Shukr4n (EUW)
: u can t fight money and teenagers...i agree with you. but better to take for yourself such things and act
I do act. I work in a nonprofit that educates men about how not to be assholes to women.
: Objectification? I see no objectification here. Miss Fortune has always been a sexy character, and her attitude has always been to own that status and use it to her advantage. It's in her voice-over, particles, and animations. There are plenty of sexy champions in League of Legends, both male and female, just as there are plenty of champions that exemplify the virtues of their grim and gritty, innocent and child-like, or valorous and headstrong designs. If Riot were to capitulate to the demands of a select few whiny individuals, they would be forced to take half of their champion designs and make them pointlessly normal, which is just... boring. You can't sit here and demand diversity in champion design, only to cry when Riot's designers come out with some form of diversity you don't like; diversity means that we celebrate every kind of body type, skin color, and attitude, whether that's sexy or disgusting or innocent. Guess what? There are sexy women with large breasts in real life, are you going to walk up to one of them and demand they put something more conservative on if you see them walking down the street wearing something sexy? Media does not shape culture, media REFLECTS culture. Stop whining that Riot is somehow violating the rights and feelings of nonexistent digital characters that represent something greater than themselves.
Opposite of your assumption: media does not reflect culture; media *shapes* culture. People aren't given what they want. People want what they've been given. There is zero reason certain physical features should be considered "conventionally attractive;" human beings living in the tundra or rainforest have very different ideas about what makes a woman "beautiful." Most Western people have roughly the same idea of what "beauty" is *because media shaped that image.* Reinforcing it in video games makes the lives of "less attractive women" more difficult. You have no idea how "unattractive" women are ignored in society.
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: "GG EZ"
"gg ez" is incredibly disrespectful and I report it every time.
: You must be one of those kids that abuse the report system and report for any little problem you face in league Ggez
You must be one of those unfortunate teens growing up in a culture where you're taught that suppressing emotion is manly.
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Vistha Kai (EUNE)
: > I've come to the conclusion that I was wrong about the W. A Rioter admits he was wrong.
Dude they do this all the time.
: Queue classroom "oooooooooh" sounds!
(You're looking for the homophone, "cue.")
LankPants (OCE)
: I just hope that if the changes make champs like Shyvana and Yi who rely heavily on Devourer weak you don't take 6 months to do anything about it like you did the last time you nerfed a jungle item.
> [{quoted}](name=LankPants,realm=OCE,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=ApE4WjUg,comment-id=000000010000,timestamp=2016-04-09T00:38:57.512+0000) > > I just hope that if the changes make champs like Shyvana and Yi who rely heavily on Devourer weak you don't take 6 months to do anything about it like you did the last time you nerfed a jungle item. The simple removal of Devourer would make Master Yi balanced.
: how would you know if someone is a smurf account? or they just started playing ranked? how would you know that if you dont know the person you dont know nothin they couldve been taught by high ranking players you never know
> [{quoted}](name=Airbane98,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=RfhEUghL,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2015-12-02T08:57:13.749+0000) > > how would you know if someone is a smurf account? or they just started playing ranked? how would you know that if you dont know the person you dont know nothin they couldve been taught by high ranking players you never know I know it when they add and message me after the game gloating that they are a Diamond player who finds it funny to stomp Golds. Yes I'm mad. Edit: My point is that Riot SHOULD know. People should only be allowed one Ranked account.
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Chager (NA)
: For this project we specifically focused on the in game UI (this team's specialty). I hear you though about wanting to have an updated look and feel for Champ select though.
Please don't change the "look and feel" of Champ Select. That's part of the core look and feel of the game. You guys are changing styles a lot, and it's destroying the aesthetic of your game.
: Random Client Disconnects
I have this exact issue too. What's going on?
: i dont see a problem tbh there is a reason you get 3 for 590 rp they are super easy to make and dont change much so each of them is only worth like 190 ish rp. so its 5 bucks and you basically get 3 really cheap skins
Yeah I dunno why you're getting downvoted. I feel the same way.
: Personally i believe that false reports should be noted, i have been reported countless times for no particular reason, but much of the toxic stuff is indeed said in Champion select.{{summoner:2}}
I've been "counter-reported" a lot too, and I just laugh because I have faith in Riot seeing the difference. I don't rage, so I don't worry.
: Snow Day Malzahar hits the slopes
You finally make a new Malzahar skin, and it's not that good :( You went overboard on the poro theme... Malzahar's winter theme should have had icicle Voidlings, and I think he would have looked a lot better in furs than in this lame jock snowboarder gear.
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: MY GOSH SOMEBODY PLEASE PLAY {{champion:25}} {{champion:90}} DUO BOT AND TELL ME WHAT ITS LIKE!!!!!!
I've done it. It's hot.
: MY GOSH SOMEBODY PLEASE PLAY {{champion:25}} {{champion:90}} DUO BOT!!!!!!!!!
My girlfriend and I used to do that :P
: Tear of the Goddess
Nah, I think the hover-over is just fine, because you only need to look at Tear's progress when you're considering the shop. The stack number affects nothing in the moment, in-fight. The stack counter on Wriggles is important because it turns into Feral Flare when complete, and that number change can affect a fight. Come to think of it, Archangel's Staff should have a stack counter for that reason, but not Tear.
: I like this idea. I also like this idea applied to Bans as well.
Yeah, this would inform your team's captain not to ban the champ you want.
: @Riot Darius Noxian Guillotine does NOT feel right.
In my opinion, Darius became balanced when that 20 second window was introduced. In my opinion, Darius "should" be built as a Tank.
: I wanted that too for a while, then i got used to just using one mastery page that i rewrite ever game. I still think it would be nice.
That sounds like a good habit to get into, but I am communicating way too much in pre-game chat to have time to think about each point of my masteries.
: I'm in the camp of "the Voidborn don't have genders".
I like the idea of "female" in the sense of pre-gender, as all single-celled life is "female."
: The Reason You're Stuck In Bronze/Silver.
Are you kidding me? I am a highly-honored, never-raging player who admits his mistakes and communicates freely... and I am stuck in Bronze hell because of the terrible human beings on my assigned teams. Every game, at least one rager, AFK or outright troll who thinks it's fun to ruin a game.
: Unpopular Opinions
Miss Fortune has disgustingly huge tits. I know this is a game of fantasy with magical creatures and stuff, but her waist-to-boobs ratio is jarringly unrealistic. As long as people under 16 play this game (still developing body-image psychology), I second the opinion that NO female champion should be dressed provocatively, and wearing high-heels in battle? Come on. Further, Elise and Zyra stand out to me as champions that Riot really went out of their way to sexualize. I really was not expecting the Spider Monster or the Plant Monster to have ridiculous mammalian features. On a slightly related note, I would request another Female Non-Humanoid Champion. I believe the Void offers plenty of opportunity there.
Zaniel (NA)
: @Riot Update on Tribunal rework?
I share your sentiments. I had been a regular Tribunal voter, and I am anxious for an update on the improvement of the system. The old Tribunal was far too lenient, requiring dozens of toxic games before someone was even considered for punishment. I also feel that all smurf accounts should be somehow linked (invisibly) to their player, so that a ban is really a ban. As for Honor; I consistently get it from a wide variety of players I've never met before, and I have yet to receive a ribbon. I have no idea how this is calculated. One of speculations is something Riot mentioned about trying to curb "honor-trading," by negating any honor gained by people who have honored each other more than once. My real-life friends and I sometimes get excited after a game and honor each other, even though we have before, and I wonder if this shows up in their "system" as "honor-trading." It would make more sense if the excess/repeated honor is simply not counted at all, rather than punishing people for honoring someone again.
: Doom Bots of Doom Q&A with the Play team. 7/23, 2PM - 4PM PST
Do we get more Experience/ Influence Points for playing against Doom Bots than Intermediates?
Alchemax (NA)
: Make a Tribunal App so we can review cases anywhere!
This would be so rad!!! If they had a Tribunal smartphone app, I would always be at my voting limit :)
: Upgrading the Tribunal
I am very happy to hear of improvements to the Tribunal system and I'm interested to see what the mentioned "experiments" will be. I take Tribunal reporting and judging seriously, and in my Justice Report I'm always surprised to see Warnings handed out as punishment. To even APPEAR in the Tribunal one has to have been reported in dozens of games, yes? By the time someone has managed to appear as a case, they have likely already ruined dozens of games with their attitude. A Warning needs to appear much sooner than that, and if the bad behavior is consistent enough to be a case, it likely is ban-worthy.


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