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: Arcade Syndra Idea
I also thought Syndra would be a top contender for Arcade Midlaner! This is probs the best idea though. Imagine little pixel ghost float around her. When she dies she could also do that dissolving thing that Pac Man does and just leave behind the controller.
Leu07 (NA)
: I think the rework was an overall a nerf to her with the removal of the Grivious Wounds, I have been really trying to use her but I just feel her soooo lackluster. She is definitely not a Carry at all! just not at the level of Jinx, Ashe and Kog'maw (just to mention a few others inmobile adcs). She is in my humble opinion, in a really really really pocket niche pick, veeery situational, and yet, you could just pick Jinx. I really thin she needs a buff... This is my opinion of what they should be: W: give an indicator to the impure shot stacks, also, make it that the first 2 seconds of activated, the passive can not be disabled by damage. Passive: Give it the Garen treatment! At level 11 minions will not wear off strut. E: It's a really nice tool actually, but why does it have a Cast time? it makes it awkward and sometimes it can get you killed. Jinx does not have a freaking cast time on her chompers, and come on Chompers>make it rain. Q: it's K, should fix some priority in there... R: The damage is really lackluster, it's a channel as well, compare it to other aoe damage ults like Rumble's and Nunu's. Mf is really the shittiest aoe damage ult in the game.
Yea there quite a couple things that others do better but I guess that's her thing... Let me be the jack of all trades adc. Do all types of things not focus on a single thing and be mediocre in most of them. I still love her though. :\
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: There's no reason Darius doesn't have an execution indicator
The difference is Darius get's an ult reset upon successfully executing an enemy. By giving him an indicator it's suddenly a no risk all reward ability.
Shíny (NA)
: Dev Blog: Visual Effects in League of Legends
I would've loved that arcade MF idea. Sad they didn't use it.
: ++The Gifting Fairy++ (NEW THREAD)
IGN: Album Orna Skin: Queen of Hearts Syndra or Valkyrie Leona. Since you're the gifter you're the chooser. This is such a great thing you're doing. I had trade-gifted my friends earlier since I knew that was a cool way to rack up some points and seeing someone like you gifting others for no reason is an inspiring thing. Makes me want to go grab some more rp so I can continue trade -gifting. Even if I don't get chosen Kudos to you kind lady!
: Characters mentioned in lore that are not (yet) champions
Avarosa and Serylda, Lissanda's two sisters. Kassadin's daughter as well.
: Some love for Miss Fortune
MIss Fortune needs some QOL buffs around the board. LIke make her w cost no mana like other adc's attack modifiers. (trist,kog) Have her passive scale in immunity like Garen. (Doesn't even have to increase speed up just make her not lose speed up as easily) And have her E interact better with the rest of her kit. ( such as having it apply impure stacks or increase impure stacks applied while enemy is in it) On a side note. It would be cool if they took the salvages of AP MF and kinda tuned it.
: I like it, but half the comments I saw on it complained about there being to much armor.
It definitely has a bit more armor than I would prefer.
: Finish the Order of the Lotus
I like the idea of Order of the lotus being the Crimson elite and Commando line of Ionia. But i'm pretty sure it's a skin based of the Avatar: Legend of Korra series. It could still be those things and would like it more that way but this would most likely be the reason it's not done.
: Idea for premiem skin set - Rule 63! :D
I've always wanted genderswapped versions of characters probably won't be called rule 63, I bet Nidalee, Ahri, Vayne and Braum (since he originally was a girl) would be cool.
Leu07 (NA)
: MF vu
I agree with your mafia take, she should definitely go for the siren look over a genderbent mafia uniform. Especially since jinx's mafia skin came out.
NayNays (EUW)
: Ω Pantheon VU Ω
I really like this VU concept. The one thing I hate about a lot of Pantheon VU ideas are that he's caked in armor. It really ruins the idea of a bad-ass gladiator/warrior who just leaps around spearing things. This is easily my favorite so far. GJ
: > [{quoted}](name=Joshhou8,realm=NA,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=EEPKkkVp,comment-id=014c,timestamp=2015-02-05T23:29:02.388+0000) > > OMGOMGOM THIS IS MY FIRST POST EVERR AND ID LIKE TO HEAR ABOUT REREERERERENGAARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR{{champion:107}}{{item:3142}} {{item:3074}} {{item:3035}} {{summoner:4}} {{summoner:14}} {{item:1075}} {{item:1055}} {{item:1055}} {{item:1055}} {{item:1075}} {{item:1075}} {{item:3031}} He's fully recovered from his discovery of Gnar, that I can tell you. The trouble with wanting to hunt the biggest and baddest that Runeterra has to offer is that's a hell of a lot of big and bad. Kha'Zix isn't the only thing that our favorite stalker might have issues with. Putting Rengar through his paces should be a ton of fun. And grats on your first post!
Would that possibly include Nidalee? He is hunting in her jungle, right?
: What Champs do you want to hear more about?
Miss Fortune and gangplank. Mostly bilgewater in general. Defnitely want to get more Irelia story. Jayce and pitlover/Viktor Sivir is definitely my favorite character in terms of personality with a chance for a lot of character study. (next to LIssandra)
Krizalid (EUW)
: Jayce skin?
Police officer Jayce or Neon Strike?
: Speculah: Lee Sin is only pretending to be blind.
Lissandra is also blind though. Is she a dirty liar too?
: Visual Update!
I thought they confirmed Amumu was a re-animated human emperor who decayed things on touch. With that new lore update.
Murtux (NA)
: Male Archer Support Concept
The kit, character design and idea of a dual-archer bot lane sounds nice but he seems a little strong. The passive could get out of hand and definitely the ult but other than that possibly just tuning. You might need to adjust things to cement him into the support role unless your fine with him being able to find home in other roles. I personally like the idea of having a support that you could viably decide to build ap or ad as to compliment what your team needs. I would definitely pick up this champion though.
: "I didn't see that VU coming." or Nobody Expects the ChampUP Inquisition!
Pantheon,Irelia and MF are all falling short of a theme just kind of filling an archetype or even not doing that correctly. Pantheon is easily priority being kind of visually behind and somewhat boring in terms of visual theme and then possibly MF in terms of not really having much identity but filling the sexy pirate archetype. Irelia is unrelated to other ionian champs in terms of colr scheme and thematically and doesn't even feel like a general, so she might be a little bit of a larger scale project. Gangplank and a couple others fall into this category but these are the biggest offenders in my opinion(that also have alot of possibility)
: What would those look like in your mind?
Key points of the Ruthless skin (IMO); Boots with the fur Speedo/Pantsless minimal clothing ( as in they are ruthless and don't need any of that wussy armor) So the signature Boots with the Fur and - Zed= A fundoshi or speedo as well with the gauntlets on and possibly shoulder pads or elbow pads with spikes on them or something similarily BA for effect. Gangplank= I thought of the signature speedo or possibly tight pants like Miss Fortune's pants with a pirate skull on them with a long pirate flag worn around his neck like a cape or around his waist. To make the two seem more similar if they need to match closer to each other possibly make the armpads and elbowpads on both character designs or possibly replace it with the harness Pantheon wears. If it seems too revealing let me know I'm just keen on keeping the boots,the speedo, and the elbow pads seem pretty cool but since pantheon doesn't have it right now it might be out of place. Edit: These are just the first two champs I could imagine in the line of skins, if you think of another i'm all for it.
: RiotPenguin's Fan Art for Fans!
Ruthless Zed or Gangplank! You know you want to.
: Vexzon Safeguard's 4 Skin Ideas
That sleepy time Syndra skin could go amazing with your slumber party Braum one.
: Draven SKin
We need a name that can be added to others so we can get more manservice skins. Something like battle bunny or maybe a new series like disco dudes.
: Kudos to the artists! All but ONE of the new splash arts look fantastic! Let's talk about THE ONE
I actually like the art style, like the smooth, almost cartoonish/gorillaz look like in Jinx's music video but instead of gritty its smoother. Maybe that's why I like it so much but admittedly the face could use a little bit of emotion.
Avvara (NA)
: why is renekton friends with cassiopeia
I thought it was a relationship type of a thing, but I could be wrong?
Destínum (EUW)
: And yet it's still shoved down our throat that Ezreal and Lux are dating, and people seem to not mind that.
> And yet it's still shoved down our throat that Ezreal and Lux are dating, and people seem to not mind that. While I wouldn't say Lux and Ezreal was "shoved in our face" it was definitely made the stronger pairing. But, if Lucian had been getting revenge for his taken husband, people would complain that homosexuality is being shoved down their throats and why does it matter who it was. Same case as if Ahri was charming women instead. (Though to a lesser extent, because people would find it hot.)
: Your links are broken BTW. > I feel that he should look more original, like an actual character from Runeterra, not from the movie 300. Now listen, before you guys pull out the pitchforks and torches I know full well there are a lot of people attached to the whole "spartan" trope. Thats fine, i get it. I don't want to step on anyone's toes, so thats why I suggest The ChampUp team consider giving him a traditional skin. That way you can satisfy the players who are attached to his old look. And with that out the way you guys can get real original and creative with his design without feeling held back. Pantheon has great potential to really flesh out and tap into what MT. Targon is. **Ahem**
Pretty nice, but he needs less clothes.
: Pantheon
So he'll be wearing a nothing but the apron and boots right? Or am I reading this forum wrong?
: Community! Tell me your skin ideas.
! I had an amazing idea.... RUTHLESS GANGPLANK AND ZED! but wait I have reason!!!! so you know how since pantheons supposed to be a hardcore warrior who can fight with minimal armor. It's like the ultimate form of disrespect. Who else is supposed to be a ruthless warrior with #maxdisrespect ingrained into their being? A pirate or maybe a dark ninja. Even historically pirates were rude men who did and wore what they wanted. They would pillage your ship in a evening gown I the chance struck. Now on to ninjas they were people of the night not meant to be seen. To be historically accurate they were actually seen in civilian clothes Hoping to blend in. Now lets use a dark ninja who's been converted to not keeping balance but making his own. He would take pride in slaying his enemy in states of silent and light ferocity. What's some of the lightest armor seen on this game? The ruthless armor. It actually fits him even more. Look at the name of his passive "contempt for the weak" how BA and ruthless is that?

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