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: Took the survey. Just a side note, stress is very relative and similar to the pain scale that doctors use. What's a 10 stress for me may not be a 10 stress for you which makes it inconsistent for solid statistics. Not to mention there are lots of other factors that can affect stress levels like mental disorders, lack of sleep, current life situations, and more. It's a cool survey, but I wouldn't take the results too literally.
Yeah, I know what you mean. I was unsure how else I would ask the question. So I decided that a 10 should just be "the most stressed that person has ever been"
: The survey has some fundamental issues: You sample is a league of legends forum. The results you’ll get will be that of people who tend to play LoL AND come to the boards. For example, a lot of the people here might be here to complain, hence leading to skewed results. Not to mention the audience here might be younger, leading to what appears to be a very stressed young populace. Just an fyi cause I deal with statistics a lot. You’d benefit a lot from asking people at say, the mall or something, though that would still be skewed, but would nonetheless be somewhat more telling than here.
Thank you for the feedback! I put the survey up on other forums and will ask people IRL later today.
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