La Bello (NA)
: there is nothing riot can do to make worlds NOT boring. slow, careful and defensive play almost always wins out over aggressive stratagems and history usually shows that attacking is MUCH harder than defending. These teams have a job to WIN not to entertain us sadly. thats why i think Riot should just stop trying to balance around worlds completely. You cant FORCE people to play badly and fiesta while picking flashy mechanical champs (which is what people want to see). From now until the end of time its gonna be a rigid meta of around 20 or so optimal champs and the same teamcomps being ran.
Lmao, unlike my comment (which aged well) saying kha'zix buffs wouldn't help him get picked more in worlds (0% pickrate LUL). IMO this comment has aged poorly b/c this worlds has been hype af.
: The funniest part (calling it now) is that {{champion:121}} will still be a damn troll pick at worlds, unless the team that picked him is just way better than their opponents, because in a competitive setting with all players on coms its far tougher for assassins to pick off priority targets and the players at this level generally have good enough reactions to turn on, CC and focus the assassin. Which is why in pro play champs with CC and utility are generally prioritized over champs with assassination potential in the jungle.
> [{quoted}](name=Alex h8721,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=U3XZi3vM,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2018-09-25T18:38:38.860+0000) > > The funniest part (calling it now) is that {{champion:121}} will still be a damn troll pick at worlds, unless the team that picked him is just way better than their opponents, because in a competitive setting with all players on coms its far tougher for assassins to pick off priority targets and the players at this level generally have good enough reactions to turn on, CC and focus the assassin. > > Which is why in pro play champs with CC and utility are generally prioritized over champs with assassination potential in the jungle. {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-popcorn}} I absolutely called it, lmfao 0% pickrate kha'zix, but thanks rito those buffs were super healthy for solo q
Leto GT (EUW)
: {{item:3173}} {{item:3285}} {{item:3116}} {{item:3151}}
Akaśhí (EUNE)
: How to effectively climb
I agree with all this except {{champion:222}} jinx aint OP like the others there
: Okay. Can you, honestly, give an actual reason you think the new Akali is unhealthy, **without** mentioning the obscured mechanic?
Q healing is as bad as if not worse than the sustain from her old passive, her W makes it nearly impossible to all in her if you do manage to poke her down, these 2 in combination means she can generally sustain in lane for way too long. Plus her base damages are too high
EvLoFo (NA)
: Please also nerf these 4 men, preferably before 2:30 {{champion:122}} {{champion:104}} {{champion:202}} {{champion:38}} Let's try to make sure that our nerf suggestions are inclusive, promote equity, and avoid sexism.
{{champion:122}} is fine (didnt need the buff this patch, but still of the 4 he's a LOOOOOT more balanced than the other 3), The other 3 are all disgustingly op tho
pureMJ (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=Alex h8721,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=ZMfMv5Ix,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2018-09-07T17:46:23.208+0000) > > You seriously want zyra buffs? She's balanced, bit over 50% winrate plat and diamond+ w/ a 5% playrate. She's 100% fine, already strong in lane and useful in teamfights/skirmishes, even small buffs would make her oppressive. We are not talking about buff, we are talking about bug fix. Also, winrate doesn't tell you the whole story. Look at the games your opponent zyra played this champion. If it's anything near 20 to 30. like the average yasuo or any other champions, their winrate is likely very low. The reason zyra seems to have 50% wirnate if that: * They play this champion for many games * They are now playing this champion at lower elo because the bug made them lost quite some games.
bronze thru gold she stays around 52% w/r w/ a decent pick/ban rate. Plat+ shes ~ 51% And diamond+ she's around 49.5% Which, while maybe showing she's a little stronger in low elo than high (ppl can't dodge skillshots as well in low elo), overall it shows she's a well balanced champion Source:
: "Kha'Zix has been struggling"
are you banning {{champion:104}} ?
: A Rioter Basically Said "It's Not My Job" When I Told Him To Check Out My Team Mates Chat Logs
I'm leveling up an account, in a game yesterday I had a {{champion:58}} that was pretty toxic during the game, calling teammates retarded among other things. But then post game lobby (after we lost) dude was literally telling everyone on our team to kill themselves, saying he hopes our families die, and was just spamming the chat w/ rage and hate that was WAY over the top, reported him for verbal abuse w/ the comment "extreme flame, check post game chat" But upon checking he has still been playing, no punishment. The inconsistency and just flat out poor execution of riot's punishment system is really damn frustrating
: Mord's VGU is something I await with open arms along with Shen's inevitable second rework and Ryze's fourth.
Poor {{champion:13}} just could really use an ale, but instead rito's giving him another rework. LOL
: I'm Sure Kha Won't Be Broken At All in 8.19
The funniest part (calling it now) is that {{champion:121}} will still be a damn troll pick at worlds, unless the team that picked him is just way better than their opponents, because in a competitive setting with all players on coms its far tougher for assassins to pick off priority targets and the players at this level generally have good enough reactions to turn on, CC and focus the assassin. Which is why in pro play champs with CC and utility are generally prioritized over champs with assassination potential in the jungle.
: what do YOU think an ADC is supposed to do.
Consistent DPS both to objectives and champions, In teamfights and skirmishes if they position well (or are peeled for well) and are able to hit freely they should pump out good damage but if an enemy is able to disrupt them they should be far less effective in a teamfight. Same concept for towers, if they siege properly (tanks up front, trap line as cait etc) they should be able to pop down towers easily if they avoid getting engaged on. And their drawbacks should be being vulnerable and squishy, and also not having CONSISTENT single target burst (bascially adc shouldn't be able to burst unless they hit everything, for example cait getting a trap headshot into net headshot into Q to burst someone down). And generally i think this holds true in this meta for most adcs, but IMO its also the reason that {{champion:202}} with his easy burst combo and ridiculous amount of AD/MS from his passive, {{champion:133}} w/ her self peel and high burst, And {{champion:145}} who can scale up to the point where she barely has to worry about positioning b/c of how high her damage is are a bit out of line.
: Juggernauts will never be healthy for the game
I think its more that {{champion:36}} is just disgustingly overtuned right now.
5050BS (NA)
: Got to love looking at end game stats and seeing the Yasuo has the highest self mitigated damage
{{item:3046}} 12% Damage reduction also counts towards self mitigated damage, but if you have a champ w/ Damage reduction {{champion:39}} W {{champion:19}} E they will almost always have higher self mitigated damage than a yasuo
Nhifu (NA)
: To all Kayn players
Thing is tho, kayn has to wait for good opportunities to fight/gank, if he tries to force fights it usually doesnt go well since he's so weak pre-transformation
HuaaWind (NA)
: Vladamir is seriously broken
no way to solo kill him? bait pool, cc, {{summoner:14}} {{item:3123}} {{item:3165}} Edit: in fact {{summoner:14}} keeps ticking while he's in his pool
: What If A Certain Amount Of Mastery Was Required To Use A Champion In Ranked?
Problem with this is that now instead of having to own 20X champs to play ranked, you would have to own 20X champs and have them all at that level of mastery (because if your "main"/backup higher mastery picks get taken then often you're left w/ a backup option that you don't play as often and may not even have the mastery required).
: Barrier
Barrier is an early counter for ignite, and ignite only outdamages it at later levels, and in general its a great counter against all-ins in a 1v1 (or 2v2 if you remember the ardent meta last year when supports would bring heal and their adc would bring barrier).
: I can't think of any reason to not take heal over Barrier. Maybe if you needed to protect yourself from a strong ability like a MF Q or a Pyke ult
pyke ult ignores shields, only looks at the HP value.
Moody P (NA)
: Why do Vanguards keep getting the short end of the design stick?
Is {{champion:12}} really a warden? Because he dang sure isn't played as one, he's played as a primary engage a lot from what i see lmao.
: I'm totally serious. So confused why the community wouldn't think this was trash....this is a serious esport.....
its kinda weak and the yasuo skin especially is pay to win with how narrow the tornado animation is
DeusVult (NA)
: Everyone hates on "added burst from Duskblade"
Triforce is also close to 1000 gold more expensive
rawiazam1 (EUNE)
: here's what i call a copycat
That game was an absolute fiesta lmfao
: Alternative Junglers to Nunu
Have you given {{champion:19}} a shot? He's not quite as objective control oriented as nunu, but his Q heals him and he's got decent CC and tankyness, and like nunu his play pattern is generally about jumping into the enemy team and ccing who you can. He stays very healthy while clearing the jungle, can take dragons early much like nunu, can gank pre 6 (though ganks are much stronger post 6).
Dasdi96 (NA)
: No way, we don't want assassins to have even more reliable first auto attack damage. Every assassin will just build like this: {{item:3147}} {{item:3095}} {{item:3142}} {{item:3087}} {{item:3031}}
And explode in the duration of even a 1 second CC lol
D357R0Y3R (EUW)
: idk, can Deft be considered a Morde main?
Lol he played 1 game, plus its a bit different for pro's b/c they want to try to at least be able to play any possible pick, so they kinda have to try to git gud on everything
: A good main can play their champion well in spite of their drawbacks and balance woes. If you want to see what a champion _can_ do you look at it's mains. If you want to talk about how a champion is doing you generally look at literally everyone else who plays the champion.
People other than {{champion:82}} mains play {{champion:82}} ? News to me lol
: I don't care about what people say about Lux
Steel legion {{champion:99}} Q is super pay to win, tiny animation but big hitbox, that is my main gripe.
: I forgot how oppressive heim is
{{champion:74}} is incredibly obnoxious to lane against, twice as awful if you play a melee champ, but he trades that for being outscaled by almost every champ in the game. Last time i played against a heim i went {{champion:13}} and once i had {{item:3003}} {{item:3027}} i could clap him easily, 1 combo put him ~40% and he has to leave lane at that point b/c weq will kill him. Edit: plus {{champion:13}} can stack/ spread his E using heimer turrets ez w/ EE/EQ
: What are some noob mistakes you made when you first started playing LoL?
LOL bro i did the channel cancel by walking w/ malz ult the first time i played him i felt so dumb lmao. But when i first started i played a lot of jinx and lux, and my main fails were firing my ult/abilities backwards when trying to kite away lmao.
bubbleji (NA)
: Graves is a situational pick, Kai is better
As adc maybe, but as jungle graves has stronger early damage as well as gank utility w/ nearsight and slow from smokescreen lol, yea kaisa lategame may be stronger but thats the only time shes stronger.
Add92 (NA)
: This needs to be upvoted . I logged in boards to complain about Graves TANKINESS due to his E stacks , and your post is sitting right here . Fate I guess . If you burst this HARD , you shouldn't be able to survive this easily . The bonus resistances from his E are out of control . I don't mind playing against a bursty champion or a tanky champion or a drain tank . I do mind playing against all three at the same time . I just witnessed a graves FLASH IN 4 person , do his combo get a kill + 2 others extremely low , they CC'ed him and went off on him , he barely lost half his HP and just walked away a 1V4 ?? His E is ridiculous not his damage .
Very true, probably his most overloaded ability w/ a reload, dash, and armor/mr, and it synergizes with his very high base hp
: How do you play against Fizz/Ahri as Annie?
For ahri, dont try to proc your stun w/ tibbers since she can dodge get it w/ Q then tibbers her staying behind minions for the charm and good reactions if she ults aggressively
: Daily reminder Riot is happy with the Scuttle changes
If youre blue side jungling (early at least) is easy, pick any champ that can gank level 2, botlane leashes red> gank attempt mid (level 2 to level 1), usually you can at least blow a flash if not get a kill. Walk right back into jg get dragon scuttle, then your mid should be pushing, walk around the back of the lane (so you dont leech xp) and get topside scuttle if enemy jg started blue they probably wont be here yet and if they are redbuff lets you outduel them, if they blue>red> scuttle you'll beat them to it, the only way for them to get this scuttle from you is if they started w/ the shitty 1 man leash from top on red. After taking these scuttles grab blue, if theres a gank available try if not clear gromp+wolves and B and get {{item:3706}} {{item:3715}} and head toward the next scuttle which should be spawining soon at that point. Most of my jg games i start 3-0 on scuttles w/ this pathing, you've just gotta keep an eye on the minimap, for example if botlane and mid are losing and getting pushed in, you dont wanna go for bot scuttle b/c the enemy team will collapse 1st and of course the all lanes losing scenario is always a nightmare too.
: As dad would say > Not banning him was a _Graves mistake_
Lol, yea i do what i can to make sure he doesn't see the light of day in my games
Rioter Comments
: What if there was a Yasuo wind wall around the entrance to your fountain? Although it is fun to murder people at the end of the game while they try to recover. But yeah, if you are killing people in their fountain it's over anyway.
pretty sure its a lazer and not blocked by WW/braum w
: I just checked, i think the glitch got me into gold, but I stayed in low gold for a long time after they fixed it
eh id say you adapted and macro'd your way to plat, as a tank player yea youre team dependent, but your also useful even if you lose lane, so hey congrats on plat!
: Did you climb by playing that super broken hitbox E max Sion from earlier in the year?
darkdill (NA)
: What if there had been a "Rewind" Summoner Spell that reset the cooldowns on your basic abilities?
My first thought when i saw the title of this thread was "F*&%*&ing {{champion:26}} "
iTaLenTZ (EUW)
: Lets compare Fiddlesticks and Amumu ult CD: Why does Amumu's ult have 30 seconds more CD?
: They probably wanted someone more analogous to a Rocket Raccoon type of character and Ziggs fits that bill more than Heimer does. Definitely feels like an afterthought compared to the rest of them though.
They got the voice about as close to rocket at they couldve tho, so i gotta give em that.
: I know you're colton and stuff but "{{champion:42}} is a very mechanically intensive champion." I honestly fail to see how
Positioning (corki is super squish), skillshots (everything in his kit), and auto weaving w/ {{item:3078}}
: High/Normal MMR, Low LP Gains? is very innacurate unfortunately the is no known accurate site
If the enemy jungler is stronger early, or has already gotten a kill/level lead on me and can beat me 1v1, yea im gonna farm up, because at that point i lose any gank where he's there too unless the lane is significantly stronger than the enemy and then once i get the items/levels to equalize i will be more likely to gank
Ryushiin (NA)
: Why do ppl hate support?
I just dislike the duo lane, sharing exp and leveling up slower, but also of course its no fun to be on half the gold income of everyone else. Even so i dislike playing adc almost equally as much.
: I think its better now cuz you get the gold if a fed enemy dies to you, its a 1000 gold bounty that you dont have to share with your team. I think this makes solo carrying easier if u are shuting down the enemy team alot.
And if you have a pyke on your team they will last hit every enemy w/ a bounty while playing pretty safe, be like 12-5 toward the end of the game and be like "haha im so fed but my team is trash"
: Because it isn't. Unless your idea of "full AD" is a {{champion:157}} {{champion:24}} {{champion:11}} {{champion:67}}, then the full AD team is **completely** reliant on getting and winning with an early lead, or on the enemy team not having a single champion capable of stacking armor. Also, full AP teams tend to lack DPS. Full-AD teams can still have tanks, burst, and DPS, but there are *very* few AA-based AP champions.
{{champion:268}} and {{champion:69}} are probably the only 2 dps ap champs
: It was changed in the rework to be completely new in how it worked. It doesn't move away from his body like it used to it is kinda like lux ultimate.
ground targeted ability kinda like sion Q
: Nexus Blitz Idea: URF
Like an urf mode event and most kills during wins the event? I like this idea but only if its an event where both sides get the buff, as a reward for winning an event it would be way too op as the team that got this buff would easily steamroll.
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