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: The most balanced champions.
{{champion:3}} have you ever seen a galio vs galio 1v1? literally healing each other for 30 minutes before they each give up on fighting each other
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: I propose a change to the Multi-Kill indicators
Yeah I think this is a good idea because at the moment, if you kill 2 people that are doing good, it'll just say "Shut down!" twice. I want to hear the satisfaction of a double shutdown and more.
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: thats even worse at least soraka has her Q.
bard with infinity edge and stattik shiv.. man it's op
: It's been 6 years riot...
plz make the q a crouton
: [GAMEPLAY] Bug - Aatrox W bugs when using Sated Devourer
Yeah, I've noticed that too. On his third attack, it never seems to be a straight attack such as his W's passive. Every attack just goes from side to side.
: People started playing Rammus because they are sick of all the abusive AD auto attack champs.
: Champion update: Poppy, Keeper of the Hammer
so what happens when poppy ults champions toward her own base


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