: what are some fun off meta top laners
garen is fun! just run people down with Q. here's a video of something you can do with him i did recently: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AO-pM64s6Zc
: Game Runs Bad on $1100 Build??
I mean, I have 2x rtx 2080 in SLI and an OC i9-9900k with 3200 ram speeds, 32gb of ddr4. I get ~1k FPS on the lowest settings but i have to cap it at 240 for any recordings i do. Might need to lower your settings.
: Aatrox's lifesteal is too massive
Aatrox is getting his healing increased on his ult. He is getting it nerfed when he is on his base form, outside of ult. This is a direct compensation towards removing his revive on his ult. you'll see it in 9.14 patch notes.
Soulave (NA)
: gettin real sick of seeing tahm kench toplane
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Zemasu (EUW)
: My personal thoughs on TFT, and how to improve some art things
what about the RNG side? Shouldn't be a 1 in 8 chance of winning, due to probability, in reality it feels like a 1 in 20 chance.
: For the LOVE of the Top lane Riot Tahm needs nerfs
: Team Fight Tactics (queue TIme)
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: What is the counter to Shield-Stacking team compositions?
just play karthus and get kills. press R when team fight starts. ez mode. no more shields
: > [{quoted}](name=Aliquid,realm=NA,application-id=LqLKtMpN,discussion-id=Zo9PIzYP,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2019-06-07T09:20:44.967+0000) > > [My request to riot support](http://prntscr.com/nyrqd3) > > Hopefully this helps, i had to ask as well. I censored the name for the rioter in question for anonymity purposes. :) That's a different issue. My Watch and Earn for 300 BE quest progress for watching games works just fine, but I got the same **Ineligible** message for the "Watch and Earn Level 1" icon quest for completing multiple quests and the crossed out icon. After re-logging in now the "Watch and Earn Level 1" quest has completely disappeared from my quest list. What's going on, Rito? {{sticker:sg-soraka}}
sorry, wish i could help then >.<
: Watch and Earn Level 1: Ineligible
[My request to riot support](http://prntscr.com/nyrqd3) Hopefully this helps, i had to ask as well. I censored the name for the rioter in question for anonymity purposes. :)
: Inting Player, Nunu ADC, Said he wants to get demoted to Iron IV
Tbh my MMR is too high for where I currently play at solo queue wise. I've been told the only way to fix my MMR to my current skill set (took a 3 month break while studying abroad) was to demote if i can't win.
munler (NA)
: mid laners dont belong in the support role
I like seeing stuff like this. So, you mean to say support role specifically shouldn't have mid lane champions? I've seen taric and alistar top lane because of a simple fact: support champions generally have higher base stats and damage than most other champions in solo lanes! Look at darius for example into taric. Dude can't 1v1 him at all, he just gets crushed by grasp taric.
: What should I do with the 300 Trial Tokens?
snort cocaine and find love in the universe brother
: 4 People Decide To Vote Yes On The Early Surrender Vote...
Some men just like to watch the world burn.. I also tend to say no to early surrender unless we have an open inhib with the score being <10 to >25. Some comps are really strong early, mid and late. However, the same can be true with team fights. Some comps have a tendency to outperform just "RAW POWER TOP TIER PERFORMANCE" level of champs. In your example it is riven. Riven is shot down via heavy CC. Using this you guys should be picking something similar to a thresh/blitzcrank support or having high peels supports such as janna/lulu. Assuming it is the game from your op.gg where you played jax, the darius into riven was an unfavorable trade in this instance. If the darius was helped by you or camped to oblivion i'd be focusing bot lane to support pressure there forcing the jungler to choose topside or botside. If he choosing bot side, let darius counter engage on the riven (as we all know riven is a hyper aggressive-turret dive loving champion) then you just have to Q E into her while she's either under turret or darius is wailing on her. Just suggestions i'd make.
: stick in silver 2-1 ..
keep trying. the only way to win at silver 1-2 (against people who are diamond 1 and higher most likely boosting others to gold), is to improve your own skills. It might not be much but the difference between 90% and 91% champion mastery at any elo is the difference between heaven and earth. One tricking also helps and don't be afraid to abuse FOTM champs. *fotm = flavor of the month
SozoGen (NA)
: I am Experiencing the same problem. I have watched the VODs as well, signed in with a verification pop-up that everything is setup correctly to receive rewards. Zero credit is given in the client.
unfortunately :(
: LCS Team Pass did not count today's game.
I have a similar issue. I put in a support ticket but no answer yet.
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: Don’t add toxic randos after playing with them...
who added them? i didn't add them. this was post-game lobby.
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: opgg play only the tier 1 champs
link if possibly.
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: That feel when your last promo game goes 4/22 by 20 minutes and enemy team has Cloud and Infernal
when someone 4 days ago crap talks you badly and makes you go 1/6 because they main a champion while you're on off-role.. check the op.gg as of today they demoted into the lower rank (gold 1) and on a 13 game loss streak. feels good man.
: LP Gain and Loss
Playing meta champions always helps. I took a peek at your op.gg (sorry for not asking) and noticed you're a jungle main. Look up on youtube PantsAreDragon. He is a recurring challenger player (at least two accounts this season). To add to this he had hit top 3 a few times the previous season (season 8). Hopefully this helps as he is a good player who teaches as he plays the games.
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Syrile (NA)
: In the Sona game, maybe Scorch would have given you a little more early pressure since Sona has some nasty poke. Another option is to take water walking and/or celerity and focus more on roaming mid. Your ADC seemed a little weak in that game as well, dying at 42 seconds into the game. But maybe that was just because of the champions in the game. The last game with Thresh seemed to have a good ADC. Mid and JG were kind of weak. Did you get to roam much or help out Nasus? It seems like he needed some assistance or was just having a bad game.
mostly if i left lane the vayne would die or get dived so unfortunately i couldn't leave to roam often. I did whenever they backed and i'd conserve mana to make plays happen in other lanes. Didn't get much though.
Syrile (NA)
: Not yet looked over all the games yet, but basically anyone who uses "ez" is toxic and horrible. Without fail, they are normally the worst type of player to deal with and commonly the worst players on the team.
unfortunately yes, it happens. i did my best and got the ADC from that game (killed her as a lulu into a vayne btw..) as my adc the following game, which made us lose as one of the bigger factors. So currently i think only one game i could have had a bigger impact but overall the first two games were just very unlucky as i got trolls/baddies inside of my standards.
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Nhifu (NA)
: Adaptive force twin shadows
You'll drop in rank soon enough.
KlanBoss (EUW)
: sprinkle some water on your PSU maybe it's dirty or something
tbh i would but water + electronics don't work so well. i try to keep everything dust-free and clean in my pc. not 100% clean but it's very.
JulianMX (EUW)
: Hi. Your only problem is your ping right? If it is so listen. How long ago your time was 54 constant? Do you know that if someone is using Youtube (any video platform) , watching whatever in 720p - 1080P gives you ping right? Downloading stuff gives you ping too. The only way that you cant get ping it is if someone is using your internet just to browse in google things , facebook etc. But never watch netflix, movies , download things or you get ping. So first of all be sure that is not the problem. On the other way, are you sure NA its your first server? Because if you are like from EUW and go to NA you will have always that ping and so on.
Answering questions in order: Before (i think) switched the graphics card. I had a friend over sucking the bandwidth too through direct line in. Eh, youtube doesn't really affect my ping with this much of a draw back. I made sure to check and my brother is only watching a twitch stream (as normal) but i only jumped like 2-3 ping tops when that happens. Currently not downloading anything either. I am from NA and am currently playing in it. PSU might not have enough power overall is what i'm thinking tbh. Would this be an issue? Recommended for 2070 rtx is 550w and i'm running a 600w unit.
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