: what if you could veto a champion pick in ranked
What if everyone picked 5 champions per role before queuing and your team can only pick champions that line up with every single person's list. ######This is absurd... {{sticker:zombie-brand-facepalm}}
: Bit odd that engineering isn't a category of its own, or have clear subcategories.
> [{quoted}](name=Useless Jhin,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=b47KURes,comment-id=0006,timestamp=2019-06-18T01:11:21.432+0000) > > Bit odd that engineering isn't a category of its own, or have clear subcategories. Read the post. It is pretty clear where engineering is. Also, I already was unable to include a lot of things because of the 10 selection limit.
: Make frozen gauntlet melee only please?
They could easily just make the slow percentage based on how far away from your target you are. It would be full effect when standing on top of the target and then scale down to 5% at something like 600 range which is slightly more than most adc ranges and less than Caitlyn's range. If they did this they could also buff the slow slightly to make the item better on melees.
: And somehow you managed to leave off the entire tech industry.
> [{quoted}](name=notFREEfood,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=b47KURes,comment-id=0005,timestamp=2019-06-18T00:46:49.944+0000) > > And somehow you managed to leave off the entire tech industry. Manufacturing is in the construction one and engineering/programming is in design. That seems like the tech industry to me.
: I work security. I've placed mine into other simply because private security is not really a public service. And also, we're not the police.
> [{quoted}](name=ChaosReyn,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=b47KURes,comment-id=0004,timestamp=2019-06-18T00:29:09.263+0000) > > I work security. I've placed mine into other simply because private security is not really a public service. And also, we're not the police. I would consider security a service. Although the public doesn't pay you through taxes you are still keeping us safe.
Rioter Comments
: > [{quoted}](name=Deep Terror Nami,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=EyupKL6b,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2019-06-17T05:58:19.290+0000) > > Soaking tower shots is actually really important much of the time, and it essentially gives him an enormous amount of defensive stats no other Support could get with the same budget, so he can go where he's needed to peel for his team without worrying about being instantly deleted. It's "boring", sure, but it's a very effective ult. But after that part where you have 0 abilities on u why should the enemy team fear you if you got no abilities left to bother them your just a walking sack of hp that they can take then ignore you afterwards heck they would let you back without killing you that's how non threatening a alistar is without any abilities. In other words I see no reason to focus or peel off alistar after his abilities are used.
Either you are playing him wrong or seeing other people play him wrong if he is the one being peeled. Alistar shouldn't be played as a diving tank like Amumu or Sejuani. He should be played with the purpose of peeling for his team. Let's say you are playing Tryndamere and are 10/0 with 2 items up on everyone else but the enemy has an Alistar. You have the damage to one shot the enemy ADC/mage. You dive in with E and Alistar knocks you back. You dive in with flash and he knocks you up. Your E comes back up but now Alistar's stun is up and he hits you with it. You are 10/0 but have done 0 damage for the past 5 seconds because Alistar exists and now your ult is about to expire so you either have to back off or give away a massive shutdown. Now while Alistar is doing this, he put himself out of position by using his W on you so he has to be prepared to eat a bunch of damage. This is what his ult is for.
: Maybe you have trouble reading. Leashes are about health and speed of clear, and anti invade. NOT the need for one to be successful. If you played at high elo at all, you'd know most level 1-2 always has action in jungle, and teams cover that action.
Where did I misunderstand anything? You said that it takes a jungler too long and they are at risk of being invaded if they are too low from tanking the buff for too long. This means that if you are playing a champion without the ability to healthily clear the first buff you should always start bottom. In my example of having to start blue buff on Taric, that is fine because Taric has a healthy clear. I can clear it and still be almost topped off on health duo to my self healing. I actually am usually healthier than the opponent after taking my blue and then taking their red and waiting for them to come to red so I can get either first blood or a flash. Just a side note, I think Taric would actually be a great jungler if he wasn't so reliant on blue buff.
: Reminder about the Summoner's Code (and the Nightblue3 "incident")
Here is some video evidence of what happens when his team doesn't auto tilt and lose at 3 minutes in because they give up. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1leMOO7Bf5M
DeusVult (NA)
: *NB3 was toxic and afk'd, nubrac trolled someone he knew was streaming, and had shown a past history of using toll strategies when in games that a streamer was on his team they are both wrong and broke Riots PB rules they both deserve to be punished Riot needs to start handling these high elo cases with harsher penalties, that area of play is far more toxic than any other (yes even bronze/Iron) and has a wider effect on the player base because it houses the most streamers/influencers #bringbackTheTribunal
The problem with your argument is "nubrac trolled someone he knew was streaming." I'm not going to debate if he was trolling or not because that could be seen from both points of view but it is a lie to say that he only does it for attention on other people's streams. His match history has a large number of games on Teemo all using the same strategy. In fact, most of the games where he is Leona it is becasue Teemo is banned by his team.
: So now Nubrac is on the boards shaming NB3
I'm not going to argue if Nubrac was griefing or not because that is subjective. He tries to win all of his games whether it is in a normal way or a way that upsets his team. What I will argue though is that Nightblue deserves just as much punishment as Nubrac. He blatantly broke the rules on his own stream by going afk and flaming Nubrac. The rules straight up state that you are never allowed to flame no matter what someone is doing. You are to mute/report them and move on. With those things said, the ban of Nubrac is kind of messed up as he never broke any hard defined rules while Nightblue did.
: You do realize nearly 30 of some 63 junglers take too much damage level 1 to not make a leashless game viable? You are delaying your jungler by about 15 seconds, destroying his level 2 gank potential, and putting many of them at about 50% HP, which is absolutely exploitable to invades. It's not always about what you think will happen. It's about the fact you put your jungler in a situation where they are at heavy risk. Many junglers don't even have heals.... outside of their trinkets.
A jungler should never start top side if they need a leash. Falling behind as a top laner is often a death sentence. If you can't solo the buff at level 1 efficiently then don't start top side ever. I play Taric jungle a lot and he has to start blue buff. I have not once asked my top laner to help me at blue buff when I'm on blue team. If they chose to help that is fine but I'm not going to beg them to come help and then be behind 4 cs and 1 level to someone who can probably dive on them with ignite at level 2.
: Need help finding a video discussing damage roles. (Burst v. DPS v. Tanks)
This isn't exactly what you are looking for with a video but describes the roles of different types of champions pretty well. https://na.leagueoflegends.com/en/news/game-updates/gameplay/dev-blog-classes-subclasses
DJ Soraka (EUW)
: Tryndamere Rework Idea (Support & Ashe)
Reworking champions out of their role isn't something players want. People who play Tryndamere would be filled with rage if he became a support. I already don't like reworks that change how a champion functions like with Aatrox (auto attacker to ability spammer), Poppy (assassin to tank), Sion (roaming mage to tank), and Galio (ranged caster to tank). Those reworks just changed how the champion functioned. The idea of changing a champion from a split pushing duelist to a support is much worse.
Hotarµ (NA)
: > There are sides to pick here. You DO NOT, and i repeat, DO NOT, need to ask your god damn teams permission how to play the game. If you want to support mid, congratulations, mid now has a support. Do you know what's most critical to success at high level play? _Communication._ You can solo-carry a game at Silver IV because people aren't coordinated at that level of play, you can't win a game at the highest level of play unless everyone is on the same page which _isn't going to happen if you stay dead silent throughout the match while going roaming Teemo support._ If you think differently, that's totally fine and you're entitled to that opinion but the overwhelming majority of the community abides by a meta for a reason and if they choose to deviate from it you'd better have the skills to back it up or your team had better be prepared for that. (Friendly reminder: Nubrac had a higher winrate with both Amumu and Leona, his Teemo is currently sitting at a 48% WR across 400 games. His teammates didn't want him to play it, he's not performing well with it, and that statistic is _probably_ misleading because it's counting all games of Teemo, not just support. Basically, his winrate is most likely lower than 48%.) > All you are required to do is make a good faith effort to win the game. If that means supporting irelia, then irelia is getting supported. So, knowing full well that your teammate doesn't agree with that playstyle and doesn't want you to do it, you go to support Irelia. Great! She's up 2 kills and 20 CS, but because you've been leeching off her XP she falls behind and might not be as relevant in teamfights. In addition to that, your ADC is 0/4 with 35 CS by 14 minutes. He's tilted, doesn't want to play the game anymore, and is so far behind that it would take a miracle for him to come back to relevancy. "Good faith" is not all that's required to win a game. League is a _team_ game for a reason, you have allies. Cooperate with them, discuss your plan, _tell_ them what you're going to be doing instead of leaving them in the dark like Nubrac.
My problem with the team game argument is that while it is a team game, the others get to dictate what you can or can't do. I am basically Taric one trick and I happen to have a friend about the same rank as me who plays Sona so we took the duo to ranked. If we happen to have a bad game we get called out on it and our team says things like "op strat?" and "you aren't pros, don't play pro strats." These people can be toxic to us and go against our picks even going so far as to report us for inting and trolling if we have a single bad game. The set in stone meta that most of the player base refuses to go against is more the problem than communication. One Rengar player spam pinged our support items all game and from the get go straight up said "I refuse to gank 2 supports." Do people like this ever get banned? No, they don't because they only do it in the one out of 50 games that someone happens to be playing off meta in their game. Meanwhile the people who like to play off meta deal with the crap from players like the Rengar I had almost daily and then people wonder why we don't like to use chat to talk about strategy. Our strategy is to scale up and win team fights as Taric and Sona. I can say that all I want. Now Rengar's strategy is refusing to come bottom ever even when the enemy mid and jungle come to dive us 3 times in the first 10 minutes of the game which makes it so we are "inting" under our own tower in a 2v4.
hGAldrich (EUW)
: matchmaking is rigged. Want a proof? Here it is
The 5/17 Yasuo went 11/2 in his last Yasuo game. The 14/1 Yasuo went 3/13 in one of his previous Yasuo games. I went 20/6/7 in one Taric game and 3/11/7 in another the same week. Riot has nothing to do with how people do in a game. They don't have a psychic power that tells them exactly what people's scores will be before placing them in a match.
Sukishoo (NA)
: > played one bad game Sorry but that op.gg looks like there's a few "bad" games. 1 / 12 / 3 Zed 2 / 10 / 6 Zed 8 / 14 / 2 Zed 0 / 7 / 2 Zed That kind of looks like intent. So it is more than likely placed properly.
That isn't inting. Look at those games as a whole. His teammates did just as bad in those games.
AidanWR (NA)
: Ziggs overkills turrets, apparently
The same type of thing happens with Urgot ulting Tryndamere. I had a game where I "mitigated" something like 4 million damage. When I did some math I could not figure out how much damage it was exactly doing so I finally did a bit of research on Urgot and discovered that his ult damage is calculated by some formula that basically multiplies the current health of his target by an absurd amount ensuring that it will always kill them. They may have a similar effect for Zigg's W to make sure there is never a bug where a turret survives for some reason.
: Riot has a thigh fetish, the in-game designers specifically, they always just sexualize champions as much as they can whenever they either rework or release them This is evident towards: {{champion:145}} {{champion:39}} {{champion:10}} {{champion:84}} (bit of a stretch) edit: It's nothing new for a Chinese company like tencent though, the moba games are wayyy more sexualized
They are warriors. Of course they are going to have big thighs. A woman with small thighs isn't going to be running, jumping, rolling all over the place while fighting. If a woman did have small thighs they wouldn't stay small for long in a battlefield environment.
iWuTaylor (EUW)
: when your team feeds a rengar, yi, zed, before you even get your first item, good job getting your adc anywhere but to the graveyard
I laugh at fed rengar, yi, and zed as I bash their face in with my main who hard counters all 3. Here is what happens when you have a bunch of ad against Taric. https://youtu.be/LaHYmYE12FU
iWuTaylor (EUW)
: then maybe rito shouldnt make it the starting place and impossible to get out of
It isn't impossible to get out of. 80% of players got out of it. Your refusal to accept that you aren't that good and it is your team's fault is holding you back. Accept when you make a mistake and learn from it to get better. Otherwise have fun forever being bronze while blaming your teammates that may end up climbing faster than you.
: > [{quoted}](name=Kitsune Kawaii,realm=EUNE,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=7em6ovO2,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2019-06-07T20:02:52.269+0000) > > As a platinum level player I actually struggle carrying a Bronze level game unless I play some 1v5 champions You have to be joking, as a plat level player you should be able to stomp your way to plat elo with whatever your main champ is (unless you're a support main).
Even if you are support main it should be easy. You should get your adc so far ahead in lane that it doesn't matter if they are good or not when they stat check everyone as you set up easy kills for them. You can also be a leader and actually organize your team to do quality rotations instead of the ARAM crap that always happens mid game in low ranks.
: Which defeats the entire purpose of making devour his ult. If he has two ult-strength abilities, his kit needs to suck to make up for it. Give him one ult-strength ability and he can have a real kit.
I wouldn't call a 1 screen length teleport with a moderate cast time that is cancelled by damage an ultimate worthy ability.
: Yep. His teleport is somewhat thematic, but it also makes for a really weird champ kit that is weirdly trying to be offensive and defensive at the same time. He's also prettymuch the only champ in he game with two skills that are at that 'ult' power-level, and it means everything else about his kit needs to be gutted to nothing or he just completely dictates the meta on his own. If they get rid of the teleport and just focus on devour as his ult, they can probably make a pretty damned compelling kit.
After reading this comment chain I came up with an idea. Make devour his ult and add a significant movement speed buff to it while removing the ability to cast it on enemies. Make his W a moderate cooldown, short ranged teleport that functions exactly as his ult does now. Do something like one screen length teleport with around a 40 second cd at rank 1 and scale it down to around 25 at rank 5.
UniSect (NA)
: I don't get my champion when I level up?
: Lost, Ekko is a mage and he has his skin project but yeah, I don't really have that kind of skins for his three champions, On the other hand Mages or I see well having a SKin project it is for example Diana or Akali and maybe Viktor
> [{quoted}](name=Small Boobs Ahri,realm=EUW,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=AQaWppIx,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2019-06-04T15:51:12.253+0000) > > Lost, Ekko is a mage and he has his skin project > > but yeah, I don't really have that kind of skins for his three champions, > > On the other hand Mages or I see well having a SKin project it is for example Diana or Akali and maybe Viktor Ekko doesn't use his own magic. He uses technology.
: have you actually played against tahm? 6 magic resist items dont stop him dont lie and say 1 does
I just did on Mundo. He got first blood by rushing me at level 2. He dove me again at like level 5. I then finished spirit visage and had a slapping contest with him for over a minute straight with neither of us dying.
: What champ do you find the most fun to play and why?
Well considering I now have 860k mastery on him, my answer has to be {{champion:44}} . TLDR - Q, bonk, bonk, E, bonk, bonk, Q, bonk, bonk, W, bonk, bonk, Q, bonk, bonk, E, bonk, bonk, Q, bonk, bonk, W, bonk, bonk There are many reasons that I like him so I'll start with the basics. I hate playing ranged champions because I honestly lose track of my own character and get hit by things when I shouldn't when I'm looking too far away at my target. This means I pretty much only play melee champions. I hate squishy champions. I hate the feeling of being killed by things I can't even see like a Nidalee spear through the wall or a Rengar ulting on top of me. This never happens when I play something that is tankier. I like to actually play the game for longer than 2 seconds per fight so playing champions that can take more damage while dealing less damage is much more my style. This has narrowed down my selection to basically tanks and fighters which you can see form my highest mastery champions being Taric, Nautlilus, Tryndamere, Mordekaiser, Maokai, and Dr. Mundo. Now that this is established, we get to a specific champion. I really can't say one thing that makes me love Taric specifically but probably my favorite aspect of him is that you are always playing Urf when playing him. As long as he is hitting something he does not have cooldowns. My next favorite thing is that you can effectively use every single item in the game. He scales well off of any stat. His Q and E scale on AP, his passive literally doubles attack speed, health makes his Q heal more and allows him to fight longer while he excels at extended fights due to not having cooldowns, armor makes him deal more damage as well as tankier, MR for the same reason as health, mana because he burns through it fast, and AD because again, he has doubled attack speed. He can also use most keystones with moderate effectiveness although there are outliers like guardian, glacial augment, aftershock, and press the attack which are his best.
kYSusan (NA)
: Just got my first real job.
Every state has different ways of taxing. I live in South Dakota. We don't have any state income tax but we have pretty heavy sales tax and property tax. By state rankings, we hare the 6th highest for sales tax revenue per capita.
: They should rename Tahm Juggernaut, because god damn does he fucking do shit that juggernauts wish they could do (tank damage to an extent). Like, this man fucking plays better than Darius on a rainy day.
At least if you fall behind against Tahm you can still build effective resists which make it so he can't just bumb rush you to death no matter who you are playing. Falling behind against Darius means he will dive you ever single time his ult is up. Falling behind against Tahm means nothing once you build a single magic resist item.
iWuTaylor (EUW)
: what part of "the E did almost 800 dmg" did you miss?
What part of the **"Q HIT YOU AT THE SAME TIME AS E"** did you miss? You can clearly see it in the video you posted if you play frame by frame. The health bar turns yellow when damage is taken before actually depleting. The order of health reduced that I see on your bar is about 30 from the cannon minion, 5 from the melee minion, 100 from Nasus E, 20 from 2 caster minions simultaneously, 600 from Nasus Q, and one final shot from the cannon minion to finish off your last 5 hp.
: It's awesome you won, but it was just a Normal and imagine how you were holding three people who clearly weren't having fun, having a miserable time and wanted out but couldn't because you and Jax held them hostage to their own misery. Yes, it's awesome you won, but winning's not everything when people are miserable and not having a fun time at all, especially when there's less at stake other than time in normals.
Your argument is irrelevant in this case because I was in a party with the Lulu and Ashe who were both confident that I would carry.
: Do you have specific examples of this happening without the full-AD team being at twice the kills of the armor-stacking team?
I have an example of a near full AD team (Lux support) against me with 392 armor. I went 20/6/7 and dealt 12k more damage than the enemy Jhin who was 19/7/9. People who say armor is useless are mages who build just a Zhonya's and expect it to save them from a 400 ad Zed.
: If you reduce CDR by 20% on all items, the game would probably be a lot healthier.
An idea I always had is to change cdr to be multiplicative and change the hard cap to a soft cap at something like 30% that halves all cdr past it. This means that you build {{item:3078}} {{item:3110}} on Nasus and you instead have 1 - .8 x .8 attack speed for a total of 36% instead and the 6% over is halved to 33%. Throwing in a spirit visage would bring it to 1 - .64 x .9 = 42.4% with the 12.4% over being halved to 6.2% for a total of 36.4%. If someone wanted to do a build in such a system with ionian boots and five 20% cdr items they would end up with 50% cdr after the soft cap.
: > [{quoted}](name=AlienPrimate,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=EgrRWKML,comment-id=0004000000010000,timestamp=2019-06-02T21:53:37.782+0000) > > -calculations- Your 51% is on OPGG, but I just looked again and realized I used the wrong number (kill participation) - you're actually at 60%. 6 wins, 4 losses in 10 games. There are a few issues with the math you used: * There's no way it takes 10 minutes to get into the average game. Even if we assume that every player took the absolute maximum amount of time in draft (27 seconds for bans, 5 seconds ban reveal, 27 seconds * 10 champions = 270 second champ select, 30 seconds before load, works out to 332 seconds = 5.53 minutes). Realistically, it'll be about 2-3 minutes on average. * Similarly, it takes maybe 2 minutes loading in on average, usually less. * Doesn't account for FF@15 (which is where your main time save is - if you get out of a dead game at 15 minutes twice, you basically get to play another game for free) * Doesn't account for dodging (which nearly everyone does if champ select is a mess) - so rightly, that time is also saved. [There's also a stat I found (granted, this is a couple of seasons old) that shows comeback likelihood based on gold lead.](https://www.reddit.com/r/leagueoflegends/comments/4b8mv3/as_promised_a_full_analysis_on_gold_leads_at_20/) which you may want to work into your numbers.
One thing not mentioned in either of our posts is LP gain/loss. MMR affects LP and losing lowers your MMR. Surrendering 2 games immediately at 15 minutes may get you into the next possible win at the cost of 30-40 LP but it could also get you into your next loss. I will continue taking my 10% chances to win from behind and have a ~40 LP swing 1 in 10 of those games.
Mimr (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=AlienPrimate,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=EgrRWKML,comment-id=00040000,timestamp=2019-06-02T19:20:51.386+0000) > > Just yesterday I had a game where my mid, adc, and support went a combined 5/40/25. The game was essentially a 2v5 and Jax and myself were able to carry. At 28 minutes, the score was 24-47 with a gold difference of 11.3k, one of our nexus towers was down, and the enemy had 3 cloud drakes. Should have I surrendered? Well the answer is no because I won that game. I would not have won if I quit to cater to my teammates who wanted out. > > https://matchhistory.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/#match-details/NA1/3056487074/209287161?tab=overview That is an... interesting Taric build. Anyway, I think I'd be in favor of removing the option to surrender altogether. I guess we'll have to bite the bullet for a bit until players are used to it but I think it'll be better in the long run. So many games get given up on because the situation is getting hairy while there's still a chance to turn things around, especially if you have a scaling teamcomp. These teamcomps are a perfect example. The opposing team are all squishy damage dealers and Lux is building full AP instead of support. In other words, they have no teamfight presence. Play carefully, force 5v5s later in the game and you can turn it around. Ashe and Yasuo will probably still have trouble being useful but even a 0/20/0 Lulu will be useful by simply pressing ER on a fed Jax when he goes in.
Those are common items I build on Taric top. This particular game I had 217 AD, 392 armor, 118 magic resist, 2.8k hp, and 2.5 attack speed with basically unlimited mana. Just a side note, we won by Jax and I going 2v4 while my ult was down and they had baron. We each got a double kill and then proceeded to win 30 seconds later. We did not win by going 5v5. I was not surrendering this game because their team comp had no way to deal with a 400 armor Taric other than YI and I had the damage output to 4 shot him if he tried.
: > [{quoted}](name=AlienPrimate,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=EgrRWKML,comment-id=00040000,timestamp=2019-06-02T19:20:51.386+0000) > >Should have I surrendered? Well the answer is no because I won that game. I would not have won if I quit to cater to my teammates who wanted out. > Congrats on a rare turnaround. Now, realize that, assuming your 51% ranked WR holds, you'd be better off spending your time in the future getting out of games where the odds are *that* stacked against you. For every one of these that you turn around, you're losing 9 others. That's time you could have spent getting into another, non-doomed game.
TLDR Conclusion - This means that by surrendering every single game that you are being dominated you will save 18 seconds per win and technically climb faster. You will however not have those satisfying 1 in 100 games that I linked above all in the name of saving 18 seconds per win. That is like 8.95 seconds per game when slightly above 50% win rate. Edit - one thing I forgot to account for is that if my opponents surrender 90% of the time when being dominated, then my own win rate while dominating would be inflated above 90%. I'm not going to go back to recalculate but this would bring the time between wins even closer than 18 seconds apart. Some math for you with assumed numbers based on my own experience: 10 minutes between games for loading, queuing, and lobby. 30 minutes for games that are played out. 40% chance to be ahead, 40% chance to be behind, 10% chance to be dominating, 10% chance to be getting dominated 65% chance to win while ahead, 35% chance to win while behind, 90% chance to win while dominating, 10% chance to win while getting dominated I am going to assume that 90% of people think like you and games that you are dominating will then average a length of 21 minutes with 90% ending at 20 and 10% ending at 30. Now if myself and a duo never surrender my games whilst being dominated will always be 30 minutes average. The times of each game type are added with 10 minute downtime. .4 x .65 = 26% chance for a game to be won while ahead - 40 minutes .4 x .35 = 14% chance for a game to be won while behind - 40 minutes .1 x .9 = 9% chance for a game to be won while dominating - 31 minutes .1 x .1 = 1% chance for a game to be won while being dominated - 40 minutes Overall game time averages out to 39.1 minutes. I have 52.5% win rate average (not sure where you see 51%) so that is 1 win every 74.5 minutes. Now if I always surrendered in a game whilst being dominated, the average game time becomes 38.2 minutes. My win rate would drop by 1% to 51.5% and I would win one game every 74.2 minutes. This means that by surrendering every single game that you are being dominated you will save 18 seconds per win.
: Still, this change attacks one of the roots of player toxicity rather then one of the symptoms. There are people out there who will truly just NEVER FF! Heck, many won't even vote. Even in a 4v5 where they are losing by over 10000 + gold. And when players who want out he stuck in these games? They get angry. Should not be a surprise. So by making it un movable and a somewhat obnoxious? You may finally get some of these people to just vote! Changing anything about it now would un do that.
Just yesterday I had a game where my mid, adc, and support went a combined 5/40/25. The game was essentially a 2v5 and Jax and myself were able to carry. At 28 minutes, the score was 24-47 with a gold difference of 11.3k, one of our nexus towers was down, and the enemy had 3 cloud drakes. Should have I surrendered? Well the answer is no because I won that game. I would not have won if I quit to cater to my teammates who wanted out. https://matchhistory.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/#match-details/NA1/3056487074/209287161?tab=overview
: I hate Sona+Taric bot lane
Well I still get called a troll in my ranked games for playing it.
: Id have to agree. I can mute a person. But muting pings kills gameplay lots of times.
I was talking actually typing "?????" when the ENEMY team fails a dive. I don't do anything when an ally does unless it was absurd in which case I say something along the lines of "let's not do that in the future."
: To What Extent is Trash Talking Allowed?
Any form of rank shaming could be viewed as toxic. The only kind of trash talk I ever do is things like "?????" if an enemy tower dives or "rekt" if I feel I outplayed my opponent.
Done25 (NA)
: Except Mikael's is a horrible item and is awaiting a rework.
So apparently 60%+ win rate on support champions is horrible. I often get it on Taric when there are multiple magic damage threats on the enemy team and it makes a massive difference in healing. I also generally save at least one carry with the active at some point in the game which almost pays for the 500 gold upgrade cost by itself.
: Does anybody know any really good long lasting single player games?
Here are the top 3 games from my own steam collection: Path of Exile - 1221 hours - Diablo like game with much more complex mechanics that take many hours to begin to understand. This game never gets old because the sheer number of build options there are and the devs never stop adding new content with new skills, game mechanics, and items being added in every major patch. I'm unsure if you know anything about this genre of game so I'm dumbing things down a little. Diablo has a problem with set items that give your character absurd power with specific skills which locks each class into only a few viable builds which can get repetitive and boring. You could spend years playing PoE exclusively and never even try all the skills available if you are taking them all to the end game content. Factorio - 388 hours - This is a design game that places you by yourself (or with friends if you chose so) on an alien planet with nothing but your basic tools. You then use those tools to gather resources much like in minecraft. The difference is that you then create machines to mass produce things and use trains, conveyors, and robots to transport those to other machines to make more complex things all the way up to the main goal of launching a rocket into space. For an inexperienced player without using guides, I would estimate that it should take you 50+ hours to launch a single rocket. Why stop there though? Do some math to optimize material usage and mass produce rockets by the hundreds taking hundreds of hours in a single game world. Divinity Original Sin 2 - 203 hours - This game is a turn based strategy combat rpg very much based on old pencil and paper dungeons and dragons. This game has some of the best writing I have ever seen in the main quest line and comes with different outcomes based on your character choice and quest choices leading up to the end. While a turn based combat system may seem boring, a lot goes into planning where you want to stand and which abilities you want to use in which order. Here is a clip of an interesting encounter where I was trying to prevent someone from being hit by the boss guy a single time because he instantly kills her. It took me probably 5 tries to do this even though the fight itself wasn't all that difficult. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Jp547WI9Vpg&t=138s
: Best Champion Dance?
Trundle is best just because you included a BM potential criteria. https://i.makeagif.com/media/10-07-2015/LQaupy.gif
Cevrad (NA)
: Is weird, I'm in your mmr range on this account and get autofilled every 4 games on cooldown to support or ADC as a jungle main. I can't tell if you are trolling btw, but the most popular position in the game is mid lane by a mile. So if you queue JG/Mid every game, you are gonna get jungle almost every game. And if you find the position to be boring, QUEUE FOR SOMETHING ELSE. The position is actually quite fun if you are willing to adapt. Hell I don't even play the top meta picks, I just spam Sejuani, Kha'Zix, Twitch and AP Shyv. I have a blast playing the game when my bot lane isn't turbo inting me into a loss I don't deserve. But it was one game out of 80. You are making it out to be something it isn't by stretching so far to make a point that is completely wrong. If you find the position boring, stop queuing for it. Simple.
I play fill a lot and feel like I get jungle more than half of the time. From my recent experience as a fill main, the least played to most played order is jungle, support, top, adc, mid.
: Or you know, the watchers?
Actually read the post. Watchers are the main discussion about the void.
: New Morde Ult is a Better Diplomatic Immunity
People who ulted the support on Poppy didn't know how to play Poppy most of the time. Most supports have CC and the support could simply CC lock her so she can't even get to the ADC. Her ult also gave her a 40% damage buff against her target so ulting the person she was actually trying to kill was usually the better choice. For the comparison between the 2, you have to consider that Poppy's ult was instant with 900 range and Morde's has a half second cast time with 650 range. That comparison itself makes a large difference between them.
Xidphel (NA)
: They don't.
Well they should be. People who report the worst player on their team every other game don't use the report button correctly and their reports should be disregarded to not overwhelm the system or even enable some form of peer review again.
JackMcCarry (EUNE)
: No, he's right, Tabi's + GA may help you survive one team fight at most, and even then it's probably not enough. By the time GA is up, unless the entire team circles around you, you're gonna get CC'd as soon as you're back up, and 1 shot by the mage/assassin again. If you buy iceborn, you're kinda trolling, this item has no benefits to 90% of the marksmen class and cant be utilized properly. Marksmen are the easiest to shut down, but that's part of their design. I'd much rather face 1 super fed enemy adc than 1 super fed enemy Jax/Nasus/Darius/Vlad who just bomb rush everyone while barely taking any damage
I would change that to 90% of marksmen can use it. Most adc's weave abilities in while fighting. Jinx and Twitch are about the only ones who don't.
Kyoia (NA)
: Tabi doesn't stop you from getting one shot by Rengar/Zed etc, GA revives you so they can kill you again, and if you're buying Iceborn on any adc other than ezreal, you're not going to be doing damage.
I meant all three together. I see you are part of the 99.9% of the the ADC players who think a dead adc can do more than a living one. One of my last Sivir games I built an Adaptive helm which has 0 offensive power unlike Iceborn which has mana and sheen. Immediately after I bought it I got myself a pentakill. Apparently 44% of the team's damage is "no damage". https://matchhistory.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/#match-details/NA1/3020377481/209287161?tab=overview
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