: I like you guys, so don't go to the eclipse
I live in the dead center of the best spot to see it (Wyoming) and i know a Griffith
: I would give my soul for a Boram Darkwill illustration. But that's just me interjecting something slightly unrelated into this thread.
http://www.sciencemuseum.org.uk/hommedia.ashx?id=7285&size=Large I gotchu
: > [{quoted}](name=ChaosThief,realm=NA,application-id=Ir7ZrJjF,discussion-id=Q8T1KEnA,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2017-08-19T02:03:35.050+0000) > > Those were reverted. yeah and they said they are doing it again next patch. You didn't hear?
They said it would actually only be one, or part of one buff that would make it through.
: Phane Sorter Mega Thread (At request of mods)
I now remember why I never came to GD. and why I am blacklisting this on F.E.K
Razyelx (EUNE)
: The Most Favorite Champion of All Time [Voting Elimination] - Group A
: lets be real, yas would windwall the primordial burst
: kill twitch before he lands 2 basic attacks from xerath range out of stealth ya good luck with that
{{champion:59}} Hello I heard you needed instant cc nuke combo to one shot a squishy
: I can finally share this...
Damn!!! Do you have some sorta social media page so we can see yours (and maybe even the others who worked on this) works? :D
: Downvoted. Expected jumpscare. Got disappointment.
Expected Rickroll. Got Disappointment
: They use /r. Also, 15 0s.
I always typed it out..... Err..... whoops
Arakadia (NA)
: I'm a little shocked at how aggressive you are. He isn't theorizing the moon landing didn't actually happen. He's theorizing a character from a splashart. And if you look at previous splash's YOU DO FIND THINGS THAT LEAD TO MASSIVE REVEALS. In the PP Login, you saw Jinx's legs and arms from her POV. That was before Jinx was released. In the Battlecast skins you saw sneak peaks too. In the old Arcade image thingy you saw Arcade Brand in it.
So you mean you truly believe our next Freljord Tank is some geeky looking kid in an arcade? You truly actually believe it. Wow.
: Brand, Malz, Blitz, and Sona on the arcade machines (spo0ky voidling coming out of Malz's), Ahri behind the Brand machine, Corki's plane on the digital screen at the top left, Ez on a poster on the wall to the right; anything I'm missing?
Its literally a dude. Just a dude. thats it, stop looking into some giant convoluted theory. Take off your tin foil hat bud.
: Everyone hyped about swain vgu when im like
Tail and spikes? I think you mean that leg. Our lord and savior will be pleased. {{champion:6}}
: Why is diablo blocked by chat filter but not devil, Satan, or Lucifer?
: Can we get more Vladimir lore?
It would be nice to have some interactions with him. See how how thinks and reacts to certain scenarios.
: genuinely curious how Zac is supposed to be a healthier champion than he was
Because before he was just 100% free unavoidable damage that you couldn't do shit about. Now he has more counterplay. His Q is a skillshot, which can be dodged and doesn't go through everything like before. New Ult can be dodged and isn't unavoidable cc with super high damage and survivability
: I am afraid not. Should I?
Yes. But only time I have ever seen the word Nekked used was in that book, hence the asking
: eve gonna be nekked...
Have yyou read The Wise Mans Fear by any chance?
Leonerdo (NA)
: I feel like this needs a huge disclaimer along the lines of > This suggestion was accepted by Riot because A) It made sense for the game. Riot determined independently that Randuin's needed a buff, and this suggestion fit the bill. And B) It was an easy change that required minimal work (no art, no scripting changes, just playtesting and QA) > Even though "Riot listens" to many of the community's suggestions, that does not mean they will agree with every suggestion, nor does it mean they will have the time to implement every "good" suggestion.
Even balance changes take lots of time for internal testing. Not to mention such things as art and VFX changes.
: yep that what i thought too. thats the only thing that destroys the skin for me too but we are not in the position to complain considering they put alot of effects to a 520 rp skin.
Its not like they can't change the skin pricing
: Yeah, I didn't realize people forgot he was a Yordle or something. Just because you can't see his head doesn't mean it doesn't exist.
Tbh, i thought he was just missing his head and it was a swirling mass of dark energy.
: Useless champ (mord 1 trick)
Bârd (NA)
: I like the name, but "Hyper Kinetic Position Reverser" wouldn't be the best name if the champion they put it on didn't have a focus on machinery. I'd rather it be on a magic focused champion with a different name than not be in the game at all.
: http://i2.kym-cdn.com/photos/images/newsfeed/000/547/525/7ec.png ~~It was my first PVP penta~~
My first was as Jax on Aram, there is no shame.
: It's my birthday today, I am 22 years old!
Happy Bday!! Turning 19 here in August!
Rioter Comments
: When you play so much of one champ that you become them IRL
I was expecting Amumu, because everyone is friendless :^)
: The Chem Baron's Castle! (Closed RP Adventure)
Hektor looked down at Evain and sighed. "This is truly disappointing, long had we hoped that the lost lamb will return to us as a friend, not a foe." Regret clear in his every movement, the somber giant stood at ready, shield out in front of him, making it almost impossible for those in front to see the man behind it. The group could hear Hektor's distorted voice ring out, as if from within a helmet. "I do wish you would have taken the chance to remember what happened, how can one make such a callous judgement without all the knowledge? What a foolish notion that is, it seems your time away from us has stripped you of reasoning; and I care not for fools within my halls." Without another word, Hektor charged directly at Evain, shield still in front of him with the tip of his lance sticking out, aimed right at her heart.
: yea i misread... my bad been on a lot of pain killers and valiums lately due to neck injury lol sometimes things are a lil off
Shit man, hope it gets better soon! Miss seeing your snarky comments on all the threads!
: I feel as though Order, upon killing Chaos would wind up having to deal with Chaos reappearing again. Like, truly, the missions were to see who would strike the final blow in the fight, but I feel like it would have started up a new cycle of fighting. If you guys haven't noticed, Riven and Yasuo finished each other's sentences as if they did the same thing so many times over.
They are two sides of the same coin, fighting for millennia. Even if they hated each other, there must have been a kind of bond there despite it all.
: Yeah, I'd like to see the CORRECT ending, too.
I feel like BOTH endings are the right ones, as Chaos V Order is not a singular battle, but a cycle. One will never stay on top for long.
Rioter Comments
: well, this mechanic looks familiar :) im surprised theyre going with tenacity and increased damage reduction though, and not with the actual cc riposte mechanic. it looks like this w is an entirely different one than the one we have seen yesterday so theyre still experimenting.
Mundo goes where he pleases, even other kits.
: Kayn full VGU and story update already in the works
This kinda looks likenit could be a J4 skin
: is vlad going to auto attack?
: Open cmd, type ping -t
Its almost like Riot implemented a tool that lets us see our ping outside of a game
XeroKimo (NA)
: I play a decent amount of Ekko, and iirc, getting all the components of Morello's which gives a total of about 75 AP, + a standard ap rune page is enough to actually clear a whole wave at lvl 7 with 1 Q and 1 auto on each melee minion, his wave clear is actually really good
After a few items, but early game, especially if you go assassination burst route (Revolver into Lichbane.) You won't be waveclearing so easily.
Sqkerg (NA)
: Because it's not all about you. This is still a game and the goal of a game is still to have fun, not only to win. A person shouldn't be forced to play or not to play a champ because they are 6% more or less likely to win than normal. As long as the person's intention is still to win, you shouldn't be able to force them to do something else.
In Ranked, the goal is not to ahve fun, but to win. You can have fun while winning, but it comes second.
: Lol that looks so wrong for us non-native English speakers. Thank you for that explanation.
Its actually an European english term coined by Sigmund Freud
: When people think "Progress under a Steadfast Sky" is morally worse than world destruction
: Order is society and progress. Chaos is war and death. Yasuo literally wants to kill everyone and destroy everything to build the world the way he wants it. Riven wants to maintain order, love and peace for everyone, at the cost of some stricter rules. She is blatantly not for stagnation since Riot said it was 'progress under a steadfast sky'. There is no contest, Yasuo is evil, Riven is neutral/semi-good.
Chaos is a force for pure freedom, to let anyone and everyone be who they want! War and death are things of pure nature. Order serves to limit and restrict! To force the world and nature to bend to its will, to never be free, and to always be controlled. The greatest innovations have come from times of war! Nature dictates that the strong will always survive, and prosper, no matter wat times they are.
: Yasuo is winning the VS event... will you stand for this?
Order is stagnation! Chaos is Freedom! Come my brethren, let us free these fools of their feeble beliefs!
: Our Roleplay Wardens
Well its in much better hands than mine atleast! I knew I wouldn't get it but had to try :P
: Evain shrugged "Don't sweat it. I've just been traveling around, seeing the world and all. Got a little group here to help protect me and my lover, the lovely jeweler Petrin back there. Now listen friend, I'm on a bit of a schedule here and I'm sure the Baron is too. Can you just take us to go talk to him, so I can make sure I can get to my next venue on time to set up my performance? I hate to disappoint my fans after all... er... if actually was famous enough to have dedicated fans that is. I'll get there." She said patting the giant on the head wherever she could somewhat awkwardly. Afterwords she leaned back to Selene and whispered very quietly "I know, I know. Just go along with the act for fast track to the target. Also in case you're worried, I have literally no idea who this guy is. I'm honestly just making this all up on the spot." She said before looking back to the giant with a wide smile "Sorry, just telling the head of the little security team here a little briefing on who's in the area... that I remember that is. Been awhile since I was last here."
> [{quoted}](name=Ask the Dawn,realm=NA,application-id=jxzFAe03,discussion-id=ierLVHTt,comment-id=0036,timestamp=2017-06-18T02:24:33.512+0000) > The armored giant stood up, and shook his head back forth with a small grin. "Evain, Evain, it would seem your memory is truly gone. During the year you spent with us, never once did you call The Baron by his title. Fated is this day then, for our lovely Chemist has shed light on how to restore your lost memory. Until we can restore it, let me introduce myself to you and your party of thieves; I am Hektor Rosenbaugh, the defender of this bunker." Hektor stood tall, standing at an imposing seven feet tall and the body of a smith. Coupled with his jet black armor, lance, and Shield, it was easy for one to understand why he was the lone defender of this bunker. "The Baron has been expecting you Evain, you have gotten our letter requesting your presence here have you not? You are free to go find him, but your 'friends' must remain here underneath my supervision."
: You know a champion like Yasuo is pretty edgy...
Bra, even his hands are edgy blades now!
: When you ascend to Warden status
Well shit, I guess I didn't make it for my group. feelsbadman
: Evain sighed as she looked at the picture of herself. She'd need to keep this, it was a good reminder of what she used to be. She was going to rip this Baron's throat out for what he did. Then, creaking of stone on metal. She smiled a the large guard who had appeared. Very lovely, it seems it was finally turn to do what she did best, talk and make things up as she went along to keep herself interesting. She basically did it for a job, just a bit more singing and poetry than normal speaking. And then, Selene just went ahead and almost ruined it. This... would take more work now. Switching her stand from just confident to also include domineering, she stepped forward and flicked Selene's nose in a way that stung "Quiet you, I didn't tell you why we were actually here." She said before bowing to the man and beginning to rhyme using her Flowered Words. "Hello dear sir, if I may have time to say my name It is Evain Vebrame An early experiment of your boss This way my path did cross So I came back to talk and with these companions i do walk So please let us pass For my time is precious, as is your boss's as he has plans to amass." She said, calmly holding up the picture of herself before the experiment "See? Didn't do too much to me, shouldn't be that hard to recognize. Would you mind getting us there so I could go talk with him? Ignore my employee's comments, I didn't tell her why we were actually coming here." Before giving Selene an annoyed eye. Too aggressive Selene had been, and this might take a little bit more effort than a simple rhyme now to get in.
> [{quoted}](name=Ask the Dawn,realm=NA,application-id=jxzFAe03,discussion-id=ierLVHTt,comment-id=0034,timestamp=2017-06-12T19:17:23.380+0000) > The hulking man paused for a minute after hearing Evain speak. Amazement in his voice, he looked towards the small bard and smiled. "Evain! You have finally returned to us. Many years and thousands days have passed since you last graced us with your presence, and the light of our little Bastion here has much been diminished without your presence." The eloquent giant walked over to Evain and kneeled before her. "Please, forgive us for never trying to find you after the incident, the augmentations that you were given, well not even Rexen could find you." He looked up at Evain, and she could see in his eyes true guilt, and what would appear hope as well. Maybe hope for forgiveness, or hope for her to come back to them.
: Reminder: Pantheon and Tryndamere are still in desperate need of a rework.
For 2 weeks straight you guys have been nonstop complaining about them asking for Reworks, do you not understand that Riot is operwting on a schedule? They are currently updating Eve and Urgot, along woth 1-2 New champions, and then the balance team. But i guess instead of waiting, we should just ask Riot to drop everything wnd forget the game for a solid month or two so they can rework only those two champs.
: Czech is an adjective, the name of the country is either the Czech republic or Czechia (I think the letter one is also official for a while now, not sure but that's what we call it anyway.)
Idc whatanyone says its still czechoslavakia in my heart
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