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: This thread is talking about supports feeling useless with an afk adc yet literally every bot lane match up is decided by the better support. Oh ok.
While this is true, the ADC does the majority of the damage in the lane. The support mostly makes picks and plays so that the ADC can right click them to death. One of the only ways I've seen a support get kills in a 2v1 bot lane is by hooking them into tower or baiting likewise. Either that or if they make stupid stays with very low hp, so that a Soraka can q e auto them.
: item balance shouldn't be based around the possibility of someone disconnecting from a game, lol.
While that is true, I feel like this makes supports more useless without their ADCs, which I don't think is a good way for the support role to be going, especially since we have champions that can go support like Pyke, Senna, Lux, and Brand, who can easily blow up a carry or be a carry themselves.
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I feel like if you're playing a power farming jungler, you can generally get further ahead than you would've been if you power farmed last season. That being said, if you're behind and/or you're ganking a lot, you'll be set further behind because the camp respawn timers come up faster. Jungle XP this season is definitely going to be better for champions like Master Yi, Karthus, and Graves, but it's probably going to hurt champions like Xin Zhao, who depends on ganking a lot more. I feel like this season will have a heavier focus on powerfarming, objective-focused junglers like Shyvana, or junglers who excel at early objectives, like Warwick, who can take the dragon at level 4, or something ridiculous like that. The game will probably have a heavier focus on bot side when the first dragon spawns, but it'll shift to top when herald spawns, so that the team can get 2 heralds in a game. At least, that's my prediction for how jungling will work this season. Thank god there'll be less ganks...
: I don't think they can or should design something like items around games with frequent DCs. Design is focused on making 5v5s balanced and fun. Almost every 4v5 is going to suck regardless of what is or isn't on items and "this will make 4v5s even worse" shouldn't be a big consideration because only a tiny proportion of your games should *be* 4v5s, and if that's not the case, then that is a much bigger problem than item design.
I don't even feel like it's that much 4v5s, but just if you're alone in general. If your team has to clear a large wave bot, you can't really do it even if you have waveclear in your kit, because you're going to have that debuff for 3 minutes with a 50% reduction to the gold you get. It just sucks that it limits the amount of things you can do as a support alone, since some supports can look to exert pressure by themselves (ex. Brand, Pyke, Senna, Morgana).
: I get you but if they remove it mid laners and top gonna abuse the items.
I feel like midlaners and toplaners would abuse the spellthief's passive more, so my solution would to be to probably keep the minion rule on those, but remove it on the relic passive items, kind of like last season where, if you last hit a minion with spellthiefs, it would stop the gold generation passive.
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: Patch 9.23 notes
I understand the reasoning for the support minion rule, but I absolutely hate it. In one game, my ADC kept disconnecting and reconnecting and I wasn't able to clear the waves, since I would get the minion rule and my support item wouldn't upgrade (I was Pyke, took shoulderguard). It's really frustrating in these situations.


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