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: Riot can you at least PRETEND to have a fair matchmaking system for normals?
Don't make posts like this. People will just have a canned response of "git good or uninstall". It's fairly common.
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: PSA: Please remember Juggernauts =/= Tanks
I keep ending up with a Maokai, Malphite and Amumu who do not built any ap, and yet still have more burst damage than their own glass cannon mages.
CytheGuy (NA)
: Riot: "Old game modes like Hexakill and One For All aren't compatible with the new client"
I miss... Old Twisted Treeline Pizza Feet Hexakill URF Doombots Dominion Old ARAM on SR Hide and Seek on SR Chogath Rampage browser minigame Odyssey
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: Matchmaking or balance is so bad...
These are the 3 types of games: - 1-2 people are tilted from losing, and play poorly as if they are 1-2 divisions below (RNG which side gets the tilted Iron maiden) - 1-2 people are smurfing, and play effectively 2+ divisions above everyone in that match, carrying that team (RNG which side gets the sparkling smurf) - everyone is actually the same skill level and plays competitively and fairly well (these are the best games that teeter-totter either which way and can last upwards 45-50 minutes, whereas the other two can last between 15 to 25)
: annie fix idea
As an Annie main, I feel her kit is fine the way it is except her e and a bug with her passive. I just wish it had a little more going for it to be a non-damaging spell for most of the game and used almost exclusively to charge her passive. Someone brought up an idea of when turning on molten shield, it sets the area around her on fire and deals Damage over time to anything that walks through that area (similar to Shyvanna ult leaving a trail of fire, or rumble ult, Annie's E could leave a circular trail of fire where E was cast). The bug with her passive is when Annie has her passive up, but dies before her q hits a target, the target will not be stunned. It seems the stun procs only when Annie is alive (it resets to 0 when she dies), which is frustrating in skirmishes where your q could have secured an enemy from leaping away out of some tower hits or her team.
macspam (NA)
: Annie
An Annie with those 3 powerhouse items is already way too fed... These rules apply to almost every other fed champion. 1. Beat her up before she even gets to that point of snowball 2. Don't clump too closely 3. Don't look for team fights, split push and look for picks and objectives 4. Control vision and respect lack of vision. If you see her coming, she's as predictable as the sun coming up each day 5. Bully her with long-range poking champs like Viktor, Velkoz, Syndra, Xerath, Orianna, etc 6. Build Banshees Veil. Annie will be more reluctant to all-in you Annie is one of the most predictable and easiest champions to deal with and shut down. She's immobile, has only 3 damage spells, and has only one play-making mechanic heavily dependent on the Flash spell.
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Keshaun (NA)
: Rotating game mode
I miss URF, Dominion, Odyssey and Doom Bots. Never got to play Star Guardian. It really sucks that these game modes just get deleted and never to return....If you missed out, tough luck.
Mellori (NA)
: Match history sometimes shows only grades, or only XP gained, not both.
Ligseo (EUW)
: Can y'all fucking stop feeding
Damage is really high across the board... How do you expect people to not be nuked instantly every time they return to lane?
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: Here are some ideas: P (Wildfire): Annie's abilities set terrain on fire for 3 seconds. Opponents in burning terrain are grounded and have their magic resistance reduced. After being in burning terrain for 1 second, enemies catch fire, taking magic damage over time. Q (Summon: Fireball): Summon a living fireball elemental [visually, sort of like a cute Poro made of flame] and throw it a short distance as a bouncing skill shot [like Heimerdinger's grenade or Ziggs' bouncing bomb]. If the fireball doesn't collide with a target while thrown, it starts hopping towards the nearest enemy unit for a short time before fizzling out [this could reuse the code from living Jinx chompers from the Onslaught minigame]. If the fireball collides with an enemy, it detonates to deal magic damage while setting the surrounding area on fire. [The fireballs each do low damage but the cooldown and cost is incredibly low (I am imagining like 3 seconds, 20 mana), allowing Annie to constantly spam Q in fights for a barrage of bouncing fireball chaos. The idea is that opponents wouldn't be able to evade all of the fireballs but they wouldn't be extremely punishing to be hit by either.] W (Inferno): Deals magic damage in a cone spreading outward from Annie and sets enemies and terrain on fire. The AOE cone size scales with AP and ability rank. In an ["U" shaped] area along the Inferno cone perimeter where it originated from Annie, tall flame walls surge up 0.5 seconds after casting is complete. Enemies passing through the flame wall will take magic damage. [The flame wall is not technically impassable, but enemies passing through the walls take a large, deterring amount of damage. This ability is useful for creating large areas of burning terrain and to create a gap between Annie and an opponent trying to close in on her or an ally.] E (Blast Shield): Creates a shield around Annie and an allied champion or Tibbers. The shield burns more intensely as it absorbs incoming damage or is exposed to burning terrain. E can be recast to detonate the shields, dealing AOE damage based on the damage absorbed and setting nearby enemies on fire. R (Summon: Tibbers): [Same as current but with a short visible cast animation, where the teddy bear is thrown, allowing opponents to dodge it (keep in mind that they'll be grounded if they're on burning terrain). Wherever Tibbers walks, the terrain is set on fire (like Singed poison trail).]
Omg, I really like these ideas!!!! As an Annie main I really like the size of her w scaling. That alone would help her tremendously with AOE clear, and I love the extra usefulness of her shield having a damaging active being like Sion.
: Watching Annie bot getting decimated from every champion sure is sad to watch...
I also only play Annie because I like her a lot. She's very simple to play and that's the cost of her being outgunned by so many other harder to play champions that have higher utility. It's very rewarding to be the underdog and come out as the victory. Maybe I am optimistically masochistic. As Annie, I do have tremendous problems with long-ranged. They do as much, if not more damage than me from a safe distance. You can tell by how fast they can clear minions. They also seem to use less Mana for their AOE clears than I have to for my AOE w clears if I max it. If I max my w, I can keep up with aoe minion clearing but at higher mana costs, but its cooldown is fairly long, and I forfeit any kind of ability to respond to harassment. If I max q first, I can manage mana and cooldowns better and secure minions but only 1 at a time, so farming becomes very slow compared to them taking out 3-4 minions at a time instantly, and it puts me in range to be smacked. This is from my perspective: Annie: Has a damage % reduction shield that is mostly only useful versus non-casting physical attackers like ADCs, so I try to support as Annie mostly rather mid where I find maxing the shield first pulls great results when the ADCs go after me. Good AOE clear but only when leveled to at least 3-4 to be effective and but it is higher mana demanding. She has a long range auto attack but the animation time is slow. She has a lock-on single target fireball that can refund mana and cooldown but only on kills, and instant-cast AOE stun with w or ult but only when passive is charged and ult has a range shorter than q and w. Her kit nearly requires the spell Flash to have Annie be most effective, but even then, she is slow moving and if the target has a dash and can know what to expect from an Annie (she is the most predictable character! if an Annie is staying still or moving towards you, you immediately know what she's planning), results in many wasted flash and ult, and makes you look really poor. Most likely death also since you are in the middle of a group of enemies all by yourself for a few seconds. All of Annie's skillset is reliant in some way on one or two other things in order to work to maximum potential, but she is still vastly simple compared to others. She has 3 damage spells, where most others have 4. Her shield is mostly used as a way to charge her stun. For defensiveness I don't think its really that great unless you build defensive MR and armor items too. I like the revenge aspect of Tibbres, only except the AI is a bit ridiculous sometimes. If you are nearly killing someone to 1% hp, but someone else kills you, Tibbers makes a B-line straight for the person who killed you, rather the person with 1% health he was just smacking. Also if you are in a fight with a person with 1% hp, and they kill you at the same time you cast q, your q just disappears and they get to live. These happen to me so often and it really sucks. vs Hard Lanes: (requires Jungler help, even tower farming difficult) Leblanc: The one I most struggle with. She's really, really annoying and very obnoxious because she knows she has the upperhand in engage, doing lots of damage, then disengage. Repeatedly until you are dead. When she sees an Annie mid she just licks her lips greedy. She can rush up to my face, and I have two options: run and only just take dash damage, or attack but get stunned by chains and take even more damage, possibly die Xerath: His cooldowns are virtually seemingly zero. I can dodge a shot, but he'll have another coming in 2 seconds. It just does not stop. Orianna: Has HP shield and speed, and aoe. Can stand back really far and still outfarm me due to better scaling long-range AOE, while I have to walk up and take damage to the face in order to take out 1 minion at a time Syndra: Has aoe stun and knockback, long range aoe, and can use Tibbers against me. Brand: Has five sources of damage and tons of aoe and damage over time, and a stun. Boring Lanes: (tower farm only) Zyra: Have to tower hug. Those plants start to hurt. Heimerdinger: He can seige your tower right from under you. You can flash ult him but only if he's next to 2/3 of his turrets, but he will never actually put them that close together. Malzahar: Has invisibility shield and long range aoe and a silence. You cannot come near this guy at all. Morgana: Has an HP and CC mitigating shield, self-healing, but at least she can't completely drive me out. Zed: Not a problem for me, I just have to rush Zhonyas. But by that time I will have already died to an ult or two, and he's already down raising havoc in bottom lane while I'm dead. Ahri: Not too much problem for me, if I can just dodge her pink charm. Buy she can dash to you which is similar to just flashing, and guarantee charm and facewreck me. Kassadin: Not too much of a problem in the lane, but he is almost always in some other lane deleting my team and I can't keep up with him. Still, I love Annie and I won't stop playing. I don't know how she can be made to be better, but I don't want to see her changed just for the sake of change and possibly ruin what I love about her: simple, and effective even when behind. A well-placed flash Tibbers can turn some games if another player is fed and can capitalize. Annie with an Amumu or Malphite or Sejuana can do some crazy things together. But if Annie is the team's only initiator or AOE CC, nothing can happen except a dead Annie. Also, tanks with high damage like Renekton, Nasus, Wukong, Nocturne, Darius, and Garen make Annie cry :( Can't kill them at all, but they can easily kill you. They laugh as they absorb your whole combo and go from 100% hp to 80% hp, and they do 2-3 hits on you. Nocturne can just keep ulting you all game and there is nothing you can do, even under a tower.

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