: NA LCS: Format update for 2018
I never post on this forum, but I have to. This is a TERRIBLE decision. I've asked everyone I know that watches NA LCS regularly and they all feel exactly the same way. BO3 are more competitive and when games are more competitive they draw in higher viewership. People don't want to watch the other games because the teams are absolutely terrible and we're not really learning anything or engaged by their level of play. Of course everyone tunes in for TSM, C9, and CLG. Don't even kid yourself and pretend this is what's best for the fans. This is what's best for you and nothing else. Edit: I'm still not going to be any more interested in teams like Echo Fox until they step up and prove they can be competitive. This is going to be moving them backwards, not forward.
b2412 (NA)
: Honestly, people in NA didn't wanna turn on the icons for an IP weekend. I tried to get my friends to turn on the icons, but everyone has to be special and didn't wanna share the same icon as everyone else. Maybe it's just me but apparently an IP weekend wasn't enough of an incentive for NA to get their collective heads together and use the icons. Turkey won this competition regardless of who won first place at MSI, sadly.
I had mine on, but no one seemed to care. Everyone I know has so much IP they don't need already that it's sort of pointless as a reward.
: He honestly made me feel happy, the only league stream that made me happy and laugh the whole fucking stream! I don't wanna fucking watch some white scrawny pimple fucked face league retired pro play, but Tyler Fucking 1? I watched through his whole stream day by day, only stream I've ever done that, Honestly never bored. Yet you think you're doing us a favor Riot by banning him, ya, HAH thanks. He was trying reform... #DepressedNow
If he made you laugh the whole stream, you're probably just as toxic as he is.
Drehirth (NA)
: I actually see this as a big injustice wow.. - he leveled his new account on stream - gets trolled every single game by both teams(but /mutes all when it happens) - has other streamers get jealous of his popularity shit talk him all day(and yet avoids the drama himself maturely and tells people to stop posting about it on his channel) but he gets the ban instead. Why now? He got most popular after he made a hype video about being a better player, but people claim he gets popular off of trolling. People are allowed to shit talk him all day, and yet even despite avoiding the drama he gets banned now? Seriously? The self righteous people will claim he's a troll etc and downvote to hell, but this was pretty damn stupid. edit: wow the post wasn't suppose to get that much attention. Here's some final thoughts though. Have received dozens of responses from either agreeing or disagreeing with mild to extreme toxicity both on the forums and people adding me in game. I would just like to say that regardless of your opinion, I had shown nothing but logic in my post and I find it disgusting that other people both try to take a moral high ground by judging tyler as a person and then extend that hate to anybody who even considers it a questionable timing. The other thing to keep in mind is that neither side should care anymore at this point. Have you seen his reaction to the ban? It was pretty funny, and not because he baby raged. If you are a fan, you shouldn't care because he doesn't care enough to If you hate him you also shouldn't care because you are only adding to his popularity
He brought any and all trolling on himself. When you treat everyone around you like absolute trash and that they're inferior to you then you deserve what's coming to you. Stop defending this blatant troll. Move along, nothing to see here.
: NA Server Roadmap: South Bridge update
Really appreciate the update, but until it means our individual clicks are as responsive for the rest of us as they are to the West Coast, this is sort of just a pipe dream. I appreciate that my ping has gotten more stable since the updates started, but it still feels MUCH better to just play on LAN as an East Coast resident.


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