: > [{quoted}](name=Ayame Isaki,realm=NA,application-id=Ag8jgd8Q,discussion-id=fEFqxqMH,comment-id=0004,timestamp=2018-01-30T18:41:33.245+0000) > > When will league support two factor authentication? Soon (TM) Seriously though. We are looking to add it asap this year but the work isn't defined enough for me to be confident to give you a month and not be wrong. Once we know more we will update you all :)
You know that 2 factor authentication is basically saying you have to have a smart phone or you can not play. So when did riot also get bought out by a telecommunication company? Riot really needs to think about this. The idea that every kid has to have a cell phone should be a parent call and not video games companies getting kids to ask for one so they can play a game. Their are so many problems with a game focusing 13 + year olds pushing not only cell phones but expensive smart phones.
: Yo keep in mind that a ton of people are getting refunded a good amount on IP/BE for their past runes and that even if you don't get the champ shard you want all you have to do is disenchant them for BE and buy the new champ that way. Also since runes are free all you need the currency for is mastery tokens and champs. Keep in mind that every game has a system were the more you level up the more experience it needs. its nothing new or too crazy, plus RIOT is going to have a cap at level 150 for experience needed. keep in mind that we don't have the level progression system yet and its best to judge once its come out when we have actually experienced it our selves. This message is for people to chill, please. {{sticker:sg-soraka}}
I am one of those that are getting less than 20% back from using the system that Riot made mandatory. Your white knight attempt is shallow at best. It is not your place to tell me that what I feel is right or not. I do not need your permission to have thoughts on these changes or to express them. You are just like most of the boards and part of the reason i hate this place so much. I say this with all sincerity in the world. All the changes since season 5 have been terrible, The more I hear from Riot on the next season the less I have the desire to play. Everything Riot is doing is pushing the game to a worse spot IMO. My game time is already been down over the last few seasons, hell I have not even bothered reaching gold like i have every season since playing. Most of my friends have left cause of riots current philosophy. So get the fuck off your high horse.
: My only problem is how Mao gets damage from tankiness now. I really dont like how riot is doing that, it completely defies the balance process of tanks vs squishies
Please tell me where mao gets scaling from health, armor or magic resist and turns that into damage. His passive only give him health based of his max health and 0 damage amp. All other ratios on Maokai are AP ratios or enemy max health % damage (e). Besides his E is a junk ability anyways.
: Frequently Asked Questions About the Upcoming Leveling and Rewards Changes
The more I hear the worse this gets. So the only way to guarantee the newest release champ is wait for a champ shard. Considering that there are over 120 champs I have less than 1% chance to earn the new champ every level. Plus the level curve is going to get steeper til 150 so as time goes on not only will it be harder to earn the shard I want cause of RNG and the amount of champs going up at some point it is going to just take longer to get a level than someone else. And the people at riot think the players are out of touch..... News flash players do not get unlocked accounts. I think that you guys need those taken away so you can get back to what it is like for real players.
: > [{quoted}](name=Angry Monster,realm=NA,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=rYw4TBEd,comment-id=00010000,timestamp=2017-08-28T02:06:32.484+0000) > > your lucky it was not perma. Dude delete the thread, A rioter could decided to escalate the ban to perma considering it was a racist comment. Take the 2 week break and pretend it never happened. That is unlikely to happen. For the most part the punishments the punishment system applies are the ones that are implemented.
Just as my 2 cents on my comment. I have seen Rioters decide to look into a account and increase punishment tiers before. While rare, it can and does happen when they feel the system was to lenient and a pastern is able to be found in past chat history. Yes unlikely but it is possible.
: ***
your lucky it was not perma. Dude delete the thread, A rioter could decided to escalate the ban to perma considering it was a racist comment. Take the 2 week break and pretend it never happened.
: Probably wouldn't be enough to make the champions much better. Yorick got a little buff recently, and it didn't really change much.
that is a horrible argument/statement, but sadly Riots stance on balance. imagine if the world operated that way. It would be a sad world. >Want to cure cancer? >Eh the gains are to small and to slow, to warrant the work.
: Hey folks, We're actually targeting 7.19 for Azir, but that comes with some assumptions so take that as a "you may see the Azir update in 7.19, but not guaranteed". For Leblanc we're still in iteration with no specific patch target yet. We want to make sure this isn't just another LB update, we want it to the one we're happy and able to support going forward.
I am sure the community apperciates the desire to put forth a lasting LB change. But the real question is why the change in philosophy? You guys have been doing questionable patch jobs for the last 2 years. Why stop now? Just to be clear I am 100% serious with this statement. A good chunk of the mini reworks/class updates have been disasters with in my opinion obviously questionable choices. I thought Riot was going with "try random X", because a designer has a dream.
: I would characterize them as a successful experiment - we got the information we wanted out of playtesting the changes. We still believe we need to act on Vayne (both buff and nerf), probably won't have time to land them for 7.17 (maybe not 7.18 either, as its the worlds patch, depending on magnitude). When we do ship them, they won't be the list you saw on PBE, some elements might stay, nothing set in stone. There's a serious conversation to be had about whether we're being too permissive of allowing experimental changes out to the PBE - it seems to be causing some fairly dramatic pain and we are able to do those experiments entirely in-house without them going to PBE, we just haven't been prioritizing that.
I just want to say the problem is not that you are putting radical experiments on the PBE. Its that you are putting these changes on for testing when Riot keeps saying PBE is never about balance since the matches have poor MMR quality. This disconnect of Riot behavior and message is the problem. So as usual the problem is the lack of clarity from Riot about what they are trying to achieve. Stop treating players as random experiment material in a double blind trial. It is exhausting and upsetting for the player base to try and guess at motives when Riot could just as easily communicate. Also posting only in PBE boards when most people do not have PBE access is not communicating.
Xonra (NA)
: Already sent mine. The moderation "Guidelines" are a joke, if they are gonna be on the front page. I've seen many many many threads taken down for "mature content", yet the GD rules are "just don't show hard nudity or groping", but certain touching, eh, that will be reviewed. Insults and mocking is fine as long as you are "joking", again, I've seen even light mocking that someone reported instantly removed (as recently as yesterday as a matter of fact). Wait and see seems a bit awkward to me as well, but at least I'm not the only one saying something. Don't see why GD should get to be special snowflakes AND keep ridiculously relaxed rules, that would be instantly removed topics/threads/posts in other boards, while being on the front page. If this isn't bias by the GD moderators, then I'm a jar of peanut butter. Clearly whoever is an actual Riot employee in charge of the boards isn't paying any attention to it.
>Clearly whoever is an actual Riot employee in charge of the boards isn't paying any attention to it. I highly doubt that they are not aware. I am think that they are operating on personal bias or bad leadership skills. Ignorance is not an issue since a Rioter had to throw the metaphorical switch for these changes.
: Concerning the issues it is causing or may cause, I basically agree, but I'm pretty much outvoted here. Things will cool down soon, so let's give it a week before coming to any conclusions on the effects of the merge. Concerning the volunteer moderation being a problem, these guys work hard and try to be unbiased and do the job right; however, I do want to make it very clear that their primary purpose is not moderating, it is fostering their individual boards. The freedom we have with shaping the boards and not needing to be so strict and by the book allows us to improve these boards where the old moderation had their hands tied or sometimes weren't interested in doing so anyway. They couldn't take your feedback here and do anything with it, but we can, so right now you're actually taking advantage of what you're saying is a failure, and I hope you come to see the positive side of the volunteer moderation. Keyru is in charge, but please don't bug her in tickets, this board and the [Moderation Discord](https://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/community-moderation/7rtKBZLi-boards-moderation-discord-verification) exist specifically so you can communicate with us. She might not always be there to talk with you, but I assure you that we hear your feedback and we discuss it with her.
A) I do not use discord to start with B) It is easier for me to make tickets and not worrying about a registration policy to communicate with people. The requirement just keeps people like me from not bothering. From other GD topics, I could tell who was being gun ho about these changes and who wasn't I am not going to ask the ticket to go to Keyru, it would be a waste of my time. I am going to ask the tickets to go that persons boss, Tendemere, Ryze, or anyone else I can think of. IMO someone might need to do some over site on this Rioter and their polices. Bugging/notifying CEOs and upper management usually gets these things noticed quickly. Sadly the answer of wait and see is not acceptable to me. Though if others read this thread and agree with me. I can then only hope that they also send in tickets.
: I understand where you're coming from, but GD has it's own slightly different set of guidelines and culture which formed and was formed by the strong community that dwells there. Its purpose is literally a place where you can discuss (almost) anything, even if there is a more appropriate board; it's the difference in guidelines that makes them want to post a Gameplay appropriate post in GD instead of Gameplay, and that's ok. P.S. I agree with you, but don't really have much support on this.
If they are going to be integrated into the main boards they should not be treated like special cookies. Sigh, this is the reason they were segregated to start with and were denied front page access, So they could be special. They were allows to take topics that were for other threads cause they were hidden. It really is not cool that every other board is going to get slammed for not following global rules. This place is going to become like the old boards everyone posting in GD cause you do not have to follow the rules. DTN this is not directed at you, but this mod/arbiter system is already proving a bad idea. People are obviously making calls on their desires, not on what is right and fair. Guess it might be time to write weekly emails again to Riot. It got the attention of Riot on M&G last year. Can you tell me the name of the Rioter that is charge of the board decisions?
Rioter Comments
: Agreed. I did not receive the email and all I knew was that when I tried to log in my account had been "permanently banned". Definitely scared me to say the least. Which is why I made this thread.
So instead of following the ban msg on your screen to contact support, you went to the boards complaining about it being unfair. When riot was protecting your account. good job
: Probably should've clarified, yea only normals. But for some reason people consider it a cardinal sin to try something new, especially if you aren't immediately good at it. My first attempt at playing xayah in pvp, I went 2/19/4, luckily I had a team who weren't rude, so no reports. But, other bad experiences trying jg/adc have really made it hard for me to want to play them, because I know I'll just have people screaming "Inting! Report!" as soon as I do something that's marginally below average.
not to be mean but you never should have a score of 2/19/4. Learning or not. I can see why people would get mad at you, It looks like a intentional feed. The score line is not responsible play. I have no clue what you are doing when you are learning but you should consider being more careful. When you become comfortable then take risks.
: Should Draft Be Used For New Roles?
So by you draft i assume you mean non ranked. Draft is a great place to refine and pick up a new champ. Though some people take Draft more seriously than Blind, so they do not want to deal with someone asking "How to play X champ" after they picked X champ. AS long as you are trying and have done some basic research on the champ you want to play go for it in Draft. What you want to do may back fire but that is part of learning your role.
: My computer must be a quantum one
quantum physics never know where it is and going. at the same time. I would dare say that would apply to a quantum PC. Yours just time travels. The really question is why are you gaming at 88 mph
: Why are there only 1350rp Skins ?
I remember a time when Riot said that 1350 would never be the norm and it would be for (special) skins that just short of legendary. They promised that it was not the new price point and a raise in prices. Which turned out to be 3 different lies in one statement.
Necrozard (EUW)
: The Official League of Legends Website is a dead graveyard for information
: Things You Miss About The Game But You Know Will Never Come Back?
: Blast cone with "CC immunity"
neither is wrong. blast cone is caused by a physical effect. Morg blocks only magic spells and effect its almost like their are obvious rules for the game
: > [{quoted}](name=Angry Monster,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=ilKgfEmM,comment-id=000300010000,timestamp=2017-07-23T11:08:39.145+0000) > > completely wrong cause the in league do not happen per frame. They happen per sec. More frames refreshing on the screen will allow more of a chance to see movements that are happening cause more frames have a chance of garbing the movement > > The images in a PC game are not drawn per frame in advance, they are rendered as needed per refresh. > > You flip book story is cute though and shows a lack off understanding of computers. Your thinking only applies to movies and film. its how all frames work O.o a frame is a picture within a border! whether its physical or digital makes no difference. https://techterms.com/definition/frame https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Frame_rate its the EXACT same thing as a flip book/movie, just digital O.O and no they are not rendered in refresh, they are scanned and RENDERED, continuesly. no refresh unless its a loop O.o its because of memory, when you press Q, you press a COMMAND, the CMD (abbreviation for command) is send to the server which scans and renders it properly as is scripted, when Q is pressed the path is already known and thus X amount of frames are rendered in advance, the base is probably the champion, when the hitbox hits an hitable object, a new cmd is triggered and again is rendered, they are packages, being processed O.O everything is done in advance, its called scripting/pathing, its not as limited as it used to be XD every image you see IS a frame and not a second, its never 1 frame per second O.o that would be incredibly slow .o. basically 60 PAGES per second same as flipbook just faster, due to processor. fps in terms of games = X amount of frames within package, unpacked scanned and processed/rendered within a second, if there are too many Frames, it will cause a jam, and in turn a delay, depending on your proces limit (aka fps limit) when the animation ends , the package is either discarded or stored, and cannot be send again, nothing is being refreshed, every click, every button you press is a NEW CMD.
ignorance is cute please stop saying that the computer frames are pre-rendered like a flip book or a movie. Video games and live rendering work differently Which is why my 144 monitor does not fast forward time (well that and it would break law of physics) it just produces more frames in a sec / refreshes with a new image more often
: > [{quoted}](name=Angry Monster,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=ilKgfEmM,comment-id=0003,timestamp=2017-07-23T08:18:18.076+0000) > > MS is not going to change the speed of an enemy attack. It will cause delay in your response (talking to the server) > > a monitor that handles a higher FPS (120 or 144 Hz) monitors should allow you to see more of the wind up animations on champs. Example if an animation is 1/4 of a sec on a 60 fps monitor it would only be on your screen for 15 frames. IF you are on a 120 fps that would be 30 frames to see. The more frames should allow you to see a more fluid movement/ more information to recognize the movement. > > The type of GFX only matters in powering the GFX. As long as it is not dropping frames and allows you to have shadows and particles on... it does not matter what card you are using really. The Card effects what you see not your inputs. Though the lack of sight effect when you CHOOSE to input. no frame rate is : (pictures) frames per second - fps basically it just shows you frames, it doesn't show you more than there is, if you have 60 fps you get to see 60 frames per second if you have 30 fps you get to see half of it in the same amount of time, leading to more process depending on what you are looking at, thus giving you if you get lower than x amount, delay. if an full animation takes 60 frames than 60 fps is full animation in 1 second 30 fps is full animation in 2 seconds but yes it might appear more fluid, if the animation has more than 60 fps. if you have 120 fps it means you can see 120 frames per second it also means your pc can process more, (same for the opposite) however its pointless if every animation is max 60 fps, you don't get to use your full 120 fps, this is why riot allowes caps on fps, i don't know if you need more than 60 on this game, it wouldn't improve anything above that unless riot has implemented animations that are 60+ fps. capping fps can also lower process cost. and lower lag. think of it as a flip book animation. if its 100 pages its 100 fps. cap it at 60 and it should take 2 seconds cap it at 30 and the processor might crash it and result in 10+ seconds delay instead of 4 seconds https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Njl-uqnmBGA also riot doesn't have frameskip implemented, your example takes in frameskip. you can't see more than there is really... whether you have 120 or 60 fps max, if every animation is 1/4 of a sec and the full animation is 60 frames, both will only see 15 fps on the full animation O.o BUT if riot had frameskip, and animations are 1/4 of a sec thats 15 fps you skip 45 frames per second, seeing the last frame faster, on both 60 and 120 fps, but might do normal speed on a 30 fps. this could drastically improve ones gameplay, it could prevent process cost and fps drops. the downside is that, it might reach the last frame faster if you already meet the speed for the full animation without skipping frames, speeding up your game :/ it wouldn't be fair, unless everyone has the same amount of frameskip, but it wouldn't make sense to implement this, since riot might just as wel lower fps of the animations by default in that case anyways.
completely wrong cause the in league do not happen per frame. They happen per sec. More frames refreshing on the screen will allow more of a chance to see movements that are happening cause more frames have a chance of garbing the movement The images in a PC game are not drawn per frame in advance, they are rendered as needed per refresh. You flip book story is cute though and shows a lack off understanding of computers. Your thinking only applies to movies and film.
: 920m
That is a really low end card. I am guessing that you are on a laptop. These are specs i am assuming for the card (found online) Max. Amount of Memory‎: ‎4096 MB Memory Bus Width‎: ‎64 Bit Memory Speed *‎: ‎1800 MHz Memory Type‎: ‎DDR3 The amount of RAM in the card is misleading. The 64 bit bus is really a huge bottle neck and i highly doubt that you will ever use more than 2 gigs cause of that issue. A 945m would look like this Notebook Size‎: ‎medium sized Memory Speed *‎: ‎2000 MHz Core Speed *‎: ‎928 - 1045 (Boost) MHz Memory Bus Width‎: ‎128 Bit desktop 760 Max. Amount of Memory‎: ‎2048 MB Memory Bus Width‎: ‎256 Bit Memory Speed *‎: ‎3000 MHz Memory Type‎: ‎GDDR5 a desktop 960 looks like this Core Speed *‎: ‎1127 - 1178 (Boost) MHz Memory Speed *‎: ‎3500 MHz Max. Amount of Memory‎: ‎4096 MB Pipelines‎: ‎1024 - unified While the generation of tech is a bit more complex than just looking at the numbers. For generalization we can say that the 7xx is a gen behind the 9xx. These examples should help you understand your hardware limitations. I am leaning to your pushing the pipe limit in game. Things you can do for you laptop. Turn off wifi and play wired. Can help with unstable ping and will be less stressful for teh laptop. Wifi cards can eat resources due to the search and find feature of wifi. Plus depending on the model generate heat. Turn particles and shadows to medium or particles to low. This should help relieve stress when effects are happening in fights. Sadly you can not upgrade the card.
: so how can I better optimize my computer if I live in Alaska?
There is not much you can do to optmize the game really. This is not a steam game where you open console and change settings. If your screen is freezing then you are having hardware failure or pushing your hardware beyond it limits. What ever is causing the freezing that you are talking about is out side of league. Also when you are giving PC information you need to give the full model of the card. Just saying 9xx is meangless since a 760gtx can beat out some low end 900s.
: Is it True a Faster Computer(Latency/FPS) makes Champions Attack Animations Faster
MS is not going to change the speed of an enemy attack. It will cause delay in your response (talking to the server) a monitor that handles a higher FPS (120 or 144 Hz) monitors should allow you to see more of the wind up animations on champs. Example if an animation is 1/4 of a sec on a 60 fps monitor it would only be on your screen for 15 frames. IF you are on a 120 fps that would be 30 frames to see. The more frames should allow you to see a more fluid movement/ more information to recognize the movement. The type of GFX only matters in powering the GFX. As long as it is not dropping frames and allows you to have shadows and particles on... it does not matter what card you are using really. The Card effects what you see not your inputs. Though the lack of sight effect when you CHOOSE to input.
: Is My dpi to high?
Its only to high if you cant control your mouse. Mouse settings are a really personal thing and completely depend on the game, play style and the amount of control you have. Though if people are watching you play and saying that you are over shooting your mouse placements a lot or you have to have a high shake (your mirco hand movements move the mouse with hand on it), then i would try lowering the DPI or in game mouse setting. I would normally say just play what is comfortable for you.
: What Do You Call A Volibear Who Is Very Behind?
Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: July 21
Please do not touch maokai, he feels bad to play even though is strong. Hit him with nerfs is going to make him feel way worse. Maokai literally loses to everyone in a 1v1. Taking damage off Q or lowering the CDR is going to gimp early game hard. He will have no way to survive in a 1v1 Sure he has team fighting going strong right now but that is his thing. Most of that is completely based off Righteous Glory not the champ itself. The second you nerf Mao the patch after you will go after Glory and killed off the champ.
: Warning: frank discussion incoming. One of the things we haven't talked about a lot with you guys, but which should come as no surprise, is that Riot does make revenue on runes, which we ultimately invest back into League to make the game better. This is indirect revenue, because it comes from players purchasing champions with RP since they don't have available IP to get those champions, since some of that IP goes towards runes. Freeing up rune IP (in the absence of any other changes) would let players buy a bunch of champions and spend less RP overall. Now we *are* making some other changes to the system, but overall, Riot is losing money on this deal. Potentially a lot of money. This was something we had to talk about a lot internally, but everyone was ultimately behind the decision, all the way to Tryndamere and Ryze. I don't want to make too big of a deal out of this, but if we seem cautious with some of our decisions here, this is part of the reason why. (Another big one obviously is that we are taking a gamble by overhauling such a core part of the game for something that we believe will be better.) We are making the new runes free because we believe 1) That it's the right thing to do for League and for League players, and 2) Our business model has always been to make a fun game that players want to keep coming back to year after year. Runes Reforged is a long-term bet on League of Legends (and Riot for that matter). If we thought that Rune Pages made no sense with the new design and risked feeling like a cash grab, we would absolutely just kill them as a feature. But we have found they are useful with Runes Reforged, just less mandatory than they were before. Definitely open to discussion on this topic however.
As a season 1 player this logic makes me mad. I spent RP on some pages early on cause i knew that i need to have pages for different roles to play optimally. I was saving IP for Champs at the time and figured this was a fair trade off. I would never would of spent RP on pages if at the time i could set up pages like masteries. Hell the reason old school players had to learn to deal with 1 mastery page was cause riot servers would desync with players computer and assign random pages in game. The masteries at that time were stored locally. Riot taught us this was the optimal way to play, since for 3 years they didn't fix the bug.(move to sever storage) To be fair this is not a money grab, YOU ALREADY HAVE OUR MONEY. You are changing what I spent money and devaluing what I currently own. You also making a mockery of the trust of the players that spent money on a setup that was been around for 7+ years. If Riot goes through with this rune page idea their are going to be a lot of silent people that are unhappy. And when the preseason hits a lot of non forum players are going to be even more unhappy and probably going to become loud. I warning Riot, this is could be a Goth Annie even all over again. Except you wont have an awesome Panda Annie skin to bail you out.
: Mostly because he needs more than a little bit of work to get to a spot where we'd be happy with him, and there are other old champions that we've felt need the work just as much or more. It's not that he doesn't need it, but I don't think there are particularly strong arguments for why he needs it over others that have been prioritized for VGUs. Not sure if this is known, but Volibear was originally considered for the Juggernaut update, and we couldn't really find a direction for him. So, the light update attempt has been tried; it just didn't yield anything.
Can you guys gave him more speed on his Q so he has at least an early game? Its pitiful considering the CDR on it and the fact you cant max 1st.
: Runes Corner: Hunt of the Blood Moon Sneak Peek
Sry but this is pure power creep, IF this the way you guys are going Its going take forever for it to be straightened out. It took way to long to notice the last set of power creep from KEYSTONES. Which is probably still high but been mitigated with "tank update" Here is Riots new motto, "We never stop to think if we should, it is all about what we can change no matter what." I have been playing since season 1 and IMO less than 1/2 of the changes you guys make are good. You guys just tend to throw darts at a wall and say ok. Then let someone else "fix" it later.
: My team always retreats when I gank. WHY!?
So game play wise you are probably not going in at the correct moment. Most bronze Yis prefer going in after a trade has already happened. Your lanes are probably on the losing side of trade (why they are pinging help) but you are going in when 1)they are to weak 2)their cool downs are down and the enemies are not. 3)They want help reliving pressure not you attempting to kill. Laners some times just need to help wave clearing or breaking a freeze. They may just need to buy something. Your team mates are not going to sacrifice themselves if they think it is a bad idea. Considering your playing in bronze allies are not going to naturally trust you to know what you are doing.
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: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: July 18
O look another worlds where lee is going to be the preferred dominate champion by Riot Games. #LCSBIGPLAYS Just once would like to see Lee taken out of commission for a worlds.
: He hasnt received any changes in a few patches so I guess they think he's fine. I mean they probably think {{champion:29}} is fine then which is ... interesting
Riot has a habit of doing nothing even when things are not well. Look at the recent DIana logic. Though while i disagree with maokai is fine, I am ok with riot thinking that he is. I would just love some answers. The post tank update was all about Sej/zac and balance of tank items. They have made some post update changes but I have not even seen Riot talk about Maokai.
: @Riot and @Rito, Maokai
I got an up-vote and views, but no one giving thoughts. Help...
Rioter Comments
Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: July 11
Can you say anything on the past Maokai changes? Does the balance team think that his mini work was successful? I personally think that maokai rework was a failure, but that does not mean everyone agrees with me. I would really like to hear Riot's view on the champ. The boards are pretty dead on the champ which hints at lack of interest. Play rate seems really low also.
Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: June 30
I personally think that the auto attack pattern that riot desires is not supported by AP itemization. There is a lack of phage procs to speed her up and a lack of meaningful AP + D stats that will allow her to survive to AA. If Riot is going to go this direction I hope for 2 things 1 early/mid-game base stats 2 Less ratio damage and higher base damage. Both of these will help mitigated what be low AP stats that AP caster needs to build in a bruiser style. Also ROA needs to be changed/removed from the game. The idea of buying something and then waiting 10 minutes for it to power up is horrible for the style league has become. It supposed to be a tank AP item, but riot has gone out of the way to make it so that tanks do not build AP. For any carry mage the delay of power is just to much of a risk.
: > [{quoted}](name=Angry Monster,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=fEfr5hKX,comment-id=00000001000000010000,timestamp=2016-06-10T08:08:00.400+0000) > > So the point is that the OP says that daruis is not strong and says people are picking bad match ups, but then lists only range champs as counters to the match up. > > If only range are the answer then that is a problem. Being melee should not be an auto lose situation. > > I personally not aware of what is a good match up and what is not ( jungle main). I think that the OP does not understand what is necessarily healthy though, which is needed before you can have a conversation about what is balanced for any one champ. It's not an auto lose situation. I have beaten Darius( he was bad) with Garen. And I myself was beaten a week ago by a Riven, who was plat 5 last season and now is Silver 1(she was S1 when I last checked and might be Gold already). Why-because she was better than me. It was a 50 minute game but we did lose due to a bad TF-to be honest all the players were good and it was enjoyable and intense, not a pain in the ass. So yeah as a Darius main( S3) I have been beaten by melee champs and I am proud to say that all of them were from a higher division some time the past-last season for example. Ranged champs just fuck him up and you stay behind and wait for a gank and unload everything-pull w ignite ult along with you jungler. But really he can lose to a melee, it's just harder.
Post is over a year old stop necroing. 2nd Any information after a year of patches is non-relevant to the conversation. when is it was being held certain things did not exist to allow changes of gameplay. 3rd using the metric "I beat a bad Darius" is stupid. Who cares that you can handle terrible player X. 4th My point was about how the OP was saying Range is the solution in a equal skill environment and how that was not healthy for the game.
Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: June 2
Meddler I was wondering if there are any thoughts on speeding up Maokai's Ult. The ult move for maokai feels like an inferior nami ult with different graphics. The major pain/frustration point is how slow the vines move. People see the vines and just walk away, cause everyone out walks them. IT takes over 3 seconds to travel half the max distance. For a game like league this ult is functionally terrible
JuhnChan (NA)
: Just sayin. 92's incorrect. Didn't say anything about whether 56 is less bad or whatever.
Firya (EUNE)
: Riot disgusting behaviour
remakes only take 2 people to say yes to.
: Can we please drop VO lines with Profanity when the Profanity Filter is On?
get a head set, problem solved. 25 buck investment and if you can afford to power the computer you can afford to not play a month and then buy them. On a greater context I find this amusing. I am assuming that you do not watch PG-13 movies with her around cause the langue, you should control your playing habits the same way, instead of expecting Riot to do so. You could always lock the door or make sure she is not around. People turn on langue filter for many reasons, not to see hate speech, or not see things like sexting in game. The profanity filter does not and should not equal removed content from the game.
Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: April 4
Please change the Q damage to creeps instead of non champions. it will keep jungling a more viable side option for him
: > [{quoted}](name=Angry Monster,realm=NA,application-id=A7LBtoKc,discussion-id=02tamZoa,comment-id=000200000005,timestamp=2017-04-05T01:59:30.498+0000) > > I am just going to say RIP on taking shen into the jungle. That damage was needed for mob clears. But hey who needs viable tanks in the jungle I'm usually forgiving of most jungle changes. I didn't complain when they killed Ekko jungle, but this is just too much. At least make an exception for jungle camps. Some of us don't want to play Ivern, Graves, and Rengar every game. Some of us like tanks that take some sort of skill. Edit: These Q changes on Shen make me so sad I can't even come up with the words to express them. I've been playing Shen jungle for the better part of 2 years in my 6 year tenure as a League player. This is just wrong. Make his Ulti ranged or something but don't take away my jungle man. Edit2: Looks like they're not killing Shen jungle... [Context](https://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/gameplay-balance/F4QrMBgA-these-shen-nerfs-on-pbe-look-scary?show=flat&comment=0006)
I cant play naut or mao viably in the jungle wave clear is too slow and mana dependent. Poppy was made not viable for jungle, Everything runs from voli, malphite super mana dependent. Shen changes are going to make his early game non viable he has only 1 energy return mechanic while other energy users have 2. They also need to fix the damn tank jungle item it is shit. It is the only one that has all of the power set to scaling and is worthless in the early game. It is half the reason tank junglers get rekt. Every year i feel like i am punished for playing a tank/ tankier play style.
Meddler (NA)
: A weak lane's intended for Shen yeah. We might add a little bit of extra base magic damage to all targets on the Q though to help out with cases like that/avoid hitting overall power too much.
I am just going to say RIP on taking shen into the jungle. That damage was needed for mob clears. But hey who needs viable tanks in the jungle
: Mom I cannot pause the game. Oh wait...
> [{quoted}](name=Alphajuggernut,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=5B1duqEJ,comment-id=,timestamp=2016-06-18T18:10:29.151+0000) > > Did I do something wrong? Yes > > Am I just nitpicking? Yes Pause never worked for non tournament games.
Mhihnj (EUW)
: he sees everything as black so black
: Since some people here keep mentioning Ashe's lack of damage: From a design point of view, Ashe shouldn't deal as much damage as other marksmen. You don't bring Ashe because she has superior damage. You bring her for superior utility (compared to other marksmen). She got perma slow with her AA, a vision tool on her E and a global long lasting stun on her R. She **sacrifices** damage for her utility. Since this utility is pretty valuable in pro play (creating picks with R, having knowledge about the location of enemy jungler without leaving lane with E....), she is pretty effective there. I don't think the nerf is going to destroy her. But since she has so much utility, it may be the right decision to decrease it a bit.
>She sacrifices damage for her utility and then you take a look at jhin and varus... the other supposed utility marksmen
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