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: Fix the game riot.
: Similar to the Mac Voice Chat issue, Riot has to contact Avast to solve the problem. The speed at which the issue is resolved relies on how quickly Avast responds.
No. NOOOO! NO! Avast isn't the issue. Because people without it are experiencing this problem.
: Avast and AVG is the same company ,ununstall it then try the game !
Cool story but it is not just Avast Or AVg or what ever the FUCK you are on about. stop spamming this in every chat about the problem.
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Amatzsu (NA)
: The "Avast" issue
Still going on. I am just shit out of luck I guess.
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: having game disconnected after champ selection
The update is AVAST seems to be causing an issue.... I unistalled and I am still getting disconnected randomly. HELP OMFG


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