: As a jungler, the enemy jungler invades and steals my second buff
The changes effect the whole game. They make it so much more of a snowball. Really hate it. You fall behind and can never catch up. Then enemy team just steam rolls. They need to revert the jungle nerf. Jungle SHOULD have a huge impact. We shouldn't leveling at the same pace as support lol. It ridiculous.
: Civil Jungle displeasure (no rage)
I can't lol. 3 more games. It's either horrible match making, these jungle changes, or a combo of the both! Whatever it is, every game is a snowball rofl-stomp. You need to fix it an fix it fast, godbless. I was so excited for the season but am not playing anymore till some changes are made. Doesn't matter if I'm winning or losing, it feels like shit. Just a stomp. Rift herald is the most important objective lol. I miss season 7
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: > [{quoted}](name=Guapscotch,realm=NA,application-id=osqw6G4M,discussion-id=RwMtpM9T,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2018-01-28T04:18:48.943+0000) > > busted for me too Thought it was just me since I couldn't find any posts about but apparently it isn't just me. Hopefully someone notices this.
: Patch 7.24b notes
I am usually on board with your changes. For good or bad (in relation to my champ pool) I usually understand where the changes are coming from. However, I think nerfing the sorc tree is the worst change of any change I have seen since joining. Manaflow band was not too strong. It was nice for laning. Helped mitigate some of the rough mana costs a lot of champs have. And help against MANALESS champs. Scorch is just useless now. Same as celerity. Neither were OP. They felt nice to use. Now they will just feel underwhelming. And since we can't customize like we used to with the old runes. Giving us a bunch of WEAK choices just makes no sense. Most of your runes are fine. Nerf electrocute. Remove summoner swap. Buff guardian. Fix what needs fixing. Not take away what actually feels good and balanced.
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: Thanks for the quick response. That didn't fix the problem. Other games on my pc work though.
I am having the same issue. No one seems to know of a fix
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