: Petricite Absorbing Magic Explains so Much
So the Petricite being a battery theory is pretty much proven here. Yay that makes things easier.
Mogarl (NA)
: Pretty sure an unattended void attack is what got Taric banished. Also Chemtech could be relying on magic produced by a chemical reactions Edit "As morning lit up the temple’s overgrown cloisters, Taric finally decided to head back and check on his men. He was greeted by a scene of carnage. His troops had been butchered in their sleep, their corpses bearing the jagged hallmarks of the Void’s monstrous predators." So not only was there a Void attack in Demacia it would seem that it was identifiable as a Void attack in Demacia.
Huh I'll have to look into Taric's story... (Go figure my most third most played champ and I don't know)... - Thanks for quoting it.... (I read the quote you put then had the lights scarred out of me cause I thought I saw a light on the wall). (I really shouldn't be reading these so late at night... - Although I'll have to read it to see if the area had Petricite. Possibly the map of Runeterra will show where the event took place because I doubt all of Demacia has Petricite right below the surface in large quantities. (I'm still trying to see if it does affect the void after all). I'm starting to think after most of this that there's a possibility that the Chemtech ore that's mined for the process of making it is radioactive which would explain its killing nature a lot better than if it was just pollution or extremely condensed particles for Zaun's grey smog.
: I think Shurima ships were mentioned in Piltover's story called "Day of progress"
I'll give the story a look again. I might have accidentally skipped over them, but thinking back it does talk a bit about Shurima
EdgeLady (NA)
: Piltover/Zaun probably have steamboats. Maybe late pirate-age ships too.
Yeah, I'm thinking for the ship to have a sort of Dual Hextech core system that cycles Chemtech in a steamboat fashion (Of course that's probably too much and I'll keep it basic, but the whole story concept is that the ship is a culmination of the various factions by the two captains of the ship). Of course as a minor point unless I decide to make an in-depth blueprint for the vessel
: There may be ships visible in the concept artwork of Piltover on the map.
The Iceborn (EUNE)
: I wanted to comment freljord but you didnt have it as a choice :P
OOOPS.... NOOOOO I knew I was forgetting one...
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Vesarixx (NA)
: From the looks of it you could go with normal measurements, {{champion:74}} +{{champion:112}} s blueprints all seem devoid of any units of measurement, though {{champion:74}} does use regular math terms, and {{champion:161}} apparently displays something called the Shroedinger Equation in his taunt just with the symbols swapped. The only place that I was really able to find a unit of measurement was on the KDA universe page, where it showed the height of each member of the band, first in cm and then in brackets the same height in feet/inches.
Thanks, while this is a small question it does seem harder than most to answer. The fact that they use regular math terms probably supports that they will use the same measurements as well. -Luckily I just need the measurements for a few conversations and some worldbuilding so I probably won't need the super advanced equations thankfully.
: Hextech I agree on this one. The only loophole i could see is guns. i can remember a riot ask explaining infinite ammo as hextech. I didn't find it the last timei brought this up so i won't claim this to be correct. But. if only the process of making it is magical the bullet itself would just be a regular buller. Same goes for if in lore reloading is needed. Chemtech The problem here is that it's never really defined as science or magic. Singed was originally a head alchemist of zaun. But even if we base it on a form of alchemy which some games use (potion crafting most of the time) then it's still questionable if it's magical as it would be made of natural components. Is nature magical? or do they just happen to have plants that have other effects on people than we do? I see chemtech as a more science driven form of alchemy in fantasy games and thus in the end comes down to how magic actually works in runeterra. Void if the void is just all consuming it would probably be affective against it. Either way the creatures seem organic so it again comes down to what exactly magic is in runeterra.
True Worldbuilding is in definite need of expansion. Either way, though I feel the story that I'm doing this research and theorizing for will somewhat expand upon this if done right. -Although I think I might need to go read Ryse's story again cause the Runes and the Runewar seem to be a major focal point for what magic is in Runeterra.
: I definitely think that Petricite would have more effectiveness against the void creatures then it would have against completely non magical wolf, so agreed on it being potentially halved effect vs them, tho i think it might need further worldbuilding on what exactly “magic” is in Runeterra, in similar vain to the recent thread on hard and soft magic limits it’s still a bit uncertain since League has a wide variety of mages
: I don’t think it’d work on Chemtech since like you said it appears more chemical based, I think Hextech might, depending on its effective against the Brackern and I don’t think it works on the void since its like an other worldly power
Hm true, but doesn't Kassadin have as its described Void magic from the stone. And that the sword he has actually frightens the creatures when he delves into the void. -Thinking now the biological aspect mixed with magic has more evidence with Kai' sa due to her merging and then with Kassadins void stone. But since it is another world much like the targonians I think that its effects would probably be halved or completely noneffective. But as no void creatures threaten Demacia or even reside in its territory where Petricite is common I feel there is an effect of sorts. The Chemtech though.. Yeah by this point I think that its unaffected by Petricite even if they both originate as ores of a sort.
: This kinda raises the question as to whether the void is a realm of magic, or if it's more "'science" based, or an interesting mix of the two.
True, My theory that Petricite would act as a biological poison to void is a stretch, but if it is a mixture of biological and magic it would make some sense. Although the fact that Demacia doesn't seem to have issues with the Void makes me think that it can't form a connection in the region. -CONSIDERING the closest point on the map is far to the north away from the region -The next deep under the sea approximately the same distance away. -And the final being from Icathia which contained from the stories a large quantity of magic. Hm, in any case, I hope to find an answer for writing the story, due to the ending having relations to its effects even if in a small way. If it does have a poison effect, then I believe the ending with most likely be much more mysterious. (But that's a long way away as its a multipart story).
Jeoster (EUW)
: Petricite has it's limits, If I recall in the most recent story/short story "Demacian" heart a piece of Petricite was used to nulify magic and afterwards was destroyed. Aside from that there was a story long ago about Mordekaiser killing a demacian and If I recall in it mordes magic couldn't initially affect the soldier much because of his armor but on the other hand the soldier couldn't strike down Morde either and eventually died and I believe did turn into a spectre afterwards. As far as void is concerned I would assume because of it's the void it's either uneffected or you need too much petricite for it to work. As for hextech, would probably interfere with it in some fashion, but it's an assumption and there are no sources.
I agree with you on all your points and the story of Morde and the Demacian knight I didn't know. -From the most recent story I think I'm getting that Petricite can absorb magic, but it's like a battery. In large amounts it spreads the magic it absorbs out and dissipates it probably into the environment, but if a small piece like from the story attempts it can't because its capacity is small. (Although Garren seems to suck up more damage than any piece of petricite ever could so). I'm guessing Chemtech isn't a type of magic and thus wouldn't be affected, but I feel that it should be in some way as it is from a type of ore that its possible to make it.
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: New Champ is already in the client. Reveal is on 11/19
Is it bad that I'm more excited for Kayle and Morgana's rework, Followed by the champion they teased after this one?
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: New champ concept/suggestion, Crystal the Butterfly avatar
So I skimmed through it, but I think maybe have it so that when they replace the Q or E with one another on the same champ, that if they wait a certain period of time then the passives of the abilities will activate. Just a thought because recalling it early may have a bit of an early game snowball unless things such as the heal or ability itself are on long cooldown or don't give much healing. That way if they have to wait the period of time for the ability it makes the one they choose more important and gives the enemy time to possibly leave the area before it can occur allowing for a larger boost and making this champ have a better engage before switching to his melee especially if already injured making him hard to pin down. Now I'm not exactly the smartest but that's just my thoughts on what I read.
: A complex idea like this is better portrayed through art rather than a long description, as people are not fond of reading walls of text. Anyway, this seems like an Ultimate skin or something like that due to its complexity and changing aspects. Also not sure how it would work if you got more than 4 kills. Would it reset, or would you stay in Crescendo for the rest of the game?
Yeah, the fourth one is a bit of a work in progress. And yes I would love to be able to use art, but I'm not exactly skilled. -I suppose Crescendo would probably end after you killed four more our after that point you are able to swap between all 4 at will. I'm guessing like lux. But I've never seen how the skin works with the rotation aspect so I had to make guesses. What I could have done though for the reading purpose is space out the paragraphs better, sorry...
Noxxarian (EUNE)
: (TEASER) The Next Champion? - Lore Spotlight - whose short story is this?
Now I'm still convinced its that warlock who was trapped in the vault. Cause I remember reading in threshes lore. It relates to him torturing a chained warlock who could heal all his injuries. (Guy that heals himself in a place where death reigns.. Yeah....)
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: New Epic skin: Mafia Braum
Cool skin, his little buddies are adorable. The vault door looks a bit clanky but works fine for a shield.
Altronza (NA)
: Unidentified Champ used in Gangplanks (and Lee sins) champ page... Help?
Figured it might be, but its such a big difference so I was confused. Either way thanks
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