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: Riot's philosophy finally turned the game into dogshit after so much years
I think the saddest part about this post is how true and agreed upon it is among the boards community, yet it's just going to be ignored again by rioters who clearly don't know how to explain themselves or reply to basically the truth.
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: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: November 22
I'm seeing a lot of cherry picking when it comes to rioters replying, but anyways.. Are you certain these dh changes will actually do anything? At the end of the day, and at this point in leagues history the only thing that seems to matter is more damage, which is exactly what it offers. I really doubt these nerfs will discourage people from abusing it still.
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: Abandoning a losing lane is usually ideal. However, there is a certain point where you HAVE to help.
I agree, like I understand if a lane is losing there must be a reason why, but if you just assume it's just because they're bad so even if you do come and help it won't change anything, then... yikes, maybe you were a contribution to the L in the end too. So much as standing in a bush you know is warded is enough sometimes to keep the enemy at bay and let your teammates BREATHE for at LEAST a few seconds. This is a TEAM game, no one is asking you to win their lane FOR them... literally who asks for that? they're asking for HELP from their teammates, winning or not, at some point you need to address the problem before it gets too big, and you start playing dumb like "HOW DID BOT GET SO FED :BBBBB" I always opt to at least try to help my losing lanes, no matter how far ahead or behind I am, and most of the time, it works, enough for me to keep wanting to do it. That's just my tea though, so. Shrug.
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: Thoughts about a possible change to Yasuo
Honestly, my only problem with yasuo is his shield. It's annoying and literally all he needs to do is walk to have it up, sure yeah I can auto it and it's gone but if I'm melee that's way too risky, and it wouldn't even matter because again, he just has to walk to get it up. I think that instead of just walking, they should make it his e that builds up flow. He still gets his shield, just that it's harder to obtain. Sounds fair to me, he gets that, free armor pen, double crit, Windwall. I think he can spare taking a little more harass in lane.
: Ashe is struggling this pre-Season... Perhaps some buffs are needed?
Imo i'd rather not see more damage in LoL, nerfs are a lot more needed than buffs rn.
: Yes, you're right, they are stubborn to admit that they were wrong, and don't like losing face. Nobody does really unless they're kind, humble martyr. After trying to defuse the situations of such changes and call out posts, they stopped, and ignored it, y? because they got downvoted to oblivion for lawyer robot talk copy paste answers that were awfully responded with disappointmenting hatred for their unsympathetic patheticly worded less than 1 min answers. Keep the fro if you confident you can pull off the groovy vibe back in 60s-70s and keeping it conditioned, clean, have a pick in there you know while giving a winky smile if you have the shiny clean teeth/grill kind of laugh and also barely anyone you know or seen has a fro, If none of those factors are in there then you can get a haircut, make your forced haircut pals less jealous/more understanding of you that it's not about the fro, but more of what you make up for it/seen as in the eyes of the beholder view. that is if it's hilariously bad like someone chopped it with a lawnmower and left crop markings in there.
I do actually notice how lazy their comments are sometimes, the argument people use sometime's is the fact that 70% of everything on here is just complaining about what they don't like and are very rude about it. I get that, to an extent, sure some posts on here are pretty direct/not so formal about their complaint but that just emphasizes the frustration players have with the decisions that are being made, and just because maybe they used one or two insults in their post doesn't justify the fact that a rioter can't spare just 4 seconds to write 3 words in response, that's the point of even having this place, we tell you what we don't like and why, you reply, we're not asking to make everything we say a thing. Idk, I feel like if a post has a certain amount of upvotes or something, if not already done, a rioter should be assigned to reply to it. I'm not sure if riot realizes how much more communication with us would actually benefit them, the game, and their relationship with the community.
: Honestly, Gameplay is a meme at this point if we're going to even try to discuss balance or game design.
Oh snap I thought this was general discussion, oops lol
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: League won't open (Mac)
I'm having literally the exact same problem, no idea what's going on.
: Ask Riot how we’ve made Events out of Ranked 3’s


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