: brother
I think Riot should shutdown the cross continent play to help with the servers. IMO if Riot had come up with a tutorial you could play it would of also helped with the server traffic. I guess the pressure from everywhere, to get the game out, prevented that consideration. {{sticker:zombie-brand-facepalm}}
Rαy (EUW)
: This game isn't enjoyable anymore. And the reason is too much damage.
IMO High damage is Riots way to Speed up the games.
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: Riot says they don't want a prisoners island, and won't admit they've already made one
Ban a player and you create a smurf with a temper that ruins the game for the rest of us lessor players. Its impossible to properly match teams up with the amount of smurfs in game as it is .. players should be banned away from the Rift only .. let them still aram and if it continues ban them to the 3 on 3 game.
: Problem with the game
I haven't won a Ranked game since I placed. I am bronze 3 and constantly play with silvers and lose. You and I and thousands more are just cannon fodder for all the Smurfers out there. When you start the game with 3 to 4 level 5,6 or 7's on your team and you can see the other team had less then 30,000 point combined you feel you may have a chance at winning. Then you see that they are all a Microphoned team of smurfs that obliterate your team in less then 15 minutes all the time insulting you. You are not alone in your frustration, just don't think that anyone at Riot is doing anything about it. Riot only interest is squeezing every last penny from your pocket. You may want to focus on ARAMs. I have a won a few games there recently. {{champion:26}} Computer gaming since 1979 (Atari 400 with Star Raiders). I call myself "Ancient" for that reason ;)
: Patch 8.12 notes
When was the last time Riot helped supports and not hinder them? It's hard enough to find supports to play the game as it is and Riot seems on the path to making it even harder. Also if you want to "Balance" the take away out then Give the shield skills lower cool-downs or lower mana costs. Just don't gut the shield skills without compensating in other areas of the champions effected. Insanity Now!
Kunii (NA)
: Should I Quit LoL?
A Great game would make you feel okay regardless of winning or losing .. winning isn't everything. you just need a chance to win and do your best. you have nothing to be ashamed about losing a game of League.
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: I didn't see anything in there about "being honorable" when your team is griefing you. That is when it gets hard for me to be honorable, I could care less what people say, but when people afk/int/grief my game, I have outbursts. I think riot needs to add a "self mute" button because it is very hard for me to not say anything rude to someone when they are trying to ruin my next 30 mins. Ik there is the /all mute button but I am seriously not thinking about that when I get in every game and shouldn't have to.
You can always let your game play speak for you. You don't need to justify your actions or lack of them to anyone. I have found myself in the exact place where you were. Use their actions as a challenge. Sometimes you can overcome a player AFKing and win the game. Also : People act poorly sometimes to get a reaction from you. Don't give them the pleasure of knowing you are angry. **The value in victory is only as great as the effort needed to achieve it. ** {{champion:26}} Computer gaming since 1979 (Atari 400 Computer w/Star Raiders) Yes I call myself "Ancient" for that reason :)
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: Look, as a preface I'm sure Riot is just messing around with preseason ideas and stuff and I didn't expect the game to be well balanced with such sweeping changes to the rune system. So let me be clear this is not a "complaint" or me "whining" about the new rune system... I just wanted to bring up some points that struck me as a bit obvious and fundamental to how the game works. I hope that somebody might respond with something to ease my worries, idk. 1) k, so with the new rune system everybody essentially lost access to "free" resistances, MR, armor, flat and leveling. You can still take either mirror shell or iron skin, but only one or the other, and it come at the significant cost of taking another rune. This is infact a significant cost because with the new system you only get to choose 6 benefits, a drastic REDUCTION in choices when compared to the old system of having 9x 9x 9x 3x runes to choose from, all of which could technically offer defensive stats if you so chose. So why is that such a big problem? because now games are more likely to be decided by which team has the worst player. And again this isn't me complaining or being "toxic" this is just a detached observation of how the game will fundamentally work with the new evolving meta, let me explain. Players earn gold IN-GAME and then have to spend that gold on items that will put them ahead. If the other team has a fed AP assassin then I am now REQUIRED to spend that gold on magic resistance. Lets say I buy a null mantle for 450 gold so that i don't get one shot. Now I'm 450 gold behind because matchmaking gave me a teammate who happens to be less skilled than theirs... This effect is HUGE. period. If an AP assassin or even just a mage gets fed then every member of the opposing team has to spend 450 gold on a null mantle to stay alive, thats a 450x5=2,250 gold advantage, just from null-mantles, whereas in the old system taking MR blues was only at the cost of taking greedier runes such as cdr or ap or magic pen, or something else. Plus you still had the entire mastery tree to get other benefits going into the game plus your reds your quints and your yellow runes... Currently, with the new system there are only two other options for playing around a fed AP character. Take runes (+5 MR rune, and a magic damage shield in sorcery) specifically for it when you can only choose from 6 runes total, OR buy MR using gold you have to earn in game, both of which already puts you at a serious disadvantage vs everybody else on the assassins team where having MR does nothing for you. (or dont buy MR at all and risk getting literally one shot) There is a limit to how much you can "outplay" somebody in this game and there is a limit to how long you can stall out the game by splitting or avoiding going near a certain character because they are too fed. Eventually you have to address the issue and as of right now it involves spending gold and putting yourself behind. 2) I've already mentioned it but it is its own separate point that I wanted to bring up. Choices. We now have 6 options to pick from for out of game load-out bonuses. Before we had 30 rune slots, all of which had several several runes to choose from + we had 3 mastery trees with 30 points to use on it and 15 choices per tree is 45 choices. The new system is streamlined, I LIKE the new rune system, and runes feel powerful and game changing. But this is continuing a trend I've noticed in riots game design, that i personally don't like: The "pushing" of roles and niches or whatever you want to call it. Where a champion is specifically meant to be a tank, or a champion is specifically meant to be a support. The best part of league is and always has been in being creative, doing unexpected things and breaking the mold. It's kept things fresh for along time in this game. Things like AP Yi, Full AD Garen, crit strikes on the old Talon, AP Sion, Attack speed Kennen, AP Varus, AD or on-hit Bard, AP shyvana, AP Jax the list goes on and on, some of them get nerfed, removed, some of them aren't that great, some of them aren't that viable, some of them are actually really good and stick around without getting nerfed. But at the end of the day that's what makes league so fun for so so many people. and while the new runes are cool, and they certainly allow some new cool things to happen, it's just not going to be like it was before. What made all those wonky off-beat things possible before was the old rune system, where you could take 33.5% crit damage at the expense of anything else, or 19.5 magic pen, or 50 something MR for galio, etc etc. The point here is that there was so many options and it really allowed you to try wonky off-beat things with champions. Now you get what? 15 cool keystones that have cool effects. But it's starting to feel like I'm choosing a keystone and then picking a champion based on who can abuse the keystone, who can abuse Kleptomancy or Aftershock more? I'll pick them since if I pick another champ ill just be using the same keystone but it wont be optimal. It's starting to feel less like I'm picking the Champion I want to play and then loading it out with the runes and masteries that allow me to do what i want to do with the champion. Anyway, don't mean to bash, i'm enjoying the new system for the most part. Let me know what you guys think.
Totally agree with you. I only support and I don't have friends that play this game. I would really love to understand what to do with the runes. There doesn't seem to be anything to offer defensively that can counter the strength of the offensiveness of the runes. It seems that snowballing times have been dramatically shortened because of this. If riot could put together a default rune setup for each of the champions it would really help. it always seems that we are only given the keys to the car but have to teach ourselves how to drive it. I am getting tired of the constant re-learning of the game. {{champion:26}} Computer gaming since 1979 (Atari 400 Computer w/Star Raiders) Yes I call myself "Ancient" for that reason :)
Drugoth (NA)
: @ Toxic players: YOU are the minority.
How easy it must be to sit in your chair and cast negative remarks about those who are mostly relieving their frustration. The game is hard and mostly unfair. The game relies on people to group up and repeatedly defeat single players, holding them captive for 20 minutes or more. There is no regard to the frustration the game inspires in others, the only retort for Riot's creation is for those to say "Don't play the game". The game is akin to a smoker trying to give up smoking while everyone around them is puffing away. But I can see that you are better then all that. You must be one of those single players without a group to play with that's experienced enough in life to go 0 and 20 and still see it as fun. League of Legends inspires players to become Toxic and, when they do so, punishes them. Although there is no place to "utter slurs" there is nothing about the game that inspires people to be less Toxic. It is up to the players to inspire people to be less Toxic by praising there efforts regardless of a defeat or victory. I can see that you "missed the boat" on that one. Please continue to be part of the problem and show the rest of the players were our place is. I have created Spams to paste into the end game chat to inspire others rather the berate them. Maybe you could see yourself big enough to come over from the dark side and inspire other to do better. I use the following .. please feel free to use them in this game as well.. pasted : " <Hard LOSS> Here we stand, having been given the opportunity to prevail against difficult odds and regardless of outcome, regretting nothing and honoring all. <Hard WIN> May the only reward be the acknowledgement that today, having battled against difficult odds, we few are honored to have been part of this Great Battle. <Easy WIN> Honor: Yourself, by only seeking challenging competition, Your opponent, to qualify your skill in their defeat, The Game, by allowing your only reward to be participation in a Great Battle The value in victory is only as great as the effort needed to achieve it. EZ are two letters used by a fool to insult his or her own skills. " : end of paste Over the years I have learned that spreading negative comments is easy and cowardly and it is much harder to be compassionate. You have a choice. Be part of the problem, or fight against the those who use the game to frustrate others in order to feel better about themselves. What I have read here is just another attempt to create toxic players. Cheers! {{champion:26}} Computer gaming since 1979 (Atari 400 Computer w/Star Raiders) Yes I call myself "Ancient" for that reason :)
Simurgh (NA)
: Let's Chat about Honor
Honor. Unless the word finds a true meaning to each of us then the game suffers. I've come to enjoy and hate League, which in my +30 years of computer gaming is not that common.I believe that a computer game can only survive if the players strive to keep the game honorable. I have seen a lot of Toxic computer games die or just fade because of people who choose to use the game to put each other down in order to feel better about themselves. Newer players don't become established players because of the level competition they face and the game Toxicity. The real quest to become an honorable gamer is to only strive for a great battle regardless if who wins or loses. The real quest to become an honorable game is to only strive for games of evenly skilled players in order to nurture this. Thank you for letting me ask another question that maybe of importance to us as well. **Is this game honorable? ** My guess would be it depends on which of us both outside and inside Riot, truly work towards it. Now I have been to your website and now seen the work on the player item setups. Both are amazing and I can only guess how many hour of work went into both. As a player I thank you for both. I could mention that in the item setups it would be nice to have the default setup as a choice when creating an item setup. It would better help a newer play be able to tweak his/her setup instead of creating one from scratch. It would also be great if we had the choice to pick one of the setups from the LCS players, but we must be able to walk before we can run i guess :) In closing I would like to blurt something I spam into the chat at the ending of game: _Honor: Yourself, by only seeking challenging competition, Your opponent, to qualify your skill in their defeat, The Game, by allowing your only reward to be participation in a Great Battle_ {{champion:26}} Computer gaming since 1979 (Atari 400 Computer w/Star Raiders) Yes I call myself "Ancient" for that reason :)
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: Almost every balance problem traces back to the pros vs. pubs problem.
Well .. think of League of Legends as a Rock, Paper, Scissor, game with over 150 different possibilities (champions) . Then think of each one of the possibilities having 5 or more skills that have 5 levels of growth. Now add in Masteries and Runes and all the Items you can buy. Okay, now lets talk about how you could possibly balance that, specially when you want to release a new champ every 2 months. The players that are at the top of their game are the only ones that Riot uses to gauge a champions "Balance" because its easy for Riot to be shown a Champion being used to its full extent. The failure is that you can never match-up one champion with every other champion effectively, so other variables must be used to "Balance" each champion. Riot has no end of information on every game that is played. We only are shown a small percentage of the information that is from our past games. There is a massive amount of information that is being created in every minute of game-play. This information could be used to create a better Balance, but I do believe that it is virtually impossible to ever obtain a "balance" with in the Champions I also believe that for every Champion you add, the difficulty balancing, increases exponentially. {{champion:26}} Computer gaming since 1979 (Atari 400 Computer w/Star Raiders) Yes I call myself "Ancient" for that reason :)
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Cibreca (NA)
: There's no itemsets... that's big problem.
> [{quoted}](name=Cibreca,realm=NA,application-id=2E4zVIwd,discussion-id=Lubh1fPG,comment-id=0056,timestamp=2016-11-21T15:10:24.031+0000) > > There&#x27;s no itemsets... that&#x27;s big problem. How are we supposed to change Item sets when you update(Nurf/Buff) items ?!?!? How did this no get included with Client update?? please let me know if this is going to be put back and if so when {{sticker:zombie-brand-mindblown}}
: Why Riot making this game worst and worst by time??? - Complain
You could always play ARAM. I've pretty much given up on the Rift
: Game will always be a mess, its about adapting to the changes, learning what is strong and what is not, and why its strong finding new ways to counter. Something only big boys can handle I guess.
+126 Champions to learn how to play with or against with a Laning phase and group phase. Need to understand about build patterns and countering opposition builds. Add in Keystone masteries. Guessing about the time a big boy would need to be comfortable about playing the game's 5 different positions would be ? A mess? But hey your obviously better then me for being able to spend more of your life here. Cheers! {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
: Crazy support champions, I need it.
{{champion:33}}=> {{item:3109}} + {{item:3401}} + {{item:3075}} + {{item:3068}} Courage of the Collosus mastery Start with "W" and max "E" first
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: How do I convince other players not feed in game?
When people get frustrated they feed. How many hours of study and play does it take to get good at the game ?. Seriously, Riot pretty much does nothing to help players learn about the game's team compositions. Riot relies on players to teach themselves how to play and changes the balance of the game so that if you do get to have a chance to learn a champ this month then next month your learning again. Add more champs+Change game setting=constant studying the game in order to get anywhere. More effort should be put into the ability to tell players, when in Pick/Ban phase, which player comp are better or worse based on Enemy's picks/bans.
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: It's not that we don't take the game seriously, but seriousness allows friendliness and composure still. When players are having a meltdown, they don't look like nice people anymore. They don't even look like they understand what a game is Does.. this video look familiar to you? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QXZUDVfaatw By "calm down, it's only a video game" we're just trying to tell you .. not to have a meltdown. And we hope that you won't have a meltdown, because you recognise, somewhere deep down inside, that you're enraging yourself over a video game ... It's a slim chance, but that's the meaning of "calm down, it's just a video game" And it can't be true that they don't take the game properly seriously. I mean.. if they didn't take the game at least seriously enough to _get good_ and _climb_, then they'd still be in bronze with the rest of us players who aren't focused or skilled enough yet.
Memories of the Police officer saying, "Have a nice day" after they give you a ticket for $180.
: 4/12 mid laner tells me I "take ranked too seriously"
Riot does not care about people getting all bent outta shape about the game. If you get upset because the people who play the game don't take it as serious as you do, then you need to find a different game. If Riot cared, even in the slightest, about anyone's "feelings" they would put some resources into trying to adapt the game by providing better game play. They are too busy with pouring resources into profit over any player that is under diamond, and specially players that have reached level 30. I have been playing Computer games for over 25 years and it's the same story now as it was then. In the past, as well as today, companies enjoy when people get all bent out of shape over the game because it causes people to talk about the game. No press is bad press. Have you seen anything from Riot about how to cope with the frustration of the game? Have you seen ANY resources put towards players constantly losing the game? Oh yeah .. one short video with staffers basically laughing at each other over what they do when faced with losing multiple games in a row. In some of my previous posts I have mentioned about constantly having losing streaks over hours. I have read multiple posts about people getting frustrated with losing multiple games in a row. Again, Any answers from Riot? Riot can easily hide behind the following: "It's Free, if you have a problem with it then it's your problem not Riots. Just stop playing it." Other players enjoy seeing you frustrated and laugh at you when you are. You also need to understand that you are, more times then not, playing with children. Mark these words. Riot will someday be in the same position as every other game that has ignored their player base. People will just move to a different game leaving Riot holding an old game that only a few hundred people still play. Its already started. Remember Dominion? The people who played it have a nice shiny summoner icon to remember it by. {{champion:26}} Computer gaming since 1979 (Atari 400 Computer w/Star Raiders) Yes I call myself "Ancient" for that reason :) P.S. You could always buy the board game!
Tantuu (NA)
: I have two permanently banned accounts and just got 14-day suspension on my third, AMA
Can we please all observe a moment of Pity for this player? ..m..o..m..e..n..t.. ..o..f.. ..p..i..t..y.. Thank you!
Cynicatt (NA)
: "Don't surrender guys!"
Troll Baiter Success! Mastur Status achieved! [{{champion:26}} ](http://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/player/na/Ancient%20League)
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AssauIto (NA)
: I notice that when I pick a champion I'm very experienced on, I get worse teams.
The Matrix has you. Don't chase the spoon, it will do you no good. [Red](http://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/GD/2LGkXVZX-i-notice-that-when-i-pick-a-champion-im-very-experienced-on-i-get-worse-teams?comment=0002) or [Blue](http://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/)? {{sticker:zombie-brand-mindblown}}
: I'll say it; Anivia's passive is fucking stupid and I hate it. I should not have to kill her ALL OVER AGAIN. "But Doctor Jarvis she loses AR and MR pre-12" On a champ with only 30 MR and ~30 AR to begin with, color me unimpressed by all the defense she loses. And even though I know you can just pop it and kill her later, why does she even have this passive? She has such a safe laning pattern where she can just Q or ult you from range then E, dealing stupid high damage and forcing you to back off. She's not a champ that gets really anywhere near the fight in a good case scenario, and if she's close enough where death is a real possibility she should actually be punished, rather than getting a second health bar. Other revive passives are fine but I just can't stand Anivia.
I think it would be better to limit the number of her revives. Make them faster to revive late game, heal for a percentage of max health, with a cooldown that is effected by CDR.
sirjace (NA)
: Grow a pair profanity doesn't matter
Describing anyone by their Race can be called Racism. Try using "Visible Minority"
: Even my losses are wins. This is how you can tell a player is good at this game.
Honor: Yourself, by only seeking challenging competition, Your opponent, to qualify your skill in their defeat, The Game, by allowing your only reward to be participation in a Great Battle. The value in victory is only as great as the effort needed to achieve it. {{champion:26}} Computer gaming since 1979 (Atari 400 Computer w/Star Raiders) Yes I call myself "Ancient" for that reason :)
: When you reveal a ward with a sweeping lens, only for your ADC to steal it
Aeziir (NA)
: I started playing league over 4 years ago, and during the time I've been playing the game, it has helped me to understand the gaming community and developers. As e-sports became more and more popular, I learned that developers will easily sell out on their true customers for the sake of a quick buck. As e-sports has somehow passed for a spectator sport and the payoff for being involved in it has grown, I can see that just as the rest of humanity will gladly give in to greed and corruption, so will the developers who are shaping our gaming industry today. This has given me a deep sense of regret as I watch the golden days of gaming fade into a fond memory. The community of League has also benefited me greatly. As the community has grown from dedicated players who played the game because they loved it, to literally every kid off the streets who has a free 10 minutes between smoking joints, a true vision of our world has been revealed. The number of "gamers" has dropped, and the community is now dominated by the scum of the earth, who literally find a greater volume of joy and pleasure from insulting your mother than playing the game in fornt of them. The number of mental diseases I have encountered has also made my understanding of planet earth's intelligence far more accurate. I have literally sat and watched as a Ryze walked towards a Yasuo, a wind wall poorly placed diagonally to Ryze's left and clear open space straight ahead and to the right. With all the time in the world walking forward to see the wall and walk forward, the Ryze changed his course and walked to the left, placing the wind wall directly between himself and Yasuo. Though it appeared to have taken the maximum amount of effort to get this undesired outcome, the Ryze still shot all of his moves at the Yasuo as if they would pass through the wind wall. As I sat silently and watched this play out, I wondered how a man like this could cross the street without being hit by a bus? How many other people on this earth are like him? Is this our fault? Did we raise up this generation? Is this our future? Is this where we must place our hope? Who will he vote for? Trump or Hillary? Perhaps both? If it weren't for League, I would still believe that video games will be a joyful pass-time long into the future, and that developers would cling to that vision. If it weren't for League, I would still have false hope in this world. If it weren't for League, I would still believe that maybe, just maybe, human beings will not destroy themselves, either on purpose or through sheer ignorance, on day not far in the future. Thank you for sharpening my vision. Thank you for opening the hearts of man. Thank you for revealing the hard truths.
Troll bator. The mastur. Take 2 chills and comment in the Morning :)
: What’s your story?
Help I'm +50 year old Nerd who is trapped in the game and Can't out! 2016 N/A LCS championships were Great. Went with my 15 year old son. My wife still blames me for getting him hooked on this game. How's that for Impact? {{champion:26}} Computer gaming since 1979 (Atari 400 Computer w/Star Raiders) Yes I call myself "Ancient" for that reason :)
: yes quit this cancer
> [{quoted}](name=Astrophel,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=fPiVKHmd,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2016-08-29T04:05:51.714+0000) > > yes quit this cancer Its not Cancer. The Matrix has you and you can't find the spoon.
: In Silver with High MMR - Should I just quit the game?
Team has an MMR cap and you eat all of it causing bronzes to be matched with you?
Yenn (NA)
: Ranked has become a massive clusterfuck since season 3. Is this going to be fixed?
Your level of play puts you in a tiny percentage of all the games out there. When ever a change is made it needs to look at a huge amount of games that have also changed. When you also factor in things like Time of Day and Weekly population fluxes and Champion balance with current average population's skill level, it becomes even smaller. Remember there are a lot of Diamonds in the ruff and with a little polish, are able to make you a believer. Sometimes no greater reward is simpler then snatching victory from the jaws of defeat. Sometimes I think Balance is an illusion and we are all on the brink of an uncontrollable unbalancing act. Sometimes I think my soapbox is a bit too big for myself. Honor: Yourself, by only seeking challenging competition, Your opponent, to qualify your skill in their defeat, The Game, by allowing your only reward to be participation in a Great Battle. {{champion:26}} Computer gaming since 1979 (Atari 400 Computer w/Star Raiders) Yes I call myself "Ancient" for that reason :)
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: After getting 4 chests, key fragments no longer seem to drop for a lot of people.
The Chest/Key System only was touted as a place to obtain free gear. Riot made no mention of a skewed drop system only getting you half the way to the "Free" gear. It is not surprising that this is another way for Riot to increase revenue. What is surprising that it wasn't properly explained before/when it was released causing angst amongst the players. GG Rito. {{champion:26}} In electronic gaming since 1979 (Atari 400 Computer w/Star Raiders) Yeas I call myself "Ancient" for That reason :)
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