: I love teemo as well, but have stopped playing him due to where he is in the game right now. I have more games with teemo than any champ, however right now I can't bring myself to play him b/c there are so many better options. I would love to see a rework to make him more viable again.
YES! Like if they change his skills and his play-style it may even make him a better team player. I still play but I'm stuck in G5 right now as him. He get's out damaged by tanks top.
: i fear if they give him a rework now, theyre going to make him more cancerous than he already is. "you know what would be fun? if we made his shrooms deal 30 % max health damage and slow for 99%. also, he can store 10 of them, they are untargetable now, reset his blind, and he gets a dash and a knockup on his w. we make him shit on melee matchups even more than he already does because thats his identity and not unhealthy at all." i mean look at how {{champion:84}} turned out just dont touch that champion. nothing good can come from it until riot has reevalued their design philosophies.
Thats just more of a change in effect rework than a major skill rework. But yeah i know what you mean by Akali. Broken champ=Broken game
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