Demacry (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=AngeredZeus,realm=NA,application-id=2XjzURgc,discussion-id=q5q74V8Z,comment-id=0005,timestamp=2015-09-26T19:13:03.713+0000) > > Beautiful, 10/10, wish I could draw {{item:3070}} Not to belittle the work but about anyone can be taught to draw this piece pretty easily. It's got very simple line-art using lots of large, basic shapes. The color and painting technique is pretty awesome though.
I could probably never draw that :/
Cabigon (NA)
: Devourer being disabled has made me see it has no place in this game
I even did yasuo jungle recently without devourers, and it was basically just as good {{item:3070}}
eSuba Kaori (EUNE)
: And another Kindred FanArt ^^
Beautiful, 10/10, wish I could draw {{item:3070}}
: Starter T3 runes on permanent discount in 2 weeks
What about Armor penetration? {{champion:238}} {{item:3070}}
: NA Server Roadmap Update: Details on 8/25 Server Move
: Ohhh. Thats cool. If you checked our team we have a b4 and a b5. but we make up for it with a diamond support and gold mid and jungle
Nice :) add me if you are down for some normals sometime, I don't think I will do ranked lol Ranked is scary xD
: [CHAMPION CONCEPT] DhaMa, The Force of Balance (Art and Concept by Samuel Youn)
Looks like he could be like an Ionian spirit or something in the lore idk lol
: No prob lol. Are you 30, if so what rank? We might want you on the team depending on your main position
I'm level 30 but I don't do ranked. I main midlane and jungle, but I don't think I'm good enough for your team :p Thanks anyway :D
: You are forgiven unlike Yasuo
Toka Jei (NA)
: You may be not this good at Irelia but she is easy and broken enough to learn and climb.
Yeah, I wouldn't know anything about her being broken since I normally play mid. Not to mention I rarely see her in games (especially a good irelia). Maybe I should play her a bit more lol
: Nice, so you like the mechanically intensive outplay champs. Keep in mind that all three of them take a ton of games to reach your potential on them, so yeah, dedication is key.
Haha yes I love mechanics, dedication? psh I'll get to the LCS in no time since I'm so dedicated B) lol I will take his(Irelia Carries U) advice and start watching my replays and trying to tweak the way I play each game, I'm sure that will help. Then maybe I'll be confident enough to complete my placement matches q.q xD
: "In the unlikely case that you do join our team name is Hilo808. Captain is Airman Rick. I OBVIOUSLY AM NOT RANKED ON THIS ACCOUNT BUT I AM ON 2 OTHERS"
lol oops don't think I read the full post :p sorry, long day very tired rn mybad
Leu07 (NA)
: Project fiora?
Yasssssss. Rito please
: dedication to get better =/= dedication to play watch your replays, look for mistakes, look for what u are doing wrong every game, i was stuck in gold for 800+ games before i started doing that, hit challenger within 500 games
O.O Okay how the hell do I save replays , I'd be okay with hitting like low plat or diamond xD
: Who's your best champ?
Jayce, yasuo, or ekko Edit: I'm quite bad at all three, not going to lie.. but Those are the three I have been having the most luck with/enjoying the most recently :)
: all it takes is some dedication
I hope thats all it takes xD, I've been quite dedicated to this game for a sizable duration of time :3 but thanks for the advice lol..
: Hey Irelia Carries U, Even though our ranked team is shit, you should join just so we can say that we have you on our team. You don't even have to play. We just need you for moral support and maybe coaching In the unlikely case that you do join our team name is Hilo808. Captain is Airman Rick. I obviously am not ranked on this account but I am on 2 others
You cant even do ranked yet, you are level 26?
: The Climb: Think like a Challenger Irelia | Irelia Carries U
Wish I was this good at irelia, or any champion really lol... Someday q.q
: Champ Update Exploration
I don't think Vlad, LeBlanc, or Urgot quite fit the style league has been edging towards , but they are all beautiful! xD maybe some tweaks and those would be perfect but I am not artist so yeah lol
: Come chat with Riot Interns! [COMPLETED]
How many rioters are at or above Diamond 1? o-o
Siachi (NA)
: I still say you guys should make a poro-based mini game, kind of like the Chao gardens in Sonic Adventure 2 (Friend had that game, and the Chao garden was pretty much the only reason I played). EDIT: And not like Legend of the Poro King (Which was awesome, by the way) where it had a Poro Theme; I mean a separate game entirely, where you can raise and train poros or something like that.
Someone start a new thread about this -- will upvote xDD
Laviosah (NA)
: The community feels the IP system as it stands is harming the game
So I just have to play this game 8 hours a day for over 3 years to get all the stuff in the game? Seems legit , better get started.
: Don't use this sion ult mechanic or you'll get banned!
Good to see riot took care of this!! :D
: If you think the Mobility creep in this game is bad, you haven't obviously played Chess.
: What Champs do you want to hear more about?
{{champion:22}} & {{champion:127}} ? Two of my favorite champs for lore
Pastramka (EUNE)
: Honor Wall - Suggestion about the Honor System
: Riot You Need a New Balance Team
Completely Agree, its getting real old riot.
Phreak (NA)
: What's your League of Legends Origin Story?
I was playing Starcraft with an old friend of mine, when he suggested I go try league.. Lets just say I don't play StarCraft anymore xD
: Your favorite champion suddenly says something completely out of character.
: No problem. If you so decide to pick up any of the junglers though, I'd probably say to learn J4. He is relevant and a threat at all levels of play. from beginner, and also super highly played on the pro circuit. He's also one of the few junglers that can still gank at lvl2 effectively.
Yeah I might try him out I went ahead and bought fiddle, he was actually pretty fun, next I will pick up j4
: [Champion Concept] Sharokh - The Jaws of Sorrow
Wow this would be a scary champion, he looks like he came from bioschock lol, looks good though
Jert (NA)
: Loaf, the Champion's Breakfast
I've never seen such a good concept before.. RIOT PLEASE
: Eh, in my opinion he is pretty boring for jungle. Literally you just max drain and spam it on monsters the whole time. That's pretty much his entire clearing process. jungle item> zhonias> ulti >fear>press zhonias> drain that's pretty much how to play fiddle lol
hmm maybe I will wait then haha btw thanks for all the advice you're awesome xD
: {{champion:131}} {{champion:131}} {{champion:131}} {{champion:131}} {{champion:254}}
You seem to really like Diana, I might have to try her out if shes in a free rotation soon
Reats (NA)
: {{champion:32}} {{champion:9}} {{champion:19}} {{champion:17}} {{champion:30}}
Teemo jung? I didn't know he was good at it o.o in fact i've never even considered playing teemo in jungle
: Personally, I know that WW is the most OP thing in the jungle atm. However, I have other champions that I prefer to play, and they can still survive pretty well, and with a lot of damage. and I think they give more team fight capability in some cases. My favorite jungler atm is {{champion:59}} after him would be {{champion:62}} , and dont forget that {{champion:80}} is op as hell, survives easily because of his passive, and can solo dragon at lvl 2 with att speed runes. Another good choice is {{champion:254}} because of her passive shield, surviving jungle is fairly easy with some att speed and life steal. {{champion:9}} of course has built in insane healing so he's a top pick right now too. {{champion:32}} he does % dmg so buffs are easy to do at the start. {{champion:36}} get some hp/armor runes, and mundo can clear jungle really easily because his Q does % of hp damage. and after clearing buffs and camps, his build in health regen keeps you ready to gank. {{champion:20}} has the third best sustain in the jungle atm because of his chomp. get chomp to start, then I usually max his E for the nice slow on ganks. Hope this helps! :)
Im really considering getting fiddle as well looks like a fun champ for jung
: {{champion:64}} {{champion:60}} {{champion:59}} {{champion:35}} {{champion:80}} In no specific order. People harp on about Warwick, but seem to forget his team fighting capability is garbage and that interrupting his ultimate is easy as pie.
Yeah his ult is easy to interrupt thanks I was thinking about getting panth
: 1. WW 2. WW 3. WW 4. WW 5. WW
Should have expected this xD, funny not helpful .-.
Rioter Comments
: Nasus too OP
1) if nasus lost his stacks after death no one would play him. 2) its not the champion that is too strong, you can outplay a nasus its not that hard, just try to put lots of pressure and dont let him have any cs therefor he wont get stacks simple 3) whenever someone complains about an champ being too 'op' most people blow it off unless its like everyone is getting rolfstomped, if every game you had a nasus top and he rekt you then you would have a problem
: riot !!! I got a question !!!
Yeah garden is very smooth... wut
Players that go into a game with that attitude are pointless & rude, its better to just mute/ignore them and focus on trying to win
RedBeard (NA)
: League of Legends Store Beta
I was really hoping for an awesome league of legends hoodie Q.Q the ones you have are great and all but I wanted one with a LoL logo and maybe another design, looks like I'll just have to go with the normal LoL hoodie :3
: I think you'd be surprised how long a moba can last by remaining mostly true to its roots. See : DotA2 DotA's boring as fuck to me, but they went out of their way to make that game feel like you were playing Warcraft 3. And people love it. Riot redesigning their game every season is actually getting tiresome to me.
I agree dota is boring as fuck.. maybe because they havent changed it enoug? There seems to be a need for balance between too much change and too little that way the game stays itself and unique at the same time at the start of each season, maybe riot is just moving a bit fast
: Any way to make solo queuing as a support main even playable?
Many parts of the league community are pretty brainless, maybe try to find a group of higher level player friends like I did, that will help immensely :) (they can teach you, they are nice, and good team work.. It all works out)
: Any way to make solo queuing as a support main even playable?
I was very excited to do ranked at one point.. then my first game I was playing {{champion:51}} adc, i had an {{champion:22}} support, which was very annoying.. our top was a {{champion:17}} and our mid was a {{champion:81}} , it was one of the worst matches I've ever played ashe fed teemo didnt even know what he was doing .. after that match I decided ranked was overrated and went back to unranked xD ...... I dont have much advice for a support in ranked I have a friend who really likes playing karma support, basically just don't get pissed off by the people who blame everything on the support and play your best that's all the advice I could give you lol
: Whats the point of being a veteran player?
Changing the game in drastic ways is what has kept league alive for so long, I think once everything gets worked out with this new patch and the jungle and items are sorted (along with all the bugs being fixed..) the game will be much better than before.. Changing so much just makes us have to work harder to adapt and adapting adds an extra level of complexity to league and allows you to do a lot more than most games. :p just my opinion though
: Mine is the same!!!!!!! Its ridiculous. I just moved in and havent played in months. Now I start it up get to play twice and then never again. Now am being punished... [Client] [Crash]
I just came back after not playing for months as well? maybe that has something to do with it o.o
NiTroFX (NA)
: Leaver Buster is Ridiculous and Latest Patch is Screwed for me
I've been having my game crash, and also it disconnects me at the beginning of the match during load screen and sometimes during the match, it just says trying to reconnect, I will be skyping with my friends and skype worked fine.. I even tried shutting off skype, turning off my computer, restarting the internet, nothing seems to have worked its ridiculous.. Now Im being punished by leaver buster for no reason its really pissing me off, makes me want to quit league :|


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