: Not ideal for solo laning, sure. However, they can take Yummi to a solo lane so long as they play to win. I wouldn't personally take her solo lane though.
In most situations I would agree with you. However, this player was taking ignite and smite and proposing a 2-1-2 laning situation. This proposal also came after they locked in their pick so nobody had a chance to weigh in on the unusual pick. If they had at least taken a different summ than smite it might be a little more understandable. As it was, not only would we be running double smite but I, as jungler, would have to sacrifice map pressure and any semblance of objective control on the bottom half of the map.
: What if Yummi Top is actually OP but you never gave it a chance. Also why dodge in your promo's? its a Auto loss your better off playing it even if you think that you will lose. Im starting to think your the problem.
The entire team was uncomfortable with how the draft played out. The player was holding the team hostage and I'd rather dodge and forfeit my own promo series (and in doing so only negatively impacting myself) than entertain their behavior. LoL is a team game and requires some level of collaboration. This player's attitude and actions made it apparent that they were not trying to work with the team to try something new.
: Well normally i'm a huge fan of offmeta... but i'm pretty sure Riot intentionally made Yuumi not able to solo lane. There's a bit of a difference between balanced for X role and balanced to exclusively do X role.
If it were any other champion I would've been fine but this is the exact impression I have too. Yuumi excels when supporting other champs and has full access to her abilities. Without someone else nearby to ride on she loses half the potency of her kit. Thank you for addressing the root of the issue.
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