: Alistar finally has a real biography.
the spelling errors in this thread hurts the soul, please guys at least use autocorrect
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: A lot of those aren't unreasonable requests that you should abide by even if you aren't jungler. You should ping before you gank a lane. Jungler isn't the only role that ganks. We all have to. I'm a support, and when I go mid, I always ping that I'm doing that so my mid has time to get in position or they can tell me if there's vision somewhere. They can also ping me off, saying it's a bad time and they cannot follow up. As for other things like securing a kill for yourself, that's a judgement call. If a hypercarry like Yi does it, I don't mind _too much_, but it's almost always better to spread the love around and make the team get a massive lead in gold. It's also risky because if you steal all the kills, and you have a huge bounty, eventually you're going to die, and if it goes to an enemy hyper carry, nobody will have enough items to deal with that.
yes I agree that some of those things you have to do, when I wrote this I just listed everything people tell me to do off the top of my head. The problem is that they expect us to do it everytime without fail while doing everything else at the same time
: After 4 years, I finally climbed out of Bronze, AMA
took me two years since my start of playing to reach silver without a duo partner to help me hard climb, this was with a laptop that was fallihg apart and never went above 30fps and a mouse that was a little red dot around the G key (you know what I mean if you ever seen one) , this year I bought a new PC and now I have an actual mouse and have over 60 fps and I got to gold without a duo partner with no real issue except teammates. I know for a fact an actual mouse and a pc that isn’t wheezing to death really helps, if I ever get a duo partner I probably could get plat easily maybe struggle to diamond even
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: Didn't connect. Idk what to do anymore
I had this problem alot on my old dinosaur of a computer, it's more than likely time for an upgrade.
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Manxxom (NA)
: Somehow it makes miss fortune look like an old lady which is unique.
nasty used gilf mf
Terozu (NA)
: I love official artwork of couples in LoL
you’re going to decide to check your league board comments in 3 or 4 years and see this post you made and absolutely cringe at yourself, hi you.
: how do i counter vlad or is he just broken.
Diävolo (EUW)
: Is that a joke? I mean, I'm aware of the problems and stuff but. How Urgot's ult make someone get a seizure? Its not a sudden thing. I would say Pyke's ult maybe. Darius's ult. Or Rengar jumping on you. But Urgot is... Impossible. Unless you're playing Yi and pressing R and youdidn't see his ult coming and you get grabbed in a fight without noticing.
seizures arent caused by a surprise lol, the way you’re describing it makes it seem like surprises cause seizures
Shahamut (NA)
: What Skarner mains REALLY want...
and here I thought you was going to show some skimpy rule63 skarner art
: Rakan, is too good for Xayah. (Rant)
i imagine rakan being some lazy slob if it wasnt for the fact he wan sum fük from xayah
: Was Hacked By a Scripting Xerath
your lvl1 honor tells me you were toxic in the past, did you possibly spread toxicity towards someone and ended up being targetted this way? good reason to not be toxic if you ask me... I say upvote this so toxic people have a good reason to not be toxic since this could be a very convincing example
: The "Ban words" system should be aware of location specific meanings
I agree that a line had to be drawn somewhere and the line was clear, but situations like this should be manually reviewed again to be sure of the situation. idky you guys are arguing and being rude to someone who is blunt but not rude like rujitra. Let’s all be more civil about this please...problematic circumstances like this just become even more hectic with insults and unneeded jabs.
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UniSect (NA)
: Explain to me the difference between Heal and Shield?
: panth players suddenly have to learn real mechanics, first one i encounter is trying to farm using his E.
his e causes hunters talisman to regenerate alot of hp I noticed practicing him in tool
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Ink Rose (NA)
: Made Fan Art of a Rioter's Little Legends Skin Idea
Èlisé (NA)
: Ruby, The Phantom [Champion Concept]
all these skill names sounds like she's just an offshoot of morgana tbh
: Why isn't there any champion who's a sloth?
sloth skin ivern can be a thing tbh
: Pyke is what?
I can't find the story right now but I remember in a Nami story she needed to get a moon stone or something from the depths of the ocean and she saw a ghastly dark presence, could that presence be what resurrected and has allied with Pyke? edit: https://leagueoflegends.fandom.com/wiki/Into_the_Abyss found it. apparently I forgot there's voidborn at the bottom of the seas, that would mean my theory points that pyke is possibly a voidborn now and I don't really like that idea....so forget it.
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: TT's removal and implications of Vilemaw/Elise lore
let’s be honest they’re just going to make her a vastayan like they did to other champs{{champion:103}} {{champion:62}}
Éthreal (NA)
: Constella - The Cosmic Mother
constella gunna hit someone with her chancla
: Blood Moon Shaco skin concept for 2020
dang shaco hits the gym when he isnt busy killing people ....wait does shaco look and act like a normal civilian when he isnt being a crazy psycho killer? does shaco do cross fit??
: Shaco Update/Mini Rework
yes to the new cc I say remove blood trail stuff no explosion when clone dies but the new cc instead and poison gas I also think no more attacks from boxes but a small puff of poison gas(fear still)
: [Champion Concept] Umbree, The Keeper of the Queen Bees
Im no bee expert or demacia expert but, 1. doesnt Demacia view magic/magical creatures(vastayans) as a crime? 2. beehives have a queen bee in each one and if there are multiple queen bees they usually either kill their unborn sister or have a fight to have one be the queen... your character is potrayed as nice and stuff so idk if she’d be willing to kill the things she loves just to be queen bee
: Shoutout to the artist who made Aubeelion Sol
I’d hate to see that flying in my yard
ChunLii (NA)
: They should drop the whole Russian accent. I know people will get pissed because they think it’s unique but nobody else from Zaun or Piltover for that matter talks like that UNLESS new!Viktor wasn’t actually born in Zaun but moved there as a child which btw still raises the question why didn’t he lose his accent? But still more probable than this weird way he talk for a Zaunite while being Zaunite born
well it isn’t a russian accent if russia doesn’t exist, which it doesn’t in LoL :D
: >Idle animation while in the river in cougar form would include playing in the water, and human form would be Nidalee trying to clean herself up. I really hope we'll have this in the future, holyyyyy
I dont, half of it made me cringe so hard
Ahpe (NA)
: What do we classify Kayn as?
He’s considered an edgy teen who wants his senpai to notice him, so basically almost every loser teenage boy
: It's meant to feel like a ninja, gradually whittling away at the opponent from the shadows (shroud), while circling them, you dive out, getting a mini stun, disappear back into the shroud, and just when they think they can escape, BAM, heavy hitting execute. Does the delay sometimes feel clunky? Yes, but it can also bait out people using escapes, or if being chased, make them think you're done, then you hit them, or dive away. The delay has its uses, and I've found it to work well in many cases. You could even open a fight with R1, fight a few seconds, then end it with R2 if you time everything right.
I didn’t know ninjas “slowly whittled away” I thought they either assassinated by stabbing/cutting or poisoning unless I’m straight retarded
Anin777 (EUW)
: Anyone else seeing league ads everywhere?
you use google? google has been known to track you
: I don't understand why Riot sometimes ignores their mistakes instead of fixing them
aren't most boobs smaller than the other? I thought that was a natural thing, I only see the "unnaturally bent right arm" thing, the fugly face an misplaced ear looks normal to me
: Why Gangplank orange can cleanse Urgot ult?
oh you have an unsanitary giant spear lodged in your boy? here eat an orange, you'll feel much better
: Gam, The Heretic Chef
Sanji does not belong in this game, gdfo
: Infernal Akali should be changed to Shadowfire Akali
1. no to shadowfire 2. yea it does look lazy that they just blacked her face, now akali looks racist (jokes)
bbuonito (NA)
: Kled skin
Safari Kled tho
Balto (EUW)
: Gragas Rework Idea [Fanmade]
P: I think it’d be too strong if he went heavy Ap/Hp Items like liandrys/protobelt/morello/RoA, How about have it heal by 17% of missing health+4% AP scaling? I ask for it to heal missing health because it’d be insane to heal instantly (you said like a potion but didn’t pinpoint if it healed over time or instantly) for hp that much that quickly on a full ap gragas or a full tank gragas P.S. this would give him too much sustain in the jungle as well so since he can hold3 at a time let’s increase it from 30s to 50s a mug Q:Let’s lower the base damages a bit on all ranks from 80/120/160/200/240 to 75/105/135/165/195 I lowered his base damage and not his ap scaling to help prevent early game burst and to prevent a full tank gragas from doing amazing damage throughout the game, a hybrid tank/ap gragas would be much more balanced imo for his desired role as a psuedo diver/burst mage P.S. Make that slow decaying as well W:This skill confuses me, so it hits in a cone in front of the user,ok , when it hits the enemy it deals splash damage around the enemy hit, ok, but THEN you state it pushes enemies(plural) towards the target( as in, the targetted enemy champion as if it was some sort of point and click skill?) Sounds extremely nutty to me E: remove the “if hits an enemy,reduce cooldown by 3s” besides that I’m pretty fine with it R: Every single basic attack will deal 3-5% max target hp damage? and he’s able to use his skills too??? his ult is like an empowered autos mode but he’s an AP mage with melee autos which sounds rather odd plus he’s vulnerable to being bursted when he has to stop and drink from his passive to prolong his ulti duration?? Doesn’t this ultimate sound odd to you? I’d scrap this ultimate idea and build a new one from scratch
: summoner name for smurf acc adc and vayne main HELP
Rapist, cause you pin people up against the wall against their will you sick fuckers who play Vayne
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: I don't wonder. Its easy to see they aren't doing a good job anywhere.
this is how you know you’re pretty hardcore biased when you say riot is not doing a good job ANYWHERE,they have amazing music and splasharts at the very least so idky you’d say they aren’t doing a good job anywhere
japhib (NA)
: and you guys wonder why Rioters ignore these boards
to be honest I’d post an emote with no words under one of those threads just to piss some of us off for the hell of it.
Wuks (NA)
: Maybe Ryan from accounting, but you didn't hear it from me
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