: Nasus is a troll pick. I recommend {{champion:82}} He can 1v3 pretty easily if you are ahead.
Thanks I will add Mordekaiser as a backup to master.
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: It's pretty good when u main {{champion:136}} . Now after rework he so strong in late and he can do nice burst with {{item:3030}} . Also when u build {{item:3116}} than you slow them so much. He is pretty hard to main. But after 30K mastery points it goes better. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
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: Co-op vs AI is flooded by botting
Same problem here, I have encountered bots in almost every CoOp vs AI, but not only that lower level matchmaking with normals, and ARAM as well. I really wish they'd implement a human verification system that is prompted every match. Bots typically have random upper/lower case names, with ghost and heal (I think it was?). They go down random lanes and just feed. (I use them for fodder) If you have friends, try and queue up with them that's the best way to avoid playing with too many bots.
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: Its mostly if the ping is stable for you. You can get used to the little delay at your ping its you will have a slight disadvantage to players with less ping but that is only really impactful at high levels of play.
Thanks. So would you say Gold/Platinum would be totally doable on 70ms? Don't want to bother spending countless hours practicing, if I become held back from internet connection. I will just play ARAM or bots if that ends up being the case.
: > (DSL is my only option where I live). Ping and bandwidth are two completely different things. Your ping is affected by the distance between you and the server, not the bandwidth of your connection. You can get like 10 ping on Dial up if the server if right around the corner from you.
Thanks for the info. Question though, if bandwidth does not affect my ping, how come my game ping goes up when downloading?
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