Sias (NA)
: Team Epidemic Recruiting Jungler
Would definitely recommend you guys to join. Play with you guys soon!
Sias (NA)
: Team Epidemic Recruiting Silver Players
Hope i could try out for ADC role. I really want to join a team and prove myself. Willing to practice a lot with the team Top 3 champs for now: Kaisa, Lucian, Ez (due to meta)
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Krynul (NA)
: Team Lazorbean Looking for Members
hey. can i try out? im a gold adc. looking for friends to play :D
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: Making a SERIOUS and DEDICATED Team (Strictly Gold)
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HB1 (NA)
: Raven Guard Gaming
Name: Allen Summoner name : AllenozoR Age : 20 Language : English Country which you live in: Philippines Role : ADC Secondary Role : Top? Main 3 Champions : Pretty much any ADC, but now i play mostly what's in the meta. (Cait, Ez, Ashe, Kalista) A brief description of what you want from this team : I want to improve as a player and grow as team. Build up great synergy and possibly join tournaments A small bit about yourself : Gold ADC, who wants to play aggressive in lane. I hate losing and always strive to win. I do a bit of shot calling as well. Takes criticism constructively and just want to keep improving.
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YorSick (NA)
: [NA] Silver Tournament Team :: Team Elo Complexity Seeking Active Players=>>
: Apox Academy Recruiting Gold+ Adc
**IGN:** AllenozoR **Rank:** Gold V **Champ pool:** Pretty much any ADC. (Been playing Cait, Ashe, Ez, Luci, Sivir, Kalista cuz of Meta) **Availabilty: ** Mon-Tues = 4pm EST onwards The rest of the day = whenever **Strengths:** I think one of my strength would be my positioning in team fights. I like my laning phase to be aggresive and I love to win lane. My CSing is average and decent. I also do a bit of shotcalling and rotations. **Weaknesses:** One of my weakness would be me being too aggressive or greedy. Sometimes my map awareness is bad as well, but I'm definitely working hard to improve. You could check me out here as well:
: GOLD ADC Looking for a Serious Team (For tournament/leagues)
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EtyrnaI (NA)
: Caster Streamers?
wtf is this all about etyrnal?
EtyrnaI (NA)
: [NA] Silver Tournament Team :: Team SVS Actively Seeking Players
In-game Name : AllenozoR Age : 20 Timezone : UTC+08:00 Role : ADC Solo Queue Division : Silver 2 Discord Communication Application & Microphone Accessible (Y/N) : Yes List; Your Top 3 Champions for Role Applying : Twitch, Lucian, Sivir Briefly describe your play style : I could be the carry, the clean up, and the support ADC Your strongest attributes : Positioning, shot call rotations, Hard working, doesnt take criticisms personally, pptimistic Your weakest attributes : I feel like my champ pool is few, but i could work on that. Why you would like to be apart of a tournament team : Because I want to improve as a team player Your past experience on a tournament style team or ranked team (If Applicable) : Been to some LAN and reached gold ranked teams The best time to reach you in-game : 12pm EST onwards or anytime. Im always on anyway
: Raked 5's Silver Squad
Borkahn (NA)
: S3 Jg/ Top LF Dynamic
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: Looking to form a ranked 5s team
: Wolf Thorn Gaming Recruiting
: [LFM] Shadows of Valhalla looking for ADC.
IGN: AllenozoR Name (First name): Allen Rank: Silver Top 3 Champions for your role: Tristana, Graves, Corki but I could play all ADCs and very comfortable with them. What do you think you can bring to the team?: Very experienced in tournaments and on-site tournaments. Good positioning as an AD carry and very dedicated. Why do you want to join Shadows of Valhalla?: Looking for a serious team to improve individually and as a team. To learn from my mistakes and just make friends and have fun.
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: Free 2 Play Gaming looking to create 5s teams for Silver 3 and up
MrIEnzy (NA)
: Canadian AllStars Looking for an AD & Support. GOAL : Diamond
Summoner name: AllenozoR Your age: 19 Your current solo queue division?: Silver in NA, but I'm currently a Plat in LoLPH(Garena Server). I just got back in NA again. 5 best champions, in order of comfort: Graves, Trist, Sivir, Caitlyn, Jinx, Corki, Lucian, Kog, Vayne, Twitch What is your biggest solo strength?: Aggressive in lane and works alot with support, Good positioning in team fights. What is your biggest solo weakness?: Im pretty bad at shot calling, but sometimes make good decision What do you feel you can bring to a team?: I have a lot of experience in tournaments in Garena with my old team, and help the team with strategy and provide that 'carry' position. Why do you feel you should be selected?: I guess you could say that I have tournament experience due to my old team going against top teams in Philippines Any other comments/information (optional)?: Proof: (Screenshot of one of our tournament games)
: [NA] [S] Creating Ranked 5s team ANY ELO Serious.
Ign: AllenozoR Role: AD Carry Age: 19 Top 3 champs: Graves, Tristana, Sivir, all ADCs Availability: Everyday Experience?: Joining LoL tournaments on Garena (PH server) Ur Pros: Good positioning as an ADC and wide champion pool, depending on what ADC the team needs Ur Cons: I don't know.
eskeddit (NA)
: Team LAG is Launching a sister challenger team.
eskeddit (NA)
: Looking for skilled and dedicated players + coach for sister challenger team
: Silver+ Team [LFM]
Role: ADC IGN: Allenozor Main Champs: Graves, Sivir, Corki, Caitlyn, Kalista, Lucian, Vayne, Kog Maw Favorite Taylor Swift song: love story of course lol Currently silver in NA, but Plat in LoLPH. (proof)
Ignot (NA)
: Creating serious ranked team Season 5 Silver 2 +
Age (it doesn't matter): 19 Rank: Silver but currently Plat in LoLPH Role: ADC Top 5 champs: Graves, Sivir, Trist, Caitlyn, Corki, Kalista too Skype,cv,ts? All of em How often do you play? Everyday, mostly at midnight Are you willing to stick with the same team and get better as a team? Of course.
Jah Army (NA)
: Creating Ranked 5s Gold Players only (will accept S1 that was high gold last season)
ign: AllenozoR role: AD Carry champs: Graves, Sivir, Kalista, Jinx, Corki, Trist, Caitlyn, Lucian, Vayne availability: I play everyday mostly midnights s4/s5 rank: Currently Silver in NA server. I've been playing in LoLPH, but I just got back to NA again. I'm currently Plat in PH. Proof:
: Must be Gold+ starting a new ranked 5 team
Rank: Silver Role: ADc Top 5 champs in that role: Graves, Sivir, Kalista, Lucian, Caitlyn, Urgot time zone: PST Favorite champ: All ADCs Favorite ice cream flavor: dont have any do you pref Toy Story 1, 2 or 3: 3 ive been playing in LoLPH and im plat there. ill start getting back in NA though. proof:
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