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: State of the Season: Mid-season followup
Xevozz (NA)
: {{champion:90}} You know how everyone has one champion they love playing with, well before rework malz was mine and now i dont play him because he has a weak dull gameplay and his visual wasn't a update more like a new champ, not something i liked > **I still will not understand why people ban him now a days since he is literally a joke**
: Heimer Turrets
[Short video of the Bug](
: Global turret targeting Heimer Bug
[Short Video of the Bug)](
: Heimer Turrets
I have seen {{champion:74}} 's turrets sometimes after he leaves the active radius, and one of them will stay on and it literally aims at every champ on the enemy team across the whole map. I have seen it happen in three different games now, and i have even seen one of the shots from mid cut straight across the jungle in bot and then change direction and hit the enemy adc, then i followed one that changed direction 3 times and hit someone in their fountain.
: Global turret targeting Heimer Bug
Ok I added this as a comment to someone else's post, but seeing as how I literally came here to post about this, I might as well give it its own discussion as well. I've been seeing some bugs with Heimer's ult turret for some time now, and often in different forms. But for sure, the donger's in need of some investigating. Sometimes, his ult turret will fire at an enemy out of its range and out of the fight, but only visually, it actually does no damage to anyone. I've seen this numerous times; sometimes it happens when someone starts in range of the turret and leaves (once they leave it does no damage to them, but they draw fire that could be focused on enemies that could/should actually be getting damage from it). Sometimes I just see the turret freak out and not fire at anyone at first, then shoot at like the jungler who crossed mid lane a while ago. I've also seen a lot of times when I lay the ult turret down in a teamfight, and it gets maybe a couple shots off, but then stops firing, before it runs out of time or health - just standing there doing nothing. The thing is its not lag or just a visual delay, but I actually watch it do it's little humming-jumping thing it does while active but not firing, while there are enemies in its range. I see this more often than the former, and its equally frustrating. I'm really just hoping you guys can take a look and hopefully find/squash this nasty little bug, cause the donger was my favorite champion to play when I first started, and is still a blast when picked into the right comp. He's a really fun champ to play, it just sucks, given how squishy (and occasionally weak late game, if not really fed) he is, that sometimes his kit doesn't work like it's supposed to. delthebear (NA) - 30 minutes ago
: Global turret targeting Heimer Bug
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: Or keep it so it shows she's more forceful lol
oooooh... good idea she doesnt draw in sales by looks she does it by intimidation, her e could also be like a soul sucking contract of some sort lol
: in terms of appearance i'll grant they aren't stereotypical for the most part, but in terms of their personality? hoooo boy, stereotypical and one-note as all hell
not gonna lie the whole female being good looking stereo-type thing is sort of ridiculous , but I can see where riot might get it from. The world these days really tries to make girls look like they are really pretty and slutty, it really is a global buying/selling point to attract the greater male demographic (another stereo-type) on video games to a certain game (LoL).
: It is. I wish we didn't need these weird rules though. (Why do we need to restate the obvious? We should just let it be as much as possible.) And complaining about the appearance of a character doesn't make sense. Not everything needs to pander to ('x' person's) idea of beauty. (Simultaneously, please realize that Taliyah is bound to be at least one person's ideal girl. It's just the way humans work.)
ok so you didn't mind the old poppy?
: Sorry, I must have missed the episode when Toph suddenly becomes graceful and rhythmic while she _weaves_ stone. Seriously, just because they have the same concept doesn't mean she's based on Toph. Certainly takes inspiration from, but not inspired by. If you were an Earth Mage, would you travel on your feet, or would you ride along on rocks to go faster? Doing that is just a sensible use of her powers, not necessarily copying anything. That's like saying that Brand is based off of Firebenders because he controls fire.They do the same thing. It doesn't mean they're related.{{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}}
I agree all the earth, water, air, and fire benders all have a very close similarity in ways to travel fast. They even have the same kind of position when they do it to slouching forward, knees bent, and their arms behind them.
: Even if I was against them enemy illaoi and I kept dying to that I would still be enjoying it because of how rediculous the skin was lol
exactly who the hell wouldn't want to see it! Riot could even make Illaoi look a lil less she hulk like
: Riot Direct talks rebuilding the Internet
used to play at 40 but went up to 60 ping
: Imagine the ultimate
inflatable noodles everywhere!
: No, that would be hot wheels Hecarim.
just as a man who sells cars is called a car salesmen, a woman would be considered a car saleswomen
: The car, who sells women? Whut?
No, that would be hot wheels Hecarim.
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: Champion Insights: Taliyah, the Stoneweaver
she is pretty just on some the splashes they over extend her jaw line
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