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DalekZec (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=AndurilWielder,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=Mm2623Ht,comment-id=0000000000000000,timestamp=2019-10-11T12:05:40.493+0000) > > Don't tempt me by saying she's difficult. That'll make me want to pick her up even more. I looooove the hard champs. > > Knowing their abilities is one thing. Using them in adaptive ways is another. Like Kayle, Cassio, etc. I don't believe in "hard champions". Pick a champ, practice the champ, the more you practice the better you'll get and the more you'll get use to the champ. I mean, I tried Qiyana 1st time I went 0/10, but as I kept on trying more I began to play better and better and now I feel like she's an easy champ.
I can agree. I say "hard" because that's just the terminology used. Some champions are much more straight forward.
DalekZec (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=AndurilWielder,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=Mm2623Ht,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2019-10-11T11:36:54.107+0000) > > "died laughing" > > That should be taken literally, right? :P > > Valuable opinion. Thanks! I'm eager to see what anyone else may say. I love the ring blade idea on her. I did have a character idea once about a character with a ring blade named Qi-Yani. It was an inspiration off of Shigure from Yu Yu Hakusho, since that's my favorite anime. XD I got to warn you, she does need some practice. She isn't that simple to play.
Don't tempt me by saying she's difficult. That'll make me want to pick her up even more. I looooove the hard champs. Knowing their abilities is one thing. Using them in adaptive ways is another. Like Kayle, Cassio, etc.
DalekZec (EUNE)
: I would say Qiyana. With enough cdr, you're near impossible to catch if you have any grass nearby. Playing her and getting chased by an enemy Darius was so troll that I died laughing. Oh and she is quite strong. 1 proper combo is a guaranteed one shot especially since it's very close range, which makes dodging qiyana very difficult. The only con about her is she is not anti tank.
"died laughing" That should be taken literally, right? :P Valuable opinion. Thanks! I'm eager to see what anyone else may say. I love the ring blade idea on her. I did have a character idea once about a character with a ring blade named Qi-Yani. It was an inspiration off of Shigure from Yu Yu Hakusho, since that's my favorite anime. XD
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Saezio (EUNE)
: Oh you can definitely dodge it, the X appears before pyke dives, so basically pyke can only ult people with no flash. For mobility spells it kinda depends on the spell and how fast it is. But flash can dodge pyke R with good reflexes (not predicting but waiting for it) basically all the time.
Yeah "before" is relative though, as its immediately after. Its not enough time to react unless you're expecting it right then, and you can see even the pros can't dodge it. Witness the games with G2, Wunder on Pyke hits every single ult. The time between the X showing up and Pyke doing the damage is immediate, its split second. I think yeah the only way to really dodge would be to have a champ with a mobility ability, like a leblanc would could just dash out, or something similar. edit: also who the heck downvoted ? XD people getting salty because I want to discuss Pyke's ultimate? lmao
: You can dodge it, but if the middle of the X is near you, it's still gonna act kind of like a circle because your hitbox will overlap the corner anyway. to dodge it you have to be closer to the edge.
I feel like the "yeah you CAN dodge it" is there on paper only and really doesn't happen unless the Pyke is very unlucky or the person being ulted is just too far out. I feel like you'd have to predict it coming, and then start wandering to the side... At least I'm not the only one who feels like its kind of weird. XD
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: They will just lose more.
Lol. Honestly I'd rather TL represent in MSI. They can adapt.
: If I were in a place called Butcher's Bridge, I'd probably gtfo as soon as possible too. To be fair, a LOT of people have been having connection trouble lately, so it could just be that their connection's screwy.
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Bonten (NA)
: This post didnt age well
Reverse sweep-topia
: If by form you mean broken champions {{champion:8}} {{champion:142}} , then yea
There are so many broken champions, honestly.
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Saezio (EUNE)
: Go watch a challenger ADC streamer and count the times you would have "Sneaked an auto in" when the challenger sits the fuck back and waits for CDS to be blown.
Yet there are also challenger toplane streamers that are good at diving backliners too! What a coincidence :p
nelogis (EUW)
: you sound like an ADC main that gets cocky and gets in their range to auto them without having any backup so these bruisers just go ape shit on you
Or maybe you're salty because you cant seem to dive and nuke carries as easily as I've seen a renekton, jax, or olaf or ap nautilus, or chogath ohk ult or literally i dunno anyone else? lmao. Its not about being an adc. Its about seeing bruisers play their role properly, and watching as the backline can't do anything. A team full of bruisers is a bunch of tanks that do a lot of damage. Having a Leona frontline wont do anything because she can only cc a couple champs at a time lol.
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cabbysb (NA)
: i think the aram changes are a fail. they should just unlock all the champs and get rid of bans and rerolls.
I'm just talking about the RNG for champ select. Butcher's bridge seems to have a tendency to give skewed match ups. That's all I'm saying. I think everything else is fine, but when you get a bunch of close range melee champs, and then everyone rerolls...and they just get more close ranged champs, picked against high bursty ranged champs its gonna be a slaughter. It wouldn't be a problem if it happened only once or twice, but it seems to happen very frequently.
Dionesus (NA)
: Do not nerf Sona Taric bot lane.
This combo has been around since before you've seen it in pros. I've seen it as early as last season actually. Its almost as oppressive as Veigar + Zilean bot lane ;) Its been in solo q, and in the EU servers. Its been around for a while, its very broken, and far as I'm aware, there's no counter to it other than a very early game composition before those two pop off. Win in mid and top lane and push objectives before mid game comes around. The problem is that never really happens, you have to be so insanely dominant its almost impossible. The problem is nerfing either of them is unfair because by themselves those champions would become useless with any kind of nerf. Its just that together its magical.
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: Me. Dunno how to fix it. Thanks to this issue riding on a leaver buster . I am pissed....i never left the PC..wanted to play... Now i try to also patches...since 3 hours now.. Things...can only get better!!! If you find any help please let me know. Playing a game like this is no fun.
Yeah I've been having lots of d/c's now, in a lot of my games. Its becoming a constant problem and not just for me it seems.
: well duh...everyone blames the jungler for everything, and everyone wants to make the support their excuse for doing bad. As a support main, I'm used to my adc's typical "that wasn't warded, so you're bad cause I got caught!" crap...I just spam ping their warding trinket (2 charges, always)...but the life of a support is not for everyone. Neither is the life of a jungler...though with the jungle it's a lot harder. You have to shotcall every gank and objective, you have to literally play god and be in 3 lanes at once without leeching exp, and you have to have exquisite farm without touching any lane minions, or your ENTIRE TEAM is gonna flame you. Why would ANYONE want to be in those two constantly abused roles when they can just play a braindead damage role and join the bandwagon of people who flame those roles when they prove to be more braindead than their point-and-click murder machine of choice?
Yeah, tell me about it. I have a lot of support champs, but only a few jungler ones. I can fill though and usually do, when I do its almost always either supp or jg, haha. Last game as Jinx I had a Thresh support who did good on hooks, and what not but was over aggressive alot, setting up in the river, wound up getting dived on consistently during laning phase and I constantly got singled out after. and during. That being said, supports carry the adc, make it possible for them to do well. If the support does well, the adc doesn't have much excuses if they do poorly. (I did have a volibear on the other jungler and would always gank every time and get his throw perfectly. I actually like being the support. Its pretty fun. Jungler I'm not comfortable with though.
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: Probably because he's #26 out of 51 tops in Korea (factoring both winrate and playrate) and he's below average winrate and barely mid tier across all regions. (You can check champ page for tier comparison) He's not a competitive level threat, plenty of champions beat him, they never changed his weakness. Nasus is only a Low ELO problem, begging for him to be nerfed is like begging for Master Yi nerfs. That's going to easily fall on deaf ears.
Yeah that's because I feel like it takes far too long to snowball with him, and he's not as bursty. Even champs like Aatrox, even post patch can just deal lots of early game damage if you play him right. Licorice from C9 have already shown that. The game is more fast paced now, and Nasus usually winds up farming under turret, and with the turret plate meta, you want someone who can push. If you're farming under turret you're giving a chance for your opponent, if they're ranged like Jayce (but he bullies everyone anyway) to take pot shots at the turret and get more gold. Not only that, but by giving lane priority to your opponent, it gives them opportunity to roam, or for the other jungler to focus bot lane. Or take herald. Or drag. While you stay and Q. That's his real weakness. If you last until late game then you dominate it because you get too tanky and deal too much damage, but - Nobody likes waiting until late game anymore, people wanna close it out before then. League is super snowbally. I rarely see teams that get the turret plates lose. I don't like the turret plate system, because it just helps people who have an early game lead maintain that lead, instead of balancing it out, but that's a whole separate argument.
: Because he isn't a true problem except for low elo, he will be used for some cheesy jungle game where he will have tons of stack and make a youtube video about it but outside of that, Nasus still have the same issues and once you and your teammate get better, he will go back to not being relevant.
Because you can poke him, since he's a slow melee? Why not build a Rylai's + Boots of Swiftness. You'll catch up to anyone in no time as long as their team's not around. If its a team fight, that AoE slow will slow HARD with the Rylai's stacked on to it. You can still vanguard and your rearguard can still rearguard.
: Why do you refuse to acknowledge nasus
Nasus is already pretty decent. There are multiple items that heal based on damage. Just get a lot of q stacks, build one of these items, and you'll heal. Oh, he can go tanky btw, try building a warmogs? Lifesteal generally only works based on your dps, which is a rearguard role thing- and they favor crit over that, because you can out damage someone trying to lifesteal. Lifesteal is literally antiquated right now. Its old news. Nasus is fine if you use your q, build right, and split push intelligently. He's perfectly fine. I carried REALLY HARD in an ARAM game, and that's in ARAM, where most people think he's the worst champ there. Some champs have become somewhat irrelevant, sure, but Nasus I don't think will ever truly be in that position. I mean he has a super buff, two slows, and a super damage move. If you run a Lulu on your team comp with a Nasus, just stack their ults. and you're basically unkillable. Add a GA on top of that and its just insane.
Monlyth (NA)
: Thoughts on Maokai?
Honestly, after what I saw in the spring split, someone ran a maokai, and he got absolutely shredded. It wasn't fun to watch tbh. I'm not sure I have the heart to use Maokai if a pro gets beaten that bad, even if its at the hands at another pro. I mean he was already reworked but now he's irrelevant again :/ Its sad, I like him as a champ, and I miss being able to toplane with him, or counter jungle.
: Banned for Scripting but have never scripted
Its really easy to see that summoner name and think "well he's obviously lying because his NAME calls himself a scripter" Lets just give the benefit of the doubt and say that his account was hacked. Theoretically. What are the steps of recovering a hacked account?
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: Just Picked Up Nocturne, Advice/Tips?
I didn't know they were reworking him. Interesting. What's DMP stand for? I'm bad with acronyms.
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: > [{quoted}](name=AndurilWielder,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=MdnMENuP,comment-id=00020000,timestamp=2018-11-27T05:52:32.619+0000) > > Yeah that's def true. So she has to farm well, and get kills. Is there a way to combine a bruiser build with her tank qualities? could you combine sunfire's with some other bruiser items, go part damage, part tank? Meeting mid way might not work too well I suppose...or...I dunno, Leona's kind of an odd duck :P Sunfire+Sorc boots+Abyssal mask can deal damage.
one possibility is to use {{item:3814}} , because channeling it gives you an extra spell shield, lethality, and +250 health. You can use that in addition to {{item:3102}} , for tankiness and some lethality.
Jackom1 (EUW)
: I suppose, but wouldn't that make her very item-dependent? That is, you either win hard and get all those items, or lose hard and have no chance to comeback. I mean, Leona top means that by the end game you either have one tanky bruiser and a support in your team (and you're already winning pretty hard), or 2 supports. In either case it's up to the rest of the team to fill in the gaps. With this I mean, you probably need a specific team combo to make it work, and even then you need to win the lane, or have a jungler with high damage who will babysit you. These are just my 2 cents though, you should try and see for yourself.
Very likely. There's bound to be a more affordable way to get the items you need to make a build work, either for damage and squishy, or more tanky-less damage items. Provided you can farm very well, and cs regardless, (and you don't get yourself killed) then it could work out fine, at least with all in supports like Thresh roaming, or a Blitzcrank or Pyke jungler.
: {{item:3748}} {{item:3078}} might work, but I feel like you'd need your jungler hard camping top. If you want your jungler to camp top, you'd have to win lane hard as a weird pick. TBH I really think riot should just rework Leona into a hybrid bruiser, with AP being her support build and AD being her top/jungle build.
She needs to be able to do more than just be a support, even if she is a god tier cc tank, she's unable to do anything else.
Alzon (NA)
: Build {{item:3068}} > {{item:3508}} > tank Thank me later.
why {{item:3508}} ? that's AD +CD, a little AD...I suppose that will improve her autos a small amount.
Dynikus (NA)
: I used to play a decent amount of leona top before they changed her passive around back in I think s6. Jungle ganks were basically a guaranteed kill, and it was a ton of fun. But she's not a very good top laner overall. You don't really have any matchups that are in your favor, and you're fairly reliant on jungle ganks to get ahead, or to just go even.
Ignoring the dubstep, someone did a build early this season apparently with a crit leona? Looks like a lot of the players weren't really as good though, as I could even see some of the mistakes they were making, but aside from the mistakes aspect.... this one is interesting, squishy AP support Leona?
: Also the build to make her an effective bruiser is INSANELY expensive, which is hard to pull off, unless youre getting kills. Trinity Force+Titanic Hydra+Steraks Gauge. Goodluck, Leona doesn't farm well. Even with a Tiamats. The more cost effiecient route is to just suck it up, accept that you cant realistically afford a bruiser build, and go Sunfire+Gauntlet+thornmail as your core build. But in this almost exclusively all mages meta, that might be off the table.
Yeah that's def true. So she has to farm well, and get kills. Is there a way to combine a bruiser build with her tank qualities? could you combine sunfire's with some other bruiser items, go part damage, part tank? Meeting mid way might not work too well I suppose...or...I dunno, Leona's kind of an odd duck :P
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: From my experience I just build her to be heavily AD and play a game of cc me or I will kill you. It works a lot more for me than going tanky did because surviving didn't mean much if I couldn't do anything if I got there.
Yeah that's definitely true, haha
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: Yeah, Bud, I've been making a compilation of every single sliver of info I could get my hands on for her rework. As a Kayle one trick myself since s3, this rework means a lot to me. [Here's the link](
Oh, wonderful, thanks! (haven't replied due to end of semester projects and such) I dunno if I'd call myself a kayle-one-trick, but admittedly the majority of my best performances have been on Kayle. I have far more of a comfortable feel when playing as her.
: ARAM or not, I had 2 fully built lethality items and a dirk in my inventory. My ult, at rank 2, did over 800 damage. That was half of basically the entire enemy teams health. I didn't even need to land a hook. I just walked up, pressed R a few times, and got 3 kills. If that's not broken, then I don't know what is, because health regen isn't saving you when my ult is doing **800 damage**.
Executing low health enemies resets the ult, too. Don't forget.
: > [{quoted}](name=AndurilWielder,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=9hcb2TVk,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2018-11-13T10:03:16.542+0000) > > dive the other team and kill 'em all at the same time, or even one person. It resets when he kills someone, so he just does it again. Yes, but you gotta be low enough, cc him, or just kill him; he can't build health so he's easily killed...
you know he has a movement buff, right? as long as he's decent enough he'll either people able to dodge your cc or hook the carry, and then you cant do anything.
: He is. jesus, just watch at his ult numbers - 500 hp threshold to kill target and deal aoe damage, wtf is that?And imagine pyke actually building lethality and damage
Try jungle pyke. Hook 'em. If they escape, ult them. Its not even fair. Also if he kills the person, IT RESETS. Just doing it ONCE is already enough, and one of those aspects of that ult is already dangerous.
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