: We were talking about keeping him alive knowing he's still to be executed. It's still ridiculously long and needless travel just to have an execution parade in the capital. Also are Noxians petty enough to even do that, Swain seems to hardly care for Demacians.
Like I said that’s why he was kept alive. He was going to die but they wanted to do it in a show offy way. They wanted to execute him in capital because of the celebrations and morale it will cause probably.
: Personally, I'd say that about Jarvan II will change. Im very skeptical that a Demacian army could successfully waltz into enemy territory like that. It's too far and perilous to travel and there's no reason to believe they'd want to go the distance either. Although does beg the question, how would Xin otherwise get rescued? Im also very skeptical about Fleshing still being a canon thing. Modern lore has referenced Reckoners and gladiator arenas plenty of times but has yet to use the term 'Fleshing'. Seems kinda suspicious, if it was still a thing why wouldn't it have been referenced at all yet? Next point, I don't think Jarvan the First is canonically a fool. Instead that is my interpretation of him based on his actions as represented from Sion's lore and what should be the consequences of those actions. However, we know that Sion's lore has a few inconsistencies and contradictions with the most modern lore. So I think it's safe to assume the events surrounding their battle/death could shift a bit. Perhaps under a better context that doesn't make the very first Jarvan seem like such an ambitious moron. Yeah and it baffles me too why Noxians would keep J4 alive. My thought is since that was something initially from the old lore, the writers just kept it in because _cant change lore too much others it upsets the fans_.
Actually if you read Jarvan lore he almost died from Noxian arrow. They did want to kill but they wanted to bring him capital to execute him. It’s not like they said you’re free you can go now lol. Jarvan escapes form the Noxian encampment and almost died.
: The other issues that can arise are the limited word count that each biography is given, something between 580-700 words (which isn't a hell-of-a-lot). Although both of the two characters did get the advantage of overlapping backstory, yet each still originated from wildly different backgrounds, where the writer has to fill that word count by juggling all the aspects of their 'origins' into a short catalog structured story. At the same time pushing the other plotline that gets the two characters teaming up in a sufficiently explained, sufficiently detailed and sufficiently satisfying story all in an individual Bio of about 10-13 paragraphs. I think they did it as lucrative a job as they could possibly do under such conditions.
It has nothing to do with word count. When this bio was released, it was at a time where biographies didn’t have a limited word count. Now Riot arrative team imposed a word count because of the messy biographies like Jarvan. And shorter biographies in League have done a far better job at establishing character. Did you watch the video? Because you wouldn’t say it’s adequately explained. There is also a problem of a literal contradiction in the little character he was shown to have. How can you defend this? Lets go even further, Jarvan’s colour story does nothing for him either.
: "Gloss over" isn't exactly how I would describe J4 and Shyv's relationship being represented in-lore. The fault for this perception of it being rushed lies more on the restrictions all Biographies have. The biggest thing being Bio's have a third-person narration to them, which is godawful for conveying and contextualizing emotional scenarios or any part of a character's internal thoughts/struggles. If J4 and Shyv's potential partnership (romantic or not) was to ever be told, the Biography wouldn't be the most advantageous place to do that. But Bio's can be used to establish it, which is exactly what the writers did.
But it is glossed over. His trust of her and their friendship is not explained well., it’s even worse give J4’s background. We are just suppose to accept it. Watch this video where TBSkyen will go line by line what’s wrong with it and why it makes Jarvan seem so dull even though there was potential. https://youtube.com/watch?v=KfTman7qrlc Some of the other bios establish the CHARACTER well, Jarvan’s fail heavily on this.
: Bilgewater has the single most interesting story event that has happened in the game’s history. Even if the more recent work has been taking it to be about stuff I don’t care about. Demacia has all the trappings of a setting I want to see explored. The only problem is so far it isn’t interesting. I want to read about soldiers, knights, economic struggles, and war. Instead they've mostly focused on Lux and how bad mages are treated. And I don’t really care. It’s not helped by the fact that J4 is probably the least interesting leader character in the game. When compared to Swain, Azir, Gangplank/MF, and the 3 Queens the only thing I can say about J4 is that he has a dragon girlfriend. So... good for him, I guess.
Shyv and J4 is not even really canon. His new version has the problem of lack of characterization. I saw something TBSkyen pointed is that Jarvan who grew up all his life in this anti-magic racist society suddenly trusts Shyvana out of nowhere and that instead of trying to go more into that they gloss over it in favour of world building and tying it to Shyvana’s lore. He also brings up the problem we never get to know Jarvan as a person or character. The last problem pointed out that I agree with is a contradiction in his motivation. We’re told at the start the reason why he decided to attack the Noxians even though it was unwise to do so was because of the tragedies he saw happen to his people. Then at the end they say Jarvan learned unity instead of thinking wars was about victory and gloriousness but at the beginning the reason he attacked the Noxian wasn’t out of pride or his reputation but because he got sad over what happened to his people. So which one is it suppose to be? Is it suppose to be “Oh God what will they think about me at home for losing! I can’t go back to Demacia like this! They’ll mock me! I must win at all cost as victory is what matters!” Or “Oh God look at all the bloodshed the vile Noxian caused and the poor people who suffered! I have to avenge them and make Noxians pay!” These two are very different characters. I suggest everyone to watch TBSkyen lore videos, they are so good at seeing specific problems and specific reasons why a short story is so well-written.
The Iceborn (EUNE)
: Sick and tired of the same champions getting skins... Adcs are out this season yet here they go making skins for them
Due to how specialized Marksmen is, there are only 17 champions that fit the role. Support has around 32 and mages have around 30 and the number is way higher if you count it for mid role including ad assassins and carries. So it makes sense for individual adc champions to have a higher fanbase due to how fewer choices there are. If you release a skin for Draven let’s say it will sell more than a Twisted Fate.
: Just remember that Jax is the OG cocky and arrogant boi™ of League
I remember reading the questions and answers for Draven when he first came out and when someone asked which champions Draven would have the most respect for they said Jax and Twisted Fate. A Sol also comments on what a fine dragon Draven would make. It’s funny how they would like each other.
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: > [{quoted}](name=Umbral Regent,realm=NA,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=fNrpJA4L,comment-id=00010001,timestamp=2018-08-12T01:03:47.637+0000) > > Well, I see the name (Councilman Reyes), but I don't see it as familiar. (Then again, I'm not up on Kalamanda lore and most of the stuff in my mind is freshly released stuff.) > > I'm loathe to ask, but would you know any good starting points to Kalamanda lorestuffs? And I'm loathe to answer :/ The name (and a few other things) are nods to some of the _old_ lore for Kalamanda, but I cannot in good conscience link you to the old lore when there's no player-facing _new_ lore to make clear what is and is no longer canon. Sorry! (And to save a spare reply, FurorDivinus27 - I've seen quite a few players bandying about that theory, but if we've not answered it publicly by now, I'm not about to do so here. Sorry!)
You don’t have to. There isn’t much to the LB =J4 theory of JoJ and it was resolved in the old lore. I don’t know what op is talking about. It was just LB masquerading as Jarvan who then attacked Swain in order to make Jarvan look like the aggressor. A charade to make J4 look bad in the eyes of the League. The real Jarvan was back in Demacia with Talon and Katarina trying to figure out what was happening. It wasn’t like some long term conspiracy, it was simply a single instant of LB pretending to be Jarvan for some of that juicy dirty political maneuvering.
: > [{quoted}](name=AliParvaz,realm=NA,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=KnqP1ZoP,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2018-08-09T13:40:51.437+0000) > > But Kled was two years ago wasn’t it? Much shorter time than 5 years. Was he 2016? Jesus, I'm getting old.
: Don't worry, the new chained champion they teased looks to be very much in a Demacian prison.
: If you count reworks not so much, but to be fair Demacia's got a pretty large roster of peeps. The last two Noxians were Draven and Kled unless you count Kayn.
But Kled was two years ago wasn’t it? Much shorter time than 5 years.
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: The new Karma bio
lot of arguments is because I don’t like change. ppl are sensitive to change even if for the better.
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: I agree Riot might throw in some clever twist where he fails to get elected, but right how he is the Demacian champion with the most political influence. That said do you think him becoming king would make him much more interesting than he is now? A semi-exiled teenager {{champion:99}} is much more successful lore bait than him and I don't think he will easily catch up to her.
he would get rekt lol cause j4 is young + stupid.
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: We know so little of Noxus...for now we know nothing
shame :( i try to find but its vague maybe thought I missed something
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