: Client Beta Update #2: Replacing the Legacy Client
Looking at these comments, I'm excited for the client update. So many children will leave. Maybe this is the fist step in fixing the league community! Then again, maybe this is another case of "If Trump gets elected I'm moving to another country".
: no but like if u drop it right in the middle of them while they walk to you, along with an anivia wall to guide them into the frozen terrain, you can combo those with hellla damage and just a viktor E is sufficient... they run right into it for goodness sake
that's true of most ults in the game though. If three people work together then they can do it.
: Biggest problem I have here: 10% missing health per auto on slowed targets in melee range. He starts Q in lane, pokes his lane opponent (I'm guessing he's supposed to be a top laner) down to half health with Q and his ranged autos, then he starts using his Q on minions to run up to them and do 10% of their missing health per auto. First off, execute damage shouldn't be per auto, it shouldn't be easy to proc, second is that it's a lot of stuff. What I would do is melee attacks apply a 3-hit passive that, after the 3 hits, slows them, deals 10% of their missing health, and gives him a short attack speed buff, but then that can't be procced again on the same target within the next few seconds.
That's a much better mechanic for the melee bonus damage. However you have to remember that he will almost never be using melee attacks unless the enemy wants to fight him. you would have to walk up to an enemy to attack them, since just attacking would use his ranged attack instead, which has no bonuses. But i agree, it needs to be harder to proc.
: his passive is already gonna kill someone... this is literally gnar without his nerfs lol... ok hes fucking beast as fuck wtf his cc is real... literally put down your ult in a team fight, then q them all and maybe viktor or something will immediately kill them all
Well his ult will force the enemy to spread out in whatever direction they were moving in until they are outside the circle, so his ult doesn't combo well with other champions aoe abilities. And his passive might be too strong, but that's a playtesting and balance issue.
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Gideon96 (NA)
: That q on 0 CD is pretty broken IMO... all these low cooldowns will make a very spammable champion that i dnt see any true weakness in. This is too powerful I think
Ambassador's passive destroys any hope for spamming any ability
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Blac Iyc (NA)
: player: y no winter map? riot: too much work. {{summoner:32}}
This is the same player that cries because all skins are not free and they are still stuck in Bronze 5 (clearly Riot's fault). Making a snow skinned map takes almost as much work as making an entirely new map. they would have the data for the map (how everything interacts with the world), but the art and visuals would have to start nearly from scratch to make it a good, fresh winter look. (dead, snowy trees, Christmas trees, snow on ground, frozen rocks, etc). The amount of work you propose purely for vanity's sake for a month's worth of play is absolutely absurd.
: Concept for new darkin champion
I love this idea! Tones of extremely unique concepts! The HP and mana regeneration stat and damage scaling kit would bring an entirely new world of possibilities. I'm not sure there are enough items to support him damage wise, but at a pure tank he has a lot of potential! The only problem I see is his ult, and it has two major problems. Silencing your allies is kind of a big problem. The ability to completely destroy your teams ability to fight or escape from the area is really bad for your team. No one will want him around. The other problem is the mana drain. While unique and cool, Riot tries to stay away from this because it is way overpowered against a large number of champions. I do love the idea, but you might want to consider other options for that ability. His E sounds a little too much like his Q in some ways. Maybe give him some sort of mobility or ranged skill? Just a thought, like I said, I love his kit. Good luck and keep up the good work!
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: So how would you build this champion? What kind of item set do you think you would build? and what lane do you see your champion in? looks like a mage to me, so mid?
Something like Rylai's, Nashors, Botrk, IE, Hurricane, and Berzerker's grieves. Situational items being hourglass, Mucurial, and gunblade. I see them being a mid/adc lane. filling unique roles in either place. the beauty of the kit is that it gives a lot of flexibility to both the build and playstyle.
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Lephogam (NA)
: (Suggestion) Walk Down Memory Lane Featured Game Mode
there are several hundred versions of this exact post.
: Why you copy my portal idea :(
: Sorventh, The Stormbringer
The idea is interesting, the only problem is that you encourage people to not help their team for long periods of time so they can build up enough storm to one shot someone, then run away. But I do like the abilities.
: For the players who spent a lot of money on league!!! READ THIS
having 3000 bucks and nothing constructive to spend it on is its own reward.
: Nyjal, The Demon Gunsmith
One problem i see is that this seems to be an adc, and he only has damage based off his basic attacks. these tend to make fairly weak champion kits. Maybe consider adding some form of mobility and exchange either his q or his ult for a pure damage skillshot? or make a second ability have some minor cc? (slow, vision reduction, root). Something to set the Kit itself apart other than cool lore. backstory is cool and all, but the kit has to be fun and exciting for those who don't read the lore. Good work though, keep at it! Also, maybe elaborate a bit more on what exactly these abilities do?
: I see what you mean. Do you think an idea could come from this or anything to make it better? I just want new LoL players to experience old things and old LoL players to experience old things again. Like what if they brought back items like dfg (rip adc's) or heart of gold.
It would be really hard. They could do a small list of champs maybe, like old sion, cass, poppy, taric, etc. champs where they did full reworks. then give only season 1 or season 2 item sets. it would not have much replay value sadly, but could be fun for a few games. especially if people rotated what champs they used and if they are used to the reworked versions.
: Do you mean the few champions that are not or patches? And the changes are the point because it's for people who want to see what the game was like and for people to experience it again. Also what do you mean code changes? Like updates in the software to develop the game?
I meant the few champions they changed because the felt like it, not because they really needed changed. Every update for the past 6+ years they have had reasons for every change they made. not always good ones or reasons we understand, but every code change they made was for a reason.
: Old Patches Game Mode
Most changes are because the game balance shifted due to code changes, new champion mechanics, item changes, or Koreans breaking perfectly good champion kits. The few that are not would barely be appreciated in a game mode like this.
Ýones (EUW)
: Hey Relyks22, I just saw your concept and I think it has some pretty cool things in it. I will now give you some sort of feedback on your concept since I am bored and have nothing to do. ^^ **First look:** Seems pretty cool concept for a character, but you could change the title into Rider, the Tombraider, since it is the correct word for the term, but do what you want. :d **Lore:** It is interesting and unique. I think you don't have to change it. And now to the kit! **Passive:** Seems like a solid mechanic, but it could have some interaction with his kit. If Rider is meant for jungle, I don't think this ability is the best option for him since when you gank you don't usually stay in the lane enough to gain maxium utility from this passive. **Q:** I think you need some improvement on wording since I didn't really understand the text. It could bring some good CC to the table but I feel like it wouldn't feel really impactful in ganks. The name is also one thing that annoys me... **W:** This ability would be really powerful. I mean, it could be a champ's ultimate to be honest. A Bard's magical journey which enemies can't see and can be travelled from both entrances. Bard's Journey is a basic ability because it can be travelled by enemies and allies, it can be seen, and it's only a one way trip. I think this ability should be scrapped unless it can be seen by also enemies or it has a very, I mean very short duration. Otherwise, it would be cool for ganking. :3 **E:** I have confusion here too, how long does the stealth last? It is a pretty cool ability and useful for ganks, no doupt. **Ultimate:** It is a nice ability, but I don't think it needs a silence, maybe a stun or a heavy slow or something. The vision reduction would be cool, but I think it should maybe affect all enemies hit by the ability and the duration lasts based on the distance from the explosion. **Overall rating:** You have a solid character here, though some abilities need tweaks and are not perfect. I think he should have more options for damage, as an example, stab an enemy dealing damage or deal damage to first enemy in a line. I would give it a *7.75/10.* Have a nice day!
I agree that with his passive he would work better in Lane than in the jungle. And with his secret passage ability and cc, he might actually be a decent support. Maybe have his passive Rev up damage from all allied sources for a short time? Then he just has to be in team fights to be incredibly helpful to the team. His ult seems a bit strong. Large area trap, silence, vision reduction, while being able to gain stealth and move speed is fairly frightening. But I do like the idea. We're you planning on his two trap placements to break stealth? That would be an incredibly powerful and unique tool and would give you room to back the power off his ult. Overall, I agree. Very fun concept. Ikratosklayton and you should check out some of my ideas, I would love some feedback!
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: A New Game Mode
Most champions could never hope to compete in that situation. there would just be a new set of "meta" champs, and the champion pool to pick from of viable choices would be horribly small. same 10-20 champs every game.
: I'm still confused as to how the balance functions
Think of it less as a resource bar and more like Rumble's passive. It limits spell casting or attack speed while buffing the other. Meanwhile it keeps the player from getting to comfortable in a single form. The balance meter forces Ambassador to change forms eventually, and the player will likely want to change forms long before the game forces them to because the debuffs you get from going so far out of balance can be worse than the benefits.
: I'm still confused as to how the balance functions
Whenever Ambassador is in One form, it moves balance toward the opposite form. As it moves it increases or decreases their cool downs and attack speed. If the balance bar hits either end, his ult triggers and automatically switches you to the other form, where he will start moving the balance bar all the way back to the other side. I'm not sure if that helps. What are you confused about?
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: Gamemode: The Void
The only real problem I see is that it's not a PvP system. Turning a game mode into a PvE farm mode would not be good for the community, but I do like the direction you are thinking for the setting.
SarahSue (NA)
: We need gender bender SKINS.
Don't bring America's problems into league please.
: I was just saying you would feel a sort of false security by looking at your model, when in reality, you would have the stats of the squishiest champion in the game. Btw, I do really like the idea and I would definitely play it. It would add so much diversity and it would be a blast. One problem that you didn't mention though is the ability animations. I have already made a couple of random kits in this fashion and have run across this problem. For example, what does Mega Karthus look like (Karthus model with Gnar passive)? Another thing about the Gnar passive is that it would have to only give increased survivability since the access to new spells is dependent on the rest of his kit.
I don't know how Riot chose to animate their champs, but if they did it the standard way (as far as I know) nearly any animation can be applied to any champion. All animations start in the same pose, then are instructed moment by moment on how to move and stretch. So in theory, any champ can easily do anything any other champ can do. Obvious exceptions include Vel, kha, kog, etc. Champs who are not humanoid and can't stand in the standard animation pose. There are also some animations that are just super unique, like Jhin ult, fizz troll pole, rammus q, etc. That would be really hard to work with. But yes, animations are another huge obsical.
: It'd be hilariously fun, but a huge chore to code.
Well I'm willing to throw more money at them if that's what it would take to make this happen XD
Hellpyre (NA)
: I feel like you would need to have the base stats based on the character you select to prevent everyone from choosing maximum range champions for the obvious advantage with no downside to stats. Probably also the passive, since that's always heavily part of the stat distribution setup on characters that gain stats. Having all the leveled abilities be randomized would be pretty fun though. Or an ability draft mode, since I always had fun playing that in DotA.
The idea is to stop people from choosing champs with high base stats and then getting high dmg abilities. Making any tank an instant juggernaut, only possibly with high range as well. Passives often have an even larger effect on the champion and play style than the rest of the abilities (bard chimes, morde shield, gnar mega form, malzahar spallshield, etc.) I do see your point with high range champs, but they will not do so well no matter their range if they get all low range ap abilities. So random chance kills most of the attempted OP range picks.
: I can tell you put a lot of effort into compiling this list. For Urgot, I believe you meant no E without Q. The Q benefits greatly from the E but the E is not required to use the Q.
Well his e scales well with ad, reveals bushes, reduces armor by a ton, and allows his q to lock on. His q however, while spammable, is fairly low dmg, and without his passive, the shield's slow, or the range extending lock-on is kinda sad.
Bârd (NA)
: A reroll mechanic would be nice in this (Because getting shit like Twitch Q with Aurelion Sol passive would just suck)
Lol, that would be really bad XD
: Game mode idea: Hodgepodge
Here is a list of abilities that would not work as they are Aurelion Sol - No E without Passive Azir - No Q or E without W Elise - No passive without R Illaoi - No Passive, W, or R Jayce - No passive without R Kalista - R and W need Oathswarn item Karma - No R Kha'zix - No R, other abilities should start out upgraded (evolved)(see Viktor) Lulu - No Q without passive Orianna - Needs ball for Q, W, E, R Rek'sai - ...Just no XD Renekton - No passive Rumble - No passive, unless Riot thinks it would be fun to troll everyone Syndra - No passive Tahm - No Passive, No E without passive Twitch - No E without passive Udyr - No passive Urgot - No Q without E Vayne - No R Viktor - No passive, abilities start upgraded (see Kha'zix) Yorick - No passive Zyra - No passive or W Every other ability works fine or can very easily be adapted. and some of these can probably be altered, but there are plenty of abilities to choose from without these. they would not even be noticed or missed.
: A combination of 6 random abilities on a champion that you only play once would be really hard to remember! Even when I was learning Elise I had trouble keeping track of the abilities. Nevertheless, it might be the best way to do it, since without the added abilities, these ultimates would have a really minor impact on gameplay. As for their regular abilities, do you think both of the parts of each should be counted as separate options for a kit(for example, you could either get Elise's human E or her spider E but not both)?
I think they could go either way, but I think that the ults (Elise, mid, Jayce, Gnar passive) could be on any champion, so it would be easier to just give them completely unique sets for all forms, even though it would be really hard to remember. But that's half the fun! No one would have an advantage there.
: holy cow this would be hard to code haha but yea maybe riot before the game mode is made gets rid of those technical abilities makes a recourse or even interlocks this with urf mode and maybe each champion picks 1 ability and gets 4 out of the 10 chosen
Yeah, this might be the largest project they would have started since season 5 map reworks. If they bother to try it that is. I'm hoping a Rioter sees this and let's me know what they think at some point, but most of this stuff is buried within the hour.
: Game mode idea: Hodgepodge
I am thinking that banning abilities would be kinda dumb. And not really plausible. 5 abilities for 130 champs... So 650 banning options... Yeah lol. So maybe not XD
: I was just saying you would feel a sort of false security by looking at your model, when in reality, you would have the stats of the squishiest champion in the game. Btw, I do really like the idea and I would definitely play it. It would add so much diversity and it would be a blast. One problem that you didn't mention though is the ability animations. I have already made a couple of random kits in this fashion and have run across this problem. For example, what does Mega Karthus look like (Karthus model with Gnar passive)? Another thing about the Gnar passive is that it would have to only give increased survivability since the access to new spells is dependent on the rest of his kit.
That is actually one of the biggest problems with the game mode, I agree. Many abilities just would not work. Gnar passive would have to not be in the game unless it was just an ascension/lulu ult kind of thing. So it could just look like a red/orange elixer of iron potion effect. The kits that are the strangest are the ones with multiple ability sets (jayce, Elise, nidalee) do they get 6 other random abilities?
: Imagine having Alistar's model with Anivia's stats. That would be so hard to get used to.
well you would have alistars model, but who knows what your abilities would be.
Faryá (NA)
: that Jinx set tho, yikes
I know, I kinda liked the set XD would be forced to build tanky probably with the pull, dash, and tp. But this is the exact kind of crap i wanted to see, so it works. It was all random, i didn't put it together.
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: Your average League Player. "Dragon? LOL, DEEBEEZEES OR POKEYMANS NOW!"
I just logged on to downvote everything you said on this forum
: I have no idea why people are downvoting this guy, He's completely right. Is it his tone? I was a big time Cass player before the rework, and I've never really liked the idea of spamming Twin-fang, but I dealt with it. Once that became core and central to her kit, I stopped enjoying playing her. You also forgot about them moving Morde from mid-lane to some kind of wierd bot-lane mage carry, but then now they're trying to change that too but it seems to just be making it worse? I just don't even know. Oh also, I was a Karma player before her rework, also. Not anymore. Don't feed us lies about not alienating players. You've done it before. you've done it with THIS CHAMPION. What most people who played Cass wanted was a poison mage first and foremost. When you pick her up, that's the first thing that strikes you. "She's a snake lady who casts poison, cool" Twin-fang has nothing to do with it. I'd prefer her twin fang be something like "When used on a poisoned enemy, Increases the poisons duration and power a small amount" as an a example Though I'd prefer for it to be removed entirely.
Notice how rito gets reeeeeealy quiet...
Jeddite (NA)
: We dont need more threads from the ARAM Bronze League™ crying about how, one time, the enemy team had 3 Sonas, a Varus, and a Lux and _**"OMFG THIS PROVES THAT EVERYBODY BUT ME,**_ [PlayerName McKindaPrettyBad]_**, IS AN ARAM SMURF CHEATER-H0m0!11!!11!!11!"**_
Someone is salty.
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Ikikaea (NA)
: Why does he have to be half naked though? Why did he suddenly get a lot chubbier? Why couldn't you change the story to make him more lighthearted to fit his in game character instead of vice versa? Pretty sure most people like corny Gangplank better. Wasn't the whole point of saying fuck you to the old lore so that you could separate the game from the lore? Also lol at the meetings about hats... Guess that's why Valve can do more than double the work you guys do with half the resources. And guess what, people are happier with Dota2 than LoL.
Its amazing how vocal the dumb ones are... Keep up the good work Riot! I have never heard of a happy DOTA 2 player. The sounds of angry children are probably drowning them out. I love the work Riot does, and their unique characters and game mechanics consistently bring the game to life!
: terrible and ugly.....
I'd like to see you do better. I sure can't. It's not about being the best, it's about being the best you can be. these peices are amazing and expressive and show a great deal of creativity and genuine fun.
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