: When are the skins going to be available
I saw them not in the shop but under skins tab when u click on the champions but i dont know how to get them...
: When are the new yasuo and riven skins coming out?
If you click on yasuo or riven in like the mastery page and go to skins i saw that there are dawnbringer and nightbringer skins but how do i get them???
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: Advanced Bot tests LIVE in Normals
The first game I played I actually thought it was bots but after the first one I talked to the guy on the other team after the game. They were all humans so I think this is just a troll.
: Advanced Bot tests LIVE in Normals
So I really do think this is a apirl fools joke. I really dont know it but it feels like a joke.
: Advanced Bot tests LIVE in Normals
I checked with the people after the game and they were real people


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