:3123}} grants you AD and Grieous wounds, excelent against tanks and champions who has self-healing abilities, passives or they bought some items, for this case Maokai's passive heals him every period of time, so you can reduce it with that item and also counter him as a tank. Basically go use u.gg and learn what items to build, go watch some videos on youtube, the internet is free, learn what other champions do and get basic info. 2. Learn the overall basics of the game. This means Map Awareness, Minion Wave Management, When to split push (if you are that type of player), where to ward, predict enemy movement, how to snowball, how to take over important objectives, when to help someone who is in a 2 vs 1 disadvantage, etc.... this game has more complex mechanics. Same as above, go look, read and watch stuff... You can't just say sometimes your teams fault, I agree, by my experience is frustating (I even got a second 14 Day Ban for flaming) losing games, but sometimes when you do well, the game is already hard to even try to win, you may get some nasty players who feed, don't care about the game, etc... yet at the end you skill matters more than other randoms... Learn you skill, pratice, then move forward to other improvements about game control, after that you will rank up. Dodging games on pre-lobbies is OKAY, yet this concept is more helpful when you climb higher, stats mattter more and you can tell who is good or bad, but for lower elo this isn't a huge requisite, just improve yourself. I got to Platinum 2 (highest rank achieved last season), at the moment stuck at Gold 2; I was by a time stuck in Bronze 1, SIlver 2 (two years ago), Gold 4-5(1 year ago), but I learned this game and climbed hard. There are many stuff you must get better at, before you even care on what is good or bad on the "Meta Picks", on low elo Master Yi is a menace, but at higher elos he isn't, since there are ways to shut him down and avoid him being strong for example. Late game are more common since low elo players don't know how to close games, etc... there are many factors that imply or differ some situations. But focus on yourself and then the game mechanics overall.
Lol Thank you for the tips first thing tho was not building a {{item:3027}} was building {{item:3001}} . Honestly I have no idea why I got those items 100% I am sure when I die I was seeing I was taking magic damage so I must at the time thought I need some mr. I was tiled by like 10 mins in game and I was just thinking being aggressive is not gonna work so I need to think more defensive but ya they were they wrong items. As for everything else I 100% agree with you, I know I was not playing at my best that game as well and I was most likely tilted from past bad games and so I am sure I was not in a clean mind to make good plays. I just want to try and get better and in the year I have bin playing I can see that I have got so much better then when I stated but I just feel I should be able to do better and I just really don't know how to go about doing that. I get told work on cs. Work on playing more champs in game so you can have a wider range of options. Work on roaming in game when you can. Make tp plays when ever you can that you know are smart moves. I just feel like besides those things there should be more I could work on its just how and what. ^^ Thank you for your comment it really helped :D!
: I know this works for a lot of people to improve their game. Ask your friends or buy an account an entire tier+ above where you are at. Play on that account for like 50 games and go back to your old account. You will feel like the game is in slow motion. It forces you brain to operate at a different level making your old level of play easier.
Sadly I don't have the money to get an account even if that was an option. And my husband is in plat so I could use his account but there is no why he would let me play ranked on he probably would not want me to mess up his mmr like how I have messed mine up. But I do like your idea and ya I bet it would work.
: Luckily you understand how important cs is
Thank you :D my husband is in plat right now and he rails me on getting better at cs's but tbh I did have it kinda easy this game because very early on I had to go from playing as normal to going on the Defense very quick and Illaoi is super easy to cs on or at least I find it to be.
: I got this one, guys you Cough * "get Gud" *Cough nah tbh if you see anything even slightly off before the game starts just dodge the game and only play until you have to dodge a game then stop playing that day, even if you dodge the first game you see. I can promise you from my experience of having twitch jgs, its typically not the twitch that is to blame for the loss for the first 10 minutes, he gets raged at flamed and doesnt get a leash, then when he goes to gank his allies dont follow up, and then they flame him for being behind and give up long before it gets to mid game. The other half of the time he gets first blood and they praise him all game except for that 1 person (typically the other adc on the team) bms him for not peeling for him or not recieving peel as it was used to save twitch yata yata yata. The only way you really lose after twitch gets that first blood, is if that raging adc causes the loss. So just dodge anything that is remotely off meta even slightly, not because you don't think THEY will succeed, but because you don't think your allies have the mentality to let him succeed. ==== do you really wanna take the bet with your mmr that you have 3 other people on your team that arent going to be tilted by twitch (ASSUMING YOU ARENT).
Thank you for your answer I think I might start that. I also think I am gonna add some more champs that I can play so I have a wider rage of options because all I can do right now is urgot, Illaoi and Cho I have bin lucky that I have never had a game where I cant play a champ but I am sure that day will come.
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Cevrad (NA)
: S+ doesn't mean anything, the rank you get in a game is not deterministic of how well you did. In 99% of games you could have won them by playing better.
Lol way to take what I say at point blank. It was a passing comment on what could have bin like 2 games out of the 100s I have played in the last year. I was just a comment not a dick so don't take it so fucking hard. :D You seam to have missed the point of my comment here tho, I was using myself as an example from some of my experiences in ranked solo que because this is what the op was talking about. You on the other hand don't play ranked on your account and you have never played ranked enough to be put into a iron bronze silver etc. So I was gonna make a thing about how i have won and lost half of my games all ranked climbed from bronze 3 (where I started because I was silver last year) and have climbed back to silver since then. But instead I am just gonna say good luck in your games and hopefully you will think you are doing ok enough in league to hop into ranked and then maybe just maybe you will have like 1 or games I have had where you get a Jax adc and a Teemo mid. That was the game I was talking about but I mean 100% winnable!
: If hes good he will climb even vs smurfs, next
I agree with GripaAviara what happens if you have a smurf jg who has no idea how to jg or gank you will most likely lose game! Even more if its a jg they are against that is good when fed like Kindred, Master Yi, or Kha'zix for example. I do understand the idea of if you are good you will climb out but I have had a few games where I have done 100% fine even got an S+ in some games and still lost because I had someone on my team feed and not know what to do.
PAX Poler (EUW)
: Nexus blitz was removed because it is a temporary game made which I don’t have the answer for it. Player feedback is put into consideration at times. They changed the rework plan of teemo after hearing feedback of the community. The difference between LP gain and loss is calculated with your MMR. So if you play against people with less MMR your win less LP and when you lose against people with less MMR you lose more LP. However if you win against people with more MMR than you win more LP, if you lose you lose less LP. There is only one server on the PBE which is located in Canada. Europe isn’t the only one with bad ping on the PBE. Would you rather have a tank meta? Because what I remember of the Juggernaut update wasn’t fun AT ALL. The runepages were always expensive but you don’t really need more if you can change it quick enough which takes reading the runes for a bit. Edit: some champions decrease in price and there is now a level up reward with champions. Having 2 clients can cause twice as many bugs to fix for one client. Having 2 is rather an inconvience since there are already a ton of bugs.
> [{quoted}](name=PAX Poler,realm=EUW,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=9MZvLxyB,comment-id=0003,timestamp=2019-04-15T21:04:35.483+0000) > > Nexus blitz was removed because it is a temporary game made which I don’t have the answer for it. > I have timestamped all the videos so they will go right to the spot that answers the question. If you look up there are lots of videos on youtube that explain it but here is the exact answer: https://youtu.be/kFwt4M5e600?t=138 And this is why there is the only 3 map types in the game at the moment: https://youtu.be/-zjo7hazREw?t=71 The short answer is that people seam to quit after playing these modes so they leave them out as to not raise the chances for players to quit for a gamemode when there are many others. Like in the second link they said they are more then willing to find more map types as long as they are the right ones for their player base they wont cause people to up and quit.
radetari (EUNE)
: Game is plagued by trolls and smurfs now. So many questions.
I thought I would answer the questions you asked to the best I could, granted I have only bin playing league for a year now with a few games sprinkled in 2016 but never really played then till last year so if I am wrong about something I am sorry and I did leave out some questions because I just don't or can't answer the question. Why isn't player feedback taken into consideration? A: I am sure it is but when you have 1000s of people asking you questions or making comments its hard to get back to everyone. So even tho it looks like they are not responding I am sure they are. Why only the fun things are noticed and removed, while the unfun things are amplified? A: I wonder what they removed if your talking about blitz or AURF riot had gone on record many times in videos saying that these are special event maps and also their stats have showed that when these come out even tho people love them they notice a drop in players because and I quote "even tho the game is fun it seams to make people also want to stop playing the game as well". Why was Nexus Blitz removed? A: Same as what I said before in the question above, and also to add riots main games are Summons rift Aram and Twitsted Treeline and that's how they seam to like it. Why am I put on a 10+ game losing streak after 4 game winstreak? A: This to my understand has to do with your mmr if your mmr is lower then the rank you are in it will punish you because their system sees how you play (your fault or not) in your games and thinks you don't belong in your rank so it works against you to get there. Annoying yes but this is the system they like that seams to work for their needs. Why do I get above mentioned trolls in my promo games? A: I get them to all the time in bronze all the way to silver where I am now but my husband has climbed from silver and he is in plat now it never stops trust me. No matter what rank you are in you will always find trolls, feeders, toxic people, Salty people, Afk'ers, I need to farm people. Also if it makes you feel better at least you did not have a game like me. And I reported the trolls and as far as I looked they are still playing to this day even tho they did this in my game. I never saw any punishment (unless it was a mute or a leaver buff) for any of them and I dont feel this is fair im not saying I played any better then them but Jax is not an adc all I have to say. Game with the trolls/feeders -> https://ibb.co/Wz1JMNf Why do I earn 15 LP per win and lose 21 LP per loss in Gold? A: It is your mmr that chooses this, it is based on how well you play not just how many wins and losses you have. Why does the damage meta even exist? It is the sole reason why people are quitting the game. A: I would not say it is the sole reason on why players are leaving because the meta changes as the game does and the items in the game to be more exact. Before the did the buff to infinity edge bot lane was a gong show and this was back when worlds was going on. And also look at now people in pro play are playing Sona Taric bot lane and it works it seams. The Meta is just something you work with I mean I played urgot pre nurf then buff and then nurf that just happened like 2 weeks ago. Why are runepages so expensive? A: This is a free to play game they give you 2 rune pages and that is all you really need just change your runes as your picking your champ. If you want more choke up the crap ton of be or get some rito points. Why are champions so expensive? A: Its a free to play game this is where Riot makes their money you want the game to stay free to play then this is how it works. Why every second patch has to include a skin? A: Its not every 2nd patch that mean they are making a new skin every month most times they launch skins to go with an event they do, in 6 months they have had 10 skin launches with different skins in the launches. Yes that is a lot of skins but this was around when worlds and since then we have had Christmas, New years, Valentines day the Chinese new year. Every skin they have launched has come with an event that gives players more quests free items in the form or boxes and orbs and free event currency to use to get most of the items they have in the store for the event minus the skins themselves (Sometimes). I would think that having more skins would be a good thing not a bad thing its not like you have to get them its just riots way to make money on a game that is Free to Play. Why don't we have the option to choose between legacy and new client? A: I think riot has said this in a video but the reason why you cant was because the old client was outdated and clunky and it was too difficult to update an outdated client when they could make a new and better one. Its not that big of a deal the new client has way more options and it better and runs faster then the old one anyways. Instead we have this "Low spec mode" option that barely helps people with weaker PCs A: Just be happy Riot has a "Low spec mode" other games like Paladins, Overwatch, World of Warcraft, Guild Wars and so on don't even have that option you run it on low or don't run it at all. And I have played league on a laptop that I got almost 10 years ago I upgraded that thing from windows 8 to 8.5 that is how old this beast is and it still runs I have to have low graphics but it runs. Unlike all those other games I listed I cant play but league I can.


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