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: Serious Season 7 Team Looking to Compete Gold+ Need Mid,Jungle,Support
IGN:Stritzinger Role: jungle/adc Champ Pool:pretty fluent with just about everything Strength: knowledgable, been around along time Weakness:aggressiveness Rank:plat3 Availability:est time zone 4pm-10pm maybe later if need weekdays and weekends any time
: [Recruiting All Roles] Quasar Gaming
Summoner Name: Stritzinger Preferred Role(s): adc/ jungle 5 Best Champions: caitlyn miss fortune lee sin tristana rek sai Previous Experience: experience on compete league and other various solo entry tournaments Willing/Able To Communicate Via. Voice Chat: of course
Robìn (NA)
: Optimal eSports looking for Platinum ADC's!
IGN: Stritzinger Rank: plat 4 Top 5 Champions: Caitlyn, miss fortune, tristana, jihn, ashe Play style: Aggressive Strengths/Weaknesses: over aggressiveness, pushing lane if ahead Availability: m-f after 4pm est till 10pm est could be pushed to stay up later if needed, weekends im usually open all day Favorite Ice Cream: Piece of cake ^.^
: LF TOP/MID and ADC Gold - Plat
Wómbat (NA)
: Slay Gaming recruiting Jung, Top, Supp, and ADC for LCS Style league with prizing!!! ~Plat Players~
IGN: Stritzinger Rank: Plat 5 Age: 25 Timezone: Est Position: ADC Top Three Champions in Position: sivir, miss fortune, tristana Discord downloaded: Yes. Working Headset/Mic: Yes.
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