Meddler (NA)
: One update since this was written - we're pulling the Elise buff from 8.11 and instead buffing Runic Echoes more (+20 AP, instead of +10). Thinking there is that there are far more AP junglers in need of help than not, so better to bring up the baseline, and therefore Elise too, through item strength than to just buff her widening the gap more between performing and non performing AP junglers.
I like the sentiment, but that is too strong of a buff. I love Evelynn and that buff is instantly going to make her too strong, which will result in her getting nerfed. I think the +10 and getting the movement speed back should be enough.
Sparkle (NA)
: So here's an honest to goodness question for my own curiosity - ideally, what do you want to actually figure out from death recap? What to buy next (Armor/MR/Lifesteal whatever)? If someone did more damage than the person that killed you? What ability was used on you? Something else? Like, assuming you know who got the takedown (from the scoreboard), what would you specifically be looking for out of death recap (in an ideal bug free fantasy world)? EDIT: Thank you to all the folks responding, really interesting to read through your thoughts & wants. <3 EDIT 2: Guys, I play other games. I know that other games have death recap features. I'm asking about what YOU want personally and specifically, not for examples of other death recaps. :)
> [{quoted}](name=Riot Sparkle,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=TqMWwBBY,comment-id=0007,timestamp=2018-03-20T16:32:36.890+0000) > > So here&#x27;s an honest to goodness question for my own curiosity - ideally, what do you want to actually figure out from death recap? What to buy next (Armor/MR/Lifesteal whatever)? If someone did more damage than the person that killed you? What ability was used on you? Something else? > > Like, assuming you know who got the takedown (from the scoreboard), what would you specifically be looking for out of death recap (in an ideal bug free fantasy world)? > > EDIT: Thank you to all the folks responding, really interesting to read through your thoughts &amp; wants. &lt;3 Honestly, I like Death Recap as it is now, because my main use for it is finding out, like you mentioned, who's doing the most damage to me and if I should buy MR/AR next. I recognize I'm in the minority, but in my opinion, I think it's doing it's job pretty well currently.
Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: July 21
Hi Meddler, I have a question/concern about the new Rune system. Is there going to be a rune that gives Magic Pen or Lethality? Right now mages and AD assassins all use MPen and Lethality marks respectively, as they are a must-have, and it would be a large decrease in their power if they lost access to it, considering how there aren't many Mpen/Lethality options currently in the game.
Meddler (NA)
: Assuming you mean power level let's talk Kindred after seeing where the buffs in 7.12 (tomorrow) put them? Update went out too weak, hence balance changes to it in the next patch. Or, if you mean how they play regardless of their power, let me know (unclear in your post).
As a Kindred player, I think he means how weak Kindred is early game (can't contest marks still, gets counter-jungled and can't do anything about it, etc). Also the fact that it's been established so far that the most efficient build on reworked Kindred is to skip the completed jungle item and rush Infinity Edge because Warrior is so weak on them. Kindred absolutely needs crit chance and they do negligible amounts of damage without IE and an upgraded Zeal item. Buffs to their AD ratios could help off set this, by making their abilities "pick up the slack" during their early game if they purchase Warrior, until they can buy their IE.
: Coming This Preseason: Runes Reforged
My main concern is that so many champions choose Runes and Masteries based on stats that they absolutely need to function (ie Armor yellows for ADCs is invaluable in lane, scaling or flat CDR for supports, etc) and as long as those remain as options in this new system, or champions get their base stats re-evaluated, then I'm ok with it. Other than that these look every exciting. I'm already looking forward to spec'ing into Zombie Ward.
: Upcoming Kindred changes, looking for feedback!
Kindred main here, I'm very excited for these changes. They look very promising! Thank you for finally getting around to giving them the attention they've been needing for a while now. Shifting focus to a more standard ADC and pushing away from *stacks stacks stacks* is a very good change. The increased auto attack range and increase in AD ratios in particular should help them a lot. I already go Warrior -> Statikk on them, but seeing now that they're being designed to build around AD and Crit more makes it even more viable. I'm excited to see how strong they'll be on the PBE.
: I am the only one who thinks that Blade of the Ruined King is the problem in the first two cases, not Black Cleaver? Especially because Lucian has the double-hit from his passive to apply BotRK twice, while Ashe has extra attack speed to apply it more times. Black Cleaver shreds their armor, causing it to do more damage too.
I disagree. {{item:3153}} was weak for a majority of season 6 and it's finally in a good iteration that lets adc's spike with 1 item that gives them pretty much everything they need, kind of like an adc version of {{item:3165}} {{item:3027}} {{item:3071}}. IMO it's not too strong, it's just letting people see the strength of adc's that can properly itemize again.
: > [{quoted}](name=Akali is SO HOT,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=Et5Jwjyt,comment-id=0005,timestamp=2017-03-23T04:40:08.740+0000) > > Miss Fortune and Graves are always going to abuse Black Cleaver unless it is deleted from the game just because of the way their kits are. Lucian building it isn&#x27;t too weird either because of his ult and his ability to cast spells and auto attack so often. Ashe, on the other hand, makes no sense to me at all. Doesn't her Q apply multiple stacks of it because of how quickly it applies damage? I dunno I just know that it seems to work on Graves and Lucian as well as Darius and Garen, maybe even better.
She does. Ashe's Q applies on-hit 5 times per auto, so you get 5 of the 6 stacks immediately. It's become a popular build in Korea recently.
: Is it just me or is Black Cleaver too universal of an item (built on Adc's, bruisers, assassins..)
For me, I build it on adc's (mostly {{champion:203}} {{champion:6}} {{champion:21}} ) it's because of the armor shred. It gives 30% **total** armor pen. It's effective against every champion in the game with that. It's strong vs squishies and tanks. Vs Ashe for example, at level 18 with armor seals she has 88 armor. Rounding the answer, 30% of 88 is 26 armor pen. That's a **huge** amount of armor pen. That's almost the same as 2 full Lethality items, and that's not even taking into account how it's even more effective against tanks that build armor. It's insanely good for being a single relatively cheap item.
: Sucks that non-assassin champions are making more use out of Lethality than assassins.
> Therefore, building items that aren't tailored to consistent damage should punish them in some way, such as a weaker late game. However, in this current state, stacking Lethality doesn't yield a weak enough late game to make crit builds a viable choice in any given situation. This isn't exactly true. If you watch full games on youtube you can see the difference between the two. Adc's who build Lethality only do about 300-400 damage per auto around late game and they have no attack speed in their build, which is significantly weaker than crit builds. Crit builds can regularly do around 650-1000 damage per auto (depending on the armor of the target/their build, etc), plus they have attack speed in their builds, so this damage comes out a lot faster. I concede with your last point, though. ("doesn't make crit builds a viable choice in any given situation). Lethality spikes after just 1 item {{item:3142}} while crit builds need a minimum of 2-3 items to become useful {{item:3031}} {{item:3085}} {{item:3036}}. It takes on average about 20-30 minutes to get all three of these items, and this meta is so fast that most games are already decided by that point.
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: Kindred is never fun to play against when she's meta. Especially with how brainless her ult is for how impactful it can be.
> Kindred is never fun to play against when she's meta. They were only ever meta _once_, which was for only a few months after their release. They're not that old of a champion. Also, I played during that time. I remember what it was like to play them and play against them. They were overpowered for only 2 reasons: 1. Their early dueling power was too strong which lead to oppressive counter-jungling. 2. They abused Sated-Devourer, just like every other meta jungler at the time, which was the main culprit of their power. After it was removed their strength took a nose-dive. > Especially with how brainless her ult is for how impactful it can be Lolwut? Their ult is incredibly difficult to use properly. It's a lot like {{champion:432}}'s ult. You can kill you're entire team if it's used wrong. You're right, it is very impactful, but it isn't 'brainless' to use by any margin.
: {{champion:99}}
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: Do you ever flash your level 7 mastery when..
Of course. You have to let them know that they are LUCKY to have survived your wrath and you would have _totally_ killed them if what happened played out differently.
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Eyesack (NA)
: my favorite part about kled
{{champion:240}}: "[mumbles]...W-what was that? Run straight into the tower?" I love Kled, he has an insanely dynamic VO and it's just a joy to listen to. You can really tell they put a lot of effort into him.
: As long as MR itemization gets some variety too. I'd like to see some of {{item:3065}} power shifted to its niche and away from "Best MR item in the universe, always build this because it's just 100% better than everything else"
There's already way too many items that offer MR. Not all of them are tank items, but there's still tons of them to the point that it gimps mages' damage in the late game horribly because of it. I agree with DarkRitual (the person you replied to) we need more magic pen instead. Counting only completed items, the items that offer magic resist are:{{item:3065}} {{item:3102}} {{item:3111}} {{item:3060}} {{item:3156}} {{item:3814}} {{item:3222}} {{item:3026}} {{item:3190}} {{item:3512}} {{item:3139}} {{item:3001}} {{item:3174}} Which is a whopping 13 items on Summoner's Rift that offer a lot of magic resist. Looking at magic pen items on the other hand:{{item:3151}} {{item:3020}} {{item:3135}}. That's it. Only 3 items that offer magic pen in the game right now. It used to be 4 but {{item:3001}} doesn't offer magic pen anymore. Even with all 3 of the magic pen items you won't be doing much magic damage at all to people who build a lot of MR, and that's even when you're building _every single MPen item in the game_. This coupled with how AP items are indeed losing more and more AP every patch is really weaken mages a lot.
Eggbread (NA)
: This Is a Good Opportunity For a Small Buff to Rabadon's
I disagree. {{item:3089}} is balanced at the moment. It has a hefty price tag but offers the strongest damage boost in the game when finished. A better idea is to buff the AP on other mage items. {{item:3151}} {{item:3152}} {{item:3030}} {{item:3027}} {{item:3157}} are all items that could use a boost to their AP values. If even 3 of them got a +10 AP buff it would greatly help with the balance of mages that will be hurt by the nerf to {{item:3116}}, namely {{champion:134}} {{champion:112}} {{champion:69}} {{champion:163}} (especially Taliyah, who really needs buffs anyways.)
: @Meddler, What kind of attention should be expected for kindred
I agree. They've been very weak for months now. The nerfs in 6.11 and 6.13 hit them really hard. Right now they have a 42.52% win rate in Plat+ games according to The Fervor changes hurt them badly as well. Kindred has really bad AD scaling on their abilities so most of their damage comes from auto attacks, especially late game. Before it used to add 111.92 on-hit damage at max stacks and now it only adds 60 damage to their auto attacks. During the course of a fight that difference of nearly-52 damage loss on every auto is huge. I've noticed that Riot lately has been doing "mini reworks" so I assume that's what they will do to {{champion:203}} when they get around to buffing them. The last time they were mentioned, a Rioter (can't remember who) said something along the lines of "We're trying to figure out where their power lies and also where it _should_ lie. Still don't have anything concrete yet."
: {{item:2302}} {{item:2301}}
Eye of the Oasis has long been known to be the worst of all the Eye upgrades, and Eye of the Watchers grants a measly 25 AP when fully upgraded which costs 2200g. That's only 5 more AP than an {{item:1052}} and that only costs 435. That's nearly _5 times the cost_ for only 5 more AP. I know it gives other stats, but it feels disgustingly weak to build compared to just finishing {{item:3092}} which is a much more efficient and effective item and has a more impactful active. Also {{item:2301}} is only 83.81% gold efficient. As a gold--starved support you spend all that gold for it to not even break even. I think the Eye items are a nice edition, but they should be buffed. They need to feel stronger and better to build for players, rather than just "a sightstone with 25 ap tacked on".
: Cause if you don't think support should buy a sight-stone the discussion is over. We will never see eye to eye and it will just be an argument that i don't want to have.
You're not even listening to what that person was saying. This comment here you just posted is literally you saying "Buy it because you have to, the end." which is exactly the mindset they were arguing against.
: Elementalist lux is like the second coming of jhin where the hype is destroyed by the wait time
The skin being delayed is unintentional. I think it's mostly due to timing and Riot finishing up some things with the skin. About the timing: most things that are said to "release later in the patch" usually release about 2-3 days afterwards. So if the patch comes out on Tuesday, then those things are likely to come out on Thursday/Friday. And guess what happened this Thur/Fri? Thanksgiving and Black Friday. Riot probably knows this is a really busy time for people, with everyone traveling/spending time with family/etc, so it's not a good time to release it, everyone's too distracted. Also, another contributing factor: Think back to all the other Ultimate skins. Every one of them had a big promotional video or comic that came with its release to hype it up and showcase it in all its true glory. That's exactly what Riot is doing with Elementalist Lux. High quality CG videos and artworks take time, and what they were working on probably wasn't finished yet. And with Thanksgiving, obviously Rioters have families too so they took time off for family. I'm willing to bet 100% that Riot will finish up the promo and release the skin on Monday. It's after all the holiday craziness has died down, everyone's back to work and no ones too busy or distracted so the skin will get the attention it deserves upon its release.
: Just curious, why do people HATE building Sight-Stone on Support?
I dislike building {{item:2049}} because of a few reasons: 1. It does the exact same thing that my {{item:3340}} does which is free, and in a limited-per-back number of uses for 800g which for gold-starved supports is a big chunk of money. 2. I'm only in Silver so this probably isn't true for higher elos, but nobody pays attention to vision. At all. I could place deep wards and ping for days and my teammates will still somehow find a way to get caught out. Also nobody does any interesting plays in my elo. After laning phase the game turns into ARAM anyway and i don't need wards for that. 3. Because of the above two reasons it _feels_ useless to buy. The very minor amount of health is negligible and it makes you pathetically weak in the laning phase, where you don't need vision anyway except in tri/river bush, which there's 2 people down there and each of them have a total of 4 charges of {{item:3340}} between them, making it even more redundant of a purchase. I believe it's much more beneficial to buy something that's going to help your adc in lane or help you duel the enemy bot lane instead, like {{item:3092}} {{item:3401}} {{item:3504}} {{item:3107}} {{item:3109}}, etc. Sightstone's are significantly more useful when you're high Gold and higher, but I argue against it at any elo below that.
Zoeeee (NA)
: The heal at release was incredibly toxic for bot and solo lanes, as well as jungle invades. I think it speaks to deeper problems in her kit, and how damage focused it is. Also making the ult not target was a big nerf to how she played mid-late game.
I don't understand why people say their heal was "toxic" when plenty of champions that go in solo lanes have healing in their kit while also being much stronger in-lane. Examples: {{champion:50}} {{champion:84}} {{champion:31}} {{champion:10}} {{champion:121}} {{champion:76}} {{champion:8}}
: the problem with champs like kindred is she is so hard to counter due to her "lol, i got a no death ult lulz". {{champion:23}} was fine since he was melee and it was only self inflicted. {{champion:10}} can use ult on other champs, but that's fine since she has no mobility, but{{champion:203}} has mobility, range, insane dmg, and the cheap ult. don't be mad that a champ has so much built power, and can remain strong.
Kindred has nowhere near the dueling power of those two anymore, and their ult isn't nearly as strong in duels because it affects both parties. Kindred has less armor, less AD, less HP, and takes ages longer than either of them to start ramping up power due to all the nerfs.
: Brand and Zyra as Support primary, Mage(APC) secondary.. Are we really accepting this?
I dislike that they're being pushed into the support role. Traditionally, they were both mid laners that people started playing supp to cheese people with tons of damage. Imo, bot lane was designed to be an ADC vs and ADC with each having a support to, well, support them, i.e. shields, CC, tankiness, etc. Not do so much damage with {{champion:63}} {{champion:143}} {{champion:161}} that you outdamage the ADC and they're basically _your_ support. It just feels unfair to play against and it feels like people are cheesing. That isn't to say that supports shouldn't be allowed to deal damage. Of course they should, but I feel like it should be manageable damage relative to their level. Good examples are {{champion:43}} {{champion:117}} {{champion:37}} {{champion:432}}. They are less oppressive in lane and overall have less DPS while retaining good burst. I wish Brand and Zyra were just mid laners again. Their damage is so ridiculously high. Zyra was even picked at Worlds this year which should go to show how strong she is right now.
: Can we please Buff Taliyah?
I love Taliyah, but I feel like the nerfs to her E damage were unnecessary. It's difficult to land against good players, and she pretty much only has 2 damaging spells,being her Q and E. W's damage is negligible and is only used for the E knock-through damage. With that said, I feel like she's really close to being in a perfect spot power wise, but she just needs a couple tiny buffs. 1. Increase the damage of her E back to pre-nerf values 2. Make her Q deal 25% bonus damage to minions. It's not as oppressively high as it used to be when it was 50%, so she won't be able to clear a full wave with a single cast, and it's a much needed buff because right now it takes about 3 full casts of Q to clear a minion wave throughout most of the laning phase, and that's even when it's used on new ground, not Worked Ground. I remember reading on Reddit somewhere a week or two ago that the balance team was "looking into" certain buffs/changes they could make to her but I haven't heard anything since.
: All of these are very good suggestions. I agree that Shen's hitboxes feel very stingy, and I feel it's one of the reasons why there's such a discrepancy in his performance between pro and standard play. I'm less comfortable with buffing his base stats, since he can still get quite tanky, but at the same time it's clear that his base health and armor are both pitiful to look at, literally in the bottom 10 among all champions. Now that Worlds are over, I think buffs to Shen's stats and hitboxes could do him a lot of good across all elos, even if it means nerfing whatever else makes him so strong in competitive play. Ultimately, though, I think Shen might eventually need another rework, even if that's a topic for another thread. His current kit is a significant improvement over the first, but it missed the mark thematically, something Riot realized almost immediately after releasing it, and didn't make him that much easier to balance, which was one of its original goals. My two cents on this: * **Remove Shen's Spirit Blade mechanic:** Spirit Blade was the largest addition to Shen's kit, but also ended up being the least successful. It feels thematically weird, and creates some really fiddly gameplay when trying to reel it into enemies, especially when its hitbox is uncomfortably narrow. Shen needs another way of turning his spiritual power into offensive strength, and while that power needs to have a degree of unreliability (Vorpal Blade was boring and difficult to balance, precisely because there was no way it could miss), it needs to feel appropriate for his character and overall playstyle (as a Warden, he mostly hangs around his allies and then jumps out to taunt enemies, whereas his Q empowerment encourages him to place himself behind his enemies first and then attack, which would be more appropriate on a Vanguard). * **Change Shen's W into an intercept:** I feel one of the reasons Shen's base durability is so low is because he can avoid basic attack damage completely while Spirit's Refuge is active, which is tremendously powerful. There's also a degree of anti-synergy to its dodge: as a tank, Shen should be encouraged to absorb damage, instead of negating it outright, and using W on himself diminishes the use of his innate shield. The core idea of protecting allies is pretty cool, though, and I think it might be better if Shen's W made him intercept incoming harmful effects for someone else, without necessarily creating a whole zone of damage negation. * **Make Shen himself the shield during Stand United:** A common complaint is that Stand United, in spite of its large base shielding, doesn't do enough to protect allies, which isn't helped by its complete lack of real scaling (AP Shen isn't a thing anymore, and never really was). Having Shen redirect all damage his target ally takes towards his own health bar would work in many ways: his protection would be much more consistent, since shielding a squishy would use his own resistances for additional damage mitigation, it would scale with his own tankiness, as well as synergize with his innate, and it could have potentially even more meaningful costs than the current shield. Since Shen would be literally putting his life on the line for the sake of his friend, the enemy team would still be encouraged to whale on what could end up being a much larger shield, because popping it would kill him. It would also place a greater cost to initiate and connect its power to his own presence, meaning that Shen would no longer be able to ult as easily if he takes a beating from his lane opponent, nor would he be able to comfortably splitpush if he just used his ult to absorb tons of damage for an ally. It would no longer be a "free" teleport, because focusing the shielded target could end up preventing Shen from initiating without dying. Basically, it could allow his ult to offer much more ally-oriented protection, while also having even more meaningful tradeoffs and associated counterplay.
Here's how to fix Shen: Remove the spirit blade itself, but keep the rest of his Q. Using it normally does its normal damage. Using it on a Taunted target activates the bonus damage that pulling the spirit sword through them did. Fix his base stats (really low HP at level 18, compared to other champs) and Tada! He's fixed.
Varnoc (NA)
: It might be more fitting at this point if Kat's ult threw out a bunch of daggers for her to rapidly blink between. You'd still do quite a bit of AoE damage, espically if you blinked onto a group and activated 2/3 at once, and the current counterplay (don't group up as close as you normally would) could remain intact. Hard CC could still be made effective if they last a short period of time (say, 2.5 seconds? O.o).
It would be really fitting thematically if they gave her old-{{champion:114}} 's ult where she dashes around cutting up everybody. They wouldn't do that with Kat tho, because being untargetable while dealing as much damage as {{champion:55}} 's ult does wouldn't be fair at all. They'd have to severely nerf it's damage.
: "only a tiny percentage of players use item sets so we are not bringing it to the new client"
There's no way they would actually not bring them over right? That's ludicrous, I have a dedicated item set for _every champion I play_. I have very particular builds and build-orders for almost every champion in the game, and I play so many champions there's no way I can remember exactly what I built on what champion and in what order for maximum success. Please don't tell me this is real.
majulito (NA)
: The last change to rylais was in 5.22 where its cost went up from 3000 to 3200. The change you're referencing was in 5.13 which was: single Target Slow increased to 40% from 35% Area of Effect Slow (instant) increased to 40% from 15% Damage over time or Multi-hit Slow increased to 20% for 1 second from 15% for 1.5 seconds summoned minions now slow on-hit 20% for 1 second along with a recipe change that increased its cost from 2900 to 3000. That means there was a whole season of rylais being untouched and no one complained until after the mage update. In the update mages lost high end ap items and cdr got tacked on to everything. This made bursting people harder and has such required a mage to rely on doing more than one rotation. Rylais synergizes really well with cdr and it makes hitting the next rotation easier. Before the update if you wanted high cdr you gave up ap. Now mages are pretty much forced into high cdr builds and lower ap values. Lower ap means lower burst potential. This also leads to protobelt and the icicle thing being popular choices because even though they don't give ap they provide damage through their actives and thats being seen as a problem as well. Instead of nerfing an item that hasn't changed for a long time leaving mages with no alternatives will just hurt the class. Instead we should make it so rylais isn't always the best choice by giving mages back their options. Make cdr a choice not a given (I believe this to be true for lol as a whole). Give mages high end item options that can compete with rylais like before. If rylais continues to be a problem then it should be nerfed.
I agree. It's been untouched all season, and it flew under the radar until after the mage update and now it's the only item left standing that wasn't nerfed into oblivion. Also, CDR is a big problem with mages right now, because literally every mage in the game (with the exception of manaless champs like {{champion:85}} {{champion:8}} ) builds Morello's as their first item, so basically every mage gets a default 20% CDR every match, and with the abundance of it on so many items it's not hard to get the other 20%. Most will buy Zhonya's for the active, and then protobelt its active and health, and boom, max CDR. Mages don't have a lot of choices when it comes to builds right now. There's so few items to choose from, and there's only 4 items in the game that give 100 AP, those being {{item:3285}} {{item:3165}} {{item:3027}} and {{item:3116}} . One of those is built every game. Ludens is garbage and is too expensive for how little it gives. RoA is situational and the mid game is really important right now, most can't afford to delay their power spike. That only leaves Rylai's, as this jack-of-all-trades and _master_ -of-all-trades item. You'd have to be crazy _not_ to build it these days. I think it should give 300 HP. 60-70 AP, and have the slow nerfed a bit, with no added CDR, there's already plenty of that.
inplane (NA)
: I don't get why people build Offensive stats on him. He's a Support Jungler with bucket loads of unique utility, and people prioritize damage? Why not just go tanky and be a complete menace around objectives with all that Brushmaker bs and reverse Thresh Lantern Q.
It's not necessarily because of damage. It's because his shield and ult are his most useful abilities and they both scale very highly off AP. If you go for a full tank build then you're wasting Ivern's abilities completely and then you're just a walking target. His shield would block nothing and Daisy would die to a light breeze (well, she already dies way too easily, but without enough AP she'd die even faster than now). He's different than Bard, because Bard has pretty low AP scaling and it's only on 2 of his abilities, and he gets infinite free scaling from his chimes, so naturally building support and tank items is a smarter choice. But Ivern is similar to Janna I've found. They both need to build at least some AP to be relevant and to make their kits useful.
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: Other Aurelion Sol nerf?
At first I really didn't like the sound of these changes, but upon further inspection I think these changes aren't too bad. It looks like its just trying to slightly nerf his early game wave clear. Here, I did some math. Let's say the {{champion:136}} in this situation has 300 AP total Current damage: Passive: 97+50 = 147 base damage (max W rank) + 35% AP (105) = 252 total damage New damage: Passive: 130+25 = 155 base damage (max W rank) + 35% AP (105) = 260 total damage So it actually is a buff! I feel much better figuring this out. So it's a 25 damage nerf in the early game, but mid-to-late it's a very tiny buff. He'll still perform just fine, and if you're good with him and play smart till then you can take advantage of the very tiny buff.
Saixos (EUW)
: Riot views both Mordekaiser and Skarner as failed reworks.
I really loved Quinn's old ult, and I miss it a lot. It was one of the funnest abilities in the game and it was so satisfying to use (probably for me because I really love transformation ults, they just feel so good), and with so many different applications. You could use it when you wanted to turn up your damage scale up to 11, easily assassinating anyone you wanted, and you could save on the reactivation to fly outta there, and you went so fast! It was so cool! Quinn's new ult is just movement speed, and it doesn't feel as fast as her old one. Also I really enjoyed playing as Valor, because he felt so fluid and other than Anivia you can't play as animals in this game, so it was pretty novelty. I don't play Quinn that much anymore. She just doesn't feel the same to me.
: Am I the only one who thinks the reworked mage items HURT mages as a whole? (Poll included)
Thank god someone else noticed this. I was about to make a thread myself stating how horrible these changes are. Hell, they're not even "changes", they're straight up nerfs. {{item:3157}} is 500 gold cheaper, but so what? Now Mages that NEED it for their build like {{champion:85}} {{champion:127}} will have 30 less AP at endgame, and, to make things worse, if they buy a {{item:3089}} because of it's percentage increase, they'll have MULTIPLICATIVELY less AP, even worse than 30! Also, {{item:3001}} is 20 AP less, which is also a core item on {{champion:85}} {{champion:127}} which means they'll have 50 less AP in total, plus {{item:3027}} has 20 less also, increasing to a wopping 70 (SEVENTY) less AP at late game, plus the multiplicative amount from {{item:3089}}. **THIS IS HORRIBLE.** Mages were already in a bad spot, but this will kill them for good. It's a nightmare.
: Goth Annie Splash Art "Update"
The "new" one completely goes against the skins theme as well as {{champion:1}} as a whole. She's called "The Dark Child", and she's scowling in most of her skin splashes. It would be a gigantic disservice the change it make her a generic happy girl, which also just straight up doesn't make sense in the context of that splash. Why in the world would she be happy if she's "Goth Annie"? {{sticker:zombie-brand-facepalm}}
JMoormann (EUW)
: Giving every single mage access to mobility seems a really dangerous idea...
"{{champion:136}}'s weakness is jumping on him in his deadzone." *Suddenly now has a dash/mobility due to Rocketbelt* He will literally have no weakness if that gets released. He's already on the strong side as it is, but if you take away the one even somewhat reliable way to kill him and he'll be pick/ban.
: What the hell is this Riot?
I really really _really_ hope they don't go through with this change. I bought Cottontail Teemo almost entirely because of the beautiful and comforting painted look of it, as well as Teemo being absolutely adorable in it. This "new" one looks terrible beyond words. It's so disgusting it's not even funny. If this goes through I will literally stop using this skin. I refuse to be associated via the loading screen with..._that_.
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Igotlazy (NA)
: Taric's New Hammer
That's Taric's current hammer. It's in the store barrel as a way of symbolizing that he (and Riot) is getting rid of it, and replacing it with a new weapon, most likely with a very different design direction that's less cartoon-y. Actually, he might not have a hammer at all in his rework. With {{champion:78}} they majorly down-played her shield and instead put emphasis on her hammer, so changing a champions weapon themes isn't beyond what they're willing to do. I'm not sure how they would go about changing his weapon dynamics, but it's definitely possible.
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: Agree with the gating. The things I think the passive does which may be missed if gone are in providing some sort of sustain (since she's pretty low range for a mage) and giving her some access to CDR which would otherwise feel suboptimal given the nature of Twin Fang's cooldown-reducing mechanic.
What if her passive gave her a flat amount of spell vamp (not sure how much) and the 25% cooldown reduction (like it currently does)? Remove the build-over-time effect on it, and just have it give her those two things from level 1. It'll help her playstyle, being close-ranged, and it'll aid in her build path tremendously. Not every passive needs to be super exciting.
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Meddler (NA)
: Our main problem with Vlad is his Q. It's a low CD, targeted, resourceless spell that restores health. It doesn't have much interesting decision making for Vlad, if it's ever strong early he just shuts a lot of people out of lane and the main ways to deal with it are to either sustain even more or to punish Vlad really hard when he trades. Vlad's also got a bit of a 'stat check' issue, where he'll just reliably outclick a lot of opponents 1v1 without sufficient avenues for being outplayed. That's not ideal, it's a lesser issue though since it doesn't kick in until later in the game when 1 v 1 counterplay is less important than team v team counterplay.
> Vlad's also got a bit of a 'stat check' issue, where he'll just reliably outclick a lot of opponents 1v1 without sufficient avenues for being outplayed. But Vladimir does have a counter. The new item Mortal Reminder was specifically made to counter self-healing champions, wasn't it? Isn't that counterplay?
Statikk (NA)
: Mid-Year Mage Update
From a Vladimir Main: Suggestions+Feedback on his "Rework": **Why is he being planned for a update?** Many believe that he's "unhealthy" to play against with his point-and-click Q and resource-free sustain. Personally, I disagree and I believe he has quite a bit of counter play, but I'll concede. It's an understandable criticism. **What do Vladimir players like about the champion, and what's working well so far?** I love everything about his playstyle, but if I had to pick two that I liked the most, it would be: 1. That he's a mage that's played as a top laner, and becomes on off-tank in late game due to his Passive and lifesteal. To me this is one, if not his most unique feature. His health-stealing and built in tankiness from his AP -> HP Passive is, I would say, the core of his identity. It's incredibly fun to play, and one of the things I love about him. 2. Having to manage his E stacks. It's a unique mechanic that requires you to pay attention more when playing him and really spices up his gameplay, having to decide the right time to build up stacks before a fight, or stop using to stop hurting yourself further. Just imagine how easy to play and stale he would be if he didn't have it? I think it adds just a hint of needed complexity and micromanaging, and it improves his gameplay. **What ISN'T working, and what do people dislike about playing against Vladimir?** By far people say his Q is easily is most unfair ability (which I personally disagree with, but that's the common opinion). It's a point-and-click ability, so it's completely undodgeable, and it heals him back at no cost. Many Rioters have stated that good gameplay in LoL comes from Counterplay, having a legitimate way to avoid or beat an ability that requires some skill or strategy, and Choices. With Choices, they mean using a strong ability should require hard thought. There needs to be a right and a wrong time to use it, to make it an exciting moment in gameplay. For example, the recent nerf to Tahm Kench's ally-targeted Devour (W) made it a hard choice to decide when is the right time to use it, and it was a good change for his gameplay and those who play against him. Back to Vladimir, his Q Transfusion, offers no such decision. As a main of him, I admit you basically just use this ability whenever you feel like it because there honestly _isn't_ a bad time to use it. On the other hand, the healing on his Q is core to his health-stealing identity, so him using it and having that ability are necessary for him to remain the champion he is. **How do we fix this to make it a harder decision when to use it and how do we make it more fair to play against?** This is a hard one, and probably one that has stumped Riot for a long time. It's his Q, one of his most basic abilities. Making such a short cooldown, core-to-his-character type of ability is tough. There is a very common suggestion to make this ability more balanced: Make it a skill shot, that may or may not be blocked by minions. This is a very good suggestion, and a simple one too. Players wouldn't be able to spam the ability whenever, and it offers legitimate counterplay. If it _wasn't_ blocked by minions, it would be harder to dodge, but still would offer ways to play around it, by baiting out the ability or keeping track of it's cooldown. Zed's Q and Olaf's Q are good examples . Some players will argue that both of those are overpowered at harassing, but seeing as how Riot has never mentioned changing them I will classify them as balanced abilities. It it _was_ blocked by minions then it would even easier to avoid, but many other abilities are like this and those champions function perfectly fine. Both Xerath and Ahri's E, as examples both are very strong moves that a defining moment when they land, one being a stun and the other a charm/stun, that are not able to be used freely, but must be planned and aimed carefully. I feel this change would add significant counterplay to Vladimir, while also preserving his identity to long-time players of him. Thoughts? Other suggestions? I'm excited to hear what Meddler, Statikk, or any other Rioter thinks about these suggestions, if you guys are reading this. (I posted this as a stand-alone thread, but I just wanted to make sure it was seen by a Rioter)
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