: Whats going on with ADC players?
im sick of autofilled jungler/supports and i often get autofilled adcs as well (its no surprise considering how often their supports suck) had a 9 death brand.. this fool kept running into blitz grab and feed vayne as if she's not overpowered.. leaving me vulnerable and unable to cs. i was positive while he pretty much ruined the entire game with his incapability to support, i feel bad for the future adcs that will end up with this tool...
Tha1Mat88 (EUW)
: i got hackt and got band
alot of players get banned for the same reason and i have only heard of koreans getting unbanned because they use a third party web lawyer site to force riot korea to provide proper customer support
: Open letter to Balancing team.
hmm just curious, where does it make you feel that they are trying their best to balance? nerfing poppy for stat check then right after that buffs garen and mundo... ???
: How often do they even build Bloodthirster? Seriously. Dravens rushing it is about it.You guys lose ONE solo Q game, to some item almost no one ever gets to build, and you guys run straight to the forums to post about it. Lifesteal is seriously overrated nowadays. Morello's is a great item on damn near every champ that does burst, so its almost always in the game, executioners is 800g, most ADCs cannot go any sort of lifesteal before 4 items, outside of a few(Kai-sa with death's dance, dravens with BT). Even then, most people end up better off with Mercurial anyways. Damn you see it all when people are scraping the bottom of the barrel wanting Bloodthirster nerfed.
if you really believe that then what is the point of your comment though? i see xayah, caitlyn, ashe, tristana, jinx take it on their 3rd item for sustain and shield so we must play a different game lol
Dremiist (NA)
: Graves is busted,nerf it to the grave.
yeah graves damage is ridiculous and he some how gets buffed? is riot on drugs? lmao..
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biggest issue is that the new people click ranked as soon as they reach lv.30 because it sounds cool and you think you're ready and good enough despite losing all your normal games.. there is no learning phase with a million lv.10 smurfs ruining new player's experience for years to earn easy S rank for hextech chests rinse repeat on a new account to get a smurf with cool skins. the game is actually so toxic i can't believe some people actually withstand it until lv.30, and with the exp requirements reduced to lv.30 that is even less training for ranked or vs lv.30 players which is why so many players are terrible at the game because they were busy getting smashed game after a game. i guess this is why there are still people who want to play mmorpgs instead or turnbased games, or infact overwatch. i liked heroes of the storm better because you don't need to focus on the cs and you can gank or team fight straight on, it's also possible to beat good people if you work together with new players unlike on league where you get smashed because the new people ignore you or live in lala land.
riste (NA)
: Garen is classed as a Juggernaut, however is the only one to not be able to trade with tanks.
garen shouldn't be able to kill everything, his spin to win had it's glory and i find it powerful when i see my friends play it.
Aldra (NA)
: can smurfs be bannable?
looks like this has been an issue for years, it's a shame we have to go through this nonsense until lv.30 just to get smashed by the good lv.30s that were fortunate enough to avoid the smurfs when they were low levels.
: Smurf accounts really needs to be banned
i quit years before smurfing became problematic, i can't believe it's still an issue if not worse.. i feel bad for everyone that has to level their first account to lv.30, they can't learn anything when they get demolished, it explains why alot of lv.30 players play like lv.10s now when i spectate my friends
Maddmazz (NA)
: Anyone better than he is.
that is absurd, anyone could be better than me but that doesn't mean someone is a smurf, you could tell if the guy is a smurf by watching him play, those are plays that can't happen in a actual lv.10 matchup and majority of the time they confess or harrass their enemy team for being bad.
Aldra (NA)
: can smurfs be bannable?
ironically there are more lv.30s in the lv.10 playing field than the actual lv.30 but it all makes sense now when i see my lv.30 friends play, it must have been those lv.10 players that was in a losing streak or luckily got carried by smurfs to lv.30 smh this game is ridiculous no other moba had such a toxic community where smurfs ruin everything
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