Angrus (NA)
: [CLIENT] [End of Game] No XP, Champ Mastery Points, or Champ Rank post-game
Logged out and in again, and received my "first win of the day" XP and BE I think, as well as 505 XP for that game (according to Match History)... but still no idea what my rank was or if I got any champ mastery points. Which leads to another question: Why does rank show on some games in match history and not others?
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: is level 9 late game to you?
is level 9 (minimum, could be higher, depending on what is maxed first) early game to you?
: I love how you bash on Lux but completely ignore Ezreal (13 skins including 1 Legendary and 1 Ultimate AND a REWORK, meaning all his skins have been updated), Miss Fortune (12 skins including 1 Ultimate), and Kai'sa (5 skins but has received a Prestige skin on her 2nd skin and received 2 skins in the next year. She received 4 skins in an 8 month timeframe.) Jinx only has 7 skins but she's among the more popular champions. When was the last time you saw an Ivern in a game. Especially after he got dunkmaster. Or the last time you saw an Ornn. Riot wouldn't make skins for champions that are less played, because then it would just be a waste of time and production. Lux may have 11 skins but from Sorceress to Steel Legion, those 5 skins aren't up to standard today. When was the last time you saw someone play Commando Lux, or Spelltheif Lux. Her skins from Star Guardian to Battle Academia are really the only ones up to standard and that's only 5 skins if you leave out Prestige BA Lux. Before you complain about less popular champs not getting skins, you must have a logical perspective and be patient.
I apologize for playing Spellthief Lux then... I must be the exception that proves your rule.
Angrus (NA)
: In 2 days, no one else noticed the spelling of "Jarvin III"?
Ah, never mind, props to Q Daddy21.
: 9.6: Lore Update
In 2 days, no one else noticed the spelling of "Jarvin III"?
iTrigger (NA)
: Seriously, we have been waiting FIVE years for this skin...and it's not even legendary? No summoner icon either? What a slap in the face.
You've been waiting 5 years and you're mad that you don't have to pay more? Huh.
Broporo (NA)
: If you're talking about being able to get a chest when getting an S mastery with a certain champion, then they should reset once the season officially starts.
Thank you, I had a friend asking me about that and thought I'd check it out, but didn't see it written down and couldn't remember exactly when it happened last time. So: when new season starts, not when preseason hits. Thank you! {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
Broporo (NA)
: 2017 Ranked Rewards Help Desk
I'm not sure if someone already asked this, but I haven't seen it discussed anywhere. Do the Hextech chests reset when preseason hits, or when the new season starts? Just wondering when I can get another chest with {{champion:432}} {{champion:53}} {{champion:201}} {{champion:51}} {{champion:69}} {{champion:81}} {{champion:3}} {{champion:420}} {{champion:30}} {{champion:96}} {{champion:99}} {{champion:90}} {{champion:21}} {{champion:75}} {{champion:76}} {{champion:15}} {{champion:16}} {{champion:91}} {{champion:17}} {{champion:412}} {{champion:18}} {{champion:4}} {{champion:110}} {{champion:161}} {{champion:154}} {{champion:26}} {{champion:143}} ?
Skias (NA)
: So wait. I busted my ass to get Gold in both Qs, only to find out the reward isn't extra, it's the ward skin that you get for being in silver? That is super disappointing. Getting to Gold in both Qs was basically worthless. There is no reward for leveling both Queues.
you also have queue-specific borders, so gold border for both queues... new this season I believe, since "flex queue" in its current iteration wasn't around last season... so solo queue standing got you border for both.
: It's coming soon, they're making pool party Illaoi, which in my opinion makes the most sense out of anything they could do for her lol.
What about URF Illaoi, where she lashes her foes with manatees?
: Leveling account
Don't worry about buying runes, they just recently announced that they'll be overhauling runes and masteries some time this year, and you won't have to pay for them. Check out the "Runes Reforged" topic in their news. (However, leveling will get you the ability to customize your runes from the basic pages you'll be able to start with, so keep up the leveling!)
: Coming This Preseason: Runes Reforged
*DISCLAIMER* I'm almost positive lots of people will disagree with me, and that's fine, your opinions are just as valid as mine. That being said, here we go: Thank you, RIOT. I appreciate that the focus is being put on the game, rather than having to grind to add stats to your champ through the old runes system before ever getting to play the game as it was intended. Despite hearing from many comments that this caters to new players only, and all the old players want to keep runes, I have a different perspective. From the time that I started playing over 5 years ago (maybe 6, I'm not sure), runes felt like a chore. I liked being able to customize them to some degree, but the fact that I HAD to, in order to be competitive, meant that the game was lopsided towards those who put the focus into the math and paying out IP for runes, and those who hadn't done so yet were penalized. I believe that it was a cool way to customize when it was created, but now it is more of a barrier to play than a benefit. I have enjoyed masteries, because I could easily play around with them and find the mix that I wanted I was able to enjoy them more, and even unlocking them one per summoner level was alright. However, I think RIOT has an interest in making this game the best it can be in their opinion and for their customers. Not everyone will agree with every direction they take, but they try to keep things fresh, and they reward players far more often than they have to. With that in mind, the combination of runes and masteries into the new runes reforged is an exciting idea. For all those who are afraid that they won't be able to customize anymore, the stronger effects you can make with the runes reforged will allow crazy options like that extra move speed in certain situations, and that extra tanky marksman who just won't die... maybe not viable in all circumstances, but definitely options that will feel like you can rewrite a champion's playstyle to some degree. It also sounds like RIOT will be compensating the loss of runes to champions that depend on some of those base stats by doing a base stat pass to make sure everyone is viable. I for one am happy that younger and newer players are being shown that RIOT is interested in having them play this game. Let's not get elitist over a game that we, the older players, have enjoyed. If anything, I think it's time for the League community to start building each other up and working together to create a less toxic environment for everyone, new and experienced alike. (Which is another area RIOT has been trying to work on, for which I am grateful.) What Runes Reforged does is it gives every player the tools to play the game. Do I feel offended that new players will have every chance that I do? Not at all! More power to them, and may they enjoy the game and community enough to gain the experience that others already have. When it comes to giving back something to those who bought runes and rune pages... guess what we're entitled to? NOTHING! We spent either IP (in my case) or RP (for some) to get rune pages, and IP to get runes, and we got to use those runes and rune pages. We got what we paid for! The fact that RIOT is being kind enough to recognize us and give us anything is pretty stand-up on their part. Do I want IP? No, I already have all but 3 champions, and I can get more by playing the game. Do I need RP? No, and I don't expect RIOT to give people what basically amounts to a monetary refund for something they bought, and got a lot of use out of. Will I appreciate whatever they decide to reward us with? You bet! Even if it's IP, a skin, a summoner icon I never use, or whatever it is, I'm not entitled to it. Funny how we're not really entitled to something for nothing... So thank you, RIOT, for this free game, for putting so much love and effort into it, even when being lambasted by some of your own players, and for trying your best to make the game fun for as many people as possible. I'm looking forward to the new challenges and options that these changes will bring. :D
: A blood moon is rising.
I like every single other class better than assassins... guess I won't be playing this game mode.
: Road to Pre-Season: Practice Tool in the Works
Not sure if anyone has asked this yet, but what about freezing individual lanes for minions, and on one or both sides? For last hitting, only having your own lane's minions going would allow you to work on freezing/last hitting without worrying about lane minions pushing either way in other lanes.
: He stands on turret and wait to R.
That REALLY should be Galio.
: _A somehow-not-strangely anthropomorphic octopus's worst nightmare!_
Random question regarding champions... I know we already have Illaoi and Vel'Koz with tentacles in the game, and Zac who is kind of a blob... but what about an octopus-type champion?
: Retiring Dominion
I'll probably get downvoted for this, but I always preferred the Rift to any of the other maps. I played very few games of Dominion at all, mostly with friends, very few of Twisted Treeline, also mostly with friends, and though I enjoy ARAM, it's mostly for learning new champs and teamfight strategies, and trying out a random experience. Unlike many others whose comments apparently rage against the removal of Dominion, I like the pacing of the normal game on the Rift... though it has sped up somewhat this season. I enjoyed the mix of strategizing, taking the time to plan objectives out or focus on last hitting to acquire whatever my choice of next item would be, and choosing when to engage or not engage so as to live, and maximize my usefulness. The pacing on all the other maps, being much quicker, takes away from some of the strategic planning while in-game. While this might be more ideal for fans of RTS gaming, I found enjoyment in turn-based strategies, which allowed for more planning and optimization... (to a degree, I wasn't an ace at that, nor am I at this, just stating preferences and enjoyment). All that being said, I won't really miss Dominion at all personally. Oh, I can understand that many people enjoyed it, many people will miss it, and many people are enraged that their dearest love has been carted off to the Pit of Despair, and I can sympathize, but I won't lose any sleep over it personally. To those who will miss this mode, I suggest that perhaps it's only "mostly dead"... which means it's slightly alive. If it were all dead, there's usually only one thing you can do... go through its clothes looking for loose change. Time for me to sign off, before the enraged community shouts in unison, "I would not say such things if I were you!"
: Cannot "See More Stats" [CLIENT]
I just read another thread that someone posted on this, apparently it's NOT intentional, it IS a bug, Riot IS aware of it, and are working on getting it fixed. :D
Skrulf (EUW)
: [CLIENT] "See More Stats" button disabled on the Summoner Profile page.
I just read another thread that someone posted on this, apparently it's NOT intentional, it IS a bug, Riot IS aware of it, and are working on getting it fixed. :D
Abussos (NA)
: "See More Stats" button grayed out everywhere
I just read another thread that someone posted on this, apparently it's NOT intentional, it IS a bug, Riot IS aware of it, and are working on getting it fixed. :D
Rhykes (NA)
: I find it rather odd that there's almost nothing "artistic" about his playstyle, his kit, appearance, or graphics. I'm assuming he has unique taunt interactions with a few champions, but beyond that, the teaser seems... amazing but totally irrelevant. I don't see why they didn't add something like getting a Killing Blow with an R bullet summons a tree on the enemy's corpse that grants a small amount of vision and slows around them for a couple seconds. It would be more unique than yet another super-long range skillshot ult, and would help tie the teaser with the champion more. Disappointed, but at least he looks more engaging than other marksmen... not that that is particularly hard to do.
Killing Blow summons a tree that stuns, slows, and snares the dead enemy.
Cyromo (NA)
: New Season
Yes, each season you need to do placement matches. Your placement matches may match you approximately against people of your perceived skill level due to last season's play, but you will get a chance each season to start a little higher (or lower, depending on those games) with new placement matches. It's been stated that preseason matches will count in some way toward your placement matches though, so if you do well in preseason in ranked, you may not find yourself set lower once the new season rolls out. Hope this helps!
Angrus (NA)
: I think the confusion lies in the assumption about the wording. Strength of the Ages only gives that health to you, the person with the mastery. It's not an Aura, and it doesn't give it to the teammates around you if they're the ones killing the large monster or siege minion. This means that if everyone takes it, everyone will be able to get up to 300 health from it. No overlap, no waste. I hope this helps clear up the mystery! (I saw this because I was looking to see if anyone knew whether the 100 health heal after max stacks only works on siege minions, or if large monsters work for it too.)
...and it looks like the heal only works from siege minions. Good to know. Thought I'd throw that in here too, in case you were wondering, and planning to use this mastery.
: Strength of the Ages stacking???
I think the confusion lies in the assumption about the wording. Strength of the Ages only gives that health to you, the person with the mastery. It's not an Aura, and it doesn't give it to the teammates around you if they're the ones killing the large monster or siege minion. This means that if everyone takes it, everyone will be able to get up to 300 health from it. No overlap, no waste. I hope this helps clear up the mystery! (I saw this because I was looking to see if anyone knew whether the 100 health heal after max stacks only works on siege minions, or if large monsters work for it too.)
: > [{quoted}](name=bigzcutler,realm=NA,application-id=osqw6G4M,discussion-id=q8sJLh1M,comment-id=000900020000000000000000,timestamp=2015-08-12T00:15:26.255+0000) > > they arnt dumping it on the western states. Yes u will have higher ping but will it be as close to what the eastern half of the US had to deal with? Not even Any ping above 75 or so fundamentally changes the way you have to play the game in order to account for that high latency. I'm going from 55 to 95, and pretty much everyone west of Colorado is going to feel the same effect unless their IP is amazing. Yes, it's higher. And me having to play with 95 ping against people with 25 ping in Chicago isn't any less bullshit than people with 125 ping now playing against me with 55 ping. Enough with trying to sugarcoat it; everyone west of Colorado is getting shit on.
In that case, I've been suffering terribly with my 90-100 ping every day for the 3 years I've been playing League... I'm kind of looking forward to getting to fundamentally change the way I GET to play the game now, to account for REASONABLE latency.
: Where did you find the evidence that i 'swear at people for no reason'? I dont even talk in the majority of my matches. Sorry that you're under some absurd Christian delusion that swearing is a mortal sin but most rational people are not offended by it.
In actual fact, I just think swearing shows a lack of taste or class. But think whatever you will...
: Where did you find the evidence that i 'swear at people for no reason'? I dont even talk in the majority of my matches. Sorry that you're under some absurd Christian delusion that swearing is a mortal sin but most rational people are not offended by it.
Oh, I don't know where my evidence could... *cough cough* > [{quoted}](name=Gidor,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=cqhTdXnM,comment-id=0000000000000000,timestamp=2015-07-15T20:46:43.006+0000) > > On my high MMR HOTS account playing ranked games i encounter toxic players in every other game. So ya you're full of shit.
: > [{quoted}](name=AlphaRumpRanger,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=cqhTdXnM,comment-id=000000000000,timestamp=2015-07-15T20:42:02.460+0000) > > I played about 10 HotS games last night and I didn't get one game where someone was being a toxic child, whereas I usually get an angry man child within my first 1 or 2 games on League. Blizzard has seen League's community and they have effectively crafted their game to the point where it wont become that. There's a reason for that mute prompt and the absence of /all chat. It's not because their community is toxic, it's because they want to keep their community from _becoming_ toxic. Then you're either not playing ranked or are simply playing with new players. On my high MMR HOTS account playing ranked games i encounter toxic players in every other game. So ya you're full of shit. I often have WORSE experiences in HOTS ranked than i do in LoL because the amount of trolls is significantly higher. Worse yet you CANNOT dodge games without being heavily penalized.
Maybe swearing at people for no reason could have something to do with the number of toxic players you encounter?
: it does happen the hack is done threw a website that when u click the link copies yout personal information so the owner of the page can get it. its happen to me to and he sends u a msg promising u free rp. and skins if u follow his link. i agree this person should be removed from our servers and the several other scammers like him i have several add them selves as friends and trying to do the same thing but one other piece advise to post a msg like this on forum on article either start your own article or send your complaint to customer support threw email. That way you don't have to deal with our dumb ass troll community that has no understanding how it feels to have your personal information stolen
Just a couple common sense hints: 1. RP is intended to cost money, so if someone's offering it for free, they're either trying to scam you, or they're trying to scam RIOT... you don't want them scamming you, and you don't want to be involved in them scamming RIOT, and then try to get them and not yourself in trouble when you're also involved in the improper activity. (giving away an RP card as a prize is a totally different thing, they paid for it or worked out a deal with RIOT, and it's legit) 2. If someone adds you as a friend, you can accept or reject that request. I suggest typing the summoner name into the search on your profile page to see their level and history... if it's a level 1 account, you can be pretty sure they're trying to scam you somehow. Also, if you don't recognize the summoner name as a friend, or someone you played a game with, or who is a friend of a friend, it's probably not in your best interest to accept their random friend request. TL;DR - You can't get something for nothing... and if it seems too good to be true, it probably is. You're less likely to get your personal information stolen if you don't give it to people.
Robobr0 (NA)
: Trinkets have effectively made warding items a waste, if a bot lane trades off warding their bushes til lvl 9 they can get 6 wards for free the rest of the game. Also, the whole team can have 15 wards up the entire game if they upgrade as well.
@owd456 - He's getting the 6 wards from 3 wards times 2 people in bottom lane. @Robobr0 - The fact is that for efficient warding, everyone on the team SHOULD be upgrading their wards... but the sad fact is that most don't think about it or forget. Pre-level 9, buying a few regular wards could be necessary for safety, and the trinkets should handle it after that... but I still usually pick up a Sightstone as a support anyway, and that's because later in the game, the action can be very dynamic, and you want to set up vision for fights that are moving quickly and not necessarily in the same place for 2 minutes. The Sightstone allows for what would be redundant warding, but in actual fact is reacting to the pace of the game in a way that grants your team maybe not MORE vision, but still BETTER vision.
: We’re relaxing gifting restrictions!
When it comes to those receiving gifts having to be only level 1 now, consider this: Hopefully less bots grinding through games to get to level 10 in order to receive gifts and then sell the account. That benefits everyone who plays in those modes and has to deal with bots being useless and wrecking their fun in the game. Also, just a heads up, I've been receiving a TON of fraudulent friend requests from level 1 accounts with the name being some sort of compound of 2 words or so... I don't friend any of them, but I have a feeling that they may have some system they're working on to get gifted stuff after 1 day of friendship... be warned!
: You guys said it would be here until the 13th... it's the 13th... and there are still over 14 hours left on the 13th...
*sigh* they said 2 am on the 13th... that essentially means the 12th.
: Honestly the post mentions that URF is best savored in small servings but I feel like it actually is the opposite. People get in the mood to play it way more often than that but since it's only here for a short time people spam it non-stop and then burn themselves out on it. If you were to lets say tell us it's going to be permanent ahead of time I think you'd see a burst of play then a steady flow in it. A fun mode where people don't take it as serious and can learn champs in a faster more interesting way.
This is one of the best, most well thought out, pro-perma-URF posts I've seen. The point about continuous running of, and balancing of, URF being strenuous stands, but I agree with the theory that if it was around all the time it would get smaller but consistent use.
º LB º (NA)
: Riot these party IP boost offers are amazing! ty so much for making them, but can you please make something else that we can buy with IP please? I already bought all the champions available in store, and all the runes and rune pages that i want. im sitting on a lot of ip with nothing else to buy :( of course i'll use some of it on the new champion once she/ he gets released, but besides that i cant buy anything with my ip TT_TT
Then don't you wish the 99,999 RP icon had cost more IP?
: > [{quoted}](name=L4T3NCY,realm=NA,application-id=LFfTlAky,discussion-id=h1wWRH1v,comment-id=000b0000,timestamp=2015-04-06T18:04:40.133+0000) > > URF (like other FGMs) is not designed as a long-term engagement mode. It has play balance and pacing issues, which become clearer with increased engagement (as I'm sure you guys notice the more you play). We wouldn't be able to maintain the required ongoing balance of it as a new permanent mode, as we're focused primarily on normal SR. This means play balance would eventually collapse and the game would stop being fun, making for a pretty terrible experience. :( > > If you're interested, I go into a bit of depth here about the pros/cons of FGMs being temporary VS permanent. > You're wrong, and this decision sucks. I don't want to play URF 24/7, I DO want the option to play a game or 2 to unwind from stressful Ranked games at any point in the year. Sometimes you get that 4v5 with someone afk on your team, and URF would be the perfect place to destress from it. Why would it require balancing.... at all? Just leave it like ARAM as a non-competitive mode. How is this a problem? I'm sorry but the argument on this is just no good. From a business perspective it's GREAT for Riot because champions you don't get to see much are playable in URF (Poppy, etc.) It won't matter. Riot doesn't listen to customers, and you're just going to do your own damn thing no matter what.
Suppose you're stressed out from a ranked game filled with toxicity and trolls... then you go to unwind in a simple game of URF... filled with toxicity and trolls... people will play that game mode too, and some will act in annoying ways just because it's non-competitive. You'd get people who would only and always play the most OP champs, the ones that are broken, and without balancing, would leave you wanting ranked matches for a rest. ...Or at least, that's been my experience. In any game mode, you get the good ones, and the bad ones. I agree that URF is great for showcasing little-used champions, and CAN be de-stressing sometimes... but at others it can be just as distressing as ranked. I think it might be difficult to get a positive reaction from Riot if you just swear at them and tell them they're wrong about everything... but then again, it works in ranked for the toxic people... oh wait, no... it just makes their team lose harder.
Angrus (NA)
: The one useful thing that blue buff does in URF (besides the rotating blue bling) is give your champion a tiny bit more gold in between killing minion waves... (might be a tiny bit helpful if the team is losing and you don't feel safe crossing the river to try to get gold).
This from someone who purposefully got that blue bling a few times.
: One of the guys on our team actually had the idea to made the Rift Scuttler go into Zhonya stasis everytime you were about to kill it just for maximum troll effect. We didn't touch the jungle this time (or last time), which is why blue buff still exists on URF and does nothing except bling out your champion. We've thought about it, but I'm not sure the mode needs more crazy changes - the current buff is enough to mutate gameplay in a way that is very different from classic SR already. Drawing players into the jungle in a mode around skirmishing might not necessarily be a good thing either - even now, taking Dragon sometimes seems more like a chore than a point of strife in URF games.
The one useful thing that blue buff does in URF (besides the rotating blue bling) is give your champion a tiny bit more gold in between killing minion waves... (might be a tiny bit helpful if the team is losing and you don't feel safe crossing the river to try to get gold).
: "Ultra Rapid Fire" Q&A with the Play team. 4/6, 11AM - 1PM PST
I would have to say my favourite champ to play on URF is Vel'Koz. He's not the most OP, but his level 2 power spike has to be the highest I've yet seen for pushing your opponent away and making them nearly useless. If they stand behind minions, W does damage, if they don't, Q does damage. I like him specifically because he has weaknesses as well (mobility), although his kiting potential is rather useful... does make it difficult playing against champs that either have gap closers up every second, or clones up every second, or are untargetable or jumping out of your moves every second... but it's a fun challenge (usually).
: This guy gets it. I've been playing since mid Season 2 and the time League has gone without a Tribunal has been the most toxic experience I've had in pretty much any game community. The Tribunal worked incredibly well because people from the community voted on cases, which meant that the people deciding punishment could actually tell whether someone was a detriment to their playing experience. Honestly, the only thing the Tribunal needed was showing the statistics of the game, like the Advanced Match History that we can view at the end of every game now. If the Tribunal came back with showing the Advanced Match History of the game in question as its only addition, I guarantee that it will reduce the toxicity of this game. Think about it, with that addition, you could see someone's build order, where they died, how many times they died, and their chat log. Someone would literally have to be blind or not looking at the case at all to determine whether the person getting punished was trolling/intentionally feeding/being toxic or not. This would mean that the community as a whole would be trying to win the games they play while keeping the toxicity to a minimum. At the very least, this would reduce overall toxicity in-game
Since the technology is there for both advanced match history, and chat logs, I would hope that Riot has all the information they would need to implement this, or at least access to all that information for their own decision making. The question, of course, is do they have the time and the manpower to go through it all, since there are many cases, and I'm assuming it would be a full time job for every employee of Riot.
: I notice that the attacks of special needs people have not been addressed. Too many times I have seen the term autistic being used. Not cool. This illness is not as uncommon as you think. Me personally am not but I have 2 nephews that are. and one thing to get me to go off on you is to start using the term like its cool or something. Rito, if you are gonna address some of the stuff that is at a low. Address the stuff that is still wrong. and this is assuredly one of them. 3/5 games I see someone calling someone autistic. Stop the bullying, and the degrading of others.
Agreed. I was in a game yesterday where the toxic person said after the game that their entire team had Down Syndrome... (mind you they spelled it incorrectly)... now first of all, that's not true. And second of all, there are some pretty awesome people with Down Syndrome out there. Extremely displeased with such ignorance.
Angrus (NA)
: Issues since March 13th - Weird deep buzzing sounds, consistently low FPS, and constant lag in games
The issue wasn't just LoL, it was the computer, apparently other Acer users have been having the same problem since the same day, and did this to fix it (check out the comment near the top of the page relating to Acer, and the responses to it). My LoL is working again!
Angrus (NA)
: Issues since March 13th - Weird deep buzzing sounds, consistently low FPS, and constant lag in games
Oh, I noticed I didn't mention just what the FPS drop was, I can't remember what it was before, definitely around 60 or more though... and now it's between 25 and 30.
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Hasame3 (NA)
: Hmm...I've only been thinking of it as an escape tool so far...I'm going to have to take engages and even pushing into account. Though, using it to bring an ally into lane quicker so you can push, would just get you back to your original soul level faster (Because of how the spawn rate increases the smaller amount of souls Thresh has banked). As an engage tool...That's a hard one. Because I agree with you, that would make him way too easy of a target for say, an ADC who has no way out of a gank, so just decided to see if they can kill someone. I have to think about this some more. (I came back to this after writing the rest btw.) So, after thinking on it, I'd say that engaging in teamfights, ya, would be a detriment to Thresh's safety. But, it would have people on the enemy team think "He just used his Lantern, let's go after him while he's weaker!" And that, even though it doesn't sound like it, is a good thing. Supports have to be the frontline taunt, they value the lives of their ADC more than theirs. And making people think to focus you would be nice. Plus, he wouldn't lose enough Armor to make him get blown up before he can Flay, Ulti, and Hook (Not in that specific order) For the using you Lantern to get lingering souls, that part wouldn't be affected. Since the souls would only be freed if an ally uses it to come to you. I'm still kind've on the train of "It makes for interesting thoughts on how to be a real support". Since, if you're using it to get your ADC back to lane after getting Red, and the enemy isn't in lane, just have them walk around. While, if you need to get to your tower immediately, you get the amazing ability of passing through terrain. It's a pretty rare, and extremely helpful ability in all situations.
I've played a heck of a lot of Thresh, and the mechanic of picking up souls can sometimes expose Thresh to danger, and balances with the lack of armor per level to keep him fairly even defensively with other champions... a little behind or ahead will depend on your skill with the champion. To have him actually lose those souls he's worked hard for would be too much of a nerf in my opinion. The easy escape of the lantern is only as good as the teammate who will or won't make their way over to click on it when in danger. Communication and teamwork is what makes the lantern work so well, and I hesitate to agree with changing something that promotes communication and teamwork in the game. As far as "making people focus you", I find that the better I'm making plays with Thresh, the more the other team tries to focus me quickly, in order to keep my crowd control effects from allowing my team to mop them up. And with a well-aimed hook+box, I can make myself the focus of several members of the other team as I initiate. As OP as that sounds, you still need your teammates to follow up in order to not just get destroyed by the opposing team. The way I build Thresh, he's highly reliant on his teammates to carry a game, but he can make the plays that allow them to do so given skill and communication. I focus on vision, movement speed, and tankiness, which ends up being a lot to try to put together in one package, and damage doesn't have a place in the mix. Since I can't often kill champs by outdamaging them, I have to get kills (or assists) by consistently outplaying them, and having my teammates working together. Although I've often felt OP based on skill and sheer plays made, I've never felt OP based on having too much AP or armor. For this reason, I don't think the removal of souls to fuel one of the mechanisms of one of his spells is a good idea. All of Thresh's abilities are already skillshots, he needs to be on point to get anything done, and this would limit his capabilities, when each of his abilities already has its niche in the game, and also the times not to use them.
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: Thresh lantern bug
It's on all skins. :(
: [BUG] All of CLG is missing points for Game 1
Same, it happened some time this afternoon, because I had points showing earlier this afternoon for Doublelift, and now he has 0 showing, and in Stats they all show 0, even though it shows that CLG has 1 win.
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: Rewards for positive play
I'm not perfect, certainly not in my gameplay, and sometimes I respond sarcastically in chat to toxicity... but I'm working on that. Most of the time I try to work through the toxicity, and help the team work together, encouraging even the ragers when they do well. After all, we're all on the same team, right? Feel free to share my logs if you like, although I don't think pings show up there, and I'm usually too busy to type, so it's mostly pings to communicate.
: One of the main reasons I am stuck in bronze is because of players losing their lane and saying I quit, then sitting there at the base moving every 3 minutes. Players become extremely toxic and of course everyone on the internet has a pair of testicles all of the sudden and become rebellious and/or defiant. If you try to say hey, do this next time, or hey when I gank help me attack the person starts raging. So they either yolo, feed, or sit there. It really upsets me because my mechanical skill has become much much better. I win my lane a majority of the time. I am going between B3 and B4 over and over again because of other people. Not to say I'm a really good player, I've been told I play at a gold level. I just can't climb because of other people with poor attitudes that don't like to learn. I feel like I report a ton of people and nothing gets done because these people are still there. Otherwise, I love this game.
Hey Danknfunky, I felt the same way for quite a while, bouncing between Bronze 3 and 4, and being told I played at a better level. Also, maining support made it seem impossible to climb very quickly... last season Bronze 3 was as high as I made it, but then this season after bouncing around and down to Bronze 5, I made a slow climb to Silver 5 before the end of the season, still as a support main, still with the same toxic ragers and quitters. My point is not that I'm so great to do that, my point is that you can look at your increased technical skill, and know that will stand you in good stead when you finally make that climb. If you play at a gold level, then when the climb happens, you will find yourself able to keep up at that level... nothing more annoying than making it there and immediately dropping again. When you win, you learn. When you lose, you learn. And every game you get better. In fact, you might learn more, and grow stronger, more quickly when your teammates are performing less and toxic, because you are forced to step up your game to compensate. Keep up hope, you'll make it one day!
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