: You decide what you want to do in the game which you've done already. Find champs that do that the best. You want to play jungle or adc. I strongly recommend jungle over adc but it's up to you. You want to teamfight and macro play. Find out who the BEST junglers are that fit your criteria for teamfighting. Same goes for adc. Pick one champ and play only them. If you get bored keep playing that champ. I get bored playing trynd all the time. Once you form the habbit of picking them it will get easier to just play them. After you have your champ I strongly recommend finding a challenger and only a challenger no exceptions, that one tricks or at least plays that champ and watch and learn from them.
What would you say are the top three or four teamfight/carry junglers? Tier lists are tier lists, but the issue with picking a main is picking something that isn't perma-banned.
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